ASPHALT 9 | Opening 100 Porsche 918 Spyder packs & Test Drive

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songs: T-Mass - Ignoring My Heart
Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat. Jex)
Clarx - Zig Zag
device: iphone 6


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Oct 26, 2018




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Comments 80
Owen Nguyen
Owen Nguyen 3 days ago
Bruh you spend like 15 million coins and you upgrade other cars
Kasım AKSOY 8 days ago
Very nice video , i sub your channel wating for you too ✌️
Julie Fölz
Julie Fölz 13 days ago
James Sandford
James Sandford 25 days ago
u hack
AJ Gaming#
AJ Gaming# 29 days ago
I like the song
Sachu Eveisa
Sachu Eveisa Month ago
How the hell does he have so much token and credit? lmao
check this out ruvid.net/video/video-40h6FElAW1A.html
prathamesh sutar
Is this game is hack
thanos titan
thanos titan Month ago
Hey mam i really need help, i have 6000A and confused on which car par i should spent on . Akylone pack is out and also akylone ha s a career race too so i should spent money on it or not?. Please advice a list of cars whicj are worth to spend 6k on ? Some of the cars i was thinking are 1)porshce 918 spyder 2)aventador sv / hurcan ? 3) la ferrari 4) ferrari f12tdf 5) mclaren p1 Also please tell that i should spent my 6kA on for new car or for an already star up car as my best cars in particular category are S) centerio 4 star A)mclaren p1 2 star B) ferrari f12tdf 2 star So i should buy pack of these cars and upgrade them or spent money on new car
Jack Captain
Jack Captain 2 months ago
Northy:Opening 100 packs Me:R.I.P money
Samitha Sooriyaarachchi
It is not hack one
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 2 months ago
This is the reason I don't play. a9 they take the option to buy the car you want away from you, and replace it with an rng system because the devs are greedy
Eliya Zolfagharkhani
What the Ffffffffff
Abel Morales
Abel Morales 2 months ago
Kia Soul GT A los La Habana mayoría de sus sueños de la los últimos dos siglos meses
Alanplayz Yt
Alanplayz Yt 2 months ago
Do you play this on Nintendo switch? Well I do
AuronCalvo Álvarez Genes
rank up, rank up, rank up, rank up and... RANK UP!!
Northy 3 months ago
AuronCalvo Álvarez Genes k
Die Chaoscrew
Die Chaoscrew 3 months ago
Here's a tutorial how to waste 14million credits
B O Y O KIRB 5 months ago
I wonder how much he spent on this game. And guys I mean how much time he spent on this game
IVHOEL 7 5 months ago
In 2020?
Loxures 5 months ago
Me: this could be a interesting video Northy: *Opening 100 Porsche 918 spyder*
Debbie Olson
Debbie Olson 7 months ago
tbh, I thought it was gonna be WAY more than just 6mil credits to upgrade to max obviously u gotta grind and shit, but still, not as much of a scam as A8
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 2 months ago
Scam? If anything this is more of a scam than a8 because of it's rng system
Thakur 786
Thakur 786 8 months ago
Phạm Huy Khôi
Phạm Huy Khôi 9 months ago
So lucky
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 9 months ago
3:09 le falto 10 para subir estrellas y x solo 2 subio
Tomy T
Tomy T 9 months ago
Jy cant you help me getting some credits?? In game DirtyTrigger23 my acc name im also joiningclans.. im 24 almost dead 😘😘
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur 10 months ago
Wwe veer
elly zar
elly zar 10 months ago
Pay to win
La Punada el tipo Yoel
Omay fuckeycan
Tiago Gamerpt1
Tiago Gamerpt1 10 months ago
Rommel Nobello
Rommel Nobello 11 months ago
Tiago Gamerpt1
Tiago Gamerpt1 11 months ago
RODRIGO ST 11 months ago
please!!!! post JUST THE RACE!!! not that shit of cards!!!
