asking college boys questions girls are too afraid to ask! *EXPLICIT*

Cora Shircel
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in today's vid I ask my guy friends questions girls are too afraid to ask! this is one of my favorite videos ever so I hope you get in a good laugh because I sure did!
#askingboys #explicit #collegeguys
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How old are you? 19
Where do you live? Wisconsin
How tall are you? 5'8"
For business inquiries only plz
sub count to look back on: 39,004

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Jul 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Cora Shircel
Cora Shircel 2 months ago
PART TWO COMING OUT TOMORROW! August 6th @ 2pm central! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out 🥰
anne 6 hours ago
@solenne lang 11
Ruth 2 days ago
@Miguel Lockett I'm trying ✌️😅
Miguel Lockett
Miguel Lockett 2 days ago
Ruth chills
Flamez_ Phoenix
Flamez_ Phoenix 3 days ago
Ruth 7 days ago
The guy with a glasses is really cute❤️
Heylee Rabelo
Heylee Rabelo 44 minutes ago
Sam is underrated
Kai Huso
Kai Huso Hour ago
I assume "why do guys leave girls on read" means something to do with not responding to messages?
Justin Heape
Justin Heape 3 hours ago
What's wrong with their hair??? Is that the style now? I'm lost are they even male ??
Hannah Chitty-Finch
I loved the honesty of the guy in the front. I'll take honesty over sweet answers any day
Maddie G
Maddie G 4 hours ago
the guy sitting shotgun has MASSIVE bryce hall energy
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 4 hours ago
The back left and right passed the test
caldude 5 hours ago
Holy molly...aren't there any alpha male college students these days? Or has that whole generation been socially engineered to be soy boys?
Pizza Lord
Pizza Lord 6 hours ago
I'm 5' 7" and like.. I'm 5 foot 4 and 24 years old...You have no problems shut up lol
Anonymous !
Anonymous ! 9 hours ago
12:01 I'm 💀
Zoe Anne
Zoe Anne 13 hours ago
The blonde one in the back was the most respectful😌
Jessica 07
Jessica 07 13 hours ago
Guys:I don't really care about looks Also guys:only talk about girls looks the whole video
Cindy Vaughn
Cindy Vaughn 14 hours ago
Someone needs to teach that guy how vaginas work. More partners does not mean her vagina will be loose
Chloe Knox
Chloe Knox 15 hours ago
bruhhhhh "hes amidextrous"
Marina Moger
Marina Moger 15 hours ago
it took me months but i finally figured out that nick reminds me of cody ko
Angel Dove
Angel Dove 17 hours ago
Sam is me in guy form.
Bliss Osuna
Bliss Osuna 17 hours ago
"I haven'tshaved in three months" "*I noticed*" IHDHSHJSGSG
David Sumner
David Sumner 19 hours ago
20 seconds in I had to bail.
Domuntu 21 hour ago
I'm male and a lot of these were lies. I'm not telling you which ones
missawesome71499 22 hours ago
y’all are funny af 😂😂😂
GamingWith Blink Bangtan
Im lesbian and watching this
Maxime:Anne Day ago
You look like as of you're the younger sister of Kendra Atkins
esthiefeny feny
Yooo they're so hilarious and makes me smile everytime that guy in the blue shirt answer a question 🤣
Gargle bean Blobs
asians :( when they got to the blonde or brunette part
Commander Wolff
I don't want to say something, but i am a guy and i love the video, even if i don't care shit about the questions, lmao
Keira Anderson
my self esteem went down when they said ass 😂
Александра Л
Please, STOP THAT Constant ZOOOOM!!! 😲 It kills everything!
Ben jammijo
Ben jammijo Day ago
The midget in the front is the best
slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght
I love this video, but the " I didn't cry in 3 years" and " I don't think about sex when I see a picture of hot person" are just lies
Yami Bokuto
Yami Bokuto Day ago
Guy in the front looks like Walmart bryce hall😂
Sterling Forbes
What's crazy is that I had these answers when I was in high school, then most answers changed by my 20s, and now have changed again in my 30s so it's weird looking back and thinking to myself... bro... that was me... what was I thinkin?! 😂
Charlie Lai
Charlie Lai Day ago
I'm back watching this video again because im waiting for this to be a series
jagarnaut singer
😍😍😃😃🤣😘🤩 wooooman 😘😘😘😘😘😅😅😄😄
no thanks
no thanks Day ago
the best part about this video is the editing
oshea charles
Do guys cry? Guy in back instantly: Yes. Awkward silence I'm dead goodbye
Choriflan Day ago
The dude sitted in front knows how to chew a gum? Lol
HaSya Day ago
This is fun
Kencraft Vlog
Justin Andrew Sercena
This is so funny
Parker Porter
them basically calling me unattractive
Eva Ryan Penner
yo I am 12 year old Girl and I am 5'8
Nicholas H
Nicholas H Day ago
Body count definitely matters
Kaitlyn Taylor
Lol I love these men!
Deagan Duttenhoffer
i mean the man not wrong with the most attractive quality
Sunny Bunny
Sunny Bunny Day ago
I smelt that BO from here
Mercedez p.
Mercedez p. Day ago
Funniest thing I watched all night. Thank you!
Joe Ibarra
Joe Ibarra Day ago
Rayres Day ago
I have never seen a whitier video in my life.
