Astros' sign stealing is worse than steroids, talks Brady to Raiders & more - Rob Parker | THE HERD

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Rob Parker joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the Houston Astros cheating scandal, Tom Brady's fit on the Las Vegas Raiders, and Floyd Mayweather's statement that he should be Athlete of the Decade over LeBron James.
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Astros' sign stealing is worse than steroids, talks Brady to Raiders & more - Rob Parker | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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Feb 18, 2020




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Comments 80
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Should the Astros be stripped of their 2017 World Series title?
Emmy P
Emmy P 4 months ago
Astros are the bad guys...duh
Jose Antonio Pagan
Jose Antonio Pagan 4 months ago
The only way Astro Trophy would get stripped is if the people stop going to games...Once that money drop you will you see the commissioner rip down the banner himself
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 4 months ago
Yes of course! They cheated to win!
bill perry
bill perry 4 months ago
Yes. 100%
The Nickerman
The Nickerman 4 months ago
100%, it's an easy way of protecting the players from physical injuries and they can still play it and earn it for real, but they should be punished harshly so it never happens again, and it's a perfect middle ground
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner 23 days ago
These guys are cheaters, but they're our cheaters... ???? Wow.
rafterscott 4 months ago
Twice in the past 20 years the title in the Little League World Series was vacated due to cheating (2001 for using a player too old & 2014 for using players outside the team's area to make a better team). The Little League World Series stripped their winners of the title for cheating, yet MLB did not. I find that interesting.
Sean 4 months ago
Incredibly incisive social commentary @2:52
See Cha
See Cha 4 months ago
Astros cheating scandal IS worse than steroids cause steroids use is the choice of an individual looking to cheat and get ahead. The Astros scandal is an ENTIRE organization, that has collectively decided, yes we are going to cheat the system and we are going to do it together.
aristotle736 4 months ago
Sign stealing has been a part of baseball for the longest time .Except instead of technology they used binoculors and holes in the score board .
Juandiego67 4 months ago
Rob Duped Parker
James Bond
James Bond 4 months ago
Steroids made baseball better
El Fishonado
El Fishonado 4 months ago
Rob is right I live in Houston I’m a Astro fan and I will boo them for cheating I’m glad we won but will never brag about it
Dustin Green
Dustin Green 4 months ago
Because astros all hit 70 Homeruns lol shut up stupid
Crazy Cooter
Crazy Cooter 4 months ago
Parker is a loud mouth racist clown. Steroids were way worse than anything and no one cared when the Yankees cheated and won all those world series with most of their team roided up. F these East coast sycophants.
Fotosynthesis858 4 months ago
As guilty as the Astros are, it’s Manfred’s fault for NOT giving them a proper punishment smh. And he should resign as commissioner due to incompetence #fact
Skrilla Forilla
Skrilla Forilla 4 months ago
If I were an opposing pitcher against the Asterisks, I would throw UNDERHAND the entire game.... Chumps don't deserve my good stuff...
TRuePack1 4 months ago
Every baseball take Colin has had has been complete cringe
Luke _702
Luke _702 4 months ago
Your telling me the least regulated American sport in the last 100+ years has the most problems!?!?!? Noooo. Can’t be... 🙄
BlackOwnedDollars 4 months ago
The whole Floyd argument is really silly. People don't get how racialized it is. How could an old man fight people out their prime when he was out of it? So again
Michael Littlewood
Michael Littlewood 4 months ago
In my opinion, this scandal is worse. Although, I do imagine Bonds huge skull contributed to climate change. It's shrunken now, but damage done Balco Barry.
MsMrapplepie 4 months ago
What a joke of a sport
Texas 32
Texas 32 4 months ago
Those same workers weren't able to work world series games because of steroids?
Benjamin Perez
Benjamin Perez 4 months ago
Isnt floyd older than Pacquiao?
Connie B
Connie B 4 months ago
Colin is out of touch.
Cory Anderson
Cory Anderson 4 months ago
You know those other teams that also stole signs are sitting there *whistle whistle whistle* not making eye contact
Cory Anderson
Cory Anderson 4 months ago
Hands behind back
Tim Frantz
Tim Frantz 4 months ago
Colin Cowherd< every other human being
rajaman80 4 months ago
Rob sure don't know Houston fans. Those who are disgruntled won't go to the game. But those who show up to the home games sure will support them!!
David Williams
David Williams 4 months ago
Ban the Astros, Red Sox, and Yankees from postseason for 2 years. When Carlos Beltran went from Yankees to Astros and found out how they were cheating his comment was "you guys are behind the times."
Bob Heck
Bob Heck 4 months ago
David Sasse
David Sasse 4 months ago
The problem with all cheaters is they never think they’ll get caught.
Bob Heck
Bob Heck 4 months ago
It escalated to carelessness like always.
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 4 months ago
Worst than steroid ??? Don't be ridiculous, even more... this sentence is a really dangerous message for young people how Fox sports allow this? Sport cheating is one thing but the health of people is completely different. That's just disgusting.
