ASPHALT 9 Legend Android iOS Walkthrough - Part 75 - Ch5 Hybrid Ace

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iOS itunes.apple.com/app/asphalt-9-legends/id805603214?mt=8
Android play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftA9HM
Asphalt 9: Legends
2018's New Arcade Racing Game
ASPHALT 9 Legend Android iOS Walkthrough Part 75
Chapter 5: Hybrid Ace
Playlist ruvid.net/group/PLPrREYqN5WqaTo9VWpBqR_ZD9qSytVf3V
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Comments 76
Mohammed Nihal
I cant back up the apk It shows appk error
Lio Vosnesenzky
Lio Vosnesenzky 4 days ago
I have a question, since your game quickly loads, is it offline or still online? Because i have this game a few months ago, and when the first time i realized that this game needs a *FUCKING STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION WHICH WASTES MY LOAD.*
gocalibergaming 4 days ago
Trường Game
Trường Game 14 days ago
qúa tuyệt
superMro dragon
superMro dragon Month ago
Aj instaled dis gejm aj plejing dis gamme
Snickers Two
Snickers Two 11 days ago
@superMro dragon Ljubim te
superMro dragon
superMro dragon 11 days ago
Snickers Two
Snickers Two 11 days ago
Dobar ti engleski
uranumbnuts Month ago
Club tag #95af73 on Android Looking for active players All player levels are welcome
Brayan Sanchez
Brayan Sanchez 2 months ago
Man you are good i cant play like that
keo bopha
keo bopha 2 months ago
King The car
Matei Pascu
Matei Pascu 2 months ago
Idk how do u play on phone this flying car game hoooow??!
Swadhin Pradhan
Swadhin Pradhan 2 months ago
I can't play asphalt 9 on 2gb ram Too lagged
Federico Mazzone
I have 2 GB Ram too but it's quite smooth, now I don't have it anymore cuz of space
Fire Peashooter
Fire Peashooter 3 months ago
Vamsi tech movies
Vamsi tech movies 3 months ago
Bro this game online or offline please reply video is excellent 👌 upload more videos we support you bro I appreciate you
Vamsi tech movies
Vamsi tech movies 3 months ago
@gocalibergaming tanks for reply bro
gocalibergaming 3 months ago
otjghisd sgryfy54fh
otjghisd sgryfy54fh 3 months ago
ohhh my god
SOMJYOTI DAS 3 months ago
What is your mobile phone set?
SoullesS 3 months ago
I have maxxed out Lamborghini asterion and I can't win the first race!!?? I tried over 50 times, this must be a glitch 🤔
SoullesS 3 months ago
@AUTO Gamer gfy, i have 49 cars, i upgraded to max the Lamborghini ages ago, the track is 30seconds long and it doesn't matter if i spin or drift.. thid freezez my carrer progress
AUTO Gamer
AUTO Gamer 3 months ago
Lyusien Vladimirov or ur a noob
Alessandro Apostoli
Alessandro Apostoli 3 months ago
Look me and learn guys
PUBG GÜCÜ 4 months ago
VE July KH
VE July KH 4 months ago
Wow your Super
Babita Manchanda
Babita Manchanda 5 months ago
gocalibergaming I'm Your Biggest fan please play superman of steel PC 4K
Vijay Kumar N
Vijay Kumar N 5 months ago
Hi you legend of Asphalt you are very awesome you complete the race very fast and good drifter
GIORGI Bochorishvili
Hey gocalibergaming pls play with buggati chiron vs labmorghini pls I subscribe your channel, pls ok?
Yan Fernando Costa Rodrigues
A minha asterion ta na segunda estrela
Eddy Alvaross
Eddy Alvaross 6 months ago
And lo, Gameloft is back again with its love of fake speed simulation... The ONLY THING that makes me angry about this game, especially because they replicated the error in their later titles...
