Ashnikko - Halloweenie III: Seven Days (Official Video)

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Listen to Halloweenie III: Seven Days here: ashnikko.lnk.to/HalloweenieIII
Download / Stream my debut mixtape DEMIDEVIL 😈😈 ashnikko.lnk.to/DEMIDEVIL
Stream Ashnikko's Halloweenie Spotify playlist here: ashnikko.lnk.to/HalloweenPlaylist
Director: Vasso Vu
Producer: Xiaoxuan Zhu
Production Assistant: Eve Mahoney
Director of Photography: Donny Johnson
1st AC: Darius Williams
Gaffer: Fionn Hutton
Spark: Natasha Duursma
Lighting Trainee: Luigi Truscelli
Prop Stylist: Harriet Trant
Stylist: Holly Adamthwaite
MUA: Georgia Olive
Hair: Jake Gallagher
VFX: Slavko Gavric
Halloweenie III: Seven Days (Lyrics)
On the first day of halloween my enemy and me
Duelled in the moonlight, i got flesh in my teeth
On the second day of halloween i found a vat of acid
I spelled my name in finger bones full name Ashton
Third day of halloween i promised him a treat
Caught him in my spiderweb and started on his feet
Fourth day of Halloween woke up without a face
Accidentally baked my facial features into a cake
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
On the Fifth of day halloween i bathed in menstrual blood
Then I took a nap cuz being evils tiresome
On the sixth day of halloween i hunted down the witches
So we could be bezzie friends those are my bestest bitches
On the seventh day of Halloween I howled at the moon
I stripped myself butt naked and showed the world my boobs
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
Don’t wake the beast
Debutante deceased
Blood on the sheets
All hallows' eve
Don’t wake the beast
She likes to eat
Blueberry sweet
All hallows’ eve
I don’t feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door
What if i’m rotten, worms eating at my core
Malibu barbie bodies are washing up on the shore
little gargoyle
on the marble
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Oct 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Jesus Vizcarrondi
Jesus Vizcarrondi 30 minutes ago
The part where she show her eyes and the a x on both honestly I ALMOST SHIT MY SELF😂😂😂
Jennifer Coburn-Colon
Are you actually like this cause I'm creeped out
midnight_rose Hour ago
Cute cool freaky fresh
elizabeth herbert
elizabeth herbert 2 hours ago
who's here in 2021 ?
derya özyüreklli
derya özyüreklli 3 hours ago
toorf 3 hours ago
Damn these outfits are so good
Thisismychannel Boi
Start: little girl in the forest End:little girl #2 playing in goo (Sorry if she didn’t want to be a little girl lol)
Thisismychannel Boi
My radio in assassin:
scarletts world
scarletts world 4 hours ago
GayItalianPasta 4 hours ago
This song makes me wanna eat chicken
maham shah
maham shah 10 hours ago
Tabitha Paris
Tabitha Paris 16 hours ago
The fuck
luck webby
luck webby 17 hours ago
bad shroom trip
marcus. exe
marcus. exe 18 hours ago
ok lets wait patiently for october 2021 and for the queen to make a halloweenie iv
July Boyon
July Boyon 19 hours ago
how does a childish act have more then the kid laroi
OMGITSZANE //The Amazing Master
if I never saw it I would end up watching some other songs
laurelie menard
laurelie menard 21 hour ago
The 7 night of halloween and the end is weird but this song is *chef kiss*
Naika Ellis
Naika Ellis 22 hours ago
I love her so much ❤️
slumppyyy Day ago
can’t wait for this years halloweenie 😁✌🏾
Alpha wolfs
Alpha wolfs Day ago
EW hahahahha
Yuri Kibutsuji
on the 5th day you did what... 👁👄👁 and on the 7th day....
sleepyfoxy Day ago
We waiting for Halloweenie IV
pop pop pop
pop pop pop Day ago
i had goose bumps while watching this.
