[ASMR] Beauty Salon ~ Doing Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

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Welcome to my relaxing beauty salon where I will be doing your eyebrows and eyelashes in this personal attention filled ASMR. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, lots of face touching and brushing, latex gloves, tweezer plucking, makeup and more!
New uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! Be sure to come back often ^_^
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 1 166
uwu Day ago
Her: okay what shape do u want? Me: *hoping that she will say soft angled* Her: soft angled? Okay Damnnn she listened to me
Chia Huang
Chia Huang Day ago
Can you do a teacher role play??? 🥺🥺🥺
LivingLifeAsJanessa *
tingting should make an actual rp for this... who else?
WoMp WoMp WoMp YaEyAeYaEyAe
She took 32 minutes just do do our eyebrows and eyelashes? Dang imagine all the ASMR we’d get for a whole face!
Вероника Гладкова
Есть кто русскоязычный?
もしかしてこれかな? パスモさんがお手本にしてるって言ってた動画
Felix_spark 6 days ago
And then I prepared the hot-t towel for you SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
• Scourge •
• Scourge • 6 days ago
No one: Literally nobody alive: Not a single soul: Me watching this video for the 100th time: Y’know this is the first time I’ve made it past 4 minutes...cool Edit: Usually it’s hard for me to fall asleep so I started watching asmr to see if it would help and I’d just watch whatever popped up until I found tingting, after that I’d watch her almost every night (often this video) whenever I had a bad day at school or was just very stressed and it would just help me to fall asleep in seconds. Love you tingting keep up the good work! 💕
Renata Fidelis
Renata Fidelis 7 days ago
leah and lucy donaghy
What asmr people think we look like 👂🏻👁👃🏻👁👂🏻 👄
leah and lucy donaghy
Her:hi Me:hi Her:*taps my face* Me:can you please stop that Her:NO IM TRYING TO DO ASMR Me: I thought I was getting my eyebrows done not asmr
christina bursheim
Eye contact containers with eye lashes in them.... supposedly real eye lashes.... she be scechy.😨
Sonia Vannozzi
Sonia Vannozzi 10 days ago
I love your make up ❤😍
Miraculous ladybug And Cat Noir fan at heart
Aww! TingTing! You have Daisy flower earrings on! My name is Daisy!
beebo 11 days ago
sooo i just got my fake airpods so... i dont have to worry about pulling my phone off the stool at night with the wire !!!
Abigail Evans
Abigail Evans 11 days ago
GUYS I KNOW WHY THERE ARE SO MANY DISLIKES! I came back to this video this morning after falling asleep to it. While asleep, I had accidentally bumped the dislike button 😵🤭
Shio Mio
Shio Mio 12 days ago
My stuffed animal doggo loves you. I think it fell asleep before me.
Lanolyn Rivera
Lanolyn Rivera 14 days ago
I love the way she says the word "brush".
Emma 15 days ago
Pause it at 1:23
Me: I haven't gotten my eyebrows done in a long time Tingting: uploads a new eyebrow video Me: THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN
Connor Sky
Connor Sky 18 days ago
Start a asmr just to have a reason to shush people :)
GachaKitten 18 days ago
To ANYONE reading this, Someone loves you. Someone would die for you. Someone wants you to be happy. Someone will always be there for you. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Have a nice day! And also, *go to sleep.*
Asya Raut
Asya Raut 19 days ago
Где русские?
lilove Korea
lilove Korea 19 days ago
Oh in reallife I have soft angled eyebrows 😋❤️by the way I love your videos so much 😍💍❤️
Star Dust
Star Dust 20 days ago
Her: do you want this shape Me: no Her: okay great Me: I want the shape now please 🙂
Chloe Hayes
Chloe Hayes 20 days ago
me: *clicks on video* tingting: "hi guys" me: "say it say it !" tingting: "werrcome back" me: *melts*
Danielle Bracy
Danielle Bracy 9 days ago
100th like 😊
CRAZY AVOCADO 9 days ago
@Chloe Hayes SOOOO relatable
X•Shadow Dan•X ッ
Chloe Hayes xD this is the best
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown 16 days ago
this comment is so original!
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown 20 days ago
Before I picked...she picked the same thing...I was like yes girl.