Rosendo Aguilar
Rosendo Aguilar 6 months ago
Good Ferrari FXXK
Ngọc Ngọc
Ngọc Ngọc 6 months ago
Xuất bản 12 thg 1, 2019
You see what i did there
360 to get both nitros? Didnt realize that at all!
Hassan Shahzad
Hassan Shahzad 7 months ago
I only play on touchdrive mode without it cant play..
Carlos. 7 months ago
Asphalt 9 is more better R.I.P Asphalt 8😢
Aparecida Elaine
Aparecida Elaine 8 months ago
Você que joga Asphalt 9 você é legal 😎
Gabriel Pimenta
Gabriel Pimenta 6 months ago
Eu também acho
Murder BlitZ
Murder BlitZ 8 months ago
9:35 that stupid ramp
A.K GAMING 9 months ago
That was cool yo
ayoub loucif
ayoub loucif 9 months ago
Good 👌👍👌👍
Meheran Hossoin Manvir
Apshalt 9 Legendas
Gabriel Pimenta
Gabriel Pimenta 6 months ago
Omq shadow
Omq shadow 9 months ago
Do u use tap or tilt?
Omq shadow
Omq shadow 9 months ago
@gocalibergaming same useing tilt is so awsome
gocalibergaming 9 months ago
Rommel Nobello
Rommel Nobello 10 months ago
Good! You know how to do shockwave!
Simulator Car
Simulator Car 10 months ago
Help me, my friend!
Sai Karthik
Sai Karthik 10 months ago
Bro I too used to play with only tap on steer. Tab hi maja ayegaa
Maricela Carrillo
Maricela Carrillo 10 months ago
Copia barata de aspal 8 puto
nguyen yen
nguyen yen 10 months ago
Asphalt 9 2018
Nawaf Sofyan
Nawaf Sofyan 10 months ago
Noob bro
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar 11 months ago
how do you unlock lamborghini
Ahmett Ebrahim
Ahmett Ebrahim 11 months ago
Daily event and career and club and mp
R.P.U Offical
R.P.U Offical 11 months ago
Device not support :v
Exenous Year ago
The dislike are from Forza fan Nfs fan Grid autosport fan Gear club fan Real racing 3 fan
Adriana Cristina
Adriana Cristina 3 months ago
@Eddy Alvaross and car sounds too
teng h
teng h 5 months ago
@Eddy Alvaross why so serious~~~it just for spare time
Eddy Alvaross
Eddy Alvaross 6 months ago
@Asif Ariyan A9 is trash because of only one thing : THE FUCKING FAKE PHYSICAL VELOCITY/SPEED ! And GAMELOFT DOESN'T CARE, and you guys behave like you're TOO BLIND to notice that and give feedback to the devs about it... Let me stay a fan of NFS or Forza or The Crew or GT Sport or whichever AAA racing game that did way better than Gameloft for the simulation of speed in a next-gen racing video game. Asphalt 9's speed simulation SUCKS ! Lol...
Asif Ariyan
Asif Ariyan 7 months ago
A9 > others mobile racing games
FBI-chan 9 months ago
@Exenous /damn
Marlon Davis
Marlon Davis Year ago
Gameloft why can't I download asphalt 9 on my Samsung j4 plus? 🤔😒😒 Not cool, I need answers.
Gamer[BETA] •
Gamer[BETA] • 4 months ago
You need 3 gb ram and better phone
True Gamer
True Gamer 9 months ago
Cuz snapdragon 425 won't be able to handle a9 the 2gb ram is not the problem its the snapdragon 425 chipset
Troll 9 months ago
Hehe I have samsung galaxy A70 and mine RUNS smooth
Gayth Jamal Sulimani
Gayth Jamal Sulimani 10 months ago
Exenous Year ago
YOO SAME MY PHONE IS J4 TOO! But i think the reason why u cant download asphalt 9 is because u have 2 gb ram, i cant download asphalt 9 too but i play asphalt 8
NoW PLAY Year ago
Ange Blanche
Ange Blanche 2 months ago
Regera . tv Krutoy
Выбирай машину камаро
Aasim Sayyed
Aasim Sayyed Year ago
Music at the very beginning what is it?!?!?!
