ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WONDERLAND' Dance Practice

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Dec 19, 2019




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Comments 7 465
natsumeツ 19 hours ago
you guys dint deserve anyhin in the world
Antonella Beck
Antonella Beck
Olinda González
Olinda González 2 days ago
El chico rubio quien es? Me fijé que no tiene muchas líneas. Qué posición tiene en el grupo?
Moesha Christian
Moesha Christian 2 days ago
The floor is dead now
Femboy Fridays
Femboy Fridays 4 days ago
This video makes Mingi and Yunho look six feet tall.
why리나 Day ago
they are six feet tall😭
Elvia Hernandez
Elvia Hernandez 5 days ago
Amo como bailan...
Esther Mamani
Esther Mamani 7 days ago
San me asombra es un exelente bailarín
my wifi can't handle San's aggressive stomping 👁
Queen Emo
Queen Emo 9 days ago
Sinkronisasi dancenya gamain main
Queen Emo
Queen Emo 9 days ago
Yang belum stan ateez, cepat buka mata kalian sebelum terlambat dan menyesal guys
Stay4SKZ TaeHayeon
Stay4SKZ TaeHayeon 12 days ago
I love how powerful they are!!
Mommy Atiny
Mommy Atiny 13 days ago
And this is just their practice
Dalma Ruiz
Dalma Ruiz 15 days ago
i dont know how much time has passed since i saw this video for the first time, and it still gaves me a sense of power as the song itself
a to the z
a to the z 16 days ago
8 kisinin ayaklarinin da ayni anda oynamasi da biraz sov bence
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya 16 days ago
1:17 since no one said it.. YEOSANG JUST KILLED ME AT THIS MOMENT-
morgan 17 days ago
3:06 san do be tryna break the damn floor-☠️
Αν. Μαν.
Αν. Μαν. 18 days ago
These guys need ARENAS for their dance practices! Crazy if you ask me. I feel like they are holding back for the sake of the building. Too powerful for this kind of rooms!
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 18 days ago
How Mingi didn't get knocked out by Yunho fixing his beanie at 3:01 is one of ATEEZ's many mysteries
La Tania-Jonelle Hall
Ppl might come for me for this but since I've been introduced to the World of K-Pop, ATEEZ is the best dancers!!!!! They go hard!!!! And the vocals never suffer!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
*The fact that this is a rookie group.*
freya rand
freya rand 21 day ago
Fav song everrr
violetskies 22 days ago
Yunho, sir you need to calm down
naxa kook
naxa kook 22 days ago
soy baby atiny y dios, la energía que que transmiten en sus coreografías es impresionante- me han dejado con 2 cosas: sin palabras y con ganas de stanearlos
hehetinyyy 23 days ago
So much is happening in this practice video OMG I CANT FOCUS MY EYES~
antiny destiny n
antiny destiny n 23 days ago
Wooyoung 💜💜
WEEEEEEYYYYY todavía me pregunto cómo rayos no botaron la sala de ensayo JAJJAJAJ. Todo el power usaron
Ko mei
Ko mei 23 days ago
Is that an earthquake? No just ateez dancing
방탄소년단 아미
Pacarnya Dowoon
Pacarnya Dowoon 24 days ago
Yg cover jadi san kayanya pusing pala ya wkwk
Skylar P.
Skylar P. 25 days ago
every time i watch a dance practice i pray for the 7/11 that this room isn’t directly above it
kampung thomas
kampung thomas 26 days ago
where’s all my atinys watching ateez practices cus they miss mingi…
lui sina
lui sina 27 days ago
como tiembla la sala de ensayo, amo a estos pibes
Akasha Scott
Akasha Scott 27 days ago
can someone pay San’s rent cause i don’t need him snapping
~Kpop[Edits]♡  ♡
This is so powerfull🤩
Park Inbi
Park Inbi 28 days ago
Oh my god my ateez babies
Agatha Morgana
Agatha Morgana Month ago
earthquake in Korea Ateez:
Paint with Tihani
okay let’s talk about mr park seonghwa’s slide at 1:43
Coringa gamer BR
Vocês são ótimos 😍🤞🇧🇷 amo vocês.
Cozieyoongi Month ago
2:04 is just my favorite part LIKE DANG
amirah atirah
amirah atirah Month ago
I am very worried if the lamp would fall 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Robyn Month ago
3:07 jesus- san-
JK Month ago
San best dancer
Laxmi Kaini
Laxmi Kaini Month ago
I am late ateez I am coming for you.This choreo is fireeeeee.
yokshii chicago
yokshii chicago Month ago
Their energy is not fitting in the small room
Gbrn Jim
Gbrn Jim Month ago
3:07 OMG
A VA Month ago
The satisfaction that their claps give me is top-notch
mxko miko
mxko miko Month ago
My family during the weekend at 5 am: 3:07
MultifanDOM Month ago
Can we also take a moment and applaud these backup dancers?!?!?! Their energy was right with ATEEZ and they were giving their all, especially the ones who were so close to the wall!!! :-D B-) ^_^
J Hope
J Hope Month ago
Studio ഇപ്പോഴും ഉണ്ടോ?
