ASMR Giving You a Braingasm

Jojo's ASMR
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Your brain might explode after this..
0:00 Trailer
0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds
5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones
10:23 More Ear Attention
11:08 Oil Ear Massage
16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing
19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping
20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
This ASMR video uses the 3DIO Microphone and aims to help you relax and fall asleep fast! Please enjoy these intense sounds.

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Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***
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May 17, 2019

ASMRjojo's asmrgiving you a braingasmbraingasmoil ear massageshaving cream on micasmr shaving creamhair brushingplaying with your hairextremely sensitivetinglyintensemouth soundsfast asmrheadphonesfall asleeptinglesfor people who dont get tinglesasmr fast




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Comments 1 773
Jojo's ASMR
Jojo's ASMR Month ago
0:00 Trailer 0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds 5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones 10:23 More Ear Attention 11:08 Oil Ear Massage 16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing 19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping 20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
Mr YTZ 2 days ago
Stop assuming my hair is pink >:(
Mob100 5 days ago
Oki zigzag
Its Toki Bruv
Its Toki Bruv 11 days ago
Jibril M
Jibril M 21 day ago
I like the mouth sounds
I’m listening to this with those headphones, Bose quiet comforts
Joss Kolden
Joss Kolden 20 hours ago
Joss Kolden
Joss Kolden 20 hours ago
So good sounds
Russell Squad
More shaving cream stuff and plz no more scratching headphones
Jonathan X
Jonathan X 2 days ago
U have no life kys
Jonathan X
Jonathan X 2 days ago
I know you have no life but kys
Mr YTZ 2 days ago
9:59 when your friend whispers there secret but you don’t hear it correctly
xxxGacaWølf xxx
xxxGacaWølf xxx 3 days ago
You deserve at least 2M subscribers because your the only person that gave me tingles
finglman 4 days ago
jojo made my mind bust a fucking nut.
steampu 4 days ago
When the title has gasm in it and it starts with pouring cream and the ASMR community has been ruined by people over sexualizing their content.....Jojo?....have you finally sold out? But no the video is more family friendly fun, tingles, and sleep
YaBoi Loppy
YaBoi Loppy 6 days ago
22:16 Ricardo 2.0
Alex Sipher
Alex Sipher 7 days ago
I think these are the best tingles I have ever had since I first ever had tingles (~2014)
Noel Smith
Noel Smith 9 days ago
4:18 he’s concentrating a lot
Paige Beck
Paige Beck 9 days ago
Uhg! I jus fuckin love u man.
Why don't we Fandom-xxx
Video 14 of asking JoJo to do a JoJo Siwa role play
Julio cesar Guzman loera
Es homosexual?
assasinater 610
assasinater 610 13 days ago
Anyone realise that he stole 69`s hair for asmr what da
xXFairyCookieXx 14 days ago
Yes I love my pink orange and yellow hair
bucket NIGGA Eating watermelon
Why is White Stuff coming out of My ears
TheTaxburden 15 days ago
Nails on fleek
gamon vs blastfire
gamon vs blastfire 15 days ago
I got tingles
SSO Journey's
SSO Journey's 15 days ago
He’s so into it and that’s what makes it so good 🤤
Brooke Langworthy
Brooke Langworthy 16 days ago
Jojo: affective asmr you will fall asleep in no time Me: just watches for his eyes
Sophia Your not cool t
Love your vids
Infernoreaper4 6
Infernoreaper4 6 16 days ago
He protecc He attack But most importantly he make me relax
Sania Zolotic
Sania Zolotic 13 days ago
Infernoreaper4 6 cool
Chara Kid
Chara Kid 16 days ago
can jojo attempt a asmr with a wooden arm ? XD
Hadasa Figueroa
Hadasa Figueroa 16 days ago
This video indeed did what the title says. This I amazing! ❤️😌😄
Anti Cancer
Anti Cancer 17 days ago
I usually go for Girl ASMR just because for me, going for Guy ASMRtists seems gay. But according to my spinal nerves, Jojo's ASMF is the best.
