ASTRO - Crazy Sexy Cool | 아스트로 - 니가 불어와 [Music Bank / 2017.11.17]

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Published on


Nov 22, 2017




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Comments 1 927
Blanca C.
Blanca C. Day ago
Why they use makeup like a girl?
Hellosydney96 Thomas Webstar
Guys isn't it so weird?????? When cha eun woo smiles... it's like he is talking with his eyes
Mark Jozel Gensola
Hoy putangina tawang tawa talaga ako kay ate na mag-isang nag-fafanchant HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Go girl!!!!
Lynquilliobe Lyn
Lynquilliobe Lyn 5 days ago
Wow nice dancing
ชัญญารัตน์ บุญกุล
I Sky
I Sky 7 days ago
Hanya tertuju ke Eunwoo 😍😍😍
Tuan Muda ipoed's
Cha eun woo lope u...
Shelly Selvi
Shelly Selvi 9 days ago
Blue_ Leaf
Blue_ Leaf 10 days ago
When that man say "to easy to love you," Boi I felt that :"D
Rios Champe
Rios Champe 12 days ago
Cha Eun woo😘❤️💞
Dima Windasari
Dima Windasari 12 days ago
I am an army. And i am just help them to get more viewers
DALU 13 days ago
Wtf with the girl hahahajaha 😆😆😆😆
е奥蒂纳伊 14 days ago
Lisauglybitch Lisaugly
Stupid song ever
Cha Lila
Cha Lila 5 days ago
Oooh so our song is stupid how about yours ??? Never asked
Aliali Afrikaans
Aliali Afrikaans 18 days ago
فدوة ايخبل الفنان
Alam Syahputra
Alam Syahputra 18 days ago
Tumih Handayani
Tumih Handayani 22 days ago
I like you Cha Eun woo I love you Cha Eun woo fans you Cha Eun woo in Indonesia. You handsome And K pop ASTRO I Like You.❤️❤️❤️😘
charlien mamucay
charlien mamucay 22 days ago
cha eun woo so cute
blue gacha
blue gacha 23 days ago
Who come here after see my id is my Gangnam beauty
хэппинес А ю хэппи
Всё конечно охуенно прекрасно аж слюнки текут ♡ но я просто ору от той девочки в зале XD. И как сами участники Астро не померли там со смеху от нее?????♡XD
Haifa Zack
Haifa Zack 26 days ago
Omg...rocky so handsome
francineanne ebreo
francineanne ebreo 27 days ago
Moonbin uwu
BTS JİN 27 days ago
Eunwoo? İt is he idiot!
Mariama Diallo
Mariama Diallo 28 days ago
That girl screaming in the audience sound like she screaming for help😭
Beom Beom
Beom Beom 28 days ago
ya'll talking about eunwoo but let's appreciate how freaking good this song is💜❤
Anji Jeng
Anji Jeng 28 days ago
Ommmgggg! My gangnam beauty heart brought me here pti yung THUMBNAIL 😍😍😍😍
Lamiya khan Monon
Astro is best
Nayrouz Tarek
Nayrouz Tarek Month ago
Charity Talusan
Charity Talusan Month ago
Eun woo❣️❣️❣️
Chouba Singha
Chouba Singha Month ago
cha eun woo 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Hanifatuz Maharani
Moonbin ❤️
Yuni Uni
Yuni Uni Month ago
Eunwoo 😍
Attif Shahraz
Attif Shahraz Month ago
Rocky hair style is Owsome Fabulous but Cha Eunwoo is my crush and moonbin is ssssoooo ccccuuuuttteee 😋 😋😋 😋
Attif Shahraz
Attif Shahraz Month ago
Rocky hair style is Owsome Fabulous and Cha Eunwoo is my favorite he is my crush moonbin you are ssssoooo cccuuutttee
Annisa pipaw
Annisa pipaw Month ago
Cha eun wo. very Cute. Perfect 😘
Mn X
Mn X Month ago
واوووو كيوت
There moves are ..cool....♥️♥️ Im watching astro for the first tym...came here after watching the soulplate....
Mayerli Coque
Mayerli Coque Month ago
САЙ-СУУ Month ago
Офигеть эти красавчики офигеные
ณัฏฐา เกตุสุวรรณ
onlyBTS lover
onlyBTS lover Month ago
I am here after see that jimin hugs eunwoo
Aufar panji setiawan
Hera Sean
Hera Sean Month ago
Gawd, people are sleeping on Astro... Their voice and dance are sooo good
Jayshree Jagnade
Great job to all astro singers ☺️
آحسـآس مـآيفهہمـونهہ
مًعٌقُوٌلَ مًأّفُـيِّ مًعٌجّـبًيِّنِ عٌربً هّـنِأّ 🤔
Twinkle Thounaojam
My Eun Woo is so handsome 😘😘😘
Yulinda Rahmawati
Cha eun woo is my husband 😘😘love you
Isabel noj vasquez
marga Month ago
everyone else is saying theyre here bc of the thumbnail, but i came here for my babi boyssss.
Ajeng diyat May
Ajeng diyat May Month ago
Astro is the best
Noemy Xitumul
Noemy Xitumul Month ago
A mí sí me gusta la música Pero a ellos no me gusta
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Month ago
Big fan of ASTRO group 💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😍
Sonam Bhutia
Sonam Bhutia Month ago
my best hero ....
Barnaby Month ago
The cold hearted person from my id is gangnam beauty is dancing and doing cute gestures in this video. He's so adorable!!
Jayronnorcio YT
Jayronnorcio YT 2 months ago
waaaaahhhhh! euwooo♥
Deniece Roura
Deniece Roura 2 months ago
I'm sad that most people came for eunwoo's face (He is handsome I don't mean he's not handsome he is I don't mean to hate😊)
jenny ramos
jenny ramos 2 months ago
cha eun woo idol
Pai บ้องไผ่
ชา อึนชู💓💓
Mae Dhemi
Mae Dhemi 2 months ago
It's funny because my eyes only looking to Eun Woo, Gawd I'm a loyal person
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