Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Emotional Storytelling - A Video Essay

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Made for the Lessons Animation Taught Us series by Filmjoy.
And since I don’t think I said it anywhere in the video, the crystal chamber scene is rad as hell and I really love the Hunchback of Notre Dame, especially the stage version.
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Apr 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Samantha Young
Wow, I must be the only other person that got scared the hell out of with the Atlantis cereal box game. And I didn’t even finish it because of how much of a panic attack I got at eight years old!
Yu Uuuhcs
Yu Uuuhcs 2 days ago
ETHNICITY********* you mean different ethnicities. Culture and geography backgrounds determine the ETHNICITY of a human. RACE is a complete species thats why we say human RACE.
Yu Uuuhcs
Yu Uuuhcs 2 days ago
this is why the Afro Diaspora- which means the dispersed African ethnicity- has been bunched into the identity of Black even though our skin is brown. I get that our census still manages to be so damn dated it takes effort to learn the difference for the sake of our lack of real representation. Beyond sexualization, and colorism already attached to making characters paler than real AFRofolk. I'm not here to teach every one what you have the freedom to educate yourself on. It doesn't take that much effort to try.
Stephania Savercool
Yes! Stargate and Atlantis are so similar!
coldenburg1! 2 days ago
I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that there are other people who love this movie as much as I do in spite of it's luke- warm reception in box offices. Just because there wasn't any singing and dancing doesn't mean it was a bad movie, you people just can't focus on something unless there's chipper music and choreography- don't @ me I do enjoy the classics I just wish people had more refined pallets.
Lordi Awa
Lordi Awa 3 days ago
15:25 OMG, it is so weird to hear her say that. I grew up with the german dub, there she says 'Nu jehn wa alle druf' which is a very strong dialekt mixed with a lax choice of words. (eng. Now we all gonna hit the bucket, imagine it with an irish accent ) I allways thought the english version had some 'spirit' in her, too :D
This movie came out around my birthday and it was one of the best birthday presents ever. The characters were so entertaining, deep, and the world so immersive, and the score, arrgh! Seeing Audrey... one of the chief engineers at age eighteen... lock down the doors, and willingly did so on one of her subordinates who could not make it time in order to save the sub.... that's the moment I had to remind myself that this was a kid-movie, and I loved it even more.
ecopunkpages 7 days ago
I was literally 2 years old when this came out and the imagery of Kida's crystal-necklace-rising-and-her-floating-upward stuck with me so strongly that I re-created it with my dolls pretty much obsessively until I was 10-ish. Anyway, it's just a gorgeous movie.
Reilly-K 8 days ago
Moral of the story: A piece of literature can be deeply flawed, but that doesn't diminish the emotional impact it can have.
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily 8 days ago
I feel like looking at the movies that came the year someone was born says a lot about them. for example, I was born in 2001, and the big children’s movies that year were this and Shrek, and I feel like that explains a lot
nancy torres
nancy torres 9 days ago
Omg I remember watching this movie over and over as a kid. I really liked it 😁
Catherine Van Helmont
Oh Atlantis; the first movie I ever watched on theaters as a kid! I still remember the chills on that scene where the bad guy turns into a blue nightmare with red eyes and spcecially that demonic screeching! Well, it was and still is an epic adventure, that has a very special place in my heart. Anyway, I'm glad that I'm not the only one to notice the many similarities between Milo and Daniel Jackson. I also love them dearly, one does not simply choose between two cinnamon rolls!
Synchronizor 10 days ago
I think one of the most common criticisms I've heard about this movie is that it really needed another 30 minutes of runtime to explore the characters more, and properly live up to the epic scope the story and style were trying to shoot for. I can definitely see that, but even so, I loved this film. I read all of the supplemental world-building stuff put out in Disney magazine prior to the film, and I played the crap out of that cereal box tie-in game.
K MB 10 days ago
Honestly, this movie came out when I was 14, and didn't hear about it until years later and by that time, I had no interest in watching it. I didn't see it until last year and I genuinely enjoyed it! I was transported and it was drawn so beautifully.
dragongirl7978 10 days ago
I need to watch this again now.
ParanoidWhedroid 10 days ago
OMG. SO. MUCH. YES. I tried to explain to someone why I love this movie and then I just stopped and was like.. you know what? I just love it. I can't explain it.
