ASMR | Layered Sounds for Relaxation & Sleep

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This my first layered sounds video ever woo woo!!!! I hope it turned out ok hehehe. Sleep well everyone :) .......don't drink GFuel before bed tho pls
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 5 431
BstingButterfly 2 days ago
Love this one. Even still ❤
Le Com chiant
Le Com chiant 2 days ago
Quand on est un ptn de puceau qui ose pas draguer c'est déprimant de voir une belle meuf
italo tramontin
italo tramontin 3 days ago
We are really trusting these asmr people they can scream any time 2489 Cherry Cola Productions Cherry Cola Productions 3 mesi fa (modificato) Puts on earbuds and lies down to sleep Statefarm ad: SOMEBODY BURNED DOWN MY S H E S H E D 3026 Mr.Cringe Kid Mr.Cringe Kid 3 mesi fa Listens to ASMR while driving Gibi: Close your eyes Me: I mean, if you say so 2063 I hate blue gloves I hate blue gloves 2 mesi fa Reading funny joke Ruins it by saying thank you for all the likes 618 Broadway Lauren Broadway Lauren 3 mesi fa (modificato) Asmr video being sponsored by an energy formula 🤨 edit: guys this is a joke please stop arguing in the replies i just tried to make a joke 7156 Apple Pie Apple Pie 3 mesi fa Gibi: *scratches mic* Me: HELL YEAH Gibi: *stops* I don't wanna make this too intense. Me: ... 1328 Ryan Meszaros Ryan Meszaros 3 mesi fa The G Fuel sponsor makes sense if you take into consideration the fact that many people who watch ASMR struggle to fall asleep, and thus will probably go through most of their days tired and needing a boost! 1303 Homeless Potato Homeless Potato 3 mesi fa (modificato) G fuel sponsored this video so people could buy g fuel, drink it, and not be able to sleep so they watch more asmr to sleep 778 JIRH Varieties JIRH Varieties 3 mesi fa (modificato) Gibi: layered sounds Time stamps: am I a joke to you? 1238 Mr.Cringe Kid Mr.Cringe Kid 3 mesi fa 90% comments: ASMR sponsored by G-Fuel 10% comments: Complaining about loud ads 655 jooNah jooNah 3 mesi fa When Gfuel sponsores a asmr video: *Confused Snoring* 847 Ghost Panther Ghost Panther 3 mesi fa Me: Volume all the way up Ad: DO YOU HAVE BACK PAIN Me: FALLS OFF BED now i do 772 Celeste Anderson Celeste Anderson 3 mesi fa I was always like "asmr is so weird. Why would anyone find enjoyement in something like this?" But then yesterday I couldn't fall asleep so out of curiosity I put this on and oh my god. It's crazy how great it is 447 Sarah Woodall Sarah Woodall 3 mesi fa 1:37 Gibi: “I see you” ME!: Ma’am, I’m in a pitch black room and my phone is at the lowest brightness. 341 Shannon yates Shannon yates 3 mesi fa Phone:under my pillow Gibi:I see you Me:*falls off bed*what the..... 147 Lucy M Lucy M 3 mesi fa (modificato) Ad: "HEY GUYS, HAVE YOU EVER PLANNED TO WAKE UP AT THE RIGHT TIME?" Me at 2am: I'm relying on GFuel 297 Icedragon Icedragon 3 mesi fa Me: trying to relax Ad on RUvid: T R O J A N M A N 101 Sarah Woodall Sarah Woodall 3 mesi fa (modificato) Me: *is watching video and falling asleep* My body: you’re falling bro Me: *wakes up shaking with my heart pounding* 159 Spencer Suselo Spencer Suselo 3 mesi fa Gibi: you look like a smart individual Me: do you know how long I’ve been in elementary 62 Emily Williamson Emily Williamson 3 mesi fa Me: falling asleep My foot: i need u to scratch me NOW. Me:wut no My foot:Now. , 47 Horse Chick Horse Chick 3 mesi fa Why did I think that g fuel was something pewdiepie made up...... Lol I don’t think g fuel is in my country 27 Slav King Slav King 3 mesi fa Its kinda funny that an asmr artist getting sponsored by an energy drink brand 4897 Tamara Romero Castro Tamara Romero Castro 3 mesi fa Me: falls asleep while watching Gibi’s video Me: wakes up at three in the morning to “hI siSTeRs” 111 Hacked Gamer Hacked Gamer 3 mesi fa Nobody likes when this happens when you fall asleep to asmr and your phone or iPad is still running and it’s dead when you wake up in the morning 91 Slaking Gaming Slaking Gaming 3 mesi fa (modificato) Gibi: (Whispers) This asmr video is sponsored by GFuel Sleep: Am I a joke to you? 42 Breann Wimer Breann Wimer 3 mesi fa I’ve watched this like 15 times, I think it’s my favorite 😂 93 Emoji Pee Emoji Pee 2 mesi fa As i turn my volume to full blast I pray to the greek god Zeus That there will be no frickin ads 14 Zeke The Idiot Zeke The Idiot 3 mesi fa sleeps with headphones on 3:41 AM Gibi: I see you. Me: MOM WHERE'S MY SAGE 37
Brilex 4 days ago
PickleBoi123 6 days ago
I got so many tingles that I started getting annoyed
Heated Benji
Heated Benji 6 days ago
Do you have grills I might just be super tired but idk what I’m seeing 😂😂
Lucas Lopes
Lucas Lopes 6 days ago
i jumped out of my chair because i thought someone was behind me moving my stuff 11:02
TTVKOOLAIDMAN11 7 days ago
Nice teeth
TTVKOOLAIDMAN11 7 days ago
Is that a grill ???