Elven Elipsis
Elven Elipsis 13 days ago
*sighs* Listen hear, swine.
Mariana Tarnovsky
Mariana Tarnovsky 18 days ago
Does anyone like the trailer more than the actual video
GEEFAM ASMR 18 days ago
This man can literally end any fight if he plays this...Amazing
Murdoc Niccals
Murdoc Niccals 19 days ago
I want to punch you so many times
vousmevoyez 20 days ago
팅글에 미쳐버린 괴짜너드남..
Mya Woyicki
Mya Woyicki 20 days ago
What’s a braingasam
Maricel Patacsil
Maricel Patacsil 21 day ago
Why is this guys so good doing asmr's 😂 love u by the way💖
Dark Side4551
Dark Side4551 21 day ago
I really enjoyed
Weronika Itylenatenteman
8:40 this idea is brilliant!
Eli the savage
Eli the savage 21 day ago
Omg this is good bruh👍🏾❤️
Alexa Alora Stubbs
......I got a braingasm also a heart gasn from your looks lmao👍👍very good video I love it keep up the good work😂❤
[dankiller] dark god
Yooo jojo got 666k subs NANI????!!!!!
In jojos next video he should have sounds of cutting off chicken heads😂😂
Kartik Amol Pote
Kartik Amol Pote 22 days ago
Little did people know he was a hypnosis....
Brittles Scittles
Brittles Scittles 22 days ago
My thoughts: Ima make some tags😁 Me later: Nvr to lazy😑🙃
Emilly Alves rodrigues
N tem asmr melhor q os seus mano❤❤🤩
Emilly Alves rodrigues
Aaaa coisa lindaaa🥵🤩❤
Toxic Games
Toxic Games 23 days ago
Great job on this one jojo
ben gaming
ben gaming 24 days ago
//Insanity// 24 days ago
I didn’t consent 🥰
e s m e
e s m e 25 days ago
shouldn’t it be a eargasm?
EX Trident
EX Trident 25 days ago
Pepe died in endgame 😔 Edit: AND SHREK
Kohner Mahan
Kohner Mahan 20 days ago
EX Trident
EX Trident 25 days ago
I did not give you permission to give me a braing... 😴 💤
Eva A
Eva A 26 days ago
Pleasing sounds
Quad Verse
Quad Verse 26 days ago
FinleyTheBetta 26 days ago
ohh ohh ohh ohh
Phyco vs
Phyco vs 26 days ago
The cleaning must be a bitch
Queen Lucie
Queen Lucie 27 days ago
How young are you may i ask im just being noesy i know sorry about my grammar
Mmmmmm 27 days ago
5:20 me:HELP A MONSTER I TRYING TO STEAL MY HEADSET monster: no I’m just trying to give u tingles Me: (0_0)
Mary Kyork
Mary Kyork 27 days ago
Kartik Garg
Kartik Garg 27 days ago
It's a Jojo reference
Kartik Garg
Kartik Garg 27 days ago
Is it me or Jojo used Dio microphone
Abril Moctezuma
Abril Moctezuma 27 days ago
When he was going fast I thought that I had playback speed on max
Bebel Muniz
Bebel Muniz 27 days ago
Super duper great
Nicholas Pacheco
Nicholas Pacheco 28 days ago
Am i the only one that’s been woken up by a mid roll just as ur falling asleep 😴
Martha Fraser
Martha Fraser 28 days ago
Nice manicure 💅 c:
Bike Mayhan
Bike Mayhan 28 days ago
Its a man or a women?
itsjustmealia 28 days ago
so u've decided to steal my heart huh
TheIntJuggler 28 days ago
2:39 oh yea harder harder harder. Now whisper sweet sksksks in my ear.