Jade Thirlwall
Jade Thirlwall 11 days ago
so I watched Atlantis for the first time last night, after seeing for several months how criminally underrated everyone thought this movie is. I’m not sure I agree with that sentiment and I didn’t have the same experience that everyone in the comment section seemed to have, so I was interested in hearing your thoughts on this. And while I agree that the animation is stunning and the premise of a lost civilisation is super fascinating to me, which is why I was so intrigued by this movie, I think this movie is flawed, for many reasons, though the core problem is its structure. As the entire story is focused on and guided by Milo, it’s done at the detriment of the pacing of the movie (it lags in the first half and speeds through in the second half), development of the villain, Kida’s development (esp because she’s awesome and I would have loved to see more of her on screen instead of incapacitated), and the world-building of Atlantis. I could go on, but instead I would like to say how much better the movie would have been if Kida would have been the protagonist, if the story of Atlantis and Atlantian culture had been told through her eyes and from her perspective (which would avoid that white male saviour complex Disney seems to have), if she had driven the plot and the introduction of and relationships with the other characters (like Milo) were done from her side. I just feel like for a movie named after Atlantis, the history is mostly focused on developing Milo and his relationships with the other characters, instead of building and expanding upon this fantastical world and civilisation. Feel free to disagree, I just thought I’d share my thoughts. Anyway, thanks for reading if you’ve come this far, I hope you’re having a wonderful day ♥️
Nathan Stafford
Nathan Stafford 13 days ago
This was just beautiful
Pedro Fellipe
Pedro Fellipe 14 days ago
The whole "people of color" is entirely from the USA It's so weird to hear it because the term is inherently racist, defining that there is this division between the "normal people" and the "people of color"
Joao Afonso
Joao Afonso 14 days ago
I agree, i did love this movie at the time i still do and it staid with me till today. I mean that’s why i discovered this video because i felt the need to recover a lost gem that is Atlantis.
maddio 14 days ago
one of my favorite movies of all time. highly, HIGHLY underrated. it’s been cool finding there’s lots of people who are part of this secret fandom
Anonymous17191 15 days ago
Thank you for the video! I really appreciate all of the background info and enjoyed your thoughts on the film. I look forward to watching the other videos you've released and seeing what you do next!
December Redinger
December Redinger 16 days ago
Atlantis and Treasure Planet have similar vibes for me and I love both of them so, so much.
Sundy 16 days ago
10:43 is it just me or could character concept milo like......... get it ;) also this movie deeply influenced my weird little kid brain and i will forever be upset that it, and other movies like treasure planet, are considered flops just because some big fuck exec man said so nineteen years ago
OmnissiahZelos 17 days ago
Not feminist, egalitarian.
arju scarlet
arju scarlet 17 days ago
I love this movie.🖤
Matteo Brunetti
Matteo Brunetti 17 days ago
Atlantis, by child age, is one of my favorite movie ever and probably my Disney favorite movie. I love all of it. When i was a child I rewatched it again and again on the tape (recorded from Disney Channel), Without this movie, I am almost sure that this determined my life. My interest for criptoarcheology, ancient civilization, true research, depend from it, I guess. Milo was my model.
Ally 18 days ago
I'm not even sure where the "race" part came from, they are Atlantians, that's it.
Carlos J. Matos
Carlos J. Matos 19 days ago
Thank you for putting a name to the emotional brilliance of movies like Pacific Rim and Atlantis. Also did I mention Pacific Rim is the best period no contest don’t @ me it just is?
Dumb dumb
Dumb dumb 19 days ago
Okay I agree with all of this except the shrek part. Shrek is actually an extremely well made movie aside from all the memes? It has perhaps some of the best music story telling I have ever seen, and actually has a very sophisticated and grounded plot, lovable characters, great writing, etc (aside from the third, we don’t talk about that). I mean- THE HERO SCENE IN THE SECOND MOVIE??? HOW THE FOURTH ONE WAS AN AMAZING CLAP BACK AT HOW SHREK WAS SEEN AS A ‘JOLLY GREEN JOKE’ BECAUSE OF THE TRAIN WREAK THIRD MOVIE BUT WAS LIKE ITS OKAY, HE CAN BE A JOKE AS LONG AS EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN AND THE THEMES ARE UNDERSTOOD??
Dumb dumb
Dumb dumb 19 days ago
Sorry. I had too much fun sounding like a crazed nerd 14 year old conspiracy theorist. I couldn’t resist. Don’t kill me. Plez? UwU
Neoclassical 19 days ago
Movie rules
Kate O'Brien
Kate O'Brien 19 days ago
OMG YES!!! I agree with bloody everything you have said here (even the Pacific Rim bit). I love it and think the voice cast is phenomenal.
