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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.
Tonight’s video is a super relaxing, yet detailed, POV pampering facial! Sit back and relax while I prep your beautiful skin with a makeup wipe, followed by a pre cleanse using the Luna Mini 2 (which you can find by clicking my link above!), and then applying your mask, I also apply a small acne treatment as well. Once the mask sits, I will wipe it off with a warm towel, followed by once again using the Luna Mini 2. I finish with some truffle toner, and you’re all set to sleep! With that being said family.. please! Sit back, relax, and let me pamper your beautiful self. Know I LOVE you, with all of my person, and I will see you tomorrow.
PS - I close on our home tomorrow, so there will only be four videos this week! What a surreal few days for me, I apologize I’ve been gone. I feel so down when my favorite ASMRtists leave. Just know I will be back on schedule in a good week. I love you so much, I will never leave. Just don’t leave me ♥️
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 1 079
Karuna Satori ASMR
Karuna Satori ASMR 5 months ago
If you haven’t read the description.. we close on our first home tomorrow morning! I’ve been anxiety ridden packing and moving. *Please don’t forget about me family! I will see you this week probably Sunday, but have some videos in the mean time - I just won’t be very active! Know I love u so much and will see you so soon!!!!!!*
gusgus chanel
gusgus chanel Month ago
Mouth sound so relaxing 😍😍😍😍😍
Kuro Laluna
Kuro Laluna 3 months ago
Good luck!
just a person
just a person 3 months ago
just a person
just a person 3 months ago
opkill6 4 months ago
one love :)
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 7 days ago
The cream noises😴🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱🧠💗
ash 11 days ago
i love the buzzing!
miraculer loving miraculous
These videos are perfect when you don't have the money to pay for a actual spa treatment
Fiona Goode
Fiona Goode 29 days ago
That Mario acne treatment is basically just rubbing alcohol and calamine.
vee Month ago
your voice is soooooo relaxing I loveee it so much
Sunflxwer_rblx Month ago
Asmr checklist! 1: Are you comfortable? 2: Get water! 3: Put your phone on charge 4: auto play off? 5: enjoy!
Mycala Hughes
Mycala Hughes Month ago
Hi, I just wanna know where you got your notebook?
Leah Ryan
Leah Ryan Month ago
9:12 when she was saying facts and stuff it looks like she was looking down at a phone or paper that says all those facts that she's saying ?
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie Month ago
currently: 2 am, searching for the perfect video so i can sleep. i’ve got severe insomnia and i’m also veryyyyy picky with my asmr videos, i always end up coming back to your account and that’s always when i end up falling sleep 💓😍
uwu 69
uwu 69 Month ago
Me trying to chill: The ads at the beginning of the video: TASTE THE DELICIOUS FLAVORS MIKE BLOOMBERG IS RUINING AMERICA
Kellen Dreger
Kellen Dreger Month ago
You make me so fkn relaxed if I could mail you the cutest puppy on earth I would
kayla field
kayla field Month ago
I’ve been having a really rough January so far and ur videos are the only thing keeping me sane, ty for all ur hard work
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie Month ago
The noise applying the mask 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 tingles, its been few months. Felt good Karuna.💜
[ Aerilyn ]
[ Aerilyn ] Month ago
When Karuna said itty bitty bitty bitty bitty makeup wipe I thought she was gonna say itty bitty bitty bom bom. lol
elli engle
elli engle Month ago
Fun Fact: It took my 12:34 to eat a pickle.
Lizbeth Alvarado
You always give me the tingles no matter what it you’d be doing!! i love itt!! 😍 So relaxingg too!!
Mikayla Duh
Mikayla Duh Month ago
When she asked the full facial treatment? I was like .. *if asked for the full facial IM GETTIN IT* lmaoo
Generation Ginnavive
Omg we have the same little mole on our eyelid
M Barrios
M Barrios Month ago
really love this video!!
Becky Wyatt
Becky Wyatt 2 months ago
Love you.
Cringey Person
Cringey Person 2 months ago
Can you do another mom pvo
BH ___2008
BH ___2008 2 months ago
I always watch the same video1,000,000,000 times and even if it Saturday at 11:00 ( AM) I watch your videos and fall asleep!
The Jordy Lasses
The Jordy Lasses 2 months ago
When you turned on the link thing I thought of like a bee so I freaked out
Tatiana Lynnai
Tatiana Lynnai 2 months ago
Asmr is so crazy, i feel so relaxed i thought i did get a facial!!
