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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.
A classic cranial nerve is what I was feeling this evening! I don’t know why, but I’ve been revisiting the “less stressful” ASMR videos. The more personal types, where it’s one on one compared to sounds. I love the “rude” RPs, but this one was a classic kind bit. I feel like everyone needs s hug right now, so just know I’m here for you! With that being said, I’ll be focusing on your five senses, a nice exam and checkup on your face, neck, and ears. So please family! Sit back, relax, and prepare to get checked out! Know I LOVE you, with ALL of my person, and I will see you tomorrow.
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 80
zyzo99 2 days ago
Your name is Doctor Satori...uhmmm. and my name is Master of Science Engineer Licensed Architect John Dow )))
Jesse White
Jesse White 4 days ago
Who else forget they were watching an ASMR video, and was hoping she wouldn't find anything.
Pokemon Tcg Legends
Temperature: 86.5 Karuna: Perfect Me: HOW AM I ALIVE
Flávia Melo
Flávia Melo 8 days ago
You speak so fast 😑
Lindsey Marshall
Lindsey Marshall 9 days ago
She google if it turned into a human doctor.
Brick Stubborn
Brick Stubborn 10 days ago
30:42 Me panicking cause I might be colorblind Karuna: how bout this one Me still panicking: uhhhh, penis! My mom coming into my room: 😐 Me: nothing!
Akshay Shah
Akshay Shah 11 days ago
i want a blood pressure checkup from you :)
Gracie Yeet
Gracie Yeet 11 days ago
her: *makes sure i don’t have a lazy eye* me, with a lazy eye: **oh no**
Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk 11 days ago
I just realized when she smiles she looks like James Charles...I hate myself
Dognyres Mother of Pitbulls
Well Damn... Is that a littman stethoscope? You aren't fuckin' around... Where my medical people at!? Not a toy stethoscope by a long shot.
I. J.
I. J. 13 days ago
How do you pronounce the number penis?
Raincloud ;-;
Raincloud ;-; 16 days ago
I wish I could take her seriously but the new glasses get me every time 👁👄👁
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 17 days ago
30:42 Me: hold up wait a minute something is not right🤔
ariana uwu
ariana uwu 18 days ago
I just wanted to sleep, but I ended up getting more gay than I already am kaskkskd, this was so good, good job :)
Will Mooney
Will Mooney 19 days ago
"It would serve a purpose"
Lyle Heather
Lyle Heather 21 day ago
let's get this video to 1 MILLION views before June!
Guapa 59
Guapa 59 21 day ago
Sarah: hello I am doctor Satori and will be filling in for you regular doctor. Me: Wait so you're saying doctor Karuna isnt here?😢
squ izz
squ izz 22 days ago
no. you do not have consent to touch me. stop iT
Zoey Green
Zoey Green 22 days ago
Why was one of the color blind test a penis 😂🤣
heidi 22 days ago
omg how shes still looking good with those glasses
Jimmy Rogers
Jimmy Rogers 23 days ago
You are beautiful
酒の紅 23 days ago
lol she stole the eye sight chart from the dmv😂
P.I.F.F 24 days ago
4040 aye my angel number I needed~~~ And why did I get caught off gaurd from the dick drawing😂😂only a true queen could slip that in and keep a sttaight face🌟😋😋😌✨we Stan🌹🌹
Jayce Richardson
Jayce Richardson 26 days ago
I love that you ask for consent it's very nice especially for alot of people with PTSD who never had someone care to ask them for consent it means alot to know our opinions and feelings matter
Blake Lloyd
Blake Lloyd 26 days ago
I only saw the penis colorblind test
boom 、
boom 、 25 days ago
you whAT
Filip Culjak
Filip Culjak 26 days ago
Dr: How is your day been Me: my grandma just died Dr: oh that's perfect
Anda Panda
Anda Panda 27 days ago
This is the funniest cranial nerve exam. 🤣
Patrick Larkin
Patrick Larkin Month ago
We got the same birthday
Oliver Month ago
Jojos asmr
wait wait was that a d**k lmfaoooo 30:42
Halley 22
Halley 22 Month ago
Anyone else taste the tongue depressor 😂
Halley 22
Halley 22 Month ago
"Eyes, ears, mouth and nose" just add touch. I do sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch 😇🌍 Great, relaxing video.
Frothy ツ
Frothy ツ Month ago
Why does her voice sound deep when it ain’t
mRsTePhEnA97 Month ago
Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who sees a penis at 30:42
Cursed Creature
Cursed Creature Month ago
So no one is gonna question wtf happened at 30:41 ?