TheReal Kupi
TheReal Kupi 28 days ago
2:25 Cigar is what I hear Like it you agree!
deez nuts
deez nuts 27 days ago
Big fat faggot is what I heard lol jk
The Music
The Music 28 days ago
I want you to do a video with your girl friend and kiss her from her libs 😘💋
fire storm is here
fire storm is here 28 days ago
Getting ready for the video TRESEME HAIR SPRAY !!!!! THE PERFECT NEW VOLUME FOR YOUR HAIR!!!!!! AHHHHHH !!!! And I proceed to fall off my bed....
Riley Blake
Riley Blake 29 days ago
No one: Jojo: 👁👄👁 💧 If you know you know 😂 I hope you know it’s a joke lol No hate tho thank for you for all the good content jojo ❤️
mo 187
mo 187 29 days ago
Vielleicht liest das irgendwann ein deutscher. Moin.
Ashley Avery
Ashley Avery 29 days ago
You gay
Xts_ Beamed
Xts_ Beamed 29 days ago
Why do I tingle too much from the trailer
SILRALO 29 days ago
His name is jojo and look at the middle of the microphone My jjba know whats popping
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 29 days ago
Random person:Is it possible to get more than tingles? Me: If you watch Jojo duh.
Ctrl. Beyondthesprite
I love your concentrating face 😂 so cuuute
77 Mayo
77 Mayo 29 days ago
He sounds retarted when he does those random noises in the being inning
Who even is this guy
I fell asleep but i heard the sk sk sk and it reminded me of when i played apocalypse games and my friends would yell sks bc the enemy had one so i woke up and wrote this comment if you read this whole comment your a bloody legend
Nick Rice
Nick Rice 29 days ago
His name is jojo, and his mic is called 3DIO, Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!
Thanos The Thick Boy
From 10:23 all the way to the end got me and yes shrek died in end game the truth is sponge bob did to but I must snap because memes were firing so I had to bring peace to the galaxy #thickboycantspell
Fatima Ishaq
Fatima Ishaq Month ago
Mehy braine explooded
Unknown nwonknU
Unknown nwonknU Month ago
the way he look up @ the camera & his lips pucker🥺😂.
Lukebobnof Month ago
I've tried to find a vid that gives me tingles none have worked except for this, thanks!!!!
AR7 Month ago
Me: Ohh u mean brain orgasm RUvid: Deletes this comment for saying orgasm
Mark Kass
Mark Kass Month ago
You Are the first male asmr youtuber i have found and i gotta say you are the best asmr youtuber
Vanessa_slimes Month ago
I have watched countless asmr vids, binged Channels, but haven’t ever gotten a tingle!!!!! Any ASMRtists u can recommend( I ❤️ur channel, but I’ve watched it a lot and you still never got an a tingle that’s not your problem it’s mine so keep doing what you’re doing you’re good at ASMR)
Retro_Gaming Month ago
u raped my head
Naman Singh
Naman Singh Month ago
No one : Jojo: Just relax relax relax relax relax relax
Space Junkie
Space Junkie Month ago
I thought only women's voices could give me tingles but man does this video prove me wrong.
Kaia-Rai Schafer
How old are you
Hannah Harryman
Hannah Harryman Month ago
the first to skskskskskskskskssk
Erika Pereira
Erika Pereira Month ago
Caralho gostei não cara parese viado
skeebah Month ago
me @ 0:05: this isn’t that great asmr huh ok i’ll find another- me @ 0:08: Woah! okay. this is fan-fucking-tastic thank every god for this moment
Ben Month ago
Thought you were saying gibberish till I turned my volume up
MoPlayZ Month ago
Why not try tapping on a key board
Atomic Month ago
3DIO *DIO* *JOJO'S ASMR* Yare yare daze...
Rhiannon Bevan
Rhiannon Bevan Month ago
Day 27 of the campaign for JoJo to get real acrylic nails. I dare you.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Month ago
It sounds like your cleaning my ears lol
Safia's Cooking
Safia's Cooking Month ago
Jojo's wana kill me 0:17
jnyfknblz Month ago
Watching you create the sounds is just as relaxing as the sounds themselves! Great job, Jojo!!
Aislynn Animates
While I was watching this video, I had the captions on and at one point, it said (music) when he was tapping the mic 😂😂
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