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Hello everybody!!!
Want some ASMR sleep handbands for yourself?
Use my discount code "CLAREEE" for 20% off your entire cart! asmrphones.com/products/headband
So, I tried the new asmr trend (and i am abit late) invisible triggers! It wasnt as easy as I thought matching the audio with my movements but I think its decent! How did I do? Would you all like more?
And I also forgot to say bye sorrrryyy! :D
SO BYE! Good morning, good night, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are in the world! Good....BYE! *muah*
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Sep 15, 2019




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ZumbleRumble 2008
ZumbleRumble 2008 28 minutes ago
First of all that has to be Photoshop┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→
《Alpha Artistic》
People who do time stamps: **eXist** Clare: ImmA end THis maNs whOle careEr-
hypnotize mind
hypnotize mind 15 hours ago
Good idea 🤩
Krista asmr
Krista asmr Day ago
This was good do more
Amazed Messi
Amazed Messi 2 days ago
Yoongi is my everything
I'm trippin'-
JEON_ 1304
JEON_ 1304 4 days ago
I'm obsessed with this video
lillmango 4 days ago
I recently left hospital for depression/anxiety and so far the only thing that helps me calm down is ASMR. Thank you!
DOCTORS: XANAX ? ME: A S M R !!!!!!!!
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 4 days ago
Glad it helps:))
Ali G
Ali G 5 days ago
You always have the most creative video ideas!❤️
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 5 days ago
Ansushka 5 days ago
1 glass thing 1:33 2:water bottle/water sounds/lid sounds 1:46 3: phone tapping 2:47 4: Hairbrush tapping/brushing hair 3:05 5: bubble wrap 3:33 6: ice pack 4:20 hehe 7:box of matches/lighting matches 5:00 8: small spray bottle of water 6:28 9: Glasses tapping 7:14 10:paper crinkling 7:28 11: box tapping 7:43 12: lotion rubbing 7:53 13: something crinkly Idk/ maybe plastic wrap 8:15 14: poking styrofoam maybe? 8:41 15:another crinkly thing 9:23 16:button clicking 10:10 - end
Zusia 5 days ago
Jewel doesthings
Jewel doesthings 6 days ago
i just got the band i used YOUR code i love u! BYE
Dark White
Dark White 7 days ago
do you record the sound first or the video first?
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 7 days ago
Sound 1st
Zyxmツ 8 days ago
Bruh like tf your hand are so synchronized with the sound like the bottles and your phone tapping also the brush 😂
I want the item but can they ship to Japan?
Nana Naji ASMR
Nana Naji ASMR 8 days ago
I would be soo subconscious when people drive by😂
suesaffiy suesaffiy
So cool
Mikey 9 days ago
Yeah but Is it Bluetooth so I can charge my iPhone while using it
Addison Edwards
Addison Edwards 9 days ago
This is honestly scary how real this looked
Valeria Ramirez
Valeria Ramirez 10 days ago
Uriel Luna
Uriel Luna 10 days ago
If only I knew sign language, I would know what she is trying to say
Who am I?
Who am I? 10 days ago
*shes been doing asmr so much, she doesn’t even need the objects*
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 10 days ago
Tino BG ツ
Tino BG ツ 11 days ago
xGamer_pro 11 days ago
Ermmm Wut
Ermmm Wut 11 days ago
Oh shet, 40$? That's cost like RM200... And I'm pokai af.
pdx forsaken
pdx forsaken 11 days ago
hi clare! (sorry for bad English)
Yas Zayn
Yas Zayn 13 days ago
This is so creative!
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 13 days ago
citrus sena
citrus sena 13 days ago
I just used the asmr headphones (I bought them with your code 2 weeks ago and they arrived today!) and they're amazing! Sound quality is really nice and soft. They're cozy so so comfy to wear in bed. Thank you so mich Clare! 🥳 I love the new asmr experience already 😊
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 13 days ago
Im glad u like it😃
DulcetKitten 14 days ago
Ngl, I bought the asmr headphones 😂 Thanks for the recommendation
Viper_ gucciman
Viper_ gucciman 14 days ago
If I was your neighbor I probably would have moved to a different state. LOL 😂
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 14 days ago
dna kv
dna kv 15 days ago
Naaaa re flashero mal está cosa😂 Alguien que hable español?
Maria Luisa Dave
Maria Luisa Dave 15 days ago
Or its just edited
Maria Luisa Dave
Maria Luisa Dave 15 days ago
I Think the sound is coming right behind the camera?
cheekychiipmunk 16 days ago
I just received my headphones and they work great!💖
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 15 days ago
Im glad😃
Justin 16 days ago
I feel like Clareee is the only asmrist in her school
ASMR망고 16 days ago
Wow!!Thanks for this asmr!!!!!
Jhodie Dela Pena
Jhodie Dela Pena 16 days ago
Arghhh i cant get over of how pretty u are 💛 i rllt love u so muchhhhh
Jhodie Dela Pena
Jhodie Dela Pena 16 days ago
Omyy god u replied againn aww now i cant get over on how approachable u r i lovee uu claree
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 16 days ago
Lolo P
Lolo P 18 days ago
pov: ur her neighbor watching her doing all this and thinking she is crazy btw lovedddd the video, super relaxing
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 18 days ago
Nunca Nem V
Nunca Nem V 18 days ago
I really love
Jigz Golo
Jigz Golo 18 days ago
Im sure its a bottle.
Kotautistic 18 days ago
*timestamp* 0:01 - 10:19 invisible thing please like it took me so much time to make this.
Isabela 19 days ago
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 19 days ago
Thank you!😃
DэByШkА uз ада
Спички , там вода огонь косметичка
DэByШkА uз ада
2-чтото для лица
DэByШkА uз ада
1-чашка ,крушка ,стакан
sharieth torres
sharieth torres 21 day ago
4:35 i love you
SimoSimo ****
SimoSimo **** 21 day ago
W O W ! 💋 from 🇮🇹
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 21 day ago
i like to eat soap
0:34 u kinda look like mina from twice
Yadira Reina
Yadira Reina 22 days ago
Wijoyo Darmo
Wijoyo Darmo 22 days ago
Plis make a more longer tapping glasses i like that one
Annabelle Vs
Annabelle Vs 23 days ago
The how you show the hairband was exactly like the stewardesses Show the emergency rules hahah
ジャム甘い 23 days ago
Таймкоды: 00:00-10:19 : предметы из воздуха
we!Rd cLever
we!Rd cLever 23 days ago
Nice asmr,and u looks so gorgeous...salam dari indonesia
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 23 days ago
фан быстрого матраса
Im Valera turururuurururu
Celestial Medic
Celestial Medic 24 days ago
*stop scrolling through the comments and go the hec to sleep*
Periodt Boo
Periodt Boo 25 days ago
Bidda_ Blu!
Bidda_ Blu! 25 days ago
So, I waited a week for the headband and it snapped in half. Luckily, they gave me a 2 free ones just in case which is awesome
Harper_leavitt 06
Harper_leavitt 06 25 days ago
3:33 🤩🌸
Muhammad Suhaimi
Muhammad Suhaimi 25 days ago
Waw this is amazing tho qwq
Riley Newcomb
Riley Newcomb 25 days ago
You actually did it accurately. I’ve seen some invisible trigger videos and it’s off and doesn’t look realistic but you did it so good. Love the vid!!
Clareee ASMR
Clareee ASMR 25 days ago
Thank you!
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