ASMR Classic Cranial Nerve Examination

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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.
A classic cranial nerve is what I was feeling this evening! I don’t know why, but I’ve been revisiting the “less stressful” ASMR videos. The more personal types, where it’s one on one compared to sounds. I love the “rude” RPs, but this one was a classic kind bit. I feel like everyone needs s hug right now, so just know I’m here for you! With that being said, I’ll be focusing on your five senses, a nice exam and checkup on your face, neck, and ears. So please family! Sit back, relax, and prepare to get checked out! Know I LOVE you, with ALL of my person, and I will see you tomorrow.
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 1 220
Lachtan EN
Lachtan EN 3 hours ago
Katori:Hows your day goin Me:i almost killed myself Katori:Nice
Lydia Key
Lydia Key 9 hours ago
Me, trying to read the eye thing in the distance *cant read past the fourth line*
Thelibertarian1776 18 hours ago
Seems like I'd know if my retina were detached.
alex :D
alex :D Day ago
i am ~relaxed~
Tinker Hikari
I love the sound of your voice. Thank you for help me relax. And another female asmr-ist that focuses on content and tingles and not showing her....form.. 👍
Nevaeh Fletcher
Nevaeh Fletcher 2 days ago
Me: eating and drinks pop Her: *says to do something* Me: swallows my food and does what she asked
GhosTz 2 days ago
At 7:58 Karuna: *Takes my temp* My temp: 86.5 F Karuna: Perfect Me: fucking dead
Ben ASMR 2 days ago
Hey Im a small ASMR'tist. I would love it if you guys subscribed and shared my youtube channel! Have a blessed day:) Svar
JTX _S1AY3R 2 days ago
Tbh this is the best Asmr video of all time
AkomaRampage 5 days ago
Maggie Ramirez
Maggie Ramirez 5 days ago
Thermometer reads 87.5. Humans are supposed to be at 98.6. Karuna: Perfect!
Pedro Osny
Pedro Osny 5 days ago
( θ_θ ) / __ ) UM MACACO COM SONO
PumpkinEater69 5 days ago
First time ASMR actually worked for me
Elli Ess
Elli Ess 6 days ago
lol whys nobody talking about the peepee?
Crazy Cats Slime and More
*the opposite of Dr. Exhausting*
corrupt bossy
corrupt bossy 6 days ago
Hey_Itz_ Summer
Hey_Itz_ Summer 7 days ago
why did i get tingles in my leg though??😂
Redrose Abd
Redrose Abd 8 days ago
What is your mbti istp? Entp? ☺️☺️☺️☺️ wonderful viddd
ItsjustAyumity 9 days ago
You’ve know when you went to far down into the comment section when you start to see people calling her mum or mom
donna taylor
donna taylor 9 days ago
Can you do we're you work in a zoo or farm and show all the animals also giving them a check up Ly
Konwalijka Ko
Konwalijka Ko 10 days ago
Great asmr 😚Karuna satori way of talking reminds me about hannibal friend psychiatrist
Kay CT
Kay CT 10 days ago
“Computers can be wrong” we also have human error but I mean you’re the doctor so I’m not stressing... woah that was 12 pumps... I’m gonna die 🤭 amazing asmrtist ❤️
mya wickham
mya wickham 11 days ago
at 6:57 the way she said k 👽👾💀👻
Alecc tricity
Alecc tricity 11 days ago
Her: How’s your day been? Me: Horrible, I tripped down the stairs today, I almost got into a fight, I’m single- Her: Yea? That’s good to hear
Ohk faith
Ohk faith 11 days ago
was that a peener.🤔
Kendra Faloi
Kendra Faloi 11 days ago
30:43 🥴😳
Crazy Ketket
Crazy Ketket 12 days ago
Ok i see white fuzzies WHO knew ASMR cap stop me from going blind
Roberta Dickens
Roberta Dickens 12 days ago
Thank You Karuna
Anika Korinko
Anika Korinko 13 days ago
Wish you were my actual doctor because no doctors are this nice 😂
DarthSkywalker019 14 days ago
Im going to use a tongue depressor Me: well I'm definitely not depressed already
thisguy here
thisguy here 14 days ago
MORE TRIGGERS LESS TALKING....its make believe we dont gotta go into small details...sorry I love ur channel some times u go on rants right has I'm falling sleep and wakes right up..
