[ASMR] Beauty Salon ~ Doing Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

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Welcome to my relaxing beauty salon where I will be doing your eyebrows and eyelashes in this personal attention filled ASMR. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, lots of face touching and brushing, latex gloves, tweezer plucking, makeup and more!
New uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! Be sure to come back often ^_^
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 80
spillthetae -tae
her: **showing eyebrow styles** so what would you like? me: oh straig- her: i think soft angled me: oh okay that can work too 👁👄👁
Kate Ferrara
Kate Ferrara Day ago
Sorry her
Destiny Roff-williams
I actually fell asleep and woke up with my phone on my face! xD
AJ Gentry
AJ Gentry 14 days ago
If she drew eyebrows on the camera, I don't know if my calm would be interrupted or enhanced.
Zoe 24 days ago
i can't understand your accent
vasiliki bloumi
vasiliki bloumi Month ago
Me: watching this video for 1000th time Ting ting: Werrrrcome back Me: I was watching this video before 3 minutes. Did you miss me??
kim dodi
kim dodi Month ago
Before: 👁👄👁 After: 👄 👁 👁
usuf jwux
usuf jwux Month ago
I love it that she is even at the end whispering
louise hocdé
louise hocdé Month ago
What i like in tingting ‘s vidéos is the AMAZING QUALITY AUDIO
Sarina Venable
Sarina Venable Month ago
👁👃👁 👅
rotisserie chicken
rotisserie chicken 2 months ago
Werrcome back :)
amysteries 2 months ago
The ad scared me to death x'D
usuf jwux
usuf jwux 2 months ago
I love it when she says 'very good', because I think it sounds like a doctor, a dentist for example: oh yes, you brushed your teeth very good 😂
Liam Vaknin
Liam Vaknin 3 months ago
louies7mafia 3 months ago
Who's procrastinating getting ready for work?? I am...I want the tingles!!
Woodland Whimsy of Trenton
Beautiful video, very relaxing
radizzle 3 months ago
me: is about to get another mental breakdown because of Insomnia tingting: Uploads me: *Ok NEvEr MiNd*
Varu Rajasegar
Varu Rajasegar 4 months ago
Wt was wrong wth her?
Sango vi Britannia
Sango vi Britannia 4 months ago
Me with others ASMR'tists: *stay awake for 4 hours* Me with Tingting: *sleep already after "Wercome back."* This is why I call her QUEEN!
Lulu Marie
Lulu Marie 4 months ago
Brush brush brush 😍
Jas 4 months ago
Are we not gonna mention the fact that she has “favourite tweezers”
Hey it's Cadence :p
You don't?
Isabela Serrano
Isabela Serrano 4 months ago
Nunyuh Bizniss
Nunyuh Bizniss 5 months ago
*Me, knowing she's just going to choose a shape for me:* Soft angle, soft angle...🤞🤞 *Tingting:* So I think for your face shape, we can do soft angled. *Me:* Yess! ☺️
Alison Osborne
Alison Osborne 5 months ago
Me: *watches video* Me: *moves to all the ‘plucking movements’* My mum: *walks in* Also my mum: “what the hell are u doing?” Also me: *gets scared* oh, I’m getting my eyebrows done. Now may you please leave.
I_Love _Being_Dumb_
I_Love _Being_Dumb_ 5 months ago
This may sound dumb but I find girls soft voices are better then guys, I just don't like the way men talk and plus, girls can be very soft voiced.
Eva Rlm
Eva Rlm 5 months ago
I often think repeating the words is annoying. But the way she said „plug“ like 1000 times got me tingles from heaven 😍
Samara boom boom yeye
Why do feel like in every single one of her vids I feel like she has had that job be for
Alyssa Sowter
Alyssa Sowter 5 months ago
I love the way tingling says eyelashes
AMC Potato
AMC Potato 5 months ago
Me : *Watching this at ** 9:30 ** when I'm not supposed to.* Also Me : It's nice to hear her whisper. Phone : *Loud alarm goes off* Me again : FRICK !!!!!!
Jennifer Washko
Jennifer Washko 5 months ago
Nobody: Ting ting: *Hi guys* Me: *already asleep not even 5 secs in*
박정아 6 months ago
I hope somebody put Korean subtitles😭 The smile is so pretty and the sound is good
dzejlana mesanovic
dzejlana mesanovic 6 months ago
Gacha Japan
Gacha Japan 6 months ago
Tingting :Now close your eyes so I can do your eyelashes Me: keeps eyes open to watch
Connie Jones
Connie Jones 6 months ago
I love this it’s so relaxing
Retr0 6 months ago
Tingting: Hi guys, wercome back. me be like:😴😴
Katie Chester
Katie Chester 6 months ago
I just got my eyebrows done a few hours ago But I could get them done again
Really Emma
Really Emma 6 months ago
Bit of a request Tingting, can you do an ASMR in everyday life video?
Really Emma
Really Emma 6 months ago
What's that brush at 8:05 ?
