asking strangers if they want $1,000,000

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May 5, 2021




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Isaiah Photo
Isaiah Photo Month ago
Make sure to go watch the first video over on my second channel! :) - ruvid.net/u-isaiahvlogs
Lonnie Richie
Lonnie Richie 3 hours ago
*jumps out window*can I have the money
Lincoln Page
Lincoln Page 5 hours ago
Verónica Lopez
Verónica Lopez 7 hours ago
Pro Essence
Pro Essence 8 hours ago
@Mr. Shark yes I get the reference too
Pro Essence
Pro Essence 8 hours ago
SB StopMotion
SB StopMotion 8 minutes ago
Id say yes in a heart beat
alex m irl
alex m irl 21 minute ago
I want 1,000 bucks
Jean Starnes
Jean Starnes 30 minutes ago
Me the whole video: Who the hell is saying no to this?
Zxcke 39 minutes ago
Wow lol
•Zuzu. _ .Chan•
•Zuzu. _ .Chan• 48 minutes ago
I would just take $1 thank you imma go buy Chocolate
Ivo Kotze
Ivo Kotze 49 minutes ago
This guy just straight up trying to be mr beast but not making them actually try at all
gaming channle
gaming channle 57 minutes ago
Thats sad beacuse u give someone a money they dont want it
callen surien
callen surien Hour ago
Him:u want 1million dollars Me:nope,I want 2 million
Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker Hour ago
Wtf I’d say yes no problem
Brady Rieflin
Brady Rieflin Hour ago
I would like a million dollars
Tyretes Hour ago
do you have $1? do you have $1m?
Money can't buy happiness that's why they say no??
Merijn de Rooij
Bro if you do this in the Netherlands they will do it for 10 cents
Jumong G3apo
Jumong G3apo 2 hours ago
Go in the Philippines
Heaven Zubah
Heaven Zubah 2 hours ago
Him: want 1,000,000,000 dollars? Me: GIVE ME THE MONEY
GAW ZILLA 2 hours ago
Can i have a xiaomi redmi 9t? 😂
him: hey you want $1? me:Hell yeah free?
A James
A James 2 hours ago
Ill take it
Aarush sarode
Aarush sarode 2 hours ago
This place I have seen in gta v
Pamela Inocencio
Pamela Inocencio 2 hours ago
It’s because they are nice
DINO_Noogets Numnum
ZakizClipz 2 hours ago
All Of Them Are Stupid
capt.random 2 hours ago
I would have took even the 5$
Big_Bomb 3 hours ago
How HOW CAN SOMEONE SAY NO TO $1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xero_ghost46 3 hours ago
Venice beach that was fun
Randeg 3 hours ago
id take 5 cents man im broke
Ohitika Eaglechasing
Can I have a doller 😃😃😃?
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 3 hours ago
I want to thousand million dollar
Luciana Lovegood
Luciana Lovegood 3 hours ago
😭 I would've taken the one dollar
Antlers 4 hours ago
Dress up as mrbeast and everyone would be piling on you
FreeCapy 4 hours ago
My man got blue balled so hard lol
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 4 hours ago
Thats wierd, I thought Americans rely on nothing but money
Cookies are delicious
TheRed 420
TheRed 420 4 hours ago
No matter how much money i would be offered i would take it bc its free
Anurag Majumder
Anurag Majumder 4 hours ago
You should add the word free.. In it 😂
Nightfall 4 hours ago
Him: you want a million dollars Me: yes Him: oh sorry I wasn’t expecting you to actually say yes
Kelvin Thompson
Kelvin Thompson 5 hours ago
Dayauan 21
Dayauan 21 5 hours ago
That’s crazy
We play
We play 5 hours ago
Heck some kid asked if I wanted 4 dollars heck I said I’m down
Isabella nichole
Isabella nichole 5 hours ago
Lincoln Ferreira
Lincoln Ferreira 5 hours ago
He’s at the gta beach lol
Carter Anderson
Carter Anderson 5 hours ago
Spexz Yr
Spexz Yr 5 hours ago
I take 100$ yall crazy
Typìcał Akì
Typìcał Akì 6 hours ago
Me: Yes Sir I Want
Kage Origin
Kage Origin 6 hours ago
Dude I want a dollar. I don't work so to disabilities and been sick so. XD
Stoglin 0
Stoglin 0 6 hours ago
Cali be like
TheTrashKID 6 hours ago
I would said yes by now I’m suprised
Marilyn Silao
Marilyn Silao 6 hours ago
Wait I want to thousand dollars
Kan_na7 6 hours ago
Others are saying "no" because they wanna work hard not get free money the more tou work the more experience you get. And it can even make our parents proud. So if we say "yes" then we wasted our time in school. So ill prob say "no" too. Get your own Buissness Work hard to make your parents proud.