Miki B
Miki B 14 days ago
This is so relaxing, definitely more so then at the actual doctors. I mixed something up when explaining my medical history to my new doctor and started balling my eyes out for no reason other than I messed up.... So this is a GREAT improvement lol
Bread Rum & Rosemary
I love you.
Heart Eyes
Heart Eyes 14 days ago
Her: I’m Doctor Satori Tingles: *begin* Me: Oh yesssssss
Probando Cerveza
Probando Cerveza 14 days ago
Puelto lico , means Puerto Rico
Riko Bry
Riko Bry 15 days ago
All About Abby
All About Abby 15 days ago
Thank you for the spongebob quote
Creature Of Nature
Creature Of Nature 15 days ago
Loveee your nails! What shade of nail polish is that ?
Pao 15 days ago
-Have you been thru a cranial nerve examination before? Me: a thounsand with different asmrdoctors
Liliana Acosta
Liliana Acosta 16 days ago
Rachael L
Rachael L 16 days ago
Geez the tingles when you said "comfortable...comfortable...comfortable" and "deep, deep, deep." So good! I love your voice, enunciation, and persona - great work. :)
Mirianne Lemire
Mirianne Lemire 16 days ago
a a doctor, phrases like "doctor these days are just treating patients like numbers" or "sometimes patients with serious illnesses have to act like they are okay in front of their doctor in fear of being judged" just broke my heart
Kayy 16 days ago
Karuna : *uses latex gloves* Me: *breaks out in hives*
HAT 16 days ago
As a medical student, I find these kind of ASMR videos HIGHLY amusing but also oddly relaxing...
montana rose
montana rose 16 days ago
Itz_Lily WiFi
Itz_Lily WiFi 16 days ago
Hi. ;-;
Mary Anne
Mary Anne 17 days ago
Mom: *walking in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom* Me: *doing a very big smile just like a maniac because Karuna asked* Mum: 😳
The Cats Meow Games
Karuna: have you had a cranial nerve exam before? Me: I was here yesterday!
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
Wait.. that is not a number...
Water Spark
Water Spark 18 days ago
Temp: 86.5 Karuna “perfect”
A person
A person 18 days ago
Anyone else fail the smell test......
Zak Emerick
Zak Emerick 19 days ago
30:39 why am I seeing no comments about this
Sav Rose
Sav Rose 19 days ago
When I was a kid and did the hearing test I was hearing more than just the clicking but the sounds from the machine. And then I got headphones and blasted music which ruined my perfect hearing. And now my mom doesn’t believe me when I say I have a problem...
alyssahugs 19 days ago
hi karuna!! unique request, but i love the way you say “your eyes” in this video where it sounds like “yourdyes.” is there anyway you can maybe say this phrase more in your future videos?? i love you for all you do for us, thank you 💕
Brevard Smith
Brevard Smith 19 days ago
Dr. Giggles ASMR. Halloween is right around the corner.
Gacha Pugz
Gacha Pugz 19 days ago
*she protecc* *she attac* But most importantly *The feeling in my legs are bacc!!!*
DerBauer 20 days ago
I had no idea cranial nerve topic is so hot
TheoryCow 21 day ago
Karuna: *shakes pepper shaker directly onto my tongue* Karuna: Can you taste that? Me: Yes that tastes like BURNING
pointlessgirlxx 22 days ago
Omg I guessed oranges in the first smelling test and I actually got it right should I be scared 😂😂😂
Normalmanboi 23 days ago
As you’re my moody sister and my own mother im pretty sure you know and understand me 😂😂
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