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Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (ruvid.net/u-tomska)
Featuring Chris Bingham (ruvid.net/u-slomozovo)
Music: Acrodysostosis and Goof by Binärpilot (binaerpilot.no/)
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Aug 10, 2008




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Comments 100
Snorefest 19 hours ago
0:19 this is Dream with small mouth
gasser Shady
gasser Shady 20 hours ago
This video is 2 years older than me😳😶
jinglegr 5 hours ago
So your ten
me is big brain
me is big brain 23 hours ago
My brother was 9 or 7 when he watched this
schnik Day ago
I can't believe it's been 12 years since this came out. Time really does fly
Ike Francis
Ike Francis Day ago
wow 2021 is way different
Thomas & Friends Fan
2021 Still Watching
Sully 2 days ago
12 years later :(
startervisions 2 days ago
This was weird stupid then...now it's the standard of internet meme humor lol
Alex Le
Alex Le 3 days ago
Anyone here from the DaftPina video?
Jordan Vayalumkal
I was an infant when this came out. Keep that in mind.
Gacha Aisyah Official
66,349,500 people has found out this video by accident
Jir4chi 4 days ago
Honestly, I can brag that I’m older than this classic animation
Mimi EF
Mimi EF 4 days ago
Brb gonna watch some Dane Cook next.
Emma Graham
Emma Graham 4 days ago
Omg this was made in 2008 i didnt notice
Maycon Gabriel
Maycon Gabriel 5 days ago
RetroGameDays36 4 days ago
Debbie Wong
Debbie Wong 5 days ago
The good old day’s
Oliver Ingram
Oliver Ingram 5 days ago
The person who made this series is a legend
Braydenmosquera gaming
"2008" WTF ? I THOUGHT WAS 2016 6
Sara 5 days ago
So much nostalgia, i remember watching this in 2014
Jake Kavanagh
Jake Kavanagh 5 days ago
Used to watch this when I was fkn 5
Distory With Andrew
This video came out literally one month and 16 days before I was born and I grew up with it the first one I saw was when I was 4 at my friends house
Rene Sotomayor
Rene Sotomayor 6 days ago
This was made 12 Years ago?? Holy shit im old
Emmanuel 6 days ago
Kinda looks like Dream
Regan Ong
Regan Ong 7 days ago
My sense of humour then: *well written jokes and skits* My sense of humour now: B
Still0 4 days ago
Bro stop I’m about to die of laughter
Logan the Edgy Villager
I was 4 years and 1 month old when this was uploaded.
Amelia C
Amelia C 7 days ago
I'm watching this in 2021 just for some good ol nostalgia
El 7 days ago
I remember dying waiting for these to come out
Mia Doyle
Mia Doyle 7 days ago
BradenF17 8 days ago
[Nostalgia has entered the chat]
Bruno Vítor
Bruno Vítor 8 days ago
I born in the day 05/06/2008 and i discovered this in 2014 Its just perfect
Hobert Lee :-\
Hobert Lee :-\ 8 days ago
I feel like I just watched the holy grail of humour.
RTN LogoBoi2021
RTN LogoBoi2021 8 days ago
Im was 1 when this popped up
Dark_ Phoenix
Dark_ Phoenix 8 days ago
When you realize this was made in 2008
nuudul 8 days ago
asdfmovie predicted millenial humour
The Victor Gamer
The Victor Gamer 8 days ago
The officer plays GTA 5
Saahith M
Saahith M 9 days ago
the one that started it all....
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes 9 days ago
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes 9 days ago
1:07: Everything that goes through situations and my life right now.
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes 9 days ago
This is totally loaded in humor!!
shreyas Hv
shreyas Hv 9 days ago
I come from the futureeee... its crappy now
Alisha Leef
Alisha Leef 9 days ago
Guy on Left: You've gotta help me man! My tie is evil and it's gonna kill meeee... Guy on right: Dude you crazy.
jamal 9 days ago
look out HES GOT A NOSE
MrStickGuy 10 days ago
Damn, my favourite video on RUvid
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce 10 days ago
im commenting on this 12 years after release
plop plop
plop plop 10 days ago
i used to watch this with my siblings and cousins when i was 6 bruh that was 9 years ago ;(
Rookie -
Rookie - 11 days ago
I couldn't even read when this came out that's a legacy and a half
Ilyas Mughits Firdaus
Aarogamer349 11 days ago
i was fucking 3 months old when this came out. literally. the day this was released. 3 months old.