Star Light
Star Light Day ago
Justin is soo neutral and down to earth. He seems truly non judgmental. Some faith in younger generations has been restored lol. Loved this Q&A!
Kenidy Harris
5:26 😂💇🏽‍♀️
Kenidy Harris
Justin do be cute
Awesome Dylan
Personality matters more... apperence matters more. Personality only matters if you thst dumb or that mean😢
Shafiq Dexter Abou Zaki
I liked this video a lot. Guys really do think alike mostly. It is so real and down to earth and this is 100% how guys think. So cool and i love the friendship. I was laughing so much and i wish i had bros like them.
lexiii hopeee
guy in the front could get it
Pearl Skys
Pearl Skys Day ago
“ l literally haven’t shaved in three months” yeah I noticed
Pearl Skys
Pearl Skys Day ago
Total Nick and Cora ship
nicholas berari
i love the guys in that car. this video is hilarious. but also kind of true
rafeef Day ago
This is so straight where's the FLAVOR
Umay •
Umay • Day ago
Pls stop doing this 6/10etc. thing every girl is a 10/10❤
Micky Deloach
It’s looks that count at first seeing her across the room! I’m a musician and play bars some of the crap Ive seen girls do in a bar is crazy and what theyve said the second I finish the song and they are yelling their conversation!
Szabolcs Urbán
I think it is rude to ask how tall a guy is.
Abby Grace
Abby Grace Day ago
george weasley
'whats the best outfit a girl can wear' i couldnt stop laughing for that entire question
Wasif Bin Latif
Wasif Bin Latif 2 days ago
Wasif Bin Latif
Wasif Bin Latif 2 days ago
Symphorosa Aladenoye
The way that nigga said homies at 6:50 a little bit too sus😂
Erika Driggers
Erika Driggers 2 days ago
“I think my friends look good sometimes”😂😂💀 also, why does the dude in the middle in the back look like young Bam Margera!!!!🤭
Asmr cheetahs -
Asmr cheetahs - 2 days ago
WERE GOING TO OLIVE GARDEN TONIGHT ~~ I could you not I almost peed my pants 👖 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wendy Ackerman
Wendy Ackerman 2 days ago
Me skinny and tall 🗿
Morgan Linck
Morgan Linck 2 days ago
6:09 I guess I won’t get guys anytime soon ...☹️
Gabriela Sansierra
principio 4:38-4:44 3:50-4:00 6:38-6:47 7:11-7:15 8:46-9:59 12:01-12:10
Lexie Norris
Lexie Norris 2 days ago
Buddy in the middle is my favorite
Ariel Whyte
Ariel Whyte 2 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 They were SO FUNNY!! Sometimes I watch videos like this and they're never like, really funny! These guys are hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣
Celia Saiz
Celia Saiz 2 days ago
50shades of- Sakshi
This is my 3rd time here🤣🤣
Daniel Steven
Daniel Steven 2 days ago
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver 2 days ago
What Happend After?😀
L e l
L e l 2 days ago
i fricking hate it. when ppl bleep out bad words i would dislike cause im angry.
Merlyn caywood
Merlyn caywood 2 days ago
So I don't have Instagram but I do have RUvid so here's a question I'm too afraid to ask ways well here's two of them first question are you guys too afraid to tell they look good? Okay here's my second question do you guys wipe when you guys go to the bathroom or is that just girls? Please do a part two to this but in the comments thank you
Hugo Gijzen
Hugo Gijzen 2 days ago
Can you make one the other way around?
Emmalyn Sheehan
Emmalyn Sheehan 2 days ago
Team sam
Tamira Williams
Tamira Williams 2 days ago
Why does sam kinda look like the guy off of my babysitter is a vampire
daniel santos
daniel santos 2 days ago
I’m from Brasil and I actually never had seen so much white people in the same car.
StarWars08 2 days ago
Honestly she is me and my guy friends: "ew!" " what the heck!" "Ugh!" 🙄
McJohn Karshavski
This has been reallllyyy interesting😂
Kelli Matheson
Kelli Matheson 2 days ago
why was justin’s mom texting nick tho🤔
Luna Brasil
Luna Brasil 2 days ago
congrats to nick, hes cute
Diana Garza Sena
Diana Garza Sena 2 days ago
Marie Lalive
Marie Lalive 2 days ago
The blond guy on the left is adorable, like all of his answers are really nice and respectfoul. Thank you for being nice honey
Marie Lalive
Marie Lalive 2 days ago
Okay but like front seat guy is hot. Like, HOT.
Benjamin Koskinen
Ambid..ex.. ius? Anyway weird flex bro.
Anime Balkan-SRB-CRO-BIH
Whole jungle
Yung Waste
Yung Waste 2 days ago
Bruh the hell kinda fake ass shit is this🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 smh
Jay mccoy
Jay mccoy 2 days ago
i like the one with glasses
Shae Faraday
Shae Faraday 2 days ago
They are all 😍😍😍
Cat Tiger
Cat Tiger 2 days ago
Dude is Nick single? I love him already.
Frank Alexson
Frank Alexson 2 days ago
I died on How sloppy xD
Murlino Noo
Murlino Noo 3 days ago
Your dad Gertrude
“If she laughs at my jokes she will moan to my strokes”🤣🤣
ak marina
ak marina 3 days ago
The bro energy
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