ArabiK 1643
ArabiK 1643 11 months ago
Dude,How many Token you spend with Pack?, Can some one Count them?
FixPlay Year ago
Это взлом?
Нет, на а9 нет взлома
khairul anwar berg
Rip Northy KENAN Kocak Crying Fm A8 Love Northy
khairul anwar berg
Kenan Kocak What Are You Doing Northy Love Kenan Kocak And Fm A8
khairul anwar berg
Oops Northyq
khairul anwar berg
Dri 34v 😭🏆🏪
khairul anwar berg
Enter First
khairul anwar berg
Only Hotel First Northy Winner 1 United
khairul anwar berg
A Can Belevier Bro Where Is Northy
Onlylove 2412
Onlylove 2412 Year ago
Mahmud Rabbi
Mahmud Rabbi Year ago
You are a monster of A9 Hail Northy
Terxzy Year ago
1:05 You Are Lucky
Endyrian Firdaus
Endyrian Firdaus 29 days ago
Mustafa Hussein
Doesn’t the legends pack give 10 blueprints for p1 ?
Northy Year ago
Mustafa Hussein depends on the season
arbab butt
arbab butt Year ago
my add me your club my player id 680638
100k Subscribers WithoutAVideo
Ignoring My Heart By T-Mass for anyone asking about the music lol
Riley_JDM Year ago
Im too scared to go for these packs, i have enough for 110 packs but with my luck, imma just hold on to my tokens and forget the Regera this time
نجمه ليل
ولله شتركت بقناتك هلق هل دقيقه حباب شلون منجمع مجوهرات
Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez Year ago
You were 75 and it changed to 79
muhib ullah
muhib ullah Year ago
How can I get these all cars ro
Arkadaşlar herkesi kanalıma bekliyorum davet ediyorum abone olursanız çok sevinirim şimdiden teşekkürler...
inTellGaming Year ago
is this car rare?
Northy Year ago
inTellGaming same as other cars that you can get almoust only from special packs
Monish Shah
Monish Shah Year ago
From where did you get that hack?
Monish Shah
Monish Shah Year ago
@Northy thats great....would like to help me out please?
Northy Year ago
Monish Shah yes i earned that by playing events and MP
Monish Shah
Monish Shah Year ago
@Northy btw..i play this game too and i am stuck...would you like to give advice to me pls?
Monish Shah
Monish Shah Year ago
@Northy did you earn that by racing?
Northy Year ago
Monish Shah no 7 mil credits isn,t a lot for me
Che Tra
Che Tra Year ago
Look like this game are made for the rich only, if you play fairly, you'd never win I just left this game afew weeks ago
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 2 months ago
@Arnab Dutta it's a fucking mobile game. You might as well just get an Xbox or Playstation or PC
Jack Colson
Jack Colson 2 months ago
@Matt Gartre you know a8 just lets you straight up buy any car you want in no particular order if you have enough credits. That's the part of a car racing game I feel should never be changed
Starz 4 months ago
Thats not true. Most you tubers go for being good in s class but you can do d
Saniel Chavan
Saniel Chavan 10 months ago
200% right
Matt Gartre
Matt Gartre Year ago
@ricky ticky I'm living proof that you don't need to spend money on Asphalt 9 to do well.
적게신앙 Year ago
Can you give a tricks to how to fuck credits and tokens I have plenty of tokens now about 500 up help me to improve it newbiee here
Northy Year ago
Do every event involving tokens as a reward and do daily tasks
SuperSonic RK
SuperSonic RK Year ago
hh so lucky
I wonder how much he spent on this game...
적게신앙 Year ago
Northy Year ago
MTavish 41
MTavish 41 Year ago
I'm happy with my Aventador 😁 Saving all the tokens for the Regera now.
WANULA FRANCIS 3 months ago
yeah bro impressive l lost my game
Pooja Gujral
Pooja Gujral Year ago
At least after all the upgrades, he has the same amount of tokens n money left as I have rn lol
Northy Year ago
Pooja Gujral this is so sad!