Das Snek
Das Snek 11 days ago
Cool story kid
Wong Jun Han
Wong Jun Han 12 days ago
I was born 3 days before this masterpiece was made
ziftyCore 12 days ago
Pov your watching this in 2021
OwenNewo 12 days ago
When i first saw tree man turn into a tree i thought it was a nuclear explosion
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson 12 days ago
Abigail Ordonez
Abigail Ordonez 12 days ago
gosh this thing is almost older than me-
Savag3 Cooki3
Savag3 Cooki3 4 days ago
It's probably as old as most people on here this was made 3 month before my 3rd birthday
Aidan Katz
Aidan Katz 13 days ago
If only we could go back to the golden days of RUvid
Sparkle moonlight
Sparkle moonlight 13 days ago
2021 anyone
Scarface 13 days ago
The original memes
CatLy 13 days ago
I Think i was 8 When This Came Out, I First watch This When I was Like 9-10
boaz sharabi
boaz sharabi 13 days ago
This came out when I was born
《im a pancake》
《im a pancake》 13 days ago
This came out 3 days after I was born lmao
Philip Von Kerczek
Philip Von Kerczek 13 days ago
yOu KnOw WhO iS gAy? YoU
D -1011
D -1011 13 days ago
When the first part came out I was only a year old, now I'm 13 and it's still funny
Superbux45 15 days ago
And so it begins...
Bamesgames Gaming
Bamesgames Gaming 15 days ago
Oh. My. Gosh.
Hayabusa Ninja Future
Nostalgic humor
KingWillzerr 15 days ago
this came out 2 months before my 3rd birthday - i'm now 15.
Oguct 1
Oguct 1 16 days ago
Goodbye, Flesh
Raiden 16 days ago
1:02 *Gabi in AOT S4 in nutshell:*
Reshmant Raul Sivakumar
First asdfmovie: NOSTALGIA.
Swarfly 16 days ago
This vid is as old as I was when I first watched it lmao
ugh I'm bored
ugh I'm bored 16 days ago
This was made on the day I was born
꧁KileyArtz꧂ 17 days ago
Virgil Chelsea
Virgil Chelsea 17 days ago
What cutting a cake be like
The Main Character
The Main Character 17 days ago
I swear these videos were ahead of its time and this was made in 2008
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull 18 days ago
0:56 The Wasp King be like: (If you can even comprehend that Bug Fables reference)
just a Random person
wait- THIS WAS MADE IN 2008???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Mr. Big Rick
Mr. Big Rick 18 days ago
0:00 First shot of a legend
Krypto Zesty
Krypto Zesty 19 days ago
POV your watching this in 2021
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez 19 days ago
Sometimes the stupidest thing is the best meme.
0:00 the kid
GTR4X 20 days ago
Rob Castiello
Rob Castiello 20 days ago
NaughtyMelon Studio
Ah yes, My introduction to both dark and random humour.
Ying Yan
Ying Yan 20 days ago
Fun fact: this video is older than me.
Ruvi Villafuerte
Ruvi Villafuerte 20 days ago
Level up
Ruvi Villafuerte
Ruvi Villafuerte 20 days ago
starry plough
starry plough 21 day ago
I kid you not, he's got a nose. Funniest shit I ever saw.
Sarah 21 day ago
the potatoes character development is my favorite
joonies boobies
joonies boobies 21 day ago
this was the funniest shit to me way back then 😰
The king Of memes
This video is a RUvid classic
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid 21 day ago
12 years? Already?
MWbeast 9
MWbeast 9 21 day ago
I wasn’t alive when this was published lol
TheKidAnimator 21 day ago
I made a remake lol and nonprofit use
Jena Cruz
Jena Cruz 22 days ago
other Guy: Got Youre nose Me: Look Out he's Gatta nose
Noel Thörnqvist
Noel Thörnqvist 22 days ago
This is kind of nostalgic
TryAgain115 22 days ago
12 years. seeing that makes me cringe a little bit.
Over It
Over It 22 days ago
I was 2 when this came out...
mr manatee
mr manatee 23 days ago
Ah good memories
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