Devious Sandra
Devious Sandra 20 days ago
For chu that happens to scroll to here, I would like to say; this won’t help chu sleep. Edit :No one is going to like this:(
Hello Friend
Hello Friend 21 day ago
But where’s the Asian brow?
ComedyRole6 21 day ago
Oh wow. Was watching last night and the next thing I know is that I'm here, at 8am... When I opened my iPad I found the video finished. This is the first time that has happened woah.
•Jażży •
•Jażży • 21 day ago
Irl my eyebrows are the third one
The Mosaic System
The Mosaic System 25 days ago
I try to do hard angle but always end up with straight because of how my eyebrows grow 😭
Dalek Caan
Dalek Caan 25 days ago
The hard rock ad at the start doesn’t help
tropical glitter
tropical glitter 25 days ago
I really like her beautifully voice. She looks so friendly and kind... She is so beautifully~
Jessica P
Jessica P 26 days ago
* *Jeffee Star has left the chat* *
Nina Wonderland
Nina Wonderland 27 days ago
I'm watching this at 19: 30 but I couldn't care less
Le monde de camila
Le monde de camila 27 days ago
Le monde de camila
Le monde de camila 27 days ago
Mimchi 27 days ago
Your videos are the best, they always help me to sleep when I'm really stressed, your voice is so calming~
Kim Lou
Kim Lou 29 days ago
Whispering doesn’t usually trigger tingles for me, but TingTing’s does.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 29 days ago
She's so pretty and sounds like such a kind-hearted human being ❤✌
mayla garcia
mayla garcia 29 days ago
*her doing my eye Brows* Me:*asleep*
Marco Carreon
Marco Carreon 29 days ago
.... (: :) Relaxing and amazing
Elekt Month ago
Am I the only boy here Yes? No?
Yana Polezhaeva
Yana Polezhaeva Month ago
Eyelayshes Sooo cute❤
MudochsTurtle YT
Jacks Yagami
Jacks Yagami 29 days ago
Moira White why.
Yıldız Gürpınar
Do not dare to utter the same word several times. This is annoying !!!😑😑😑
Jacks Yagami
Jacks Yagami 29 days ago
Yıldız Gürpınar its tingly
Garfinkel Hayden
Why you tapping on my “eyes” lady!
Rowan Sky
Rowan Sky Month ago
This is your best one ever in my opinion! It's so calming and soothing, I have no idea what's even going on because I'm so relaxed and can't stay awake! Perfect!
Wende Tjuuu
Wende Tjuuu Month ago
👂🏻👁 👁👂🏻 👅
emma Month ago
this hairstyle looks really good on her
į Wraith į
į Wraith į Month ago
Top memes in this comment section 1. *inspirational quotes invasion* 2. wercome bacc 3. how we look like to asmrtists 4. Ting ting choses the shape, not you. 5. eyes open like a *rebel* 6. ah shit, here we go again 7. asmr uses to be a joke 8. something about her looks 👀 9. comment scrolling 10. tinger bell 🌝✨🔫 *убить меха*
Aku The _Gacha Youtuber
I just realized I have never actually watched the full video I always fall asleep right when she starts showing us the different shapes XD
Kong L
Kong L Month ago
Do you know am a you tube too
Kong L
Kong L Month ago
@MudochsTurtle YT that was my sister sorry I need a pass for my phone now since she keeps on going to RUvid oh and I'm not a RUvidr sorry~
MudochsTurtle YT
Kong L
Kong L Month ago
You are asmr so can we be friends please it looks good and I want to eat that looks good 😝😋
Marika Super
Marika Super Month ago
You have an amazing, sweet, soft voice💙
Jade Month ago
When you can only get the 4th eyebrow style with a slight curve because your brow bone is effed up 😭
Joy Madumba
Joy Madumba Month ago
why your voice like that wahahaha.... so weird 😀😂🤣🤣😂🤣
MudochsTurtle YT
Shes whispering...
extraordinary life hacks
Be like bob He has homework due tomorrow, 2 assessments and he has to do the dishes. Bob chooses to watch Tingting
Jacks Yagami
Jacks Yagami 29 days ago
extraordinary life hacks I’m bob
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