ASMR Giving You a Braingasm

Jojo's ASMR
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Your brain might explode after this..
0:00 Trailer
0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds
5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones
10:23 More Ear Attention
11:08 Oil Ear Massage
16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing
19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping
20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
This ASMR video uses the 3DIO Microphone and aims to help you relax and fall asleep fast! Please enjoy these intense sounds.

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Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***
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May 17, 2019




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Comments 1 825
Jojo's ASMR
Jojo's ASMR 4 months ago
0:00 Trailer 0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds 5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones 10:23 More Ear Attention 11:08 Oil Ear Massage 16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing 19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping 20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
yeet boi
yeet boi 3 days ago
Hunter Fox
Hunter Fox Month ago
🇴🇰 🇾🇴🇺🇷 🇹🇭🇪 🇧🇪🇸🇹🌟
Xil Legend ilX X
Yunus Al-jiburi
Yunus Al-jiburi Month ago
Jojo's ASMR hi
Alana's Journey
Alana's Journey 6 days ago
When you put this on the slowest speed you summon a demon
Eric Tran
Eric Tran 10 days ago
If you estimate his subs right now to the hundred thousands it's still 800,000
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 15 days ago
Jojo Has a 3 DIO
LTU Gaming PRO
LTU Gaming PRO 16 days ago
Whatched Bob Ross Watched Jojo The same
KaylaLovez Robloxx
KaylaLovez Robloxx 17 days ago
I got tingles for the first time at 3:51 🥵 I’m shoot bruv it was a whole different sensation... 😌😌😌
Cathy Barron
Cathy Barron 18 days ago
what is that jojoba?
ky_gamingyt 22 days ago
Nobody: Basic white girls: 0:54
the ewan show
the ewan show 25 days ago
No matter what asmr video I watch I CANT GET DEM TINGLES
*animepeeps* :3
*animepeeps* :3 25 days ago
K Ge
K Ge 26 days ago
He said enjoy tingles with headphones lmao I enjoyed it with out head phones or earbuds
Layla Suits
Layla Suits 27 days ago
Layla Suits
Layla Suits 27 days ago
Absolutely no one: Girls at my school 0:57
Azeral 28 days ago
This is literally jotaro having fun with dio's ears
cheryl gray
cheryl gray Month ago
Jojo looks like he's scared 0:15
A Proud Englishman
I hate the word 'Braingasm', it sounds like another word, that when I learnt about, mentally scared me.
Bloody Gacha
Bloody Gacha Month ago
I searched jojo bizarre adventure
BlackSprinkles Month ago
Nobody: Jojo: hghhbjhkjghgjdhhjgudhhhhffjfhfhghhj
Samy Renta
Samy Renta Month ago
All you need to do to get the tingles is to touch something the n open your mouth
Accelerator Marc Christian
3Dio Jojo wat a coincidence
I got a suprise hotel ASMR wow...
s a d b o i z
s a d b o i z Month ago
1900: in the 2019 there is gonma be ASMR! 2019: *flying cars*
Xil Legend ilX X
Pikachu The Second
oh thank god there isnt an advertisement at the start
Potatodogs119 Month ago
Did he say jiggly at one point😂? I don’t think he did but I thought I heard it🤣 why am I so weird
TideEagle 14
TideEagle 14 Month ago
At 0:15 my face when I forgot homework
Shane1163 Month ago
10:00 please never do that again.. no one ever do that in an asmr video!
bean aesthetic
bean aesthetic Month ago
i’m not gonna fall asleep
TaeTaeKookie STAN
with headphones, it tickles my sides and IDK why
Its. Ok
Its. Ok Month ago
Thank you so much jojo I was having a bad day today but as soon as I wanted to go to sleep and let my sad emotions go away I clicked on this video as fast as I could! U help me much with my mental self!
Not Your Problem
Oh I just woke up at 11 am what a Day Asmr: *Well back to bed*
It is at 666k views
Adrian Moreno
Adrian Moreno Month ago
Se parece a Fernanfloo busque lo 😉🙃
Taehyung’s Gucci Headband
Əłıjąh přîńçə
*sits on the sofa ready for some spicy memes* *gets blasted with tingles*
DinO MaC
DinO MaC 2 months ago
I hate hair part of asmr because my haircut it low 😂😂
Jayde Oswalt
Jayde Oswalt 2 months ago
I read the title, and I was confused, and I was scared. Help me, I’m trying to sleep, but I keep on moaning. LMAO JK CHILL. :,)
Madison Ann
Madison Ann 2 months ago
day 1 of asking Jojo for a squidward roleplay
Madison Ann
Madison Ann 2 months ago
my headphones are broke and i’m still quaking
Bethany Cruser
Bethany Cruser 2 months ago
Day 55 of asking jojo to make a eating watermelon asmr
j0d1 2 months ago
fun fact a meridian response is just another word for orgasm so ASMR is basically a brain orgasm
Brooke Kamara
Brooke Kamara 2 months ago
My ears didn’t give consent but they’re still really enjoying it😌
jenny del rey
jenny del rey 2 months ago
can someone pls tell me why he is ao cute 😍
First name last name.
Is this a braingasm. A list of things i felt in order. -blinking an eye felt heavy. -The back of my head feels heavy. -I cant feel my body. Video ends everything is normal after a minute. (sorry if i said something wrong)
Fabiola Guevara
Fabiola Guevara 2 months ago
Sara i Frendovi
Sara i Frendovi 2 months ago
It's a Me! Mario!
It's a Me! Mario! 2 months ago
no one: Jojo: thttdbdb dbskdb tlktlk
Trevin Staves
Trevin Staves 2 months ago
My brain has gasemed
YuriSmile K.
YuriSmile K. 2 months ago
11:55 He looks like vampire.
Joss Kolden
Joss Kolden 2 months ago
Joss Kolden
Joss Kolden 2 months ago
So good sounds
Russell Squad
Russell Squad 2 months ago
More shaving cream stuff and plz no more scratching headphones
Jonathan X
Jonathan X 2 months ago
U have no life kys
Jonathan X
Jonathan X 2 months ago
I know you have no life but kys
Mr YTZ 2 months ago
9:59 when your friend whispers there secret but you don’t hear it correctly
xxxGacaWølf xxx
xxxGacaWølf xxx 2 months ago
You deserve at least 2M subscribers because your the only person that gave me tingles
finglman 2 months ago
jojo made my mind bust a fucking nut.
nerdt 2 months ago
22:16 Ricardo 2.0
Alex Sipher
Alex Sipher 3 months ago
I think these are the best tingles I have ever had since I first ever had tingles (~2014)
Noel Smith
Noel Smith 3 months ago
4:18 he’s concentrating a lot
Paige Beck
Paige Beck 3 months ago
Uhg! I jus fuckin love u man.
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