Nick 2sick
Nick 2sick 4 months ago
Hang in there Astros fans. Barry Bonds turned the SF Giants fanbase into the laughing stock of the MLB. I feel your pain.
fvpbz54 4 months ago
MLB is just a mess... commissioners have failed the fans and the black sheep players have failed the game and fans.
Pone Vongsouvan
Pone Vongsouvan 4 months ago
Yup. I'm gonna stop going to baseball games. I gonna go to soccer games instead. They're more entertaining and actually more action-packed than baseball.
Rosco P. Coltrane
Rosco P. Coltrane 4 months ago
I can’t believe people get this worked up over sports. No sense of life’s priorities.
alphabanks 4 months ago
I agree with Rob on this one
jthomas200900 4 months ago
Steroid era was the greatest era in baseball to watch. Colin is wrong .
Jonah Kuske
Jonah Kuske 4 months ago
They are two different types of worse. Steroids had a bigger impact across the league. This was worse in terms of advantage gained from it.
Bob Heck
Bob Heck 4 months ago
C & C Fun Factory
C & C Fun Factory 4 months ago
Pretty dumb. One is unhealthy and has significant side affects while the other is neither.
Master U
Master U 4 months ago
Yeah it will be boo's baseball lovers still is coming to the games. . . . .until the next big drama
Master U
Master U 4 months ago
Basseball is my 4th sport. . . . . .Give them a asterick next to the Trophy. . . . . Get back to playing baseball. .. . humans beings
Julius Moore
Julius Moore 4 months ago
Damn Rob...you’re sad! Such a hater smh
D Mix
D Mix 4 months ago
So fans are gonna spend money for a game to only start booing??
Pone Vongsouvan
Pone Vongsouvan 4 months ago
It's a God-given American right that our soldiers fought for.
C M 4 months ago
I want the players to go on strike until the cheaters are released and blacklisted. It's a workaround the immunity to effectively ban them. Taking a trophy away from the team hurts the Houston Fans more than the Cheaters.
C M 4 months ago
The Astros owner needs to be removed for not sharing that memo about the replay camera system being abused in order to cheat.
C M 4 months ago
Zimmerman said that this abuse of the replay system causes multiple sign changes even when players weren't on base for the past 5 seasons!!!!!
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 4 months ago
He fought a old manny who is younger then he is ! Colin you’re another Bronsexual . Rob you know I g noting about sport other then baseball
Mark G
Mark G 4 months ago
"these are OUR cheaters" lol.. Colin's funny.... and as a Astros fan, hes RIGHT
jessie urena
jessie urena 4 months ago
I love the whole he ducked great fighters as if Floyd doesn't age 😭😭🤣
Ascendo Tuum
Ascendo Tuum 4 months ago
To assume that steroids are not still in MLB is erroneous and supreme naive thinking.
Keepyourjob Keepyourjob
If you ain't cheating ...you ain't trying .....oh yeah.. you for got these players are makeing 6 and 7 figures...who cares ..it's sports ....there not changing my life or anyone else there not the government.
Kevin Reily
Kevin Reily 4 months ago
Stripped of their trophy, rings and banners and no playoffs for 2 years. The way the Astros "have not come clean, not admitted the truth". Not told the real story about how they cheated. It would still be going on in to 2020 if Mike F. had not come forward.
AGZ 4 months ago
Steroids were basically a part of every team, and that included pitchers...so it was murky about who exactly it was benefiting, and at the expense of whom? This sign stealing clearly gave the benefit to the Astros hitters at the expense of their opponents(and, like Rob said, it trickled down to many facets in baseball and society). The sign stealing is much worse. Colin is being obtuse about this
Jerico Magsombol
Jerico Magsombol 4 months ago
the season-ticket holders are the ones who will boo the Astros; the rest of the fans--if they are true fans of baseball--would stay at home and not pay tickets at all. #AltuveIsTheBest
Victor Skywalker
Victor Skywalker 4 months ago
If the MLB allows this to stand, they gotta put Barry Bonds, Mark Maguire, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Pete Rose and even the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson in the hall of fame. No credibility at all.
Brandon S
Brandon S 4 months ago
I think the Astros cheating is hilarious. Baseball sucks so hard just one more reason to not watch it.
BGOOD2 Life 4 months ago
Will major TV networks, televised the Houston Astros Baseball games in their prime time schedules this season? Just curious.
Giovanni V
Giovanni V 4 months ago
What everyone so mad about? “IT’s JuSt a PiEcE of MeTaL”
Bob Heck
Bob Heck 4 months ago
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 4 months ago
Floyd is number 1 of the decade.... At beating women💯
Pone Vongsouvan
Pone Vongsouvan 4 months ago
/shrug. #1 is #1.
shmbbrkr 4 months ago
I'm an Astros fan but I hate them for this. Straight up cheaters
Jerry Salas
Jerry Salas 4 months ago
Trump cheats, no one cares Astros cheat the Nation loses their mind #Stealitback #jk #GoAstros
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 4 months ago
Sports it’s just as bad as politics now.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 4 months ago
No we don’t. Go Astros! What a fake take! Colin is kinda smart. I’ve been taught to steel signs since little league. Yankees Red Sox And dodgers all have been guilt of getting an edge. Now that a small market team from the south got an edge the west and East cry like little school girls. It’s ok when high price teams go above the cap to sign super stars to make good teams great but small market teams can’t afford to stay competitive for years at a time. Let’s eliminate everything and put hard salary caps to even playing field for all teams.