Snow Bunni
Snow Bunni 20 days ago
Shrek is a masterpiece there's no competing that.
Reed 20 days ago
People have to realise that nudity or some form of showing skin is not sexualisation in a lot of culture outside of the places that inherently have a colder climate.
Becca Lilifee
Becca Lilifee 20 days ago
now I really want to watch it again! I loved it as a kid
Joe Melton
Joe Melton 20 days ago
Abracadabra 21 day ago
okay, so the three Disney movies I love the most (Treasure Planet, Atlantis, & Hunchback) are the ones that also tanked the most? Cool cool cool
loki katzbalger
loki katzbalger 21 day ago
They just copied Nadia secret of the Bluewater.
Random Roses
Random Roses 21 day ago
Love this video but I actually love Shrek
Lucinda Gonzales
Lucinda Gonzales 21 day ago
Alexandre F. Simard
Autosubscribed and shared.
hellspawn236 22 days ago
i can't thumbs up this as much as i want to
hellspawn236 22 days ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 if only these counted haha
John Parla
John Parla 22 days ago
I loved this movie to I will show my son it when he is old anof 👍
Clara Americano do Brasil
Jim Tomp
Jim Tomp 22 days ago
Hey good stuff! You should go to RUvid and type in Leonard Nimoy, history channel, Atlantis, and check out what pops up.
Vincent Reynolds
Vincent Reynolds 22 days ago
I feel like I am the only one I know who watched and like Sense-8. Can you PLEASE do a video on that?
bpansky 23 days ago
Ya, the starting "ancient aliens" esque (or in this case, "Spirit-Science"-esque) lecture always really reminded me of Daniel Jackson, who does the same thing in the movie version of Stargate.
bpansky 23 days ago
I decided to re-watch the movie, and near the start, the mention of the Shepard's Journal reminded me of the video game. But I couldn't remember anything about it, other than them mention of the journal. Until the combat airplanes started flying. Then I was like oh yaaaa XD
Jake Samuels
Jake Samuels 23 days ago
This beings back memories of my childhood. I really have to watch this film again.
Didrik Schubertsson
Also Nadia:The Secret of Blue Water
Westby 23 days ago
This is the first movie I ever made out to. And that’s why it rules.
timdella92 23 days ago
As a kid, this movie opened the floodgates of imagination for me.
lindama82 23 days ago
The fact that there was no cheesy-singing and that annoying sidekick, was one of the reasons I loved this movie as a kid🤩 I think characters as Olaf, drags movies as Frozen down
Page Segovia
Page Segovia 24 days ago
They didn't need to make Helga and Kida fine af but I aint complaining
Gabbie Maxine
Gabbie Maxine 24 days ago
Thank you RUvid suggestions 👏👏👏awesome video
Connor Rainey
Connor Rainey 24 days ago
Yay Daniel Jackson Stans!
Manuel Alejandro López Rodríguez
For me the Atlanteans were unique, maybe because I was only 8 when I saw the movie, but I saw them as a people that was like 'common ancestor' they had things in common with al most all the rest, like proto-indoeuropeans
Ankster the Nerd
Ankster the Nerd 24 days ago
Fun fact: helga was animated by a different group of animators (I believe French) than the rest of the characters. That’s why her movement is more flowly and unique, it was supposed to be similar to the femme fatale styles of the 50s. I think she’s also, as you said, one of the most interesting villians. Yes, she is undoubtedly evil, but she has a moral compass. She also is shown to be strong, demanding, and dangerous without any other characters calling her out for being “bossy” or making it a joke. Also her fight scene with rouke was one of my favorite parts of the movie. She’s really only out for herself and will bring everyone down with her. Can you tell that I like her yet?
Tawelwch Gaming
Tawelwch Gaming 24 days ago
The Hunchback of Notre Dame.... also gave an entire generation of children a reason to be wary of authoritative figures
Tawelwch Gaming
Tawelwch Gaming 24 days ago
oh hey! my new connection to this movie! I've personally met and had a conversation with Mark Okrand (it was at a college event centered around languages, and the dude who created Dothraki was a graduate of my college, so he was there too) oh and i share my surname with Helga.... so there is that too
Dannin Matthews
Dannin Matthews 24 days ago
I love the hug scene.
Luna Hallows
Luna Hallows 24 days ago
This movie is so sadly underrated
Vale F
Vale F 24 days ago
I had the toys from McDonald's. First time I saw this movie I was mesmerized and I will always love it.
