ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat You

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Oh man, you hit your head pretty hard! But you're totally fine. I don't notice anything weird...do you???
This is a video I've wanted to make for a long time haha! It's one of those ... unexplainable triggers. Seeing someone do something with an object that's...clearly not what they're saying it's being used for... but the person using it is so intent that it *is*, you have no choice but to go with the flow! (Read: When sci-fi ASMR vids use flashlights as a "memory eraser", etc.) But I went an extra weird step with it LOL. Is it effective?? Let me know!!!!
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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 80
De Donka
De Donka 2 hours ago
Yeah honey is a scam dont download it
Carter Sutera
Carter Sutera 3 hours ago
She’s brainwashing everyone into using honey 😂
practical Pupa
practical Pupa 4 hours ago
What if she is actually using the correct objects and our minor not serious brain injury is just making it look wrong
Adrian Adri
Adrian Adri 4 hours ago
Uhh you should look at this 15:45
Rosa Carrillo
Rosa Carrillo 6 hours ago
My mom: why is she using wood blocks as ice packs for injury me: she trying to be an EMT mom maybe those wood blocks are cold
Angel L
Angel L 6 hours ago
Did she just set brain injuries aren’t that serious did she just say that seriously
Josh Hill
Josh Hill 8 hours ago
Josh Hill
Josh Hill 8 hours ago
nah dont us honey she gets money
Aquazz 9 hours ago
Gibi: Brain injuries aren’t usually serious Me: What medical school did you go to.....
CinnamonToastGamer 10 hours ago
Wdym. Wrong? You telling me your phone isnt the razer x25 with mechanical cherry switches?
Milly May
Milly May 12 hours ago
*i love you*
Ana Ortega
Ana Ortega 15 hours ago
Keira Wong
Keira Wong 17 hours ago
uuniversess 17 hours ago
the beginning reminds me of your nurse roleplay way back when :)) I used to love that vid I remember when you uploaded it!! still such a huge fan!
XxBubblegumxX 22 hours ago
Ad: Honey Gibi: Honey Me: ;-;
Randsome Craft Kidd
Asks for blanket Me:she cant go wrong Gibi:pulls out a pen Me:.....you proved me wrong. Still i love you gibi ❤
Woven 76
Woven 76 Day ago
Imagine your dad walking in on you while holding up a keyboard up to your ear and talking into it like it's a phone
Nicholas Challenger
Do you have a headache? Yes but not from the accident
aloni g
aloni g Day ago
No gonna talk about her using pepper shaker lol 😂
Nicholas Challenger
This is basically misery
Gibi holding a avocado: Now let me test your reflexes
That random stick ainimator
Me: Brain is leaking out of my head Gibi: "Oh you're fine."
Yikez Vanilla
Gibi : Brain injures aren’t usually serious Me : Sounds like I’m fine then
Randsome Craft Kidd
Also gibi:you want to keep your brain safe Me:.. ok?
*Crystal Nora*
Using wrong props to treat u: ight lets get triggered cuz I do way to easily * literally three seconds later * oh man this is noice and satisfying
Tiffany Deavers
“I’m sure everything is fine. Brain injuries aren’t usually serious” Derek Shepherd: hold my non existent head c.t
Annabelle Gladhill
I watch this every night
Penny: Middle Sister
pastel wolfie
for those impatient people's here it when the asmr starts 2:02 ur welcome 💜💜💜😘🇨🇮🇰🇷
pastel wolfie
@Randsome Craft Kidd ur verry welcome 😊💜
Randsome Craft Kidd
Thanks! 😊
Cloe Garcia
Cloe Garcia Day ago
U know what I hate about asmr videos?? They always come to an end :(
Randsome Craft Kidd
Me to😭
Wispa Doodles
Is it just me or did this actually make my brain hurt
Elena DiGeso
Elena DiGeso Day ago
Grupo Villa LLC
3:32 thats the future
jinn montgomery
Me going to her hospital as her patient: me: wait w-what are u doing with salt? W-WAIT Gibi: oh this is an asmr vid im doing just hold still- me: AHH ITS BURNSSS manager walks in and says: oh nice job gibi! me: wait i went to asmr hospital me: well hope u get subs and likes dr.gibi
Penelope Oliver
Toddlers playing doctors be like
Cindy Boos
Cindy Boos Day ago
This is so stupidly funny and relaxing
Emily Munn
Emily Munn Day ago
Gibi: pulls out hand sanitizer (a notebook) Me: “so this is what it’s come down to these days!?”
Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang Day ago
She's acting like the girls I see in adult films :-|
Sam Rajput
Sam Rajput Day ago
maria prodromou
maria prodromou
Dora Terrier
Dora Terrier 2 days ago
i dont understand how you can keep straight face
Heyymann 2 days ago
Gino says head injuries are not that serious Sooo falling of a 2 story balcony wasn’t traumatizing enough
Heyymann 2 days ago
I can’t edit my comment but I meant to say gibi
Nater K
Nater K 2 days ago
"Do you want me to call you a friend?" "Yes." "Okay, you're a friend." How to friend-zone someone in the modern age.
