Ashnikko - Cry Feat. Grimes (Official Video)

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Download / Stream Cry ft. Grimes: Ashnikko.lnk.to/CryFtGrimes
Director: Mike Anderson
Producer: Karina Ripper
DP/Editor: Ryan Dickie
#Ashnikko #Grimes #Cry


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Jun 17, 2020




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Comments 60
RED RAZ 8 minutes ago
We need more of this powerful voice. Who agrees?
Cole Miku
Cole Miku 51 minute ago
I love all of ashnikko's songs
daniel yaotl
daniel yaotl Hour ago
I'm going to tell my kids this was Entrapta.
gacha life girl gacha life girl
Hey good vidoe
Mind0 3 hours ago
Use me like a "i want a feat with Poppy now" Button
Tchai Saint
Tchai Saint 3 hours ago
Dresser:how tight u want the corset Her:yes Waist: 0
ana maria catela pérez
''Cry'' baby
onika amala
onika amala 5 hours ago
this gives me goosebumps omg
ForReal IRL
ForReal IRL 7 hours ago
Katie LaVey
Katie LaVey 8 hours ago
Is it just me or does grimes verses kinda sound like Melanie Martinez towards the end
Maria Nikhtopoulou
Maria Nikhtopoulou 10 hours ago
I'tc soo creapy
Fabio Golubarsch
Fabio Golubarsch 10 hours ago
Compared to the new Daisy music Video I kinda love the chose of animation in this one
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez 13 hours ago
Quien Habla español 🙋🏻‍♂️😌
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez 13 hours ago
Stand ashnikko ❤️
Cheri 14 hours ago
I'm gonna tell my kids this was Hatsune Miku
La Umi
La Umi 20 hours ago
This video is so epic
MarinaRemixSEX 20 hours ago
Crybaby Saku
Crybaby Saku 22 hours ago
We can all cry when ashnikko reaching 1 mil on yt
LorDeAnd Day ago
Since we’re always bringing up vocaloid when it comes to ashnikko. This gives me some Bacterial Contamination vibes
loreli kimiko
I didn't know sailor moon went insane
Cecilia Skaar
This has to be better then stupid boy to me. Love this song and I will forever love this song because this song hits like 🤯
Kerry Groves
Kerry Groves Day ago
Who is yr fav artist Others:drake , Ariana Grande, Rianna Me:Ashnikko😍😍 Them:who is that?? Me:oh no it's just one of the best artist in the world😁
Keerat Soundh
what does it mean
Natan Cardoso
eu amo ela a voz dela tudo mds
lost boi
lost boi Day ago
BEST RELEASE OF 2020 #majornightmarefuel
Brianna J Goodman
English Gentleman
I love your music, though your art is even better.
Annabelle Maldonado
Why does the description say Song: Hi it’s me What?
Hatty 2 days ago
I'm fucking OBSESSED with this song.
Zsombor B
Zsombor B 2 days ago
Elly KindredZombie
Wish this song was longer
Devin Katchen
Devin Katchen 2 days ago
You may be two faced but Ashnikko is three faced
darkmvz 2 days ago
this is Jesse Pinkman's theme song "BITCH!"
Why ?
Why ? 2 days ago
Ok I think this song is alright however... I have three questions. 1. What is the song actually about? 2. What is the film clip actually about? 3. Are the song and film clip related in any way? Please help I am so confused. Plez
diamond moore
diamond moore 2 days ago
I like the animation in this it’s cute and creepy 🤔💕
Jayy Weeb
Jayy Weeb 2 days ago
Hentai artist finna go crazy
Orlando Sillas
Orlando Sillas 2 days ago
I was wondering how the character got like that and then I saw it
•G o t h_ Senpai•
It’s all gangsta until hatsune mikus jealous younger sis pulls up
Anoxmousツ 2 days ago
Although my best friends are the BEST friends I’ve ever had and my family is the BEST family I’ve ever had, this song is better than both my friends and family combined.
Wang o-o
Wang o-o 2 days ago
list of language i want to learn french russian japanese grimesglish
Gemm Leah
Gemm Leah 2 days ago
Best one yet.
Николай Лебедев
There's a thick old days linking park vibe in the chorus. auto-like!
Faith Harris
Faith Harris 2 days ago
Listening to this Vs the metal version she did..... damn the metal version feels like it's the original now holy SHIT
ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴇᴇ
I watch your ads 😍
OneLifeDaily 2 days ago
Holy shit, the vocals for the chorus!
Melissa Silva
Melissa Silva 2 days ago
Deepweb Winx. Love it !
this disturbed me me no likey there’s to much f words so ya
Rhianna Johnson
All of ash’s songs have at least one swear word fym 😭
Bugbeannie 2 days ago
then dont watch it/ listen to the song...
ptchwcrk 3 days ago
I love this sm im streaming this 24/7
Tiny Zim
Tiny Zim 3 days ago
— 接吻 P I R U M E
Aries Anthem
Nerdy Muffins
Nerdy Muffins 3 days ago
0.75 speed,”Are you trying to make me cry”, hits different
Choo Choo Cheryl
Choo Choo Cheryl 3 days ago
this animation is immaculate, so good Ashnikko!!!!
Reginaldo Joseph
Reginaldo Joseph 3 days ago
the best song :3
Masha patatos
Masha patatos 3 days ago
Loved this song 🤩😍
Gordon Hagen
Gordon Hagen 3 days ago
Y'all gotta check out her metal version of this 🤘🏻🤘🏻
The Man Behind The Slaughter
*Best thing to listen to while gaming multiplayer. Periodt*
Chelsea Cali
Chelsea Cali 4 days ago
It’s yo girl NIIYA
Idk why but it’s scary and entertaining and I like when she rips her apart and say “b##ch are yu trying to make me cry”
Gunblud 4 days ago
I love this song and music video like AHVSJABSJBDIABAIVEJWBA
fucka name
fucka name 4 days ago
Tyy its sooooo good 😭😭😭😭
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