'Assaults on the Biden family are not relevant to the issues of this case': Booker | ABC News

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Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., is interviewed on "This Week."
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Jan 19, 2020




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Comments 470
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher Month ago
Kinda strange that the Bidens are at the heart of the democrats accusations , but the democrats say they have been cleared of wrong doing . BY WHO ? BY WHO ? do the democrats think everyone is stupid ?
fokana1 Month ago
Message CORY BOOKER and ROSARIO DAWSON to join the people's revolution - support Sanders!!!!
Victoria Valljour
Biden's behaviour IS relevant to Trump's case. Why is Biden and his son exempt to the law, but Trump isnt. Booker missed his calling.
nick labian
nick labian Month ago
Potato head
Nick Kinney
Nick Kinney Month ago
Fuck you joe Biden. You are the problem you corporate fuck.
Sonya Thomson
Sonya Thomson Month ago
Curse him and Spanish Rosario Dawson
Luis Casequin
Luis Casequin Month ago
Peter Schweizers book: Profiles in Corruption is out today
corndog1868 Month ago
Trump 2020!!!!
Mitch White
Mitch White Month ago
Booker has a shiney cone head.
LB Month ago
What a joke Booker is..
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Month ago
Joe Biden Has Advocated Cutting Social Security for 40 Years theintercept.com/2020/01/13/biden-cuts-social-security/
alex black
alex black Month ago
Booker is going back to the mens bathroom looking for kids.
Strawhat 845
Strawhat 845 Month ago
Joe Biden kids are grown up ... like in their 40s so this notion that they're not fair game is Silly... especially the being paid on the board when you know nothing in Ukraine(Hunter)
Erinn Malone
Erinn Malone Month ago
Haha loser!! Of course you have to press on. Hows your district? Check your colleagues!
dathpo Month ago
Do quit your day job Booker.
ideaquest Month ago
Everything is not relevant when corruption is done by Dems. We are watching the SWAMP being drained, more amazingly by Dems themselves. They set up the trap, celebrate and then fall into it themselves.
Lisa 1734
Lisa 1734 Month ago
Wheres KORN POP?
Lisa 1734
Lisa 1734 Month ago
Bathroom Booker. Smollett? We shall see.......
JYang33 Month ago
After watching this I don’t see how Booker lasted as long as he did in the presidential election.
Red894336643 Month ago
Why not investigate Joe and Hunter Biden? We investigated Trump for 3 years. I’m starting think the Democrat were up to corrupt shit in Ukraine. Investigate and if you Joe and Hunter Biden are clean we will know it.
666sigma Month ago
Joe and Hunter don’t get a pass because Joe is running for President. You said there is nothing to investigate on the corrupt behavior of BOTH BIDEN’S. I disagree. I have the right to know. 1. How Hunter got paid $1 million per year for knowing and doing nothing more than coke and alcohol and banging whores? How was he able to go in and out of rehab and serve on a board that he never should have been on in the first place? 2. Why did Joe not recuse himself from involvement with financial interactions that clearly could have benefited or been on behalf of his son? I want to know.
willc247 Month ago
The Demoncrats deserve the same partisan treatment they afforded the Republicans in the House. Dirty POS.
Mean Old Lady
Mean Old Lady Month ago
They absolute ARE relevant to the case, because there is no actual case against Trump, yet there is overwhelming proof of democrat corruption in Ukraine & Russia, you evil scumbags!
Mark Katzman
Mark Katzman Month ago
This from the mighty Spartacus!!!!! How about Joe’s bro Frank who profited from $54 million in taxpayer loans for his business interests during the Obola bin Lootin’ admin which was crooked as hell!
Michael Schaefer
Spartacus has no credibility. Biden invented Borking with Teddy K.
bob peters
bob peters Month ago
ABC is full of Schitt. Did you know that ABC approves of having sex with children? A reporter did an expose of Jeffrey Epstein a year ago and ABC chose NOT to air it so Epstein could keep having sex with children, some as young as 11 years old.. What do these people have in common? Pelosi's son Kerry's son Romney's son Biden's son Hint: Geo location: Ukraine Hint: Energy Coincidence? When [George Soros] calls, D's always answer. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing!My heart goes out to the stupid people who believe this Schitt
jannmutube Month ago
--- > Investigating the Bidens and the DNC server was not part of U.S. policy,, The GAO said the President did not have the right to withhold aid for his own policy. Rudy Giuliai already declined LIndsey Graham's offer to bring his evidence ad testify before the Senate. Former Ukraine Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutseko told Margaret Brennan of Face The Nation that the U.S. did not open a regular investigation and had no evidence of wrong doing by Hunter Biden. @ 1: 13 to 3: 39 Giuliani says Pompeo told him he was "aware" of outreach to Ukrainians .ruvid.net/video/video-Q3zOPJGrMdg.html
kstock Month ago
Biden family corruption is indeed relevant. Americans are tired of Democrats pushes themselves as "dedicated public servants" while running a profiteering racket on the side. How do "dedicated public servants" like The Clintons become worth $250M? How do Congressmen and Senators drawing modest salaries become worth $15M? Democrats are snakes. We all know it.
rebelL sprouT
rebelL sprouT Month ago
biden is corrupt and wanted to cut social security. he serves his doners and not the american people. he isn't electable.