Dylan Linger
Dylan Linger 6 hours ago
I would say yes to 1$
Althea Dimabayao
Althea Dimabayao 6 hours ago
I want it hundred dollars
CACTUS JONES 6 hours ago
I want 1.000.000 dollars I live in a apartment
blue sky
blue sky 6 hours ago
A whole street full of idiots
C Y R U Z 7 hours ago
These place looks familiar to me Isn't it?
Dasha Gutierrez
Dasha Gutierrez 7 hours ago
I’ll take it
Honeybee and Oreo's World
metorres10 7 hours ago
i would say yes
Neto Lopez
Neto Lopez 7 hours ago
They probably believe in God so they're rather take love than money
Dish water
Dish water 7 hours ago
“you want $1,000,000?” “yea” *”me too”*
The purple fox 💜➕🦊
They don’t want their money because they don’t want you to go broke
Mila Longoria
Mila Longoria 7 hours ago
I would take it
ILLxminâ 7 hours ago
Me : Ya'll, the People he askin is RICH
Efren Heredia
Efren Heredia 7 hours ago
I’ll take it
Efren Heredia
Efren Heredia 7 hours ago
I’ll take it
Clinton G.
Clinton G. 7 hours ago
you’d have to be stupid if your in a PUBLIC place walking and a guy with a camera comes and ask you if you want money and your response is no...
Dylan Tidalstalker
Dylan Tidalstalker 7 hours ago
Can I have some money?
Dylan Tidalstalker
Dylan Tidalstalker 7 hours ago
These people are idiots, a rich guy is asking them if they want money...
WhatShouldMyNameBe 7 hours ago
who the faulkkkkkkk would turn down 1000 bucks
X Luna Wolf gotcha life queen🐺🐺🐺🐺
I would take the money to help out my family
Little Ruby
Little Ruby 7 hours ago
Stranger Danger
derin bender
derin bender 7 hours ago
Asking the wrong demographic here😂🤣
ITZ kuonichi
ITZ kuonichi 7 hours ago
Grace Labrador
Grace Labrador 7 hours ago
That's how the people love us now they don't want to get ur money :)
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 7 hours ago
Because it could be illegal money
Brett McCorriston
Brett McCorriston 8 hours ago
I think that is smart to say no because it seems like he stole it
Puppy Sisters
Puppy Sisters 8 hours ago
If you ask me that I will say yes🕶️🖤🕶️🖤
TKninja 8 hours ago
People too overprotective
shadow_dark Bunny :D
Fizzled 8 hours ago
WTH is wrong with them
Michelle Bravo
Michelle Bravo 8 hours ago
Those people are really loyal😶‍🌫️
Bro Modz
Bro Modz 8 hours ago
So you deleted the scenes of the people saying yes 👀
Officer 9wasd
Officer 9wasd 8 hours ago
I’ll take it.....
Jonathan Shabo
Jonathan Shabo 8 hours ago
Canada be like: xd
doge on a white board
You asked all the people the same question and the only reason they said no was because you were in Canada or something idk
Eric_Seo 20261133
Eric_Seo 20261133 8 hours ago
Wow just wow
clay cody
clay cody 8 hours ago
U offer me money il take it
Super Sniper
Super Sniper 8 hours ago
This man cant be ANYWHERE near Florida because no one is saying yes
Jay Lol
Jay Lol 8 hours ago
i would have been like: and where is ur van
Concepcion Garcia
Concepcion Garcia 8 hours ago
Hundred dollars if you come I just want you to give me $100
I’d say yes for a penny
Itsa1orSo 8 hours ago
With that much money i could achieve my dream, and free my anxiety of becoming poor
Joshua B
Joshua B 9 hours ago
I will say yes to because I need it
AJAX 9 hours ago
What in the world
Heeter 9 hours ago
Wtf do you live in this is the most cringe place ever not to except money like this
ttv ttv
ttv ttv 9 hours ago
Spiff 9 hours ago
i knew gta npcs all said the same thing
NAEL KALEEM 9 hours ago
Everyone felt small
Janki 9 hours ago
people are scared when you give them something for free
Strutsyboy78 9 hours ago
What are you Mr Beast
Longest Dunk Wins
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OMG! 😂 #shorts
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