OG _RECON Day ago
halloweenie 4
Darklight Gacha
The reason why it’s blue it’s cuz her colour is blue maybe she wanna make it but it look like Christmas
kamukura. Day ago
0:49 the character select screen
Gabby Torres
Gabby Torres Day ago
I'm going to put a comment every time I hear this song
Marlene Kuster goettmann
the name problem has been fixed
the fun thing is the lyrics kinda relate to the visuals 0:27 fourth day of halloween, woke up without a face accidentally baked my face and features into a cake 2:09 she doesnt have a face 2:29 birthday cakes 0:54 on the fifth day of Halloween, I bathed in menstrual blood then I took a nap cause being evils tiresome 2:29 covered in blood 1:09 seventh day of halloween, I howled at the moon stripped myself butt naked, and i showed the world my boobs 2:17 shes kinda twerking and stuff thats all i could find
Dyann Love
Dyann Love 2 days ago
Your ceo is your ex boyfriend
Anthony Carrasco
Anthony Carrasco 2 days ago
This go hard
Maria Giovana Giovana
Mischievous_ Mika
I love how it's already 2021 but I'm still here
Sorah Potgieter
Sorah Potgieter 2 days ago
I love this song it is my fav it just reminds me of me and plus she is my fav artist
um chile anyways so
Have u heard her new song deal with it? I watched it when it premiered and I cant stop listening to it its soooo good
Metehan Aktaş
Metehan Aktaş 2 days ago
Thank you💖
Aina Mari
Aina Mari 2 days ago
He's Died
Breyden I.
Breyden I. 2 days ago
easily the best out of the three so far
Santiago Yanquen
Santiago Yanquen 2 days ago
U r so awesome
Layla Pedroza
Layla Pedroza 2 days ago
2:29 when you get caught eating cake in the middle of the night
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Heavynn Perry
Heavynn Perry 2 days ago
It’s January 2021 But I’m mentally in October 2019 lmao
MissNoodleButt 2 days ago
The ending tho 😍
ThemPotatoes dotcom
Watched this about 25 times before realizing that the Mushrooms at the start are dancing along with her. Even The various Fungis of the world are getting jiggy with Ashnikko!
etormexican 3 days ago
I love wen she say I don’t feel like.. in Christmas
Tavia Grant
Tavia Grant 3 days ago
This reminds when I had that tomboy fase
tom! 3 days ago
DEMIDEVIL demon little gargoyle girl everybody’s bleeding on the marble floor
Laura Pérez
Laura Pérez 3 days ago
halloweenie like
Sacred Seven
Sacred Seven 3 days ago
Swear that last 20 seconds at the end is the hardest part.
Beans_avi Day ago
I fucking hate it. It ruins the vibe of the whole song 😔
Kylie Rojas Perez
i love you is the best singer
Zion Brewer
Zion Brewer 3 days ago
It looks like she lost her sanity then regained it at the end of the song. I think that is why she was so confused at the end of the song.
Skylar ;-;
Skylar ;-; 3 days ago
I caught my dad listening to daisy 👁️👃👁️ 👄
Miyah 2 days ago
It_Elyssa 4 days ago
Who came here for the “hey grandpa drop the beat”
Team Twin Unicorns!
I keep listening to this over and over and over. ^^ If your still here... nice job. :)
Juju Chimchim
Juju Chimchim 4 days ago
2:21 this frame be like:WAP would ashnikko the quiet ghostmane? Lmao
Mai_Nishinoya 니시노 야
No one not even my mom me: vibing in bible class
Bee M
Bee M 4 days ago
F*ck, ASHNIKKO is such a vibe. I love you bish n keep being you 😘
Artistic Raccoon
Artistic Raccoon 4 days ago
👁👃👁 🩸
Ms Nan
Ms Nan 4 days ago
best video and song ever made and will be forever
Ava Sings
Ava Sings 4 days ago
Its so crazy of her hair. I cant believe its not a wig!
A Wall-Flower
A Wall-Flower 4 days ago
lmao, ya'll notice that dangling airpod?/earbud at 2:05
wh 4 days ago
i really like how she made the clown's smile out of blood from her nose. It's creative in a twisted way.
Kassidy Jerome
Kassidy Jerome 4 days ago
I ready for halloweenie 4
Andria Javakhidze
I can't wait for mixtape
Dyann Love
Dyann Love 4 days ago
When they choose the new girl over you
Dyann Love
Dyann Love 10 hours ago
Making out with your boyfriend / girlfriend Parents Big brother Caught
Nikolina Minkov
Nikolina Minkov 4 days ago
love you ashikko
Froggy 4 days ago
THANK YOU FOR THE EGIRL VIBES YOU AMAZING SINGER- im blessed with e girl now Also this went so fucking hard And if i showed this to my mother she would play metal along with it and be dancing at 1:00 am
Diana Ribeiro
Diana Ribeiro 4 days ago
Evelyn Jiménez
Evelyn Jiménez 4 days ago
Bueno no entiendo nd de lo que dice Pero..... Me gusta como se viste en sus videos jsjsjs
Zion Brewer
Zion Brewer 4 days ago
After dozens of times listening to this song, does anyone find the laughs during the singing a little irritating?
