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At Home with Nikki Galrani. In this video, Nikki Talks about her love for Chennai and how she loves to dress her pets.
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Nikki Galrani is an Indian film actress, model, and fashion designer who works predominantly in Tamil and Malayalam films.

The media began referring to Galrani as the "Darling" of Tamil cinema.
She has established a career in South Indian film industries as a leading actress, and she is a recipient of several awards.
In this video, Nikki also talks about love for her pets.
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Comments 54
banu nayar
banu nayar Month ago
V2 suthi katave ola dog matum than kamichurukanga
Tamil Lifestyle
Tamil Lifestyle Month ago
Veeta katunga da naaygala
archu vijaydarling
archu vijaydarling 2 months ago
Only hall matuthana house
Mathav 2 months ago
Thoppe cute uh irku
Gabriel Deveraj
Gabriel Deveraj 2 months ago
Ugly actress.. Nvr watched any of her movies
Arjun's Lifestyle
Arjun's Lifestyle 2 months ago
What ??? Is this little home ?
Meduri Neeraja
Meduri Neeraja 2 months ago
vikas vikas
vikas vikas 2 months ago
Priya bhavanishankar home podunga
Divya Sakthivel
Divya Sakthivel 2 months ago
The two dogs 🐶 are very cute cute cute
Caramel Candy
Caramel Candy 2 months ago
At home Ella at living room show edhu
Hasmath Haseena
Hasmath Haseena 2 months ago
this is living room tour😡
Mathi 2 months ago
தமிழ் பேசும் ‌அலகு சூப்பர்
Rahman Rahman
Rahman Rahman 2 months ago
Only living room ??????
Priya Lakshmi
Priya Lakshmi 2 months ago
Show surya jyothika house
Shalini Patrick
Shalini Patrick 3 months ago
Lovely dogs... your love towards them is immense.😍😍
Dhanu Rekha
Dhanu Rekha 3 months ago
BORING! Sakshi Agarwal was the best in recent times!!
Rangeela Balaraman
Rangeela Balaraman 3 months ago
Next vanibhojan home ah ??
Anitha K
Anitha K 3 months ago
Don't cheat by telling that home show.🥵🥶🤬🤬
Bhuvana Ganesh
Bhuvana Ganesh 3 months ago
I love dogs so cute
Nive Vin
Nive Vin 3 months ago
It's dog show yaar.. 🙄
Jeevitha Rajendran
Jeevitha Rajendran 3 months ago
Jegan house!!!!!
Keerthi Keerthana
Keerthi Keerthana 3 months ago
Dai kadupethathiga da interier eathume kamikama iva pesratha poi eaduthu vechu home at nikki nu ea da title potrega . Interview nu podtruka vendi thana total waste of time
Thukkili Lachu
Thukkili Lachu 3 months ago
Only sofa dha
ammu krish
ammu krish 3 months ago
Nikki dogs vitta vera enna kamipiga
Chicho Cell
Chicho Cell 3 months ago
Eannada veeta kaada sonna Interview eadukuringe
Zuwi Faris
Zuwi Faris 3 months ago
You, Me and Skin
You, Me and Skin 3 months ago
nly hall
rama krishna
rama krishna 3 months ago
Vera yaru vidavathu kaminga.. dd,priyanka....
Indhu Bathala
Indhu Bathala 3 months ago
Home na full a katanum living area mattum dhan katunanga bull shit 🤦
Brindasri 3 months ago
😏👎Not that impressive! Just a hall?!
kalpana sekar
kalpana sekar 3 months ago
Veeduna hall mattum thanaa.....boring....
That Magical Girl
That Magical Girl 3 months ago
Cute dogs
Chitra Rajan
Chitra Rajan 3 months ago
Hi, nowadays jfw they are not showing house, it’s only interview
Sabura Asli Azees
Sabura Asli Azees 3 months ago
Utw 9)% 5 (!
GAJA BSNL 3 months ago
At home ......... no home only sopa
Super mom
Super mom 3 months ago
T Disnyrani
T Disnyrani 3 months ago
Very nice house
Subbu Thavam
Subbu Thavam 3 months ago
Cute dogs 🐶🐶
Tanvii Mithra
Tanvii Mithra 3 months ago
I never tot tat, She can Speak Tamil this much Fluent..😯Super..👏👌 Cute Always...🥰
Revathi Akshara
Revathi Akshara 3 months ago
Sometimes video quality is not good
Sherin Hasan
Sherin Hasan 3 months ago
Manjuma Mohan home live
Sherin Hasan
Sherin Hasan 3 months ago
Hall mattum thaan irukaa
sree v
sree v 3 months ago
Thumbs up for buying house at chennai....showing ur seriousness to kollywood.
I love you and your home. Nikki galrani 😘😘❤❤💞💕👍
Sudha Sudha
Sudha Sudha 3 months ago
Sweat house pa
Lakshmanan k
Lakshmanan k 3 months ago
தமிழ்நாட்டில பிறந்த நடிகை கூட இவ்லோ தமிழ் பேச மாட்டாங்க.. ♥️♥️ மென் மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள் 🌹
Ilakiya S
Ilakiya S 3 months ago
Yashika home pls
Jason Das
Jason Das 3 months ago
Your tamil is cuter than u nikki
Gay Sundar
Gay Sundar 3 months ago
Priya Roppesh
Priya Roppesh 3 months ago
Last end fully only talking.wastenu solravanga like pannuga friend💜💜💜
Super mom
Super mom 3 months ago
Showing hall interiors only ,
Vidhya Thangavel
Vidhya Thangavel 3 months ago
Hall mattum dhana?? Disappointed!
sridhar srinivasan
sridhar srinivasan 3 months ago
I too have disappointed
Malini Narayanan
Malini Narayanan 3 months ago
Veeta suthiyae kamikalaye kadasi varaikum
Super mom
Super mom 3 months ago
Oh really, i dont think so
uma sakthi
uma sakthi 3 months ago
Athuku part 2 varum
Siva Malar
Siva Malar 3 months ago
Mayuri Palaniswamy
Mayuri Palaniswamy 3 months ago
hey... 25th like .. 3rd comment
madhan kumar
madhan kumar 3 months ago
@Mayuri Palaniswamy 🙄🙄🙄
Mayuri Palaniswamy
Mayuri Palaniswamy 3 months ago
Ha ha
saranya sai
saranya sai 3 months ago
You got a national award for this
Nagalakshmi Mohan
Nagalakshmi Mohan 3 months ago
Love champ and king kong
ramana ram
ramana ram 3 months ago
*Beautiful house like you NIKKI💓😍😘*
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