As Seen on TV - Fastest Breakfast Gadgets Showdown - TESTED!

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Need a fast breakfast before you beat it to work or school? We tested 5 breakfast gizmos. Guess which one wins! Check out my latest As Seen on TV Tested video:
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 1 591
kipkay 2 months ago
*Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this video. I'm having fun testing gadgets and gizmos for you. Check out my latest As Seen on TV Tested video:**ruvid.net/video/video-XdjjzlFLi18.html** Thanks for watching!* 👍
Erwürgen Stich verbrennen
@Kipkay, you must really hate yourself as much as I do to put all that garbage in your body
Telios Abraxas
Telios Abraxas Month ago
Does anyone remember Eric Nielsen making videos? Oh, that's right, he has none but likes to criticize others who do have videos.
Morgan Olfursson
+Teddy Rose Exactly Rose .
Teddy Rose
Teddy Rose Month ago
There are almost 200 chemicals as bad as bpa. "BPA free" is damage control. Don't cokk in any plastic people😈👌
Demilond Month ago
Cooking ah pa
Brandon Le
Brandon Le 5 hours ago
All these gadgets are for dumbasses who dont know how to cook
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
Shannon Allison
Shannon Allison 2 days ago
Eggs shouldn't go in the microwave. They come out like rubber not yummy. However I like they egg sandwich maker . I may have to buy one.
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
I agree, although microwave poached eggs can be surprisingly tasty (if cooked in sufficient water with a splash of vinegar).
TheRealSneakers 3 days ago
I have that Hamilton Beach Sandwich maker....had it for almost a year and a half, and got it cause a streamer had recommended it...and I do quite enjoy it, use it fairly often....though, never thought of putting the extra ingredients with the bottom half of the English muffin, always put it with the egg. I also don't use cooking spray of butter...and never had much of a sticking to the device, always comes out very easily. Definitely a great device...takes me 10 mins to make it...am in no real rush, so let it go an extra 5 minutes.
Judy Vallas
Judy Vallas 3 days ago
No surprise that bacon took longer - bacon *does* take longer than eggs, and for your egg sandwich, your bacon was already cooked (a time consideration for making the dish). Great demos, just not quite accurate as to which is faster.
The JD experiment
How much did they pay you to do this?
if you need me I’ll be in the bubble bath
ok well not everyone likes burnt bacon
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 4 days ago
No every loves it crispy
Michelle .H
Michelle .H 5 days ago
5m 30s? I can make scrambled egg quicker! Break an egg in to my dinner set bowl, give it a whisk and cheese. Put bowl in microwave (make sure your bowl is microwave safe), set micro to 1m - done!
na1led_1t 5 days ago
I find frying pans also work pretty well.
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
can't put a frying pan in the microwave, you animal
Daniel Andres Benavidez
Am i the only one that thinks its weird that the phone says that its 6 :32
Brittany Thomas
Brittany Thomas 6 days ago
I remember having the omelet maker it does work
AFanOf GreatMusic
AFanOf GreatMusic 12 days ago
Jessica Elkins
Jessica Elkins 12 days ago
The omelette maker and the microwave egg cooker are not only fast but they are blind friendly
Oh man... I haven't been on this channel since 2012. Great to see that you still make videos :D
Kelley Hawley
Kelley Hawley 13 days ago
I can’t do eggs in the microwave, it maybe faster but I just can’t bleh
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
if you cook them right they are ok...cook them too much and yuck
Dark J
Dark J 15 days ago
Did he say beat it off poor wording kipkay
AngeliqueKaga 15 days ago
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 12 days ago
This is no yolk
ScireTwins 16 days ago
Telebrands Stone Wave Micro Cooker is the best. Two eggs are cooked in one minute in the microwave. It's great for the workplace.
Dilbobagins 16 days ago
It's egg not ayg
Judy Vallas
Judy Vallas 3 days ago
Each of us tends to have a regional accent of one kind or another.
M L 18 days ago
Good showdown. The Hamilton Beach single and double sandwich makers are awesome. We have both, as well as the breakfast burrito machine. And the Krups egg boiler. Each gets used by my family of four very regularly, and we've been using them for years without issue. Easy to clean. We like the burrito machine because of the variety of breakfasts it can produce, but the boiler is best for feeding all four at one time with one machine.
