Astrologers Guess People's Zodiac Signs Out Of A Lineup • Part 1

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"This is going to make or break my business, here we go."
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Oct 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Neøn Gravestønes
Neøn Gravestønes 31 minute ago
2/6. Not bad?? if that was a 100 point test, she would've gotten 33.3%, which is very much a failing grade, at least in the US, where an F is 50% or less
Sun knight 2503
Sun knight 2503 13 hours ago
but the ascendant can camouflage the sun sign ...
Caroline Talley
Caroline Talley 13 hours ago
How is it that I out of the four I did I got all four right but she only got two smh
Girl: opens her mouth Me (a gemini): SHE'S 100% A GEMINI
Aly M
Aly M Day ago
I want to know their rising signs too 👌
gamberlane Day ago
Nate's totes my type. Hi Nate.
Kadyn Orr
Kadyn Orr 2 days ago
Isla (Virgo) gave herself away after she said she is a perfectionist. I’m Virgo and all the Virgo’s Ik are also
Y X 3 days ago
do white astrologers know how to not be racist
Sara Hashimy
Sara Hashimy 4 days ago
Bruh I know nothing about astrology but the lo one is so easy to get like when I looked at her I snstantly knew that she was a Leo lmao
Vinod M
Vinod M 6 days ago
At first I was like the guy far left is definitely a Taurus. He seemed very chill and I was right! I'm a Taurus myself
Kavishek 8 days ago
You would quickly figure out that im an Aquarius
McDonald’s Sprite
This was better on Cut
Brandon Noneya
Brandon Noneya 8 days ago
This chick sucks. I can guess peoples signs just by observing them and she has to ask 100 questions and still gets it wrong
freya beatrice
freya beatrice 11 days ago
whole time Taurus guy was talking all I heard was Eugine saying "boring!"
courtney barrett
courtney barrett 11 days ago
The Taurus is such a Taurus lol
Bitch I'm a Cow
Bitch I'm a Cow 15 days ago
Everybody has a "zodiac chart" based on their birthday, location and time of birth. One part of your chart is your rising sign. The main reason why it's hard to guess people's sun sign(more known as you zodiac sign), is because it's your rising sign that identifies your first impressions/ how the world views you.
Krushitha Survi
Krushitha Survi 15 days ago
Idk how but I could recognise my fellow Aries right away just by looking at her!♈
JustZaya 16 days ago
The music on this is so annoying. Way too loud
Philine 16 days ago
"loyal, hardworking and friendly" - congrats, you are in Hufflepuff
Sanaa Brewton
Sanaa Brewton 16 days ago
the 1st girl was obvious lafmao
Tatiana Cor-dova
Tatiana Cor-dova 17 days ago
I love us leos♥️
Despierta PachaMama
Big tits=cancer
Sydney Coleman
Sydney Coleman 20 days ago
Margareth Katsuno
Gemini: that’s the side I decided to portray
Ilana G
Ilana G 27 days ago
I knew the first one is a Gemini !!!! I'm a Gemini
Chetna Shukla
Chetna Shukla 27 days ago
I like perfection yaa, neat and clean *Damn a virgo ma'am* 😂😂
Rebecca White
Rebecca White 29 days ago
Too many variables with planets etc
gracito gang
gracito gang 29 days ago
Noble Penn
Noble Penn Month ago
The astrologer's body language was killing me
ysobellejulyyy Month ago
thas how yk she aint it lmao
Erika Hughes
Erika Hughes Month ago
I can ALWAYS identify the earth signs and this video proves it
Frain Christine
Frain Christine Month ago
Virgo people attracts me so much idk why...I just get lost. I'm aquarius btw and virgos and scorpios interest me in a way that I can't explain...My moon is libra haha it doesn't make sense to me
Anime Fandom
Anime Fandom Month ago
Taurus guy is so nice, actually all of them were , but he especially was trying hard to help her guess his sign , he was like an open book , I'm surprised she didn't guess him but oh well
misty missy
misty missy Month ago
Gemini that's just the side I decided to portray mmhmm lol one of my besties is gemini and let me say he has many different sides to him. I'm a Cancer mine was kinda on point
Henrik V
Henrik V Month ago
i´ve heard some astrologer say that you don´t start getting in touch with your sun sign before the age of 28/29 (saturn return).Would be interesting to see if she makes better guesses with older people then.
Sassa Nyberg
Sassa Nyberg Month ago
The virgo was exactly like my mom! (who's also virgo)
J Ji
J Ji Month ago
Nate was an OBVIOUS taurus and I guessed Alaina’s sign so quick too
Drew Month ago
Astrology is unscientific
Asha Dawar
Asha Dawar Month ago
Damn I guessed the Gemini one in one look at the thumbnail of the vid 😆.......i'm a Gemini :)
hafsa begum
hafsa begum Month ago
ME: thinking a comment to write Me: oh someone already did🙃
Angeli Therese
Angeli Therese Month ago
It'll be hard to guess them by their sun signs(the so called "zodiac sign"/ main sign) because it's your rising sign that identifies with your first impressions/how people view you.
