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Wage war on your preconceptions
Of my exception to come
What you rely on to give purpose to you’re lifelong dreams
Of being what you’ll never become
Cause you gotta give
More than you’ve got to give
To watch it all fall
As I watch it fall away from me
Like a house on fire
And all I am turn to all I can be
Like a house on fire
Fall back on the same excuses
That you’ve been using for years
The only person that you’re holding back’s
The only one that needed to hear all along
Cause you gotta give
More than you’ve got to give
To watch it all fall
As I watch it fall away from me
Like a house on fire
And all I am turn to all I can be
Like a house on fire
#AskingAlexandria #LikeAHouseOnFire #SumerianRecords #HouseOnFire


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May 11, 2020




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Comments 80
Rena rena
Rena rena Day ago
Thaygon Silva
Thaygon Silva 4 days ago
Asking alexandria the best
Luis 327
Luis 327 4 days ago
Que le paso a asking alexandria ya no tiene screms y asi es lo que daba la experiensia de askin alexandria :c
Thaygon Silva
Thaygon Silva 5 days ago
Brasil 👊
jfpbear 5 days ago
So much truth🤘🏼
Jordan Yates
Jordan Yates 5 days ago
I can't help seeing Adam Driver when I see Cam :p
S7s S7ss
S7s S7ss 6 days ago
Like a house on fire. Just not my house.
Ли На
Ли На 6 days ago
Невероятно классно!!
Francisco Rodrigues
How come this has under a million views ?
Tiki80 7 days ago
First song for me from AA.. AND ITS NOT BAD! I dont understand the hate they get.. like its alot.. tho being a metalcore from root I can see why this can even be seem as "pop" for those old fans
Dan Golden
Dan Golden 7 days ago
I used to absolutely love this band all the new stuff is soft they are nickelback 3.0 now its sad
Rextorior -____-
Rextorior -____- 7 days ago
ok.... asking alexandria 2009-2020 R.I.P. metalcore
senyoret Core
senyoret Core 8 days ago
I used to depreciate Danny but the emotion of the chorus is so heartbreaking 😭
Slavi Slavchev
Slavi Slavchev 9 days ago
I never understood the concept of "dated" music? How is the fact that this sounds like older genres a bad thing? If a genre was good 50 years ago, it's still good today. Personally I think this album is great.
Carbom McCrackin
Carbom McCrackin 11 days ago
If you light up your house then you can't go back home only move forward
AnD GonzgA
AnD GonzgA 13 days ago
Brasil Representado.
Daniel Ayersman
Daniel Ayersman 13 days ago
Haters gonna hate. This whole album is amazing.
heavy Araujo
heavy Araujo 13 days ago
Im proud if you guys. 🙏🖤
Ben Larson
Ben Larson 13 days ago
Just stopped by to say I hate this 😂 gimme Closure - thanks, bye everyone!
Micaele 14 days ago
Essa banda é boa demais, se doido! ✌❤
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre 14 days ago
Forget the screams man. Really. We not 20 anymore. To many bands doing the fucking scream. They all sound the same this days. Music is music. I bet you like the ice bucket challenge listing to whatever one does . They changed to a more musical way and less deja vu. Let's embrace that.
Jesse Ponce
Jesse Ponce 15 days ago
It’s a good song but the DAMN POTENTIAL THEY HAVE.
Daniel Mendoza
Daniel Mendoza 15 days ago
Is the singer here the same dude who sang in the final episode ?
Anton Alexandria
Anton Alexandria 15 days ago
this is maroon 5 not AfuckingA
Oziel Prado
Oziel Prado 16 days ago
I like the chorus
IAbbey Music
IAbbey Music 16 days ago
Robbie Hilton
Robbie Hilton 16 days ago
Should have never made Denis leave..The Black was fucking awesome...now this is just possum... Please stop playing dead and just give us what the fuck we want. this is not what we want. Danny if you can't scream anymore just step down. You're turning in this band into like asking Fall out boy lol
Elizabeth Paisley
Elizabeth Paisley 17 days ago
Love this song!
Игорь Денисенко
Heavy moments are awesome
Катя Вишнева
Це краще, що я слухала за останній час!
Gabriel Melo
Gabriel Melo 21 day ago
Feels like One Republic from hell
Melodic Goals
Melodic Goals 22 days ago
Can you guys please tell who edited this video? I want to learn that.
Melodic Goals
Melodic Goals 19 days ago
@Untilted Shrimp Thanks Mate!
Untilted Shrimp
Untilted Shrimp 19 days ago
I believe it`s called "scribble/doodle effect". Check that in tutorial videos on youtube. It`s not hard as it seems, just need patience.
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre 22 days ago
So many stupid comments here. Best Bands they progress with time. If you sent bands to stay the same like Iron maiden or salon. Then you will have the same fans. In 2020 all music in metal core sounds the same. Same guitar tone. Same voices. I think asking alexander have balls to move from the deja vu scene into a more musical and better composed music. In the end of the days. Is all about melody . Best solos that we recall is all about melody and not how hard is to play
Alexis Gallegos
Alexis Gallegos 23 days ago
Pinche Rola ta vergas como quiera
Szymon 23 days ago
GG Allin is just better
Chrisie013 23 days ago
Just saw interview w Terrie Carr frm WDHA-FM. Had to check out video. 👍👍👍👍 I LOVE ♥️ IT!!!!🤘CHRISIE frm NJ 🤘 EVER1 STAY SAFE & KICK ASS ROCK STRONG🤘🤘!!!!