Chase Lam
Chase Lam 19 days ago
ツVaz 19 days ago
Chris Ould
Chris Ould 19 days ago
I was addicted to the yokie pokie, but I turned my self around
Nekko Cooper
Nekko Cooper 21 day ago
Hey moron! When did you cook the bacon? Last week?
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
​+Alok Krishna I'm reporting yours for bullying
Alok Krishna
Alok Krishna 10 days ago
Hey , be polite. If he was wrong just point it out. Don't be rude. Ok? I can report your comment under harassment and bullying and also hate speech. I will wait for your reply and will decide for the next course of action. ( Whether to report it or not )
dan 21 day ago
Making food in plastic don't look good to me
Bush Beans
Bush Beans 20 days ago
I mean... as long as the food is being cooked in whatever-safe, BPA-free material, I suppose it's alright for us humans to use.
Josh P.
Josh P. 20 days ago
Food made in plastic is good.
Thor 21 day ago
You should’ve tried to boil egg action on number two It works great It’s the best one because it makes hard boiled eggs poached eggs and an omelette fast
Gamer Bro
Gamer Bro 22 days ago
I didnt had breakfast today
Glenn Hanlon
Glenn Hanlon 22 days ago
I'm glad you clarified the term "beat it", I thought you were referring to masturbating.
Glenn Hanlon
Glenn Hanlon 4 days ago
+Kitten Lyric Why would I?
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
you would
Bush Beans
Bush Beans 20 days ago
Ven Us
Ven Us 22 days ago
That is not an omelette! That is scrambled eggs! :(
johnnyXx4321 20 days ago
lol whut you mix an egg while cooking to make it scrambled eggs. that's an omelette
Alfonce Jean
Alfonce Jean 22 days ago
BPA ? you mean Bisphenol A? because if you do you just bought a product that you are going to throw away you dumass! Bisphenol A I'll effects if any are mostly on wilife not human.
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
BPA has been shown to affect the endocrine systems of mammals. And humans are biologically mammals, too.
Alok Krishna
Alok Krishna 10 days ago
Whether bpa free or non bpa free cooking and eating in plastic is harmful to us. but bpa free means it's a little more safer
seysamato 23 days ago
Oh I just gagged at the making bacon microwave cooking tray gizmo
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
I just bought it .... yum
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 21 day ago
That's a f-"#^/g sin. They should demonitize this video because of that disgusting show of raunchiness.
Link SSZ
Link SSZ 23 days ago
American omelette= just egg 😂
Sr.Splittington 23 days ago
I'm European, America makes me sad :/
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
+Leslie Lambert I'm European, your comment makes me happy you're not here.
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
+Sr.Splittington I came here to find this comment. Thank you.
Telios Abraxas
Telios Abraxas 4 days ago
I'm American and America makes me sad too :-/
Leslie Lambert
Leslie Lambert 14 days ago
i'm american, europe makes me happy i'm not there
La Plaga
La Plaga 24 days ago
Make sure you rub cat across utensils before you cook bacon it's only white👍🏾
Bernard Goshua
Bernard Goshua 24 days ago
Y U put tha bakeon on b4 da cheezze? 😕
Michael 24 days ago
BPA come on bruh. BPA is only known in California to cause cancer...
Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
+NoNoLabs It's an issue now because plastic hasn't been around all that long and the long-term effects of plastic consumption are only beginning to show now (different kinds of cancer and other mutative diseases).
Kim Sleep
Kim Sleep 17 days ago
In California, breathing the air causes cancer
NoNoLabs 23 days ago
I was thinking the same thing. He had been drinking and cooking with it since the 80s and is perfectly well. But now it's an issue?
Lilly VonShtup
Lilly VonShtup 25 days ago
I bought my son in law the Hamilton beech one...he loves it ..uses it before work every morning
Alok Krishna
Alok Krishna 10 days ago
+FoodieTooGoodie excuse me? What did you mean by that? What is the problem with that gizmo? I think it's cool. If there is anything that makes you think that we would lose our self respect while using it like a hidden x-ray camera that makes us look n*de , please tell me.
FoodieTooGoodie 13 days ago
Lilly VonShtup he’s lying to you, no one with self respect would use this junk!
ThatBoyLee 26 days ago
You sound like SwaggerSouls.
Matt cat
Matt cat 26 days ago
Then bacon bits on the cheese.
