ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat You

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Oh man, you hit your head pretty hard! But you're totally fine. I don't notice anything weird...do you???
This is a video I've wanted to make for a long time haha! It's one of those ... unexplainable triggers. Seeing someone do something with an object that's...clearly not what they're saying it's being used for... but the person using it is so intent that it *is*, you have no choice but to go with the flow! (Read: When sci-fi ASMR vids use flashlights as a "memory eraser", etc.) But I went an extra weird step with it LOL. Is it effective?? Let me know!!!!
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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 9 374
Kill Me
Kill Me Hour ago
One big as phone 😂
R Noor
R Noor Hour ago
Why is that keyboard telephone conversation so soothing
Stacey Holdstock
Stacey Holdstock 4 hours ago
She got a computer in her backpack
xWepper 4 hours ago
phone is a keyboard new technology KEYBOARD PHONE noice
jaimee clarke
jaimee clarke 5 hours ago
Turns out gibi is the one with a brain injury and she is talking to herself.... Nothing is real, the world is flat,the queen is a canible , we are a huge game of Sims. Holograms are everywhere.
Pollen the Ribombee
Gibi: Here's an ice pack for you. Me: Um, that's wood mate
It Killua
It Killua 8 hours ago
with the black background makes gibi look like she bald
taut ki
taut ki 8 hours ago
Why are your teeth like stick ling little bit out
Carlo Emflorgo
Carlo Emflorgo 15 hours ago
and then we died by blood loss
Jenna S
Jenna S 18 hours ago
When you wanna treat yourself by watching asmr but u don’t wanna spoil yourself too much so u watch this😂
gracie shae
gracie shae 18 hours ago
this feels like a fever dream
Ann Bullock
Ann Bullock 19 hours ago
Me: 👀 👅 Her: *pulls out keyboard* Me: 👀 👄
S.C.C.M Lamarre
S.C.C.M Lamarre 19 hours ago
Gibi: "soooooo there was a kit and it was soooooo many good things in side" pulls out blocks Me:"hmmm so this is what a ice pack looks like"
S.C.C.M Lamarre
S.C.C.M Lamarre 19 hours ago
Me watching asmr's "wait......" Gets up and goes to her pc laptop picks it up and puts it's to her head Me puts in number Me "why no work" My mom "it's because it's a video" Me "ok" Skips back to her room
Andrea French
Andrea French 20 hours ago
OMG you are so pretty howwwwwww
Carrie Tyler
Carrie Tyler 20 hours ago
Me: totally going along with it and enjoying the strange props Gibi: puts “stethoscope” above my head and asks me to breathe in THAT was when it got weird to me
Rayann Hunt
Rayann Hunt 20 hours ago
Gibi: I’m sure there’s a blanket around here somewhere *holds up marker*
Andrew Deering
Andrew Deering 22 hours ago
plot twist maybe she is still dumb but not as dumb as we thought she as and the school is just using random items because they are poor and she brought her fake kit and when she got your bag you were hallucinating
13:31 Nobdy: Not even single soul: Me: *tWo SHoTs oF VoDKa*
LunaMoonWolf with no profile picture
“Brain injuries usually aren’t that serious.” - Gibi 2019
Annabella Eaton
Gibi: Yeah brain injuries aren't usually serious Me (someone who watches too much grey's anatomy): It could turn into an aneurysm, scar tissue, concussion, memory loss, dementia, and brain death.
ŠṪÓŘM Day ago
Me: I can't breathe, I think my lung collapsed Gibi: Here, have some hot Cheetos
Nauty Day ago
She has your diamonds for sure
Nauty Day ago
That’s cause my addiction to acholl I’m siri
Nauty Day ago
Dude to all those homies that didn’t pay for subscriptions there’s messages back like pictures if you wanna send ummm
Nauty Day ago
Her killa I’lla voice violet ha ha ha ha ha
Nauty Day ago
2020 vision it’s like
Nauty Day ago
Babe love you kendoll got blood rainboy prints
Nauty Day ago
Fuck I’m only in one world fuktooo
Nauty Day ago
Crystal light makes me hard and rock and juice like she can taste her own blood love her mandy
Nauty Day ago
Chin ease smile fooo
Nauty Day ago
And her tongue makes me evil or her
Nauty Day ago
Her rainbow color flowers make my monster dragon lookin black shadow color thing cum while there’s blood all over it over and over again this meditation is amazing blood lights
Nauty Day ago
I love rainbow colors
Nauty Day ago
She tasted it
Nauty Day ago
There’s blood and cool are on it
Family Shimmin
Me: *cracked my skull* School nurse: *Have some water*
Pulga boy
Pulga boy Day ago
No stop
O.atmeal Day ago
you guys would be surprised how little cracking your head open hurts. Adrenaline is one hell of a drug i’ll say that. And when they say you’ll fall out of a tree and crack your head open THEY ARENT LYING
Halie Notter
Halie Notter Day ago
so relaxing! thank you!
JustGachaTuber :P
Me with half a brain talking: Gibi: Do you know my name? *Yesh Gerb Gerbi*
Sydney Peguese
Her: going to bring the light closer Me:your blinding me
kKitty1374 Day ago
Enjoy your wedding
Erin Peters
Erin Peters Day ago
Gibi: checks heart rate in vsco The heartbeat: sksksksksk
Erin Peters
Erin Peters Day ago
Theory: The whole time she was using the right tools but u had major brain issues so u were seeing really weird objects.
Alana Campbell
This is how many times she said ok with the stethoscope I I I I I \/
Alana Campbell
12:11 "I'm not sure what I heard" Me:probably because it's a selfie stick
Alana Campbell
This is my fav video I've watched it for the fourth or fifth time 😂😂😂
Alien Day ago
Can you do a typing video with that keyboard! It sounds so nice! 😍👽
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts Day ago
My one question- how did she hear a call on her keyboard
Gwen Starr
Gwen Starr Day ago
I got a in a wreck earlier today and I stg I thought of this video when he car flipped like ‘I better get a competent nurse’ lmao
Julia Phillips
gibi: your brain is very important you need to keep it safe me: the more you know
Diana S
Diana S Day ago
she looks like my teacher._.
Rae is Bae
Rae is Bae 2 days ago
Guys that wasn’t a keyboard that was the iPhone 20
luise wullich
luise wullich 2 days ago
Are you sure you didnt hit your head
luise wullich
luise wullich 2 days ago
Oh heres your blanky (holds up a toilet brush cleaner that is diryy)with this youll be nise and warm
Dj Timelords
Dj Timelords 2 days ago
Gibi: there is and oopsie Me: no, its not ive beEN STABED
luise wullich
luise wullich 2 days ago
Gibi:brain ingerys usually arent serios Me:🤕🤒🤪😵🥴
Coma Baby
Coma Baby 2 days ago
I like to think the person hit their head so bad that this is what they see
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 2 days ago
This reminds of the school nurses most schools have that have no experience and just pretend like they know wtf they are doing
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