Alexander Mendez
I need cheat credist and tokens IOS 10.3.3 ipad Air . Help me please.
Apex 72
Apex 72 5 months ago
@ricky ticky need to get better then. I literally hit platinum with my pinin with ease(most of mp lets you use the pinin h2)
ricky ticky
ricky ticky Year ago
@Try Not To Laugh the game is filled with hackers an cheaters, play fairly u will never win..I play fairly an can never finish in top 1% an never pass gold status in Mp, pssssh.
عائشة Year ago
djnasp9 roadrunner
insanely skill
nisar ahmad
nisar ahmad Year ago
you hacker
riot Year ago
nisar ahmad he doesn’t, just been been playing a long time. For 9 months
Brother how much do you really spend on this game ??
WANULA FRANCIS 3 months ago
what do you mean
Michele Peraro
@GÖD • FÄTHËR i have 2000 tokens and my name is 9 😎 👊 I'm not kidding,look at my account in Asphalt 9,i'm 🇮🇹italian🇮🇹
BradXP_ 1209
BradXP_ 1209 Year ago
Cool beans
BradXP_ 1209 I don’t understand
BradXP_ 1209
BradXP_ 1209 Year ago
Rumman Ahmed was the season to be the first app to show you the app I think
Muddassir Iqbal
i dont think without hack it is possible to do like this....cheaters
andonis tony
andonis tony 2 months ago
It's possible
riot Year ago
Muddassir Iqbal he’s been playing the game since soft launch, so like 9 months.
djnasp9 roadrunner
but when ure using iphone the game so smooth and stable thats maybe he can enjoy in comfort to play this game, how about if u using medium spec android.. maybe it could never be happened
djnasp9 roadrunner
its so out of my mind either
Soggy Brick
Soggy Brick Year ago
Muddassir Iqbal its possible you just suck
Tesfana Yosief
I need only 99.999
Tyran Gaming
Tyran Gaming Year ago
How do you get much credit like that ?
ricky ticky
ricky ticky Year ago
@My name is Connor it will never work, because to upgrade a class S car is over 450k, besides u need lover end cars to get u there first, u will never have enough credits to upgrade so u will get stuck u can never win, an without token u can never mass enough BPs so that's y so many cheats in this game
Thu Ta Oo
Thu Ta Oo Year ago
basically a 2 star lotus evora 410(max upgrade and fusion) can get 50k, an apollo n(if you can) or a 2 star vulcan(max everything) can get abt 75k if you are a good driver. stack these up and just keep on playing. you'll get better. currently sitting on 2.7 million credits after 1 month.
Kamishiro Zion
My name is Connor
@Tyran Gaming an icona 4 starred is going to be able to get you the full 300K for the expert race so long as you have it at a high enough rank, the fact you have it 4 starred probably means you do so just try out the expert race and try to get the 300K Also it should be mentioned that you can only use S class cars in the 300K expert race, then B and A class for the 100K advanced race and D and C class for the 50K amateur race.
Tyran Gaming I think that will work
Syliev 97
Syliev 97 Year ago
Ren 任
Ren 任 Year ago
I only need 10 918 BP. 😑
Christian Mds
Christian Mds Year ago
Woooow 🤩🥳
Adi_WOT Przybysz
you cheat not real its hack
Isra Lara
Isra Lara Year ago
Like a good king
GZML- Haktan
GZML- Haktan Year ago
Joseph Oduor
Joseph Oduor Year ago
How does he have 16 regera blueprints?
riot Year ago
Joseph Oduor from soft launch
Mostafa Ahmed
Mostafa Ahmed Year ago
Great luck
I changed my name
Brandon Yahir Casteñeda Godinez
hmmmm, i say the scg is more faster than that car
Drago Sretic
Drago Sretic Year ago
Nice, my 918 is only 1 star
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