Matt cat
Matt cat 26 days ago
Prefer toasted muffins butter.
Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer 23 days ago
coders22 26 days ago
elvis roose
elvis roose 27 days ago
nasty :I
vegan titties
vegan titties 27 days ago
that has got to be the saddest omlette i've ever seen
Maroxa’s Choices
Maroxa’s Choices 27 days ago
No plastic taste as I’ve experienced from other gizmos ... while eating off a plastic plate. (Edited by KimSleep... it is a ceramic plate. Sorry, it looked plastic! )
Kim Sleep
Kim Sleep 17 days ago
+Maroxa’s Choices Ya didnt need to do that...I would think it was plastic too, if I didnt have them
Maroxa’s Choices
Maroxa’s Choices 17 days ago
Kim Sleep thank you, edited my comment.
Kim Sleep
Kim Sleep 17 days ago
Thats ceramic...I have one
ChronicDreamer1st 28 days ago
“Eat it and beat it” Sex tips 101
Incognito 28 days ago
McDonalds window - $1 36 seconds
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
+lilmommalady76 naw their sandwiches are $1 each
lilmommalady76 25 days ago
And $4 each time. You can make a full week of sandwiches (from grocery shopping) with $10.
MrsBrit1 28 days ago
That sandwich maker is completely useless. You didn't cook the bacon there, and you didn't include that time. You can cook 6 eggs in a skillet faster and toast the muffins in a toaster or toaster oven or under the broiler and have breakfast for the whole family ready to go. The omelette maker is also dumb...it's faster on the stovetop. Good for a college student, maybe. Also, microwaved eggs are weird...
Alok Krishna
Alok Krishna 10 days ago
It's for showoff. He just compared the time with gadgets itself. He knows it would be faster to cook over stovetop
Julian Neal
Julian Neal 23 days ago
They are weird aren’t they.
La Maci
La Maci 27 days ago
MrsBrit1 I have the sandwich maker, it's pretty meh.
Chulabebe Glamarie
Chulabebe Glamarie 28 days ago
“Pig out on two” 😂
Phyto 29 days ago
The cat was adorable!
David Weatherall
David Weatherall 29 days ago
This guy is the most American person I have ever heard 😂
sergioburgerboy luvsdacock
Made in China. Not America. Go to CVS and they sell these. Look at box and they all say, "Made in China".
jovani barboza
jovani barboza 27 days ago
G R nooo u read it wrong it said made By the Chinese
L Zad
L Zad 29 days ago
That breakfast sandwich maker just looks like a cabinet clutterer. I used to have one that was a toaster, and cooked the egg on the side. That was ok, I could still use it as just a toaster. Actually, they all kinda look like cabinet clutterers. I didn’t see anything that wasn’t just as easy to make with regular pots and pans. But I guess if you have zero cooking skills🤷‍♀️
crandf 29 days ago
People are really obsessed with eating eggs
Julian Neal
Julian Neal 23 days ago
Highest source of natural protein
Cianalas NicUilleim
They taste great...
MrsBrit1 28 days ago
They're the perfect food.
mingzybaby 29 days ago
Fun but a frying pan is much simpler... and it can do everything ...
Tomek chan
Tomek chan 29 days ago
And by beat it I mean wank off..
lovingorca 29 days ago
Microwave ovens destroy the nutritional value and change the molecules of our food. I have the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker and The Dash Egg Cooker. The Dash egg cooker makes a wonderful Omelette and the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker makes wonderful sandwiches..
GatlingWinter 23 days ago
Yes, microwaves DO destroy nutritional value and change molecules, but guess what ALSO does that? (Psst, literally every other type of cooking option.) Not to mention all those other cooking option destroy nutritional value and molecules MORE than microwaves, since they're being cooked longer than a microwave. It pays to do your research.
sergioburgerboy luvsdacock
Not true
Coletta Hughes
Coletta Hughes 29 days ago
My vintage early 70's farberware 6" stainless steel frying pan has them all beat.
Tania Meléndez
Tania Meléndez 29 days ago
His bacon was cooked
Atlas Russel
Atlas Russel 29 days ago
0:08 who can eat all of that in morning when they get up??
crandf 29 days ago
SquidCake 29 days ago
Atlas Russel hell I know I would.
boaterbil 29 days ago
all junk
marina patelesio
marina patelesio 29 days ago
i think by the time 7mins is up im already full....lol
Wommy 29 days ago
LOL i love how he clarified 'beat it'
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
apparently considering some of the comments he needed to....youtube
Telios Abraxas
Telios Abraxas Month ago
"Sometimes you just wanna eat it and beat it" -Yup, I usually jack off after a large meal, then I fall asleep. When I wake up, the world is a much better place.
