Asking random shy New Yorkers to Sing in Public (by Guitaro 5000)

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Sep 16, 2019




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Victor Ezell
Victor Ezell 6 hours ago
If you were in my city, wait a minute New York is my city ! But I live in Florida now. I would sing anything you could play. Singing makes me happy !
Bell End
Bell End 8 hours ago
Love the video but.. GET OFF THOSE TRACKS !!!!
papo torres
papo torres 11 hours ago
WOW cool idea , hat off , I would sing , Black magic woman , Santana . Alfred NYC / PR
Octavia B
Octavia B 17 hours ago
I’m not a singer but I would to Bob Marley “ Turn your lights down low”
Loretta Laura
I love the lil nas x Afro boy 💖💯😄
Loretta Laura
This is fun😍💞
Jamila Abby Encke
Yessss 💕💕💕 and i would sing “nothing but the blood of Jesus”
Anne Foster
Anne Foster Day ago
I live in Cleburne Texas and yes..in a heartbeat! Song? I can Only Imagine by Mercy Me
Val P.
Val P. Day ago
I sure would! "Ordinary people" by John legend
T Mc
T Mc Day ago
Made my heart happy!!
Casey rorex
Casey rorex Day ago
That kids got more courage than I did at thatageholymoly
Leah Muhammad
These videos always make me feel good
Anna Greene
Anna Greene Day ago
Reggie, If you were in the city of which I happened to be, Basel, Switzerland, Manduria or Lecce, Italy, or Strasbourg or Colmar, France, you'd probably find me singing in the streets, which I was doing frequently until Covid-19 struck. Incidentally, yesterday, Oct, 25, 2020, the audition of our daughter, Taschira Dell'Era, was seen on SAT 1 The Voice Germany 2020. ruvid.net/video/video-Gt1WVTaSfA0.html She slayed it. Believe me, Sir, music changes the atmosphere...even when folk feel they can't carry a tune, connecting with tones makes a positive difference....My favorites Rise Up by Andra Day, Alicia Keys If I Ain't Got You. Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You. Keep doing what you're doing, Man👑
myspaceintexas 2 days ago
I would definitely sing. Tampa Florida I would sing Lost One by Jasmine Sullivan.
Karen Stark
Karen Stark 2 days ago
i’d want to but be so scared of sounding terrible! but i’d probably do it anyway...
Line Danzer
Line Danzer 2 days ago
I love this! Although I'm tone deaf, I'd sing with you if you were in my town. I'd go with "Jericho" by Simply Red.
Kerry-Ann Pagano
Kerry-Ann Pagano 2 days ago
Tenderness by Diana King 😁
criss mac
criss mac 2 days ago
Such a nice idea, sing brings happiness 🎉❤️
PurpleDahlia 3 days ago
Project Queen
Project Queen 3 days ago
I would sing the Jesus culture cover by Aldrich. It's a super freeing song.
Amber Godina
Amber Godina 3 days ago
Sedona don’t let the sun go down
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith 3 days ago
We can’t all sing! I sound like a cat on a hot tin roof! Wish I could sing, god didn’t give me the gift to sing, only gab!
Chris Hammerle
Chris Hammerle 3 days ago
This absolutely amazing! Keep it up!
Ziggy3339 3 days ago
I’d sing some protest war song...”War! Huh ya! What is is good for ? Absolutely nothing, say it again!” 😆😁
Natali Ramos
Natali Ramos 3 days ago
Yasnay Navarrete
Yasnay Navarrete 3 days ago
Yeah! MJ songs are always the best
RUREN 3 days ago
Thing is that I know it feels awkward to sing in there but then who gives a shit? They ain't gonna help u in nothin!😂😂🖕
Mayan Yahud
Mayan Yahud 3 days ago
This was wholesome
Mely Me
Mely Me 4 days ago
soy roos
soy roos 4 days ago
Ayyyyeee kidd!!! Nice one!
Henriette Ziade
Henriette Ziade 4 days ago
Such a nice and generous idea. Bravo 👏
Sharlyse Te Whata
i wish you come to nz and t palmy i'd sing with you
Melissa Maywald
Melissa Maywald 4 days ago
Dreams, by Gabrielle
Chelsea Keesler
Chelsea Keesler 4 days ago
I would absolutely sing with you! But I’ll sing anywhere, lol. I’d probably choose some classic rock for the fun factor. 💜
Lydia Fliess
Lydia Fliess 4 days ago
Every single person in this made me smile too. I think I’d probably sing hold on by Alabama shakes or I will be back one day by lord Huron if you were in my city
Dee's Loft
Dee's Loft 4 days ago
Great Idea!! Remember to always high five the children who sing. Other than that, I smiled watching.
Tiara Bauer
Tiara Bauer 4 days ago
Come to Orlando Florida
Jen Emerald Isle Paranormal Researchers
come to ireland,. i would def sing :D
nubia cairo
nubia cairo 4 days ago
That's really nice 👌 I would sing 'I believe you.' An old song that I really, really love.
Larry Murape
Larry Murape 4 days ago
If you were in my Country and u asked me to sing, I would sing UB40-Falling in love with u
Alma Kronbäck
Alma Kronbäck 4 days ago
I wuld sing impossible or be alright or perfect or somthing XD
Cervantes Hernandez
Thank you !
Diana Devlin
Diana Devlin 4 days ago
I'd have said yes, what an awesome guy!
michelle stone
michelle stone 4 days ago
i would sing with you !!!
Muneeb Zia
Muneeb Zia 5 days ago
I can't sing but I would definitely rap to an Eminem song.
Dutch Car Culture
Well it made me happy to watch :) Nice positive video!
