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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.
Tonight’s video is a super relaxing, yet detailed, POV pampering facial! Sit back and relax while I prep your beautiful skin with a makeup wipe, followed by a pre cleanse using the Luna Mini 2 (which you can find by clicking my link above!), and then applying your mask, I also apply a small acne treatment as well. Once the mask sits, I will wipe it off with a warm towel, followed by once again using the Luna Mini 2. I finish with some truffle toner, and you’re all set to sleep! With that being said family.. please! Sit back, relax, and let me pamper your beautiful self. Know I LOVE you, with all of my person, and I will see you tomorrow.
PS - I close on our home tomorrow, so there will only be four videos this week! What a surreal few days for me, I apologize I’ve been gone. I feel so down when my favorite ASMRtists leave. Just know I will be back on schedule in a good week. I love you so much, I will never leave. Just don’t leave me ♥️
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 979
Karuna Satori ASMR
Karuna Satori ASMR 27 days ago
If you haven’t read the description.. we close on our first home tomorrow morning! I’ve been anxiety ridden packing and moving. *Please don’t forget about me family! I will see you this week probably Sunday, but have some videos in the mean time - I just won’t be very active! Know I love u so much and will see you so soon!!!!!!*
llw53one 20 days ago
Karuna Satori ASMR Congratulations! So very happy for you!
Sharon Moss
Sharon Moss 25 days ago
We would never forget about you by the way I'm praying for you and your family 🙏♥️❤️
Aubrey Mixon
Aubrey Mixon 25 days ago
So so so sooo happy for you, we don’t forget about you, don’t worry! I just recently moved I know how stressful it is!
DesiGlamLife 25 days ago
i found the avocados I love your name!
DesiGlamLife 25 days ago
Karuna Satori ASMR so proud of u and happy for you! It’ll be stressful but once you get everything in it’s going to be amazing! Positive energy and love your way
Vickie Villaron
Vickie Villaron 3 hours ago
I threw up during this
red art act
red art act Day ago
im supposed to be PACKING but this is better
Caramel Diorr
Caramel Diorr 2 days ago
U make me sleepy
Animator Wolf
Animator Wolf 2 days ago
When u said i had a spot on above my right eyebrow i checked and i actually did O-O
Xevo Zero
Xevo Zero 2 days ago
karuna, i love u alot. sometimes i cant get tingles and cant get some sleeps. but your visual triggers help me alot ❤
Véronique Maltais
I really love all of your videos i love your voice its very relaxing
Kerri Houck
Kerri Houck 3 days ago
Karuna: welcome, welcome, welcome... My brain : 🎶 to the big blue house 🎶
Nathan Polancyak
Nathan Polancyak 5 days ago
Yooo, anyone else notice how freaking smooth our mother was when reading the descriptions of the products she’s using by couriering up our face with the products? Jeez that’s some high level role play right there
Depressed_ Circles
I need someone to make a real salon that just does asmr facials cause that would slap
NORA JUDD 5 days ago
holy crud that pulsing thingy gave me so many tickles lol
JJT 07
JJT 07 5 days ago
You make me feel so safe and comfortable!! And I’m really thankful I can watch your videos after the nightmare I had today. I also had to report something for the police for the first time EVER!
Millie Thomas
Millie Thomas 5 days ago
Love her 2 little hoop earrings x
Monh Monj
Monh Monj 5 days ago
When I hear you, my sleep is easy. Love it. Good video
Susie Sheep
Susie Sheep 6 days ago
Abby Holcomb
Abby Holcomb 7 days ago
Who else was constantly being interrupted by snapchat or other notifications
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw 7 days ago
Damn im always the last appointment
Katelyn Harold
Katelyn Harold 7 days ago
A pink silicon thing that vibrates.. I-
Mya Neal
Mya Neal 8 days ago
A Squad
A Squad 9 days ago
Is it weird that I actually have a pimple above my right eyebrow 😂
Nattie Danish
Nattie Danish 9 days ago
thanks for 11 hours of sleep❤️
Kati Jupp
Kati Jupp 9 days ago
oh my god 23:46 to 23:56 was the most relaxed ive ever felt in my whole entire life
Meelk OW
Meelk OW 10 days ago
What's the name of the lipstick?
harmony mae
harmony mae 10 days ago
me: does nothing karuna: good
Mary S
Mary S 11 days ago
Tingles galore!!! Thank you 🙏🏼🦋
Emily Costello
Emily Costello 12 days ago
You greatly resemble my older sister, who I don't see very often as we have quite a rocky relationship. It comforts me so much to listen to your ASMR and it makes me feel I can reconnect with her again someday.