Balmighty1981 4 months ago
The whole Astros team was cheating steroid users were here and there not the entire team at least one that were caught
nico #99
nico #99 4 months ago
Damn Rob's nose is greasy🤣😂
Marvel Antonio
Marvel Antonio 4 months ago
No wonder Colin doesn't cover baseball, he knows nothing about it
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 4 months ago
Yeah I think if you draw the line at people that make millions upon millions of dollars to do their trade should not be taking days off that they are not hurt or have a really great reason like if your dad dies or mom dies or even your grandmother okay absolutely take a couple games off I get that. But no not for conditioned athletes who get paid millions of dollars
Denmark Vessey
Denmark Vessey 4 months ago
Steroids actually made the game MORE enjoyable. Astros are pathetic for the sign stealing technology. Much respect lost for the game
Mr. Hester
Mr. Hester 4 months ago
Lifelong Astros fan and no we won’t be booing...foh everyone cheats..
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 4 months ago
The fact that I agree with Rob Parker is so shocking I’m considering that I might be wrong. OK, done. He’s actually right for once. Damn. Take the title while we’re at it, and then punish them. You have to fix the error, and then issue punishment for the crime. No postseason for two seasons I have the organizational fine, and forfeiture of draft picks.
kiddada3 4 months ago
This is the first time I have ever agreed with Rob Parker, he hit the nail on the head with load management.
zeefly226 4 months ago
Does Parker buy his suits off the rack?
Jonny B
Jonny B 4 months ago
Wayyyyyyyyyy worse than steroids. I mean at least you still have to be talented to hit the ball. You were just stronger. This is straight up changing the odds
isambo400 4 months ago
Trever Bauer called them out and nobody noticed
MegaJoshX 4 months ago
Houston ASSterisks. I'm positive every fan will boo them, because at the end of the day we are fans of the sport.
freaksamungus 4 months ago
So it's a big deal the Astros cheated but not that big a deal for the Patriots and all there scandals. Lol. That's ate up. More cheating with Tom "crybaby " Brady and the Cheatiots then any other organization.
joe smith
joe smith 4 months ago
Lebron, do you recall the 2002 LA Lakers? WCF against the Sacramento Kings. The Kings were robbed of an NBA title that season.
CoDi Mewer
CoDi Mewer 4 months ago
As an Astros fan I have to agree with Rob here. You grow up going to Minute Maid park on 3 dollar tickets because the Astro’s are a nobody team. You win a world championship only to find out it’s a fluke.
Chris Dee
Chris Dee 4 months ago
Probably should be stripped, but what happens when/if the Red Sox of '18 are found to have been cheating?
door gunner
door gunner 4 months ago
The great player Pete Rose was banned for life for betting on HIS OWN TEAM and the astro get nothing for sign stealing and STEALING a championship. Do what's right commissioner and lay out some fines and allow Pete Rose to be where he deserves to be. IN THE HALL OF FAME.
seoulmn23 4 months ago
Do liberals really watch MSNBC? Yikes.
bob bib
bob bib 4 months ago
Notice how little attention is given to those bettors that lost millions cause of this cheating scandal every day on ESPN all i hear is vegas odds on any particular event Rob parker touched on lost revenue a bit but imagine for one second you bet on a event to find out that the reason you lost the bet was cause the other team cheated i would be furious !
Lou Caruso
Lou Caruso 4 months ago
All The $$$$ These Sports Commentators Make, HOW ABOUT Lettin The People " Fans " Know The TRUTH !!! Common Sense, They Got EVERYTHING He Needs, Recivers, Line, Excellent Runnin Back, Defense, & Good Friend As Coach, THE TITANS !!!Besides Alot More , Whats So Hard About Tellin The Public That !!!!....Peace
Ben Lynxwiler
Ben Lynxwiler 4 months ago
Even when the guys were on steroids they still had to be able to hit the ball. With sign stealing, anybody can hit the ball when they know what’s coming
Bruce Allen Smith
Bruce Allen Smith 4 months ago
"Steroids is a 15 year canker sore for baseball", you have a short memory. Baseball was dying until McGwire and Sosa started chasing the homerun record. They saved baseball. Don't tell me MLB didn't know that were "juicing" while they were chasing the record, filling stadiums, and TV ratings going sky high? But now, those guys (and Bonds) are still not in the HOF. Yet , MLB, and most of you "talking heads" want to act like that's somehow worse than a whole franchise conspiring to cheat by stealing signs. The whole team should be suspended for a year.
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