ivan ivanovic
ivan ivanovic 8 days ago
i seed you on porn hub😂
D Adams
D Adams 8 days ago
I wish I could lay on that bed with you with you, roll up a few blunts, maybe tell me your story and ask me for what you need so I could give it to you 😘
jay O'Neal
jay O'Neal 8 days ago
Cotton swabs. Worse than fingernails on slate
Mc Cheese
Mc Cheese 8 days ago
2:17 thought that was a bug 😂
BleepYT 458
BleepYT 458 9 days ago
Like just in case
italo tramontin
italo tramontin 10 days ago
gibi: I see you me: confused screaming
MrDorit0s12 10 days ago
This shit make me fall asleep no cap it’s kind of weird to
Ban nhạc Nhịp Điệu
scadushhh shrimp
scadushhh shrimp 11 days ago
you just like A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H
clasher's adda
clasher's adda 11 days ago
Drink coca cola and chill✌✌
Hassan 11 days ago
FAYDEE + GIBI = GOALS 100% ❤️❤️🔥🔥
Ven-chan 12 days ago
i honestly just like hearing gibi advertise😂🤣
Kadence Berkley
Kadence Berkley 12 days ago
am i the only one who can't stand how much she talks in all of her videos
flomusicproduction 13 days ago
Ich will ihr ins Gesicht flüstern 💧ich lispel In Germany we say, she wear the black belt of blowing
Mia Hentley
Mia Hentley 15 days ago
Turn autoplay off
Mia Hentley
Mia Hentley 15 days ago
Me *turns up volume* Coles *cOmE sHoP wiTH uS aNd GEt sPeCiAL OfFeRS ThIs WEEk*
Ban nhạc Nhịp Điệu
Mia Hentley 🤣🤣🤣
shawn waldie
shawn waldie 16 days ago
Shagha Aldowsaree
Shagha Aldowsaree 17 days ago
اشياء مستفزه مره يعع صوت فمها واصابعها يعععع 🙂💔
Gaming-Tempest 20 days ago
The beginning and above 14.20 is good
All Fam
All Fam 20 days ago
Bro what’s up with her teeth man, I’ve been scrolling the comments to see if anyone commented something but they look shiny like pearls. Is it like a type of braces or retainer or do they just look like that?
Lil B E A N S
Lil B E A N S 20 days ago
If you stare at the painting on the far left for too long it starts looking like a fat elmo with very small eyes and a slightly open mouth
-rktr 707
-rktr 707 20 days ago
والله انها شق. 🥺♥️😢
Mary Earl
Mary Earl 20 days ago
Bobbi Young
Bobbi Young 22 days ago
These layered sounds are amazing! ♥️
Aren 23 days ago
Video: Helps you sleep Sponsor: A drink that makes you unable to sleep
Not Now Cato
Not Now Cato 23 days ago
This is an amazing video
Top Videos
Top Videos 24 days ago
I love the sounds you make
dhruv Chawan
dhruv Chawan 24 days ago
Love you babes
Pepsi Gaming
Pepsi Gaming 24 days ago
Me smart pffft that’s a lie
SaucyKing 27 days ago
The sun is a deadly laser The moon is killing people Idk
Leander de Goede
Leander de Goede 27 days ago
Eliana Cohen
Eliana Cohen 28 days ago
love the mic touching plz do more!!!
Addison Mercil
Addison Mercil Month ago
am i the only one who wonders if shes married and if so with who
Not Now Cato
Not Now Cato 13 days ago
Addison Mercil not sure what videos you are referring to
Not Now Cato
Not Now Cato 13 days ago
Addison Mercil She's engaged to Ben
Addison Mercil
Addison Mercil 13 days ago
@Not Now Cato but in her more recent videos sometimes shes not wearing the ring
Not Now Cato
Not Now Cato 24 days ago
Addison Mercil probably as the rest of us know that as we pay attention to her videos.
italo tramontin
italo tramontin Month ago
me: goes on 2.45 gibi on camera: shuuuup gibi of camera: does shuuup at the same moment me: hold up
Rudy Martinez Jr
You are sooooooo fine!!!
Bryan Belen
Bryan Belen Month ago
*Where are the timestamps?*
Itachi Squarepants
Also You Code FaZe Adapt
LilGamez21 Month ago
Do 2.22 mil tune in every night I think not. Fuck the numbers.
PRIZM CMYK Month ago
Gfuel? Why not a beer ad? ASMR + Alcohol = sleepy buzzy awsome.
ahmed abdullahi
ahmed abdullahi Month ago
Anyone else here in 2020 Future Comment 😂
Jeff T
Jeff T Month ago
Boooo to the ad in the beginning......
naya defaultyy
naya defaultyy Month ago
Timestamps : ... nevermind
Andres Huu
Andres Huu Month ago
My mom beats me
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Month ago
I just wanted to let you know I cut my leg open with an axe today
S’MOOR3 Month ago
**accidentally does the same thing at the same ti,e in both audio clips**
pEpI Month ago
This is scary 😀
Marija teddy
Marija teddy Month ago
I was not feeling good and i watched this video...it helps me, its really relaxing
Alyssa R
Alyssa R Month ago
I HATE the way the cotton noise makes my teeth feel. But the noise gives me tingles?¿¿?¿ 😣😪🤔🙍💥
Bomethia 25 days ago
PRIZM CMYK Month ago
Styrofoam does the same thing to my teeth, irritating. I thought I was the only one who had that, I guess I'm not that weird
black chan
black chan Month ago
היי את לא היית מורה באילנות?
l1 Zi
l1 Zi Month ago
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