Peyton _Pan
Peyton _Pan 6 months ago
The mic you use are more sensitive then my friend Emma (XD I’m going to heck)
Leilany vids
Leilany vids 6 months ago
This makes me go to sleep
Tani Chidamwoyo
Tani Chidamwoyo 6 months ago
That’s the exact brow shape I wanted
Nadia Seory
Nadia Seory 6 months ago
Quick question How can she feel that the skin is soft with gloves on?🤔(btw my skin isn't soft)😅
lydia carter
lydia carter 6 months ago
does anyone ever make it to the end of her video’s? i just realized i’ve only made it half way through most of her videos 😂😴
DadOf TheYear
DadOf TheYear 6 months ago
Alternative Title: Pretty Asian Lady Does Your Eyelashes And Eyebrows Against Your Will, And You Won't Be Mad About It!
Theo La
Theo La 6 months ago
You are amazing! Nice video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
lialialia yeah
lialialia yeah 6 months ago
When you actually wanted the soft angled and she predicted it and you think she can read your mind since it's 3 am
Maja Pohley
Maja Pohley 6 months ago
I love ur earrings😍
Laura Kemp
Laura Kemp 6 months ago
Am I the only one who can only always fall asleep to this particular video or no?? 😂❤️
Chuck Rice
Chuck Rice 7 months ago
Tingting uploads Me:searches for headphones Me: looks at clock Me: meh who cares if it’s lunch time? Me:good night
iiRobloxwithLJ 7 months ago
Why is nobody talking about her amazing drawing skills?
iiRobloxwithLJ 7 months ago
I'm gonna share a very bad timestamp which I hated. 32:09
Luiza Alberton
Luiza Alberton 7 months ago
I love how ASMR community is so chill and relaxed
Rosemary Haireka
Rosemary Haireka 7 months ago
Your beauty is so captivating
not my name
not my name 7 months ago
Her: okay what shape do u want? Me: *hoping that she will say soft angled* Her: soft angled? Okay Damnnn she listened to me
Chia Huang
Chia Huang 7 months ago
Can you do a teacher role play??? 🥺🥺🥺
LivingLifeAsJanessa *
tingting should make an actual rp for this... who else?
Sara Chara’s kawaii little sister
She took 32 minutes just do do our eyebrows and eyelashes? Dang imagine all the ASMR we’d get for a whole face!
Вероника Гладкова
Есть кто русскоязычный?
もしかしてこれかな? パスモさんがお手本にしてるって言ってた動画
Felix_spark 7 months ago
And then I prepared the hot-t towel for you SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
• Denki Kaminari •
No one: Literally nobody alive: Not a single soul: Me watching this video for the 100th time: Y’know this is the first time I’ve made it past 4 minutes...cool Edit: Usually it’s hard for me to fall asleep so I started watching asmr to see if it would help and I’d just watch whatever popped up until I found tingting, after that I’d watch her almost every night (often this video) whenever I had a bad day at school or was just very stressed and it would just help me to fall asleep in seconds. Love you tingting keep up the good work! 💕
Renata Fidelis
Renata Fidelis 7 months ago
leah and lucy donaghy
What asmr people think we look like 👂🏻👁👃🏻👁👂🏻 👄
leah and lucy donaghy
Her:hi Me:hi Her:*taps my face* Me:can you please stop that Her:NO IM TRYING TO DO ASMR Me: I thought I was getting my eyebrows done not asmr
christina bursheim
christina bursheim 7 months ago
Eye contact containers with eye lashes in them.... supposedly real eye lashes.... she be scechy.😨
Sonia Vannozzi
Sonia Vannozzi 7 months ago
I love your make up ❤😍
Daisy Prescott
Daisy Prescott 7 months ago
Aww! TingTing! You have Daisy flower earrings on! My name is Daisy!
takethistoyourgrave 7 months ago
sooo i just got my fake airpods so... i dont have to worry about pulling my phone off the stool at night with the wire !!!
Shio Mio
Shio Mio 7 months ago
My stuffed animal doggo loves you. I think it fell asleep before me.
Lanolyn Rivera
Lanolyn Rivera 7 months ago
I love the way she says the word "brush".
Emma 7 months ago
Pause it at 1:23
Archimedes 8 months ago
Me: I haven't gotten my eyebrows done in a long time Tingting: uploads a new eyebrow video Me: THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN
Connor Sky
Connor Sky 8 months ago
Start a asmr just to have a reason to shush people :)
GachaKitten 8 months ago
To ANYONE reading this, Someone loves you. Someone would die for you. Someone wants you to be happy. Someone will always be there for you. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Have a nice day! And also, *go to sleep.*
Asya Raut
Asya Raut 8 months ago
Где русские?
lilove Korea
lilove Korea 8 months ago
Oh in reallife I have soft angled eyebrows 😋❤️by the way I love your videos so much 😍💍❤️
Chloe Hayes
Chloe Hayes 8 months ago
me: *clicks on video* tingting: "hi guys" me: "say it say it !" tingting: "werrcome back" me: *melts*
Karma 5 months ago
Lmao. That happens to da best of us. :D
someone 7 months ago
i liked your comment second :))
Dai Rosé
Dai Rosé 7 months ago
100th like 😊
CRAZY AVOCADO 7 months ago
@Chloe Hayes SOOOO relatable
liana young
liana young 7 months ago
this comment is so original!
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown 8 months ago
Before I picked...she picked the same thing...I was like yes girl.
Me 8 months ago
For chu that happens to scroll to here, I would like to say; this won’t help chu sleep. Edit :No one is going to like this:(
Hello Friend
Hello Friend 8 months ago
But where’s the Asian brow?
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