Just4funatv adventures
Carine Bolou
Carine Bolou 5 days ago
I would sing Redemption Song. Definitely.
Gregory Gofuckurself
The song would have to be "Yes" by Musiq Soulchild
Ariana Marsters
Ariana Marsters 5 days ago
This made me smile so much!
Key2English 5 days ago
2019 - when we shared microphones with random strangers
kierra newkirk
kierra newkirk 5 days ago
Ayyeeee I love for this everyone killed it ❤❤❤its bigger then "talent"
Emma Jones
Emma Jones 5 days ago
This was so awesome to watch! I would love to sing with you. Keep bringing smiles through music Mr. Guitaro!
blanche haley
blanche haley 5 days ago
Yes if you came to St. Louis, MO I would sing🎵 🎶 🎤! I would sing a song from the 80’s!!
Alison Hemans
Alison Hemans 5 days ago
I would sing with you even though i am shy but I would sing Thinking of you Frank Ocean.
iris colomba
iris colomba 5 days ago
iris colomba
iris colomba 5 days ago
I like it because is just so much fun making smiles people!!
Gabriel Marqui
Gabriel Marqui 5 days ago
Amei esse vídeo🇧🇷❤️
Heather Boring
Heather Boring 5 days ago
People need to learn to not be so busy and stop for just 2 min to be happy and joyous in life. Spread love and happiness
Ada You
Ada You 6 days ago
jobabe 6 days ago
So many people are so talented. That handsome little guy was fantastic and brave.
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez 6 days ago
Heck yeah I’d sing. I’d ask for some Etta James All I Could Do Was Cry. We’d jam.
Hanifah Ibrahim
Hanifah Ibrahim 6 days ago
I know just which song I’d sing, Thunder Road by the BOSS!
Nilson Brito
Nilson Brito 6 days ago
Muito bom 👍👍👍 um abraço do 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mich204 VJ
Mich204 VJ 6 days ago
I would be shy but I would definitely love to be interrupted during my work day to sing a song or two with your great guitar skills...Seein people be brave to sing in public, also made me smile..so I felt happy too..thx guitarro!!
Bern Fran
Bern Fran 6 days ago
Nice Guitaro! Me, probably something by Whitney Houston.
Darline de la Vega
If you come to Dallas I'd sing Janet Jackson's Together Again. :D
Katie Mccord
Katie Mccord 6 days ago
Yes yes yes. 1000% yes I would sing with you. Idk what song tho lol 😆
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 6 days ago
That little bubba was so sweet
Madiefdez Makeup
Madiefdez Makeup 6 days ago
Next time in NYC imma look for you. So I can saaannnngggg for you
Shante Chavis
Shante Chavis 6 days ago
Yes I wd! Any Fred Hammond song
Ndi Amanda
Ndi Amanda 6 days ago
I'm another continent but if you come to my country and city I would love to
Bea and Sanghoon ambw 국제커플
Its awesome he can give around ppl a smile and love!!
Aidan Donnelly
Aidan Donnelly 7 days ago
I would be like fuck yea
Mike Van Dyk
Mike Van Dyk 7 days ago
Unchained melody
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson 7 days ago
Minneapolis. Love on the Rocks. Love your style, Reggie! Keep Guitaro alive!
Neiryah Aifili
Neiryah Aifili 7 days ago
Yesssssssss. Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande
Art Haitu
Art Haitu 7 days ago
Every one says NAW AND SORRY 😞 JUST SAD
Melodie Cole
Melodie Cole 7 days ago
Love you! And Love this! Thank u for making me smile. If u were in my town and approached me I would sing " I just want to dance" by Toni Braxton
A Grey
A Grey 7 days ago
Jackie Peck
Jackie Peck 7 days ago
I would sing Reba, why haven’t I heard from you! Come on to West Virginia and sing with us!!!
Lila Joseph
Lila Joseph 7 days ago
I'll sing anything, ask my family they ask me to shut up!
N Is Happy
N Is Happy 7 days ago
got bless you man
N Is Happy
N Is Happy 7 days ago
hey i have an idea why don't you put a placard?
lyn vicente
lyn vicente 8 days ago
I would love to sing probably Somebody by Depeche Mode ... more power ... 👌
Pam Jenkins
Pam Jenkins 8 days ago
Aretha Franklin chain of fools
Ana Paula Ferreira
It be such a great if you were herekkak but I think I would sing I'm still standing because my whole family likes and i could sing with them
Light 7
Light 7 8 days ago
Big yesss, I would probably do a spontaneous song
Teresa WastingTime
Cool guitar.
Lindsay Diehl
Lindsay Diehl 8 days ago
Yes Miley Cyrus The Climb
Jason Grinavic
Jason Grinavic 8 days ago
I would sing Carol County Accident By Dolly Pardon or 15,ooo houndred miles away from home Reba McEntire
Alina's Music Void
wished people like this would come to germany so that I can freely sing in public xD
Elisha Gill
Elisha Gill 8 days ago
Scottsboro AL and "Impossible"
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 8 days ago
That was awesome! I was smiling from ear to ear!
N Bambi
N Bambi 8 days ago
Lovely and handsome guy with a guitar 🎸 asking to jam...I hope I would say yes!
Kanti Khanna
Kanti Khanna 8 days ago
I can see clearly now the rain has gone...
My wife can't carry a tune and when she sings it hurts but singing is so important for the mind no matter how shit you are let it out once in a while it is the best therapy bar none great video everyone should sing regardless of talent.
Raven bird
Raven bird 8 days ago
This made me happy just to watch. I would want to sing A night In Tunisia Chaka Khan version...not sure with a guitar but that's the song.
Shantel Buggs
Shantel Buggs 8 days ago
yes!! Probably oh darlin by the beatles or something by adele
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