Simp Month ago
People outside the building would be wondering what was happening to cause a literal earthquake the reason is cause of san 3:07 :)
puspa 'arsyi
puspa 'arsyi Month ago
ruang latihannya kayak mau roboh
윤 지 수
윤 지 수 Month ago
Anybody talking about how the light went even brighter and flicker for each stomp they done? No? Okay.
maybe later
maybe later Month ago
this is so powerful OMG LOVE IT
chaehyuniee Month ago
the foot steps sounds are satisfying omg
Pooja Suma Rani
Pooja Suma Rani Month ago
I watched thrice....it's so amazing like so much energy..!!!
Pooja Suma Rani
Pooja Suma Rani Month ago
Really awesome song n choreography ❤️🔥
Sonia Singha
Sonia Singha Month ago
1:25 that slide though 🔥 my Yeosang ❤️
Kpop Forever
Kpop Forever Month ago
CrownArs Month ago
Mom I'm scared...
Aslı Aydın
Aslı Aydın Month ago
Olum ışıklar titriyor az yavaş 😂
Spr Lz
Spr Lz Month ago
Choi San causing an earthquake in the entire building 😀
Sofia AV
Sofia AV Month ago
I find so satisfying that even the lights blink because of their dancing. Their performance is no joke.
John Wick
John Wick Month ago
2:56 knit hat was probably a bad idea
Mandy C
Mandy C Month ago
Yeosang at 1:25 and the transition between mingi and yunho at 2:53 might be the most aesthetically executed moments in this era of kpop (and that's saying a TON given the amount of talent in this generation)
MissGourmandeFr Month ago
I’ve never seen a dance routine as intense as this one
cgp porta
cgp porta Month ago
Hongjoong's charisma, even during dance practice, is no joke. His smirks gave me goosebumps!
Lia Month ago
Ateez dancing with full angery Lights: RIP.
namjoon please don't shave my eyebrows off
Did their foot stomping shook the camera?👁️👄👁️
Duarr! Hilmi
Duarr! Hilmi Month ago
Berkali kali nyoba part nya San, Berkali kali juga gw encok 😎. Bisa si bisa cuma abis itu merentek badan gw 😭
JJ rnmd
JJ rnmd Month ago
Yezzzzz ateeez!!!
yuhuu uyu
yuhuu uyu Month ago
not me wanting to learn wonderland dance because ponytail...
Lissssarai Month ago
Nice amazing
fernanda Month ago
2021-Junio-10 Dejo esto para recordarme que estos chicos van a ser grandes artistas mundiales en el futuro. Confío en mi instinto.
fernanda Month ago
Can someone tell me which boy is wich? I can recognize San and Mingi :( help 🙊
Steph 1117
Steph 1117 Month ago
White shirt is Seonghwa Jean jacket with black cap is Hongjoong Beanie is Yunho Puffy jacket is Jongho Gray shirt/purple hair is Wooyoung Blonde hair is Yeosang
Anggia Octaviani
even yunho's bennie is trying harder than him :)
KINGTEEZ Month ago
pratik videolarında aşırı gaza gelip salak salak hareketler yapan tek manyak benim sanırım
Pandita Team🐼
claro, rompan el piso, no hay problema
BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook Month ago
I’m jealous of san because he isn’t even in the dance line but dances like there’s no tomorrow TT
afiqah Month ago
wow im here after kingdom and wow!
Anuja Ks
Anuja Ks Month ago
It's amazing dance 😍,l,am from India but .l,am your ultra fan .
Cheese fries
Cheese fries Month ago
The floor is dead
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Nur Aini
Nur Aini Month ago
Kpopjjang Month ago
bruh mingi rolling up his sleeves before his part is damn sexy btw we miss you! hope this comment finds u well T-T
Arwen Choi
Arwen Choi Month ago
3:07 *san breaking the floor*
Leen's Mochi ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭
They bought Earth quake on the earth 💀
Kpopjjang Month ago
i feel bad for the floor below them
Rayne 2 months ago
San be dancing like there's no tomorrow
JEON●°YARA 2 months ago
بخصوص انهم يشلوننن😭😭😭😭
Camila 2 months ago
Yeosang always does something like sliding and works with his knees, poor him😭 he’s a awesome dancer but no one give him the attention he deserves for his dance
Camila 2 months ago
Woah I love groups with awesome dancers 😳
ꫀꪶꪖꪗꪀꫀ ꪑikꫀꪶꫀ
3:07 meudeuf san---
wo woo
wo woo 2 months ago
Quiero estar en un grupo de dance cover :(
Kaye Sugui
Kaye Sugui 2 months ago
Next time it's okay if you don't give your all effort on dance practice because I was so afraid that your company will collapse 😭. Thanks god the lights did not fall 😩
just fluff
just fluff 2 months ago
kaoz22 2 months ago
anyone else here watching OTHER ateez videos while str3aming for kingdom?
Dayah Yudding
Dayah Yudding 2 months ago
I'm new here and currently obsessed with their song hehe btw this video is legit
ชลธี เจริญจํานงค์
Dancer is very handsome ☺️
amina sadoun
amina sadoun 2 months ago
2:56 Yunho's hat kept on covering his face LMAOOO
Akanni Johnson
Akanni Johnson 2 months ago
I thought someone was running with how loud that stomping was 💀
A I S H A The Series
Every time I see the number 3:07 I DIE of laughter💀