Yosra 12 days ago
Asmr tip: if the video is to bright for you ,tap the share icon and the screen will be dimmed down:) enjoy
C8H10N4O2 13 days ago
At first I didn’t like your videos... but then idk why i wanted more and now you are my favorite asmrtist. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Amy King
Amy King 13 days ago
I enjoyed this video very much
Paz R
Paz R 13 days ago
So um what's the difference between the foreo and an "adult toy" they both do the same thing
ems !!
ems !! 13 days ago
This deserves more views! Your voice is so soothing
Heather Blain
Heather Blain 13 days ago
I just discovered you and I searched for you on Tingles. I really wish you were on there!
LW-Kellrell 13 days ago
Pause 0:02 😁
G Albright
G Albright 13 days ago
My dog seems to enjoy asmr, especially when the mini 2 was vibrating. Happy to report she is now asleep🐕💤
Lazy Starz
Lazy Starz 13 days ago
ah i love ur journals they give asmr tingles 😊 especially the one with a leaf cover
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown 14 days ago
You should sooo do a lick you finger and turn the page asmr for a whole book or something it was so tingly at the beginning
Georgi M
Georgi M 14 days ago
I can't watch this after coming from psycho auntie doing her makeup
Hannah lol;
Hannah lol; 14 days ago
I love how she pronounces “foreo”
ruby booby
ruby booby 15 days ago
oh my god the colors of those NAILS, IM IN L O V E
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes 16 days ago
I’ve been watching you throughout my whole 9 months pregnant 💕
JJT 07
JJT 07 5 days ago
Diana Reyes congrats!!
Paz R
Paz R 13 days ago
Diana Reyes me too and my son is 6 months
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes 16 days ago
Now my son is two months
Marlo Lox
Marlo Lox 16 days ago
When she did the face mask and water sounds she lost me.. tingles..so much tingles
Lexi Espinosa
Lexi Espinosa 16 days ago
Please do a hand towel related video! I love the way you wave it around after you unfold! The best noise ever!
Kaleigh Magnant
Kaleigh Magnant 17 days ago
What lipstick are you wearing? It's so pretty!!
Riley Long
Riley Long 17 days ago
“If we find any acne...” Girl you mean you can’t see it?
Jade Story
Jade Story 17 days ago
Who would win Tingle immunity Or one vibratey brushy boi
Love her glasses!
Shay 18 days ago
Hi hi! I know im late but does ordering the LUNA mini 2 give you a piece of profit? I really want to support you and this product looks great
Viper.X 18 days ago
Omg that trick with the brush and face mask were you used your other hand in the container near the mike to make the sounds at the same time as the brush strokes was amazing! Such tingles, keep rewatching that part!😂🖤
Harley Kincaid
Harley Kincaid 18 days ago
Thanks for calming me down cuz my anxiety is high
A Queen
A Queen 18 days ago
My earphones broke a few months ago and so I wasn’t able to watch any asmr and this is the first video I’ve put on after getting my new earphones 😭 love you mum
Amelia Nowak
Amelia Nowak 18 days ago
Pepa pig role play!! Please
Jeaniss Aguilar
Jeaniss Aguilar 19 days ago
Hey Karuna! As always amazing video, but where did you buy that journal?? It’s so cute!
Lucifer Morningstar
I can’t ever watch these full because I fall asleep like halfway
Brooke Amaya
Brooke Amaya 20 days ago
I’ve watched almost all of your videos and somehow just noticed how strong your glasses are 🤯🤯🤯
Vianney Rodriguez
Vianney Rodriguez 20 days ago
1. Scrunchies 2. Oversized tees 3. Hydroflasks 4. VS perfume 5. Shell Necklaces 6. And I oops and sksksks
Vianney Rodriguez
Vianney Rodriguez 20 days ago
VSCO girl roleplays!😍
Kacy Dawson
Kacy Dawson 20 days ago
hey karuna, ive been subscribed for over a year now and just wanted to let you know how much your videos help me. im a teen mom (17) with a 2 month old daughter and while taking care of my baby, going to school full time, and trying to manage sleep has been difficult, your videos have been a miracle for me. my daughter usually sleeps when i play your videos which helps a lot because i need all the sleep i can get. even throughout my pregnancy when my life was constant sleepless nights, your videos were my first resort for sleep and you've helped so much. thank you for making videos and helping both me and my daughter sleep better ❤
D 20 days ago
Yeeess finally a colabration video that I can watch! You always make so good ones that makes you actually want the product (also we trust you in what you show us)❤️
Future Trunks
Future Trunks 20 days ago
Its 10:18 in the morning and I have a book we're reading due tomorrow and its 20 pages of work but I'm broke as a joke and depressed as a mess since my girl left me so here I am 😥💀
Amelia Ryder
Amelia Ryder 20 days ago
She reminds me of Alex Vause from orange is the new black
Turbo Girl
Turbo Girl 3 days ago
Now that you say it I kinda see what you mean..
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