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ASTRO 아스트로
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May 29, 2017




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Comments 25 760
sonam kaur
sonam kaur 20 hours ago
What is the name of boy who appears very first in the video
assam folk mirror
assam folk mirror 22 hours ago
💖💖Love you guys a lot💖💖 WISH YOU GUYS BECOME NO 1 KPOP . 💖💖i am an Aroha 💖💖 KRITARTHI
AaaayeefunnyIndian *BONEHEADED PERSON*
2:45 3:14 we so fun
Arshiya Imam
Arshiya Imam 2 days ago
So cute
Ali Grace
Ali Grace 2 days ago
Y'all this is what got me into Astro over a year ago. I'm so proud! So happy it has 17 million views! Keep it up, aroha!
sallyiskpoptrash 2 days ago
0:32 his smileeee
aleena shaikh.
aleena shaikh. 2 days ago
Moonbin smile gonna kill me. Eunwoo handsomeness gonna kill me. Sanha cuteness gonna kill me. Rocky rap gonna kill me. Jin jin vocal gonna kill me.. 😍😍M dying Happily...
Andrea Mc
Andrea Mc 2 days ago
Gokul Unhale
Gokul Unhale 2 days ago
1:35 he start singing and I was just flattered.
Madan Babu Bajracharya
we aroha are the seventh colour to complete our rainbow.
ash 4 days ago
We support you😭💜💜💜
ash 4 days ago
ash 4 days ago
Keep going
ash 4 days ago
Ilove u astro
ash 4 days ago
They look good here
Yunar 5 days ago
I remember 3 years ago when I saw this and said to myself: *IMMA DANCE THIS DANCE! IT LOOKS SO COOL* . . . *It was a nightmare...*
Ying Men 98
Ying Men 98 5 days ago
Este es y siempre será mi Mv favorito, se ven tan alegres y hermosos
Jayhan Sulog
Jayhan Sulog 7 days ago
The lyrics make me blush!!!!
츛픂 7 days ago
당장 블루플레임 퍼포버젼 내놔라 판뮤
seda nur
seda nur 7 days ago
Langgingcalvin Jimenezowens
Did you see 777 when MJ was in the trampoline I love you astro😙😘😚😍
Erika Monroy
Erika Monroy 8 days ago
14 febrero 2020 ya he puesto mis ojos en ti 🎶🎶🎶
Jhovenyce Bia
Jhovenyce Bia 8 days ago
Alguem sabe me disse qual o significado do numero 777 no quarto do MJ?
bhavana sharma
bhavana sharma 9 days ago
ASTRO keep shining
pia 9 days ago
l missed this song!!!!! listening again in 2020!
assam folk mirror
You are the best KPOP. I am an AROHA from INDIA,ASSAM
• nicole
• nicole 10 days ago
por favor reproduzcan sus canciones
Dishani Das
Dishani Das 10 days ago
Love you ASTRO❤😍
صـಿـمـಿـتي حًگٍاَْيِهً samti_ha
ruvid.net/video/video-qAnU_7qWvqI.html 🐣👍👍👍🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
صـಿـمـಿـتي حًگٍاَْيِهً samti_ha
Lisauglybitch Lisaugly
mikayla 11 days ago
0:22 im blushing even though i know he's probs just smiling for the camera but gooossshhh it just makes me feel so happy
띵호 11 days ago
3:20 윤산하 존나 귀엽다. 진짜로😭💜
qlinhpysa 12 days ago
Most Astro song can lift up our mood. I'm so happy while hearing this at office with paper works around me LOL Also, Myungjun you are precious ~~!!
Soly Vlog
Soly Vlog 12 days ago
Jeonghan’s judging face
why is moonbin putting popcorn in a blender?
Risma Pebriana
Risma Pebriana 13 days ago
Cha Eun woo😍❤ Moon bin😍😉 Yoon sanha😍😣 Rocky😍🤗 Jinjin😍🤔 Mj😍😋
bhavana sharma
bhavana sharma 14 days ago
17M ... fighting for 18M💜
BIJOY PODDER 14 days ago
Hi, free ABCMouse for 30 days Now! try your luck now, 1st write your name & country name send a mail: emilyjonesej99@gmail.com
Psaw Paw
Psaw Paw 14 days ago
Omg I’m your fan
Maria de Moraes
Maria de Moraes 14 days ago
Vocês são tudo pra mim 💜💜
Alejandra Alvarado
Alejandra Alvarado 15 days ago
Kpop_Fan Lee
Kpop_Fan Lee 16 days ago
Soulmate 😙
Kpop_Fan Lee
Kpop_Fan Lee 16 days ago
Eunwoo is so cute
Ms. Potato Corn
Ms. Potato Corn 16 days ago
HI NEW FAN HERE. Like just now. They are fckin Underrated.
bhavana sharma
bhavana sharma 14 days ago
Welcome to the fam dear 💜
Ayase Kiseki
Ayase Kiseki 15 days ago
Welcome to the Fandom
Tricia Manalo
Tricia Manalo 16 days ago
Maria Aurelia
Maria Aurelia 17 days ago
i just noticed that moonbin always begin most of their songs?
Fany Uzumaki
Fany Uzumaki 17 days ago
Moonbin- 0:25, 0:58 Eunwoo- 0:30, 1:17 Mj- 0:42, 1:45 JinJin- 0:51, 1:28 - 1:33 Yoo San Ha- 1:10 - 1:13, 1:24 Rocky- 1:36, 1:44 Nota: Ya se que algunos cantan antes solo es para identificarlos
Vanesa Vicencio
Vanesa Vicencio 17 days ago
MyungDdana Maknae
MyungDdana Maknae 17 days ago
Yay 17M congrats!!
Sam- aroha
Sam- aroha 18 days ago
17M ❤
Sam- aroha
Sam- aroha 18 days ago
8K to 17M ❤
Bahra Baho
Bahra Baho 19 days ago
😍😍😍😍😍 😙😙😙😙😙 😘😘😘😘😘
Jenny Martinez
Jenny Martinez 19 days ago
Me encanto esta cancion
Aniek Bronkhorst
Aniek Bronkhorst 19 days ago
My friend be like: U don't recognise Jungkook so ur not a true bts fan Me be like: Ye bc i only lieked them 3 DAYS Me friend: Well then u only liek him Me be like : Ye fine but imma recognise him later Me: Watches 10 min of astro and can recognise Eumwoo in a whole thingy Also me : OKAY I FOUND MY PERFECT KPOP BAND BYE BYE BTS HELLO HELLO ASTRO
Mystery Maliha
Mystery Maliha 4 days ago
@Aniek Bronkhorst ya me too
Aniek Bronkhorst
Aniek Bronkhorst 4 days ago
@Mystery Maliha xD i recognise em now xD
Mystery Maliha
Mystery Maliha 5 days ago
@Yunar i used to mix rocky and mj and jinjin
Yunar 5 days ago
Fun fact. It took me almost *1 month* to recognize him and remember his name, because I saw a photo of him that really didn’t look like him from a lyric video.. He was the last one I remembered.. I feel so stupid-
Mystery Maliha
Mystery Maliha 5 days ago
That was me and my friend (bts Stan)
윤아yoona 20 days ago
으악 아스트로ㅠㅠ너무 조아ㅠㅠㅠ💕💕
Alaa Asadi
Alaa Asadi 20 days ago
My heart bacame a dynamite after this
Gyan Chio Beldad
Gyan Chio Beldad 21 day ago
Idek why this in my recommendation. But this feels like a Night Changes vibe. 😍
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