Arianna Peeples
Arianna Peeples 2 days ago
School nurses really be like- Student- *brakes arm* Nurse- “Oh lEt mE givE you An icE pAck and you will bE pErfEctly finE”
Leah Remington
Leah Remington 2 days ago
So maybe what she ment by this video I'd that because you hit your head you are seeing things wrong so she is holding the right things but we see differently because we have a brain injury
ZombiSpider TheOnlyOne
Gibi-do you want me to call an uber Me-get an emt woman not a keyboard
Rebeca Martínez
Rebeca Martínez 2 days ago
What if she’s using the right props but since you hit your head you just see them wrong
Love Loo
Love Loo 2 days ago
12:54 yassss
Nabi Tab
Nabi Tab 2 days ago
Im lost •~•
{ p a m e l a }
{ p a m e l a } 2 days ago
I just figured out that we’re so badly injured that we seeing the wrong things-
ItsHarley PLAYZʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
This is actually very calming and satisfying
Irina Mihaela
Irina Mihaela 2 days ago
She tries so hard not to laugh
Abigail Sullivan
Abigail Sullivan 2 days ago
*Gibi on the phone*: yeah brain injuries aren’t that serious *Gibi 2 minutes later*: your brain is very important and you have to take care of it
bfb fan127
bfb fan127 2 days ago
I still get tingles even tho these are wrong things to treat me
Peppeppep p Eoidiffk
I haven't felt tingles for a long time.this made me feel tingly.Thanks!!!
• g l i t c h e d •
I hated this channel at first and now the only ASMR I watch is this channel (btw you and ChynaUnique should do a collaboration ;) )
Devil Cat
Devil Cat 3 days ago
Gibi: Brain injuries usually aren’t serious. Me: *Literally watching her talk on a keyboard*
yun bae
yun bae 3 days ago
Gibi you are sooo pretty when you said the sponsors
-ERROR 101-
-ERROR 101- 3 days ago
My friend: typing on their computer. Me: slowly leans head closer to keyboard. My friend: what are you do- Me: -Shhh. Just shut up and keep typing.
Riley Dennis
Riley Dennis 3 days ago
*whatches greys anatomy once*
Randy Jerez
Randy Jerez 3 days ago
Plot twist: Y2K happened and this is an alternative universe
Randy Jerez
Randy Jerez Day ago
MJ RAIN it’s where every one made a theory that the world was gonna end on new years of 1999. So as soon as the clock hit 12, the world was gonna end. You are probably too young
MJ RAIN 3 days ago
Randy Jerez what is that?
Ryanoceros 3 days ago
Cold is actually used to reduce swelling, and it can be used to numb pain a bit, but heat is meant to relax muscles around an injury, and potentially make it hurt less.
haeshoelace 3 days ago
the "ibuprofen" killed me LMAOO
cute cartoons!
cute cartoons! 3 days ago
Her just looking at my face and saying you're fine!
CaroLovesJimin 3 days ago
who strokes their phone while on a call like HuH
Vortex887 3 days ago
Pov: you hit your head and the brain trauma makes you think everything Used to treat you is a different object
Vortex887 2 days ago
MJ RAIN yeah i was tired when i wrote that lol so it might not make sense 😂
MJ RAIN 3 days ago
Vortex887 you mean a concussion? Cause your brain sees and acts out of place relative to what you want to do and what’s actually there
Riley Henderson
Riley Henderson 3 days ago
Gibi I have a headache and you can make me go to sleep so can you help me with my headache
Riley Henderson
Riley Henderson 3 days ago
You can make me go to sleep
Riley Henderson
Riley Henderson 3 days ago
Gibi you can make me go to sleep
ChesterYT 3 days ago
"You have a little oopsiewhoopsie up here." Me: That's called my face.
Thalia Pagulayan
Thalia Pagulayan 3 days ago
It was relaxing and funny at the same time lol!❤️❤️❤️
scot geybek
scot geybek 4 days ago
Me: *already has volume up because ASMR* Me Also: *turns volume up even more because I started eating chips*
Nom Rugged
Nom Rugged 4 days ago
She only that’s a keyboard for a computer. right
GoldenGamer346 4 days ago
I’m getting school nurse vibes...
Benjamin Bean
Benjamin Bean 4 days ago
Theory says: you did have brain damage couldn’t see anything strait and all of these props were actually what they seem
Gabi d
Gabi d 4 days ago
The real question is did I get a Loli/sucker after this
Misty Cosplays
Misty Cosplays 4 days ago
“They’re here with a little bitch”😂🤣
tr0piclstrxberry 4 days ago
TTV Doomsayer34
TTV Doomsayer34 4 days ago
2:08 thank me later
SweetKittenGacha 4 days ago
*Using the Wrong Props to Treat you* Gibi: "Let me get you a blanket..." Me: "I wonder what prop she's going to use for a blanket?" Gibi: *pulls out a marker* Me: *not tired anymore, dying of laughter* Gibi: "It's a very warm blanket.." Me: "PFffFffFt- whAtEvEr 'Ya sAy-" *continues to die of laughter.* (Idk if it's a marker or not- it looks like a marker- don't yell at me if it's not- just simply correct meh qwq)
Jesse Stout
Jesse Stout 4 days ago
Gibi is soooo funny
Lakenna Chitman-Booker
My mom why are you Watching this spank You
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