Winston Dutchin
Winston Dutchin Month ago
Hi you, what Biden did you creep.
Winston Dutchin
Winston Dutchin Month ago
No he's there searching for boys in the bathroom.
bill bixby
bill bixby Month ago
B Good
B Good Month ago
How much is this bogus impeachment costing Americans?
rebelL sprouT
rebelL sprouT Month ago
im not a trump supporter but even i know the impeachment is a waste. they lied about the russia thing and now no one will trust this impeachment.
Hmm. Good video.
david gregory
david gregory Month ago
Bernie or bust. Booker you soldout to big pharma. Biden wants chronic war, cut social security and give $$$$$$$$ to corporations. Rejected and dismissed. Biden is Trump 2.0
Cory Booker says that alleged holding up foreign money giveaways is preposterous what really is preposterous, wasting taxpayer money to pay this Booker to have a seat in Congress
A P Month ago
Eat shit Booker , Biden and Bernie are two lying deranged idiots , one is a future felon and the other is a communist traitor , hell even lying Stephanopoulos was friends with Jeffery Epstein like Bill Clinton was and networks like enemy of the citizens and truth fake news ABC cover it up for the democrat globalist masters , s they do for the rape of Anita Broderick by Bill Clinton
Andrew Hardy
Andrew Hardy Month ago
Baseless assaults on the Trump presidency are not relevant to American well-being. Do something usefull with yourself Booker.
55 scuba
55 scuba Month ago
Fartagas and stepimadumdass should get a room to jack each other off.
Michael Broyles
Michael Broyles Month ago
I hear republicans say Trump never got his witnesses. But the people he's asking for are completely irrelevant to this impeachment trial. What can Hunter Biden answer about if Trump pressured Ukraine or not??. This is an attempt to smear his father because Trump insecure ass fear he can't be him. They can call the Biden's in the senate at any time. But out of desperation they trying to involve them this impeachment trial which is irrelevant to them that's just a fact. Joe Biden or Hunter Biden wasn't impeached.
Mo Fo
Mo Fo Month ago
It is the epicenter of the case, moron...
Jeremy Banks
Jeremy Banks Month ago
ala ska
ala ska Month ago
Dems offer NOTHING.
dacosta0656 Month ago
Biden forgets Republicans freed the slaves and Democrats founded the KKK
God Bless General Lee
Biden, his son and all the rest of the dems are criminals. Trump 2020.
latinlingo 25
latinlingo 25 Month ago
Americans will not vote for Democrats if they want to continue killing babies through abortion
Demon Rat
Demon Rat Month ago
Hes just another "Liberal Hack"
Charles Theodore Heissman
SPRINDYS Month ago
tRump's messages have always been to divert and deflect.... he takes responsibility for nothing whatsoever, and never has. IMPEACHMENT he can now embrace as his forever! Now to Indict and Imprison the imposter president.
Steve Uselton
Steve Uselton Month ago
I am sure you worry about it...…...Because you stand no chance!
nick briere
nick briere Month ago
Shut up trump 2020 stop hating trump the man only president that has done something in years about time we stop rolling over for everyone
Democratic Socialist
Medicare--voter oversighted single check writer-- vs Corporate, money hiding participts in a 350 billion a year fraud, health care denying companies.
DennyD Sheffield
????? Lies are being told.
Spencer Anderson
Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. is a hateful liar. He's the bacterial filth that spreads the disease of the cowardly left.
Dwayne Arthur
Dwayne Arthur Month ago
Booker knows what hes talkin about. 👍
Parslow Pongbert
What a shame Cory undermined his credibility at the end there by referring to an imaginary invisible being. Just stick to the facts and stop trying to exploit vulnerably minded religious people, like Trump does.
Miles North
Miles North Month ago
Translation: Underachieving shine still hopes for VP slot.
zZz Month ago
starting to like this Cory Booker.
Strawhat 845
Strawhat 845 Month ago
He sucks.... voted against to lower prescription drugs
Lisa 1734
Lisa 1734 Month ago
MyUboat JVO
MyUboat JVO Month ago
No good at the Muller probe. Terrible trying to destroy a Supreme Court judge. lousy trying to run for the DP. Will be terrible at the Senate phony impeachment
Safety First
Safety First Month ago
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