Mookie 4 days ago
She is so damn underrated wtf? 😍💯
Mckayla Johnson
Mckayla Johnson 5 days ago
It's January and I'm listening to all three of her halloween songs...
Mckayla Johnson
Mckayla Johnson 4 days ago
@Camila Burnich they're just so addicting!
Camila Burnich
Camila Burnich 4 days ago
Music Amongst The Blind
Info for VI and seizure prone people flashing lights at 1:45 and 2:17 Excessive camera movement during the chorus’ and bridge Because I could’ve just not strained my eyes like that if I knew
Kayla Russell
Kayla Russell 5 days ago
Coco's World
Coco's World 5 days ago
I love this song even tho Halloween over
Elene Bakuradze
Elene Bakuradze 5 days ago
Michael Staab
Michael Staab 5 days ago
Kawaii Chop
Kawaii Chop 5 days ago
can we just say how neat her hair is in all of this (except the clown outfit)
kuroo is awesome kansas peyatt
My reaction is this :D and than I think when she says "worms eating at her core" She would go great with micheal afton if he was real and straight :D well if u ship him withennard ;) or she could go great with corpse to ;) ;) ;)
Rosés Soo
Rosés Soo 6 days ago
shes the reason why i want to be a singer. the reason im throwing my actual talent away
riooo 5 days ago
Please don’t haha just vibe with the song and continue with your actual talent.
Diana Litvin
Diana Litvin 6 days ago
It’s only the start of 2021 and I already need a new halloweenie And I love Ashnikko and I dressed up as her for Halloween In 2020 and this was my inspiration I had a blue wig from being corpse bride and I made it come alive
jacklyn ouellette
the end-
Dayanne Nogueira
Dayanne Nogueira 6 days ago
Melhor música
Ashley Fizzy
Ashley Fizzy 6 days ago
I swear she's talking about an acid trip. First day she argued with herself about not being good enough the the second day she took some acid 3rd day she is hallucinating capturing him then 4th she was tripping so hard she thought she lost her face 5the tried to take a nap but can't 6th she's fighting imaginary things then she exposed her entire self because she had a good trip and realized she is good enough
Rosana Silva
Rosana Silva 6 days ago
Alguém do Brasil?🇧🇷🇧🇷
Only a girl
Only a girl 5 days ago
Eu 🎈
icha imut
icha imut 6 days ago
Wow cool
Kawaii Starlight
Kawaii Starlight 6 days ago
I felt this
ً 6 days ago
Goldengleam Blue
Goldengleam Blue 6 days ago
I love how she says “I don’t feel like myself anymore...”
Cry Baby
Cry Baby 2 days ago
Me too
Kylee Mae
Kylee Mae 2 days ago
@Bella V3 yassssssssss go bangs club
Bella V3
Bella V3 3 days ago
Same. I love her and my bangs she has bangs to!!!!!!!!!!!!
Australian Man
Australian Man 4 days ago
I prefer “I can smell blood and it’s trailing out the door”
kidkobra- 60
kidkobra- 60 6 days ago
Sassy Supreme
Sassy Supreme 6 days ago
I love her songs 💕
it's cry boy.
it's cry boy. 6 days ago
scary and has a good rhythm, I loved it.
Charles Serenbetz
Grandpa really dropped that beat 😏😌
Artyom Kozhurov
Artyom Kozhurov 6 days ago
2:09 😖
vj buenavente
vj buenavente 6 days ago
its sounded like christmas song but its halloween
•Astheitc show•
Shy girl: Bully: Nerd My headphoness:
Kiki Riki
Kiki Riki 7 days ago
So cool
903 savage
903 savage 7 days ago
I can smell the blood trailing at my door what's the next idea she's going with guys it's very good she's very talented can't wait for a whole series of Halloween can't wait to her next update on her music where to go
Naila Shah
Naila Shah 7 days ago
I wander what it is like to the camera person in this
mayuphoria 7 days ago
it’s *my* existential crisis and *i* chose the songs
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