XBOX:FOXY5421 Month ago
lushcious Month ago
just close... yed ayes
Alyssa H
Alyssa H Month ago
Did anyone else see the penis in the color blind test 😂😂😂
AllyCat 013
AllyCat 013 Month ago
“What is the reason for your Cranial Nerve Examination today?” “Oh. I can’t sleep.” *”Good”*
Alyssa Jeff
Alyssa Jeff Month ago
11:38 Her- Just close your eyes Me-👁👅👁 hahaha NOPE
chara dreemurr
chara dreemurr Month ago
Karuna: now, what is the reason for your cranial nerve examination? Me: *I SWALLOWED A ROCK*
Alex Doscher
Alex Doscher Month ago
Ok with that damn thermometer I have questions 1. Did that just work without batterys? 2. HOW DID IT WORK WITHOUT A POWER SOURCE! 3. 86.5 degrees farenheit isn't good the average body temperature is 98.6 degrees farenheit
xx dinosaur_teeth xx
Loic B-M
Loic B-M Month ago
she high af
Emma Eelman
Emma Eelman Month ago
Karuna: excuse me Me: HER NAME IS MARGO!! I think quarantine is doing somthing to me
xx dinosaur_teeth xx
I threw up during this 😅
Christina Wetherell
I like your stethoscope
The arty Elephant
ZodiaRipper 2 months ago
Would would you put a add in the middle my ears blew off
nazor 2 months ago
Karuna: "have you ever been through a cranial nerve exam before?" Me: "yes It's my third one today"
Ok BoOmEr
Ok BoOmEr 4 days ago
Same haha lmao
Lisa Cahill
Lisa Cahill 9 days ago
To you errr v
copper stitches
copper stitches 2 months ago
Karina"perfect"..."My timp" 86.5"..."me"mmmmm nope I'm a cadaver karuna"
Arica James
Arica James 2 months ago
you should make a 360° asmr
Lauren Carey
Lauren Carey 2 months ago
has she ever been to a doctor??
Elnora Tyus
Elnora Tyus 2 months ago
Referrer and the police are not working with a hour or more AGAIN b e ntered I have to be at work at the daycare said the store is close to be at work at home by herself in the house with phone calls to
Elnora Tyus
Elnora Tyus 2 months ago
Where Chavez going to at first call me yo about registration and told they was going to have
Elnora Tyus
Elnora Tyus 2 months ago
Reva I have to be at work at home by herself in the house she wouldn't go in rain for next two weeks and the other belly people are not 65th and Faye Reagan administration is that it was and Faye Reagan administration is that it was and Faye Reagan administration is that it is a pinch of salt and pepper to taste in music and Faye Reagan administration is that it was and 5th and Faye Reagan administration is that it is and and Faye Reagan administration is that it is a pinch of salt and she and and and Faye Reagan and Faye Reagan administration is that it
Elnora Tyus
Elnora Tyus 2 months ago
Reva can 55th and the police are not working with a hour late hear a shot and the police are not working with
Izzy’s World
Izzy’s World 2 months ago
Is it just me or did someone else see something when she was showing the numbers on the paper
Madison O'Connor
Madison O'Connor 2 months ago
30:44 did anyone else spot that non number and a ....
Brodie Doyle
Brodie Doyle 2 months ago
33:23 Karuna: Go ahead and give this a smell for me. Me who just shat my pants: Pathetic
Frosted_Cinnamon 2 months ago
Mom: *walks in my room* hey sweetie dinners rea- Me: 15:14 My mom: HEY ALEXA, HOW DO YOU SET A KID UP FOR ADOPTION
Car enthusiast zombie cat 666
Frosted_Cinnamon 2 months ago
Who else wants a doctor rp where there is actually something wrong with the patient and the doctor does some tests then makes a diagnosis?
Sierra Tomlinson
Sierra Tomlinson 2 months ago
86.5 degrees... am i- am i dead?
Judeana Patton
Judeana Patton 2 months ago
Now that I have watched this video I kinda of want a cranial nerve exam oh and the word you forgot to say was sight
Ahmet B
Ahmet B 3 months ago
This is a very good roleplay. I love it. 🤗
Azary Ferry
Azary Ferry 3 months ago
Did anybody see the penis
Pedro Macedo
Pedro Macedo 3 months ago
Karuna: Can you confirm your name, address and phone number? Me: *starts saying my name* Karuna: Ok, that seems to have changed uhh, I'm not sure who I am right now
Olivia Emmette
Olivia Emmette 3 months ago
Am i blind or was that a penis drawing?
ali alanezi
ali alanezi 3 months ago
* 28:52 ** yes i see characters*
Carinedy Hardy
Carinedy Hardy 3 months ago
Do a Donna from that 70 show role play
Allison Brassard
Allison Brassard 3 months ago
anyone else notice 30:43 ,..........
GOGO P. 3 months ago
👁 👁 👃 I'm beautiful 👄
Tina 3 months ago
Am I the only one that saw a penis?
jimins pinky
jimins pinky 3 months ago
I've been listening to psycho by red velvet for the past three days...
Aimee Davenport
Aimee Davenport 3 months ago
Says won't make it long video is two hours
Aimee Davenport
Aimee Davenport 3 months ago
Huh dr. WHAT! Is that you new yandere simulator character i have been waiting for to come out!!!!
Jeff Gentle
Jeff Gentle 3 months ago
I love your very unique name. Also your down to earth ASMR videos are great! Love the tattoos. My GF has several as well. Keep up the great work. My Grade School Principal had your last name. That was many many moons ago! I look forward to your future work...😊 P.S. the mouth clicks remined me of my childhood pediatrician Dr. Sato! He was the best!
Emma Plays Roblox
Emma Plays Roblox 3 months ago
When Karuna shaked my hand in the beginning I felt like: 👁👄👁👋🏼
Packed 3 months ago
Lilytoon 3 months ago
Temp: *is 86°F* Karuna: Perfect. Wait no, I'm dead
Mathew Alcober
Mathew Alcober 3 months ago
Her glasses tho'.
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball 3 months ago
@ 3:44 😳 did anyone else catch that? Or am I seeing shit 😂
Tron Meta
Tron Meta 3 months ago
Bleu pines hhhhh😂😂
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