ASMR Giving You a Braingasm

Jojo's ASMR
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Your brain might explode after this..
0:00 Trailer
0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds
5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones
10:23 More Ear Attention
11:08 Oil Ear Massage
16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing
19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping
20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
This ASMR video uses the 3DIO Microphone and aims to help you relax and fall asleep fast! Please enjoy these intense sounds.

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Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***
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May 17, 2019




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Comments 1 867
Jojo's ASMR
Jojo's ASMR 6 months ago
0:00 Trailer 0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds 5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones 10:23 More Ear Attention 11:08 Oil Ear Massage 16:25 Playing with your Hair and brushing 19:16 Mouth Sounds and Tapping 20:10 Shaving Cream Ear Massage
Big Brain
Big Brain Month ago
dresk- kun no just no
Big Brain
Big Brain Month ago
LIL JOONIE Month ago
Jeff Star what?
P V Day ago
don't like this comment
Keaqa n
Keaqa n 6 days ago
is asmr good for your brain? i be listening to this and it gives me tingles like its not good for me or something😂 u know like how almost all pleasure in life is bad for u? this has to be bad for the soul
Keaqa n
Keaqa n 6 days ago
but great video overall
King EGG
King EGG 11 days ago
I heard sksksksk at 0:55
Gacha cookie storys
Omg he took asmr so serious back then now u look in his videos he mostly makes us laugh at the same time make us fall a asleep.! XD
xy ♡
xy ♡ 15 days ago
You sure did.
Ashley Hildebrandt
Ashley Hildebrandt 20 days ago
Am I the only one that douse this in class I'll be listening to music and I turn in down and start scratch/taping my headphones
Taylor 23 days ago
why are the red nails in the thumbnail.. when they are not in the vid.....
kkelsey Mudoh
kkelsey Mudoh 23 days ago
Ahh I should go to sleep
wolfie art
wolfie art 23 days ago
Im just asking why the nails wear on the thumb nail and not in the vid I was really hopen for them nails
familjen berglund
familjen berglund 29 days ago
Dont speak its not good
Urmomsans Month ago
i just realized how kinky some of this is
Ayla Joy
Ayla Joy Month ago
am i the only one who feels like most people who do asmr, just to it to look good?
yash chhatlani
yash chhatlani Month ago
_Ella Rose_
_Ella Rose_ Month ago
Nobody: Vsco girls: 0:54
Soled_by_padua *
Jojo makes everyone sleep but he doesn't sleep (it seems not)
elli Dancin
elli Dancin Month ago
Eu dormir no 18:35 kkkk
Gabriel Cheo
Gabriel Cheo Month ago
Nice one😀😎😇
Arts & Crafts Life
VSCO girls be like: 0:53
caroline kelley
caroline kelley Month ago
Jojo said''skskskskskskskksksks''
I don't know what a Braingasm is, but........I think I like it ;)
suh johnny
suh johnny Month ago
Brianna Blakeman
Do a AASMr mr. Krabs >;D
James Marshall
James Marshall Month ago
Is it tingles tingles tingles or stingles stingles stingles
Caleb Haskins
Caleb Haskins Month ago
omg guys i just learned that girls poop omg wtf
Ali Ay
Ali Ay Month ago
Disgusting 🤮 🤮
Abby LaRoux
Abby LaRoux Month ago
g•a•e yes
g•a•e yes 2 months ago
When you put this on the slowest speed you summon a demon
Eric & Andy
Eric & Andy 2 months ago
If you estimate his subs right now to the hundred thousands it's still 800,000
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 2 months ago
Jojo Has a 3 DIO
LTU Gaming PRO
LTU Gaming PRO 2 months ago
Whatched Bob Ross Watched Jojo The same
KaylaLovez Robloxx
KaylaLovez Robloxx 2 months ago
I got tingles for the first time at 3:51 🥵 I’m shoot bruv it was a whole different sensation... 😌😌😌
Cathy Barron
Cathy Barron 2 months ago
what is that jojoba?
ky_gamingyt 2 months ago
Nobody: Basic white girls: 0:54
the ewan show
the ewan show 2 months ago
No matter what asmr video I watch I CANT GET DEM TINGLES
*animepeeps* :3
*animepeeps* :3 2 months ago
K Ge
K Ge 2 months ago
He said enjoy tingles with headphones lmao I enjoyed it with out head phones or earbuds
Layla Suits
Layla Suits 2 months ago
Layla Suits
Layla Suits 2 months ago
Absolutely no one: Girls at my school 0:57
Azeral 2 months ago
This is literally jotaro having fun with dio's ears
cheryl gray
cheryl gray 2 months ago
Jojo looks like he's scared 0:15
A Proud Englishman
A Proud Englishman 2 months ago
I hate the word 'Braingasm', it sounds like another word, that when I learnt about, mentally scared me.
Bloody Gacha
Bloody Gacha 2 months ago
I searched jojo bizarre adventure
BlackSprinkles 3 months ago
Nobody: Jojo: hghhbjhkjghgjdhhjgudhhhhffjfhfhghhj
Samy Renta
Samy Renta 3 months ago
All you need to do to get the tingles is to touch something the n open your mouth
Accelerator Marc Christian
3Dio Jojo wat a coincidence
I got a suprise hotel ASMR wow...
eawn AJ
eawn AJ 3 months ago
1900: in the 2019 there is gonma be ASMR! 2019: *flying cars*
Xil Legend ilX X
Xil Legend ilX X 3 months ago
Pikachu The Second
Pikachu The Second 3 months ago
oh thank god there isnt an advertisement at the start
Potatodogs119 3 months ago
Did he say jiggly at one point😂? I don’t think he did but I thought I heard it🤣 why am I so weird
TideEagle 14
TideEagle 14 3 months ago
At 0:15 my face when I forgot homework
Shane1163 3 months ago
10:00 please never do that again.. no one ever do that in an asmr video!
bean aesthetic
bean aesthetic 3 months ago
i’m not gonna fall asleep
TaeTaeKookie STAN
TaeTaeKookie STAN 3 months ago
with headphones, it tickles my sides and IDK why
Its. Ok
Its. Ok 3 months ago
Thank you so much jojo I was having a bad day today but as soon as I wanted to go to sleep and let my sad emotions go away I clicked on this video as fast as I could! U help me much with my mental self!
Georgia Κ
Georgia Κ 3 months ago
Oh I just woke up at 11 am what a Day Asmr: *Well back to bed*
JOSEPH MARTIN 3 months ago
It is at 666k views
Adrian Moreno
Adrian Moreno 3 months ago
Se parece a Fernanfloo busque lo 😉🙃
Taehyung’s Gucci Headband
Əłıjąh přîńçə
*sits on the sofa ready for some spicy memes* *gets blasted with tingles*
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