Kaweraklu 2 months ago
haha... am I the only one just binge-watching all these and thinking dang it what lipstick brand and color is she wearing and eyeshadow haha? Just me? Sigh makeup junkie problems hahaha. Also Love all the ASMR's from you sooo mellowing.
isabelle 2 months ago
ok yeah this is amazing and all but can you please come to my house and put a face mask on me 🥺
Lelly Arellano
Lelly Arellano 2 months ago
Oh yess I need a facial 😌
Beth G
Beth G 2 months ago
You saying “hello there” LITERALLY stopped my panic attack. Your voice and presence is so comforting and safe that as soon as I hear your voice I’m mostly calm! Definitely makes it much easier to control my anxiety ❤️ thank you! Ever since I started watching your videos I’ve been sleeping better!
Ruth Bright
Ruth Bright 3 months ago
Did you do research? There be some professional training here.
Its Meh Viyana
Its Meh Viyana 3 months ago
Imagine if they actually spoke to you the whole time like that lmao XP
Amber Gold
Amber Gold 3 months ago
Why did my skin clear up after this ... witch craft
Blair 3 months ago
Where did you get the notebook from the beginning? Its so cool 🤗
been having some problems with my family recently and have felt very alone. you've helped more then you know, you give so much love to each video and I know you care about each one of us. you are a safe space to me. thank you.
sam norman
sam norman 3 months ago
Karuna: Get the TOXINS out of your skin Me: Ah yes she knows my skin well
김하늘 3 months ago
*...I'm Sorry But For Some Reason In The Thumbnail She Looked Bald To Me...*
Grace Huffman
Grace Huffman 3 months ago
Nobody: Me: smol eyes 🙃
Tj Greenwood
Tj Greenwood 3 months ago
You’re voice is so soothing
Miranda Murphy
Miranda Murphy 3 months ago
What lippy are you wearing? It looks beautiful on you! We have very similar coloring so I wanna try it 💋
My hero boio !
My hero boio ! 3 months ago
So what do you do with the product that gets used in any of your rp videos? Like I'm curious. Does it just get wasted or ?
LJB 3 months ago
Moist towel? NO. Damp rag please
Allie Bardon
Allie Bardon 3 months ago
If this was a real spa I would be freaked out!
•Aqua•Bean• 3 months ago
*Karuna:* *breathes* *Me:* *falls asleep*
OPwizzard 3 months ago
Peppa pig
effiCircus 3 months ago
That lipstick colour looks fabulous on you!
opkill6 4 months ago
air freshener
air freshener 4 months ago
Me: wow that face thing is cool i want one *clicks link* *sees that its 130 dollars* Me: nvm
lemonade lover
lemonade lover 4 months ago
my asmr queen
UniQuely Young
UniQuely Young 4 months ago
I want a longer video of 17:36 it gave me so many tinglys when poking with that stick lol 😂
Annie Richter
Annie Richter 4 months ago
May I make a request? I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I wish there were more ASMR that were doula rp or pregnancy pampering. I've been struggling with really bad nausea since week 5 and ASMR helps me feel better, but the ones catering to pregnancy help even more.
Wolfie kk
Wolfie kk 4 months ago
Ur going to need to put that acne treatment on my whole face cuz my face is covered with acne
woah tea
woah tea 4 months ago
we go from role play to pov🌚 Sis upgraded
Wesley Howington
Wesley Howington 4 months ago
I'm not trying to sound mean but the way those glasses make her face look like on the sides trip me tf out....
claire o’connor
claire o’connor 4 months ago
karuna- *”itty bitty...”* me- *”TITTY COMMIT-“* karuna- *”...facial wipe”*
AD Mangan Wall
AD Mangan Wall 4 months ago
i'm profoundly d/Deaf so i read lips and i just wantes to lyk when you said in the beginning "everybody grts acne" the captioning said "everyone gets UGLY" i'm dyinggg 😂😂 ily karuna
Alexa Breitigan
Alexa Breitigan 4 months ago
Okay no shade but is it just me that I look at her eyes and think she is high😂 nope just me okay😂 I’m just kidding she puts my to sleep and I love her voice it’s so calming!!!💛✨
Jazzy_j 345
Jazzy_j 345 4 months ago
me: watches all of her face videos mom: asks for consent to touch my face Me: goes to an actual facial and they don’t ask permission me: 😐🥴😖
Isabel Rose
Isabel Rose 4 months ago
Its 2am I'm sleepy hskshjdfhdkj
otakusis 4 months ago
Seriously, I sometimes I can not sleep and asmr is the only thing that could really put me to sleep and your one of my favorites
roxana zaragoza
roxana zaragoza 4 months ago
Why did I get tired in like 4:30 😭✋🏽
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