Johnny Rophy
Johnny Rophy 24 days ago
well now I hope you do a video on sense8 cause I love that show and am so upset with how it wasn't loved enough to survive but I love the entire cast of characters. (and I don't see enough content out there about that show)
OnceUponABook 24 days ago
Still waiting for the live-action directed by Guillermo del Toro and Tom Holland as Milo.
Nina Boseggia
Nina Boseggia 25 days ago
I think on top of that, there is something to be said for presenting complicated movies to children. I watched the Lord of the Rings series very early on in my life (as they came out) and at six or seven years old, I was just fascinated with it, despite not understanding the multiple layers of it and its complexity is what drew me to it, i wanted to understand. I think it's the same with Atlantis, I haven't met a person my age who didn't like the film, and we all saw it as children and loved the complexity of it. Parents and studios are afraid to be daring with their films because their goal is to make money, and most of them are simple, turn your brain off type of films, but to present such films as Atlantis is a challenge because you have to think about layers and as a parent, potentially explain difficult topics to children. I think it's necessary however.
Heather Contois
Heather Contois 25 days ago
You know, I always wondered about the reading thing myself. My theory was that the King made a law hat no one could be taught to read anymore, and Kida was a tiny thing when Atlantis sank.
Maximus Lancaster
Maximus Lancaster 25 days ago
I can't believe no one has talked about the film theory that Helga Katrina Sinclair is a German spy for the Kaiser! There are clues everywhere throughout the film!
Heather Contois
Heather Contois 25 days ago
I loved this movie!!! I was working at McDonalds when it came out and the happy meal bags had the Atlantean alphabet printed on them. I spent three months trying to learn how to write it.
rjzantow 25 days ago
Winningly sophisticated Shrek *Dønkæ!!!*
Carolina Assaf
Carolina Assaf 25 days ago
I absolutely love your video and I feel so represented. I was a tomboy (still am tomboyish) and I remember that Audrey was one of the first female characters that I saw and loved and wanted to look like THAT WASN’T FEMME. Atlantis is one of my favorite films to this day and I deeply connect with this video. You just got yourself a subscriber.
Nosfonader87 25 days ago
This is my favorite Disney movie but it’s language issue was its biggest flaw. How can you speak your language so fluently, but can’t write or read it?! As a white man, the white savior is annoying as frick for me. Why can’t the indigenous princess save the day on her own?! Kida is my favorite princess but I think she got robbed halfway through. The Audrey bit was interesting. She was the one who got guilty the most. At least Benny owned and wasn’t ashamed of what he is. And really, that was the trailer?! Who thought Styx was a good idea for the trailer song?!
Nathan Kelly
Nathan Kelly 25 days ago
This movie is fucking amazing. I wish disney would make this live action movie instead of taking actual classics. We should bring attention to every underrated and hidden gem rather than making crappy ripoffs of classics
Nathan Fenster
Nathan Fenster 25 days ago
As a young lad my brother and I watched this movie as much as mom would allow, this and Emperor's New Groove will always be my favorite Disney movies. Your analysis is spot on, what's important about a movie is how it makes you feel, and Atlantis makes my imagination and desire for adventure light-up to this day.
Omari James
Omari James 25 days ago
Holy shit. All these emotions I’m struggling with
Ursa Ursae
Ursa Ursae 26 days ago
One of my all time favorites
Cosmerist 26 days ago
I’m gonna be honest I’d forgotten the credits had a vocal song over it.
Murraymon 26 days ago
That third example was more of a punch in the face
Zoey R
Zoey R 26 days ago
This is one of my favorite movies !! I still watch when I feel nostalgic with childhood memories. 😊
Sebas Peimbert
Sebas Peimbert 26 days ago
The Chayanne’s version of the credits song is sooooo much better and it fits in my opinion, Mya’s version sounds like a shitty pop song from the 2000s
Jenna 26 days ago
I always loved this movie as well, I never understood why it fell flat but hey 10 year old me loved it. .....and now I own the soundtrack....
Up Next With Nick
Up Next With Nick 26 days ago
The Atlantean design feels like a non-issue. No-one who exists on this planet is Atlantean. And even if we were to think about Atlanteans as a race and considering the real world context and "myth", Atlantis would've resided somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, which ties the Americas to Europe and Africa. And most likely Atlantis would be an island near the equator, and therefore residents would have naturally darker skin due to the higher exposure to sunlight. So their depiction even in a real world context would not be something objectionable. If it's about using a black woman to voice Kita, then I actually don't know how much closer you could get to an accurate proxy of an Atlantean person given the history of black people and their origins in Africa in the same stretch of ocean as Atlantis.
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