Lio Vosnesenzky
Lio Vosnesenzky 4 days ago
Ruelle - Madness
Mamikon Tadevosyan
Apocalypse Super Graphic
Como aparece en playa store
Gabriel Pimenta
Gabriel Pimenta 6 months ago
iphone e PC so
mhiri planet
mhiri planet Year ago
79 Game TV
79 Game TV Year ago
Mili Deka
Mili Deka Year ago
You are a pro. Can you teach me
barn carolium
barn carolium 2 months ago
Nobody can't win unless he or she purchases inside the shop or hack
Geeta’s Kitchen
Geeta’s Kitchen 9 months ago
He is a noob
Ahmett Ebrahim
Ahmett Ebrahim 11 months ago
To easy
Asphalt X
Asphalt X Year ago
I admire you
Rosemary Ogiede
This is cool am going to download it
Aliu Horizon Aalu
Aliu Horizon Aalu
Spl ejoyvvuSEJY
Aliu Horizon Aalu
Aliu Horizon Aalu
Aliu Horizon Aalu
Marquito Vargas
hola como hiciste para ganar tan facil
Freefire JuTrl
Nick Nabors
Nick Nabors Year ago
You're a terrible driver.
Dookie Johnson
Dookie Johnson 7 months ago
No he goated
ggegetr 33
ggegetr 33 Year ago
Awsome video
Feraset Dadasov
Aramizin en yaxşı suren
Nur Kaz
Nur Kaz 10 months ago
What is your language
UğurRza Qurbanlılar
Tâ o👌👌👌
Gabriel Pimenta
Gabriel Pimenta 6 months ago
Muito bom mesmo 👍😄
Lakshmi Roys
Lakshmi Roys Year ago
Lakshmi Roys
Lakshmi Roys Year ago
LUCE4ever !
LUCE4ever ! Year ago
Si vede che shoppi
Mamta Chikani
Mamta Chikani 11 months ago
K.L Luis
K.L Luis Year ago
Tá o 👌👌👌👌
thoi hoa bien
thoi hoa bien Year ago
Hay vcl
Nguyên Phạm
Nguyên Phạm 11 months ago
No More Song here
I want ferrai like u
Hérika Veronica
Best asphalt 8 & 9 gocalibergaming
starlord - victor
Carverz Year ago
It’s so easy to get Lamborghini Asteroin just complete the goals
i need some ideas
@Huy Phạm Quốc you need to complete the goals
Huy Phạm Quốc
Huy Phạm Quốc 2 months ago
teach me
Ninja 9 Dio
Ninja 9 Dio 4 months ago
LynxV ya yea yeah i know
iDroid Games
iDroid Games Year ago
nice video bro👍 💛💚
Swagg Man games
Gocailibergaming how come you do not do 360s when not on a ramp?
DaEpikNoob ML
DaEpikNoob ML 9 months ago
Sometimes u can hit a wall and lose all ur speed ending up in reverse
donnyquick180 Year ago
donnyquick180 Year ago
So that he can accelerate fast per
ChicKen TH.
ChicKen TH. Year ago
amazing i likeyou
Black Batman
Black Batman Year ago
jaba salmon
jaba salmon Year ago
reinar_craft Year ago
primeiro salve
jhou007 Month ago
@starlord - victor e verdade
Gabriel Pimenta
Gabriel Pimenta 6 months ago
Oba br 👦👦👦👦👮👮👮
Hérika Veronica
Eu jogo asphalt 9 no Windows 10 blz entra na minha equipe BR e monstro meu nome e Eduardo math
Hérika Veronica
Tô no celular da minha mãe
Hérika Veronica
Oi seu br
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