Alessandra Month ago
proof astrology is bs
Henrik V
Henrik V Month ago
I´d say proof that astrology isn´t that easy
Alexis Barbuto
Alexis Barbuto Month ago
I played along and only got Nate as I am also a Taurus lol
Sho Go
Sho Go Month ago
The Gemini one was true as hell, I felt like she knew about my life or something. Every single thing she said, I would say also.
Jina Rose
Jina Rose Month ago
Don’t put shade on the study, put it on the interprenter. Who is this textbook Astrologer? Find Alyssa The DIVINE Venus for this... lol. It’s so obvious...Sun sign is more the traits we must adopt, learn, overcome in this life path, our core values. Not neccessarily personality, Also, she could be more observant as an astrologer.
Veni Vidi Amavi
Veni Vidi Amavi Month ago
*I lover how Alana was so blunt "I like people who are unavailable"*
Ruby Liang
Ruby Liang Month ago
I knew Ehis was a Gemini the moment I saw her idk why
Andrea Chapman
Andrea Chapman Month ago
I found it interesting that she had all the right signs but assigned them to another person, except Isla and Maya. Pretty cool!
SisterSparklz Month ago
I totally was trying to figure out enneagram numbers while watching this. I'm more enneagram than zodiac sign
Eva Chen
Eva Chen Month ago
Nobody: Not even my friends: Me: *hoping so hard that my zodiac is in there but then it isn’t* Btw I’m a Aquarius
Caitlin McCann
Caitlin McCann Month ago
I would absolutely LOVE to do this because I am NOTHING like my zodiac sign lol
maddison Month ago
like it’s very possible that she could have been right about the ones she got wrong if they have those signs in their moon or rising... except for the leo girl i guess 💀 but yeah it’s a big pet peeve of mine when people think they’re their sun sign and that’s it like bruh the cancer girl probably has leo in her chart and the taurus guy probably has cancer in his chart somewhere. like these kinds of videos don’t really work honestly
maddison Month ago
with videos like this i just get annoyed at how they always go off the sun sign and you also need to get to know people a lot better to be able to guess what they have in their chart
Little Miss-Scare All
Omg I never saw a more taurus taurus than this taurus. 😂 He even got those sleepy eyes and slow voice like omg. 😂😂 Also, the Astrologist kinda seemed to hunt an Aries lol. She asks everyone so many typical Aries trait questions. 😂😂
Safee Safee
Safee Safee Month ago
I guessed better than her 😂💯
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp Month ago
I defy almost everything about my sign
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp Month ago
I'm a Scorpio
Owl Me
Owl Me Month ago
Taurus childish
Owl Me
Owl Me Month ago
The Leo was so obvious
Tracer Month ago
Lol fail 😅
maria kellner
maria kellner Month ago
i knew the guy in red shirt was a taurus I KNEW IT
stella schulze
stella schulze Month ago
When I saw Isla I knew she was a Virgo like me ♍️
baby directioner
Nobody would know mine because I am an enthusiastic happy person and annoying and my zodiac is depressing
donxvann Month ago
Destiny is a Leo moon 🌚 100%
donxvann Month ago
First girl Leo moon
Minu Mansoor- Mckee
it annoys me how they told us their zodiac signs. I wanted to guess too :(
Asia Wronska
Asia Wronska Month ago
Like she said it's hard to guess only one sign out of 12, cause there can be a different dominant sign and that doesn't mean she was wrong :)
Jojo Breez
Jojo Breez Month ago
Well the Gemini said controlled chaos. No fixed sign in this world likes chaos
Aria Month ago
Astrology is real and other hilarious jokes you cal tell yourself.
Mitaka Month ago
I only watched this video to see if my sign was in here and it wasn’t TwT
Justice Desire
Justice Desire Month ago
There’s 2 main reasons why she didn’t get Gemini with all of the obvious traits........1 because Gemini’s have a sparkle in their eyes that draw people in or scare them. 2.....Gemini’s are charming and well seasoned. She was super boring and had NO PIZAZZ! ANNNNND she’s best friends with a Taurus🥴🥴🤢🤢🤮🤮 No way! Taurus is way too judgmental and prude for Gems. 🤪🤩🥳
Get Back To Nature
we need a Aquarius to do this job..
Get Back To Nature
i depends alot on the rest of the chart tho..
Kylee Crook
Kylee Crook Month ago
Taurus dude totally gave him self away from question 1. Maybe thats cause im Taurus 😂😂
We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
Its not just your zodiac sign the sun signs are just for PLEBS
jane jackson
jane jackson Month ago
When the Gemini says that was the side I was trying to portray just proved her sign lol.
Alice R.
Alice R. 2 months ago
I relate so much to the Virgo girl omg, I'm a Virgo too and that's SO me
Audrey Olson
Audrey Olson 2 months ago
as soon as i saw what the gemini was wearing i immedietely said gemini
Gemini Stone
Gemini Stone 2 months ago
I don’t know how she would’ve gotten the Virgo wrong that one was way too obvious she was a Virgo. She said she’s been working on herself + She made A LOT of criticisms she has for herself + And she said she’s always thinking about the future = ♍️
Blizzard UwU
Blizzard UwU 2 months ago
Im a libra but im not a softy and i *can* say no
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