Himura 24 days ago
I'm all for change in a band (especially as they mature and grow, but Danny's sound here is a no.) Rather Ben be the vocalist now for AA. I respect Danny and the sound he wants to go for, but it's not the sounds AA should be. I never wanted to be one of those people that said Danny is making AA go We Are Harlot, but he is....
paulo alexandre
paulo alexandre 22 days ago
Man. You have 20000 bands that sound the same. Let AA do the change. Someone needs to change first. Tired of all bands sounding the same to be honest. Like the ice bucket challenge a stupid trend . Thats it.
FuckApple 24 days ago
I love this shit😍
Фридрих Люк
AA. They are Future Imagine Dragons.😑
First Man To The Sun
This is literally just Imagine Dragons. Gross.
Spam singles
Spam singles 25 days ago
Same thing I thought. Lol
Chris Sykes
Chris Sykes 27 days ago
2:23 BEST PART :')
Alex w
Alex w 27 days ago
Got to admit I wish they were still a metalcore band still but but I do like this sound
yosef garcia
yosef garcia 27 days ago
Ya no es asking. Ya no es destrucción. Ya no es familia :(.
Kevin .B
Kevin .B 27 days ago
METALCORE HERE !! ruvid.net/video/video-alIWg7tGTnQ.html
ThE JventurH
ThE JventurH 29 days ago
3:25 prn hb
Aaron Weaver
Aaron Weaver 29 days ago
Good God y'all suck now.
Yurii Malina
Yurii Malina 29 days ago
here is a cool track ruvid.net/video/video-5De4i0qyQVo.html
SL3NDY 29 days ago
2020 emo union 🖤🖤🖤🖤
ChrisVlad RadkeSykes
The band seems more happy about this route.
Shion Nokubura
Shion Nokubura Month ago
Like a Jackson Five
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma Month ago
Asking Alexandria u really need to change ur vocalist, he sucks to the core . Whats wrong with u man such a nice band going crap
Kenneth The Coldest Rain
Actually they didn't go crap. They changed. saying there crap is saying they aren't playing their instruments or singing right.
DvotdX Gaming
DvotdX Gaming Month ago
I know it's been said many times before, but Danny can sing his ass off
Souldread Month ago
Nice song, but i prefer the stuff with Denis Stoff. And i think this song would sound better with him on vocals :P
Orbitur Orbitur
Orbitur Orbitur Month ago
это звучание мне очень нравится !!! молодцы ребята !!! я всех вас очень уважаю за вашу прекрасную работу !!!
That Car Guy
That Car Guy Month ago
This is gay as shit. wow. Goodbye AA. (This is coming from someone who didn't mind the acoustic stuff)
Jordan Monday
Jordan Monday Month ago
Kinda sucks seeing all the heavy bands I grew up listening to turn into basic rock bands.
The Blog Of Tech
i dont think im gonna download their album from TPB. its not very good.... dont mind hearing it on the radio i guess
cicciarelliam Month ago
What people don’t understand this is how metal used to sound it never used to scream this album is excellent best album from them yet
FlikM Month ago
This might be some WWE theme type shit
Ashley Nelson
Ashley Nelson Month ago
gabrielle la mort
Моя любимая песня с альбома, который хоть и не очень впечатлил, но и не разочаровал)))
JEM1031 Month ago
Anybody else notice the Black rifle coffee company hoodie Danny is wearing?
Ian Moline
Ian Moline Month ago
Dude, just be glad Danny ever even came back in the first place.
Jeff The Killer
Jeff The Killer Month ago
Kamal El Douaihy
These guys are so talented. This album just demonstrated how much the band matured, and also how much they have learn in their musical career. This is epic.
Adam Erickson
Adam Erickson Month ago
Great song! Love it!
Chummy Wiggler
Chummy Wiggler Month ago
MAX ONLY Month ago
Чет энергетика у них просела . Жаль.
Izzy Furiouswow
Izzy Furiouswow Month ago
AA is one of those very few band that exsist in the Rock Genre, that makes me wish Rock never ever dies!
Mitch Lucker
Mitch Lucker Month ago
Pelo visto esse novo album ta foda pra caralho 😍😍
AdventAvio Shabong
I watch it fall away from me .... 🏠🔥
Jacob Caylor
Jacob Caylor Month ago
This song hit home in my emotions there's a lot to this song I relate to
Chrisie013 23 days ago
I feel exactly what you're saying. STAY SAFE & Strong ❣️
James Gunton
James Gunton Month ago
Been a fan since 2009 dude!!
Dan Uti
Dan Uti Month ago
Lucas Werner
Lucas Werner Month ago
like a Pop Song that everyone expect
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith Month ago
Yall predicted this.. We got people burning places down now an erthing 2020 sucks 😂👿
Valery Vgalavu
Valery Vgalavu Month ago
Песня зашла,не смотря на то что стало легче по прежнему пи**дато!!Если бы они делали один металкор ,уже было бы не интересно!причем свое звучание у них явно осталось!)Если вам нравятся старые треки,в чем проблема то послушать их?)они никуда не денутся!) Да и вокал Дени стал интереснее !!!)
Abraham Molina
Abraham Molina Month ago
who tf r these vatos ?
Petya Dyakur
Petya Dyakur Month ago
Shit... SO COOL
Im subcribe for those who like this post
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