ASMR DRAGON EGGS | Game of Thrones | Eating Sounds | Part 4

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Back at it again with this ridiculously ugly wig.
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Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterised by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin. It is most commonly triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attentional control. Also known as "brain massage", "head tingle", and "brain tingle”.

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 1 185
Crunchy ASMR
Crunchy ASMR 6 months ago
What series would you like to see next? xx
Yuri the Otaku
Yuri the Otaku Month ago
Can you do a Good Omens themes one once? You don't have to tho😅😅☺️
Tokyo Ghoul Gacha
Tokyo Ghoul Gacha 2 months ago
Tokyo ghoul!
banshee babe
banshee babe 3 months ago
teen wolf!
Simran kaur
Simran kaur 4 months ago
koko Shariff
koko Shariff 4 months ago
Crunchy ASMR shadowhunters please
Ricktasia Wells
I think the scales are Made out of chocolate
Sarah Keith
Sarah Keith 3 days ago
I have the exact same dragon in the second egg! Cool!
Shay TheDraconicFox
OH MY GOD THAIRS A DRAGON IN A DRAGON EGG HWO NEW {stop eating my family by the whay}
[______] 23 days ago
Alligator Ave
Alligator Ave 24 days ago
That’s not Spyro.... that’s Cynder.
Che' King
Che' King 28 days ago
Me when im doing asmr when i forgot the mic: *shoves some McDonalds up the camera* *eats while smacking* *shows M O R E Mcdonalds*
Blue Bird
Blue Bird Month ago
Think it's so cool you made the dragon eggs. You're very talented and you have a great voice for ASMR. I'm just not into the eating ASMRs. I'm the type of person who gets overwhelmed (to say it nicely) when I can hear other people chew. It's my own crock. But I realize alot of people really do like and find eating, chewing, etc. ASMR relaxing. And that's great for them. I just wanted to say the art you put into this is amazing. I'm an artist person myself -- and I can only imagine the time, detail, and patience you put into not just creating the eggs but your whole production. And from the short amount of time I watched this video, your voice, tone, pitch, was all very calming and relaxing, so that opens the door for me to keep you in mind for checking out other ASMR videos you have that are more up my ally!!!
Jerelyn Peralta
Jerelyn Peralta Month ago
Whish novaSX
Whish novaSX Month ago
Wow I actually guessed what was in the eggs in the first one I said small dragon that counts lol. The seconed I said a bigger dragon and the last one I was like yeah imagine it was charizard I was right lamo!!
Eliothebeast Month ago
Love this!
Coinflip Month ago
cherrybust Month ago
i like dragons
Jennuzka Month ago
Your whispering is so relaxing, wish you would whisper more often 😍
Mood Forever
Mood Forever Month ago
You’re so creative!
Makayla James
Makayla James Month ago
Monserrat Alexandra Zamorano
🐄👦. I could not find a cowboy emoji
Ruma 1249
Ruma 1249 Month ago
Wait... Thats NOT Spyro
Poofeit The Legit
Poofeit The Legit 2 months ago
I'm calling the dragon police.
hi hi
hi hi 2 months ago
A dragon is inside the egg because you said it's a dragon egg
Tokyo Ghoul Gacha
Tokyo Ghoul Gacha 2 months ago
Do a Tokyo ghoul themed as required! You can make those hearts in your other games of thrones video, coffee, and maybe like a touka’s rabbit mask or kaneki’s eye and mouth mask.
Yes Sis
Yes Sis 2 months ago
Game of thrones is literally so depressing. Jut don’t watch the last season and you’ll be fine.
•Honey Online•
•Honey Online• 2 months ago
I don’t remember Dany doing this.. 🧐
Hektor Nullvier
Hektor Nullvier 2 months ago
So these extreme eating sounds dont work for me. But god damn A+ for effort. I really appreciate all the work that goes into this.
DarkDemon MSM
DarkDemon MSM 2 months ago
It’s cynder
DarkDemon MSM
DarkDemon MSM 2 months ago
That ain’t Spyro tho
cherry bomb
cherry bomb 2 months ago
golden slime gaminge
B-but h-how....
Professional Dumbass
C: "Guess whats in the egg!" M: Chocolate? C:"A dragon!!" M:Well i mean, im still not wrong
tomo ka
tomo ka 2 months ago
サムネにやられるけど、実際見ると口のくちゃくちゃ音が嫌なんだよねこの人 でも見ちゃうんだよ
Arlen Palacios
Arlen Palacios 3 months ago
i guessed the last one was charizard because he is the only dragon that came to mind when i thought about Pokemon dragons
hedy li
hedy li 3 months ago
Dude: *gives dragon egg* Her: *eats it*
payal shah
payal shah 3 months ago
dani abigail
dani abigail 3 months ago
Ummm but charizard is not a dragon type xd
Ngọc Anh Nguyễn
Ngọc Anh Nguyễn 3 months ago
Imagine giving birth to this kind of egg, I can fully understand why dragons go extinct in GoT
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 3 months ago
noko noko
noko noko 3 months ago
priestess lemur
priestess lemur 3 months ago
5:12 tf dumbass that cunder not spyro
Adrianna Nguyen
Adrianna Nguyen 3 months ago
Can you do Disney related foods?!?! Like so she sees this
Ben Harpold
Ben Harpold 3 months ago
Hunter Eaves
Hunter Eaves 3 months ago
I wish people like you, who make their own food, would sell it. Those eggs look delicious!! 😁
Rainalot 3 months ago
Was anyone else concerned when Drogon emerged from Viserion’s egg?
poopoo peepee
poopoo peepee 3 months ago
i love got 🥴
Erik Gustave
Erik Gustave 3 months ago
This is incest vore, murrder, and asmr. Perfect.
Vanessa Prado
Vanessa Prado 3 months ago
Like if your parents like Game of Thrones
Vanessa Prado
Vanessa Prado 3 months ago
My grandpa watch Game of Thrones
Christine Peters
Christine Peters 3 months ago
Sliced almonds
どうなつ。 3 months ago
yudha 05
yudha 05 4 months ago
Remy Cantillo
Remy Cantillo 4 months ago
Can you make a Hello Kitty food
らむ 4 months ago
Simran kaur
Simran kaur 4 months ago
Day 1 of asking to do a Pokemon themed food like edible pokeballs, Pikachu, etc
Kreyian Lazard
Kreyian Lazard 4 months ago
I only saw 2 so cow
Llama Shllama
Llama Shllama 4 months ago
🤠 yee haw
Luna Mid-knight
Luna Mid-knight 4 months ago
Anyone else get a GOT ad before this
Anatolí Toumanidi
Anatolí Toumanidi 4 months ago
can you please make a videos of how you cook 😂 we need the recipes 😂😂
Maya TL
Maya TL 4 months ago
Subscribed. ⚔️
Magma 4 months ago
Omg so adorable!
Imli Wapz
Imli Wapz 4 months ago
Reveal your face... 😍
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