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
you have a pathetic life...so sad for you
yolosnuff Month ago
Who microwaves bacon
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
I will once this arrives
G2 LTT 27 days ago
Normal people
nsr500 Month ago
hayden gacha
hayden gacha Month ago
Bro i had 64% and your's to
Barb McCafferty
Barb McCafferty Month ago
Does cat hair on bacon make it taste better?
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
yes it honestly does
Mason Burnett-Glover
only257 Month ago
David 01
David 01 Month ago
Only a college kid living in a dorm room would buy any of these gadgets for themselves .
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
naw...I got the bacon one.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Or people who want to make breakfast sandwiches at home ?
[] Silvia-Senpai []
for the fastest breakfast showdown c;
Selendria Muganogo
I knew I had this saved in my Walmart shopping cart for a reason.. I need that breakfast sandwich maker.. come on payday “rubs hands together “
Cristina M.
Cristina M. 29 days ago
I want that one, too 😋
rachele532 Month ago
in Italia resterebbe invenduto
Nick Rof
Nick Rof 29 days ago
In Italia non le compra nessuno ste cose
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
It’s 2am and this is making me hungry
Sheepy007 Month ago
Microwaved eggs are garbage
Cianalas NicUilleim
I don’t mind them...
Dickweed Johnson
I really like your LG microwave. Very nice :)
James J
James J Month ago
Wala! What a knob.
AstroB3ast Robloxnamefriendme
Thanks now I know what to buy
Alex Rekzu
Alex Rekzu Month ago
Are we just going to ignore that the bacon was precooked for the sandwich? I am...;;)
Jessou x
Jessou x Month ago
Lol who approved this script
Mason Burnett-Glover
i did
Barbie jake
Barbie jake Month ago
Great gadgets👍🏽☺️
Bella Boo's Lunches
Great now I'm craving eggs. 🤣 I like the egg sandwich one!!😍😍😍
Barbie jake
Barbie jake Month ago
So kool👍🏽🥰🥰🥰 Subscribed✅
Fake Phone
Fake Phone Month ago
6:34 when I find the perfect p*rn
Jane Renee
Jane Renee Month ago
yes, the micro egg microwave egg cup is BPA free. i looked it up. ALL plastics used for food storage, cooking, eating, etc is required by Federal law to be BPA free as of a few years ago. The only things that weren't already BPA free were the bottles used in the cheapest off brand (not store brand) bottled water and some really cheap made in china baby bottles. Everything else was already BPA free.
kadam94 Month ago
+Remo68 If you look closely, you can see a "PP" inside a little triangle, what is meant Polipropilen. This plastic were used for all container in the food industries for microwave use. (You can use between -20°C and 120°C) In Europe we use numbers to identify the material on the products, for ex. PP is no.5. It's BPA free.
Remo68 Month ago
The egg cups also say Made In China tho
Droo el Rey
Droo el Rey Month ago
why do you do the yolky pokey?
Cristina M.
Cristina M. 29 days ago
To release the pressure while cooking on the microwave, otherwise it may explode.
Indian Flavor
Indian Flavor Month ago
Awesome 👍👍👍
Tanuki Month ago
Who's here because you have been stalked in your Recommendations by this video?
Stone Frye
Stone Frye Month ago
Well since you like your bacon crispy that is why it took so long
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
+Frank Wilson well, not everyone is smart enough to use the microwave. I bought it and it cooks the bacon crispy and you can save the bacon grease for your greens.
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson Month ago
That was not "crispy" bacon". I bought that pos gadget and it was a total waste and ended up in the trash. Cast iron skillet for the win.
David Black
David Black Month ago
The Hamilton Beach Sandwich thing says you have to use precooked meats.
Morgan Olfursson
Processed bread from genetically modified wheat, processed cheese, chemically produced cooking spray, hormone fed processed bacon, the whole cooked electrically . Hmmmm, it's delicious ! Americans !
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
+Michael Stanko we're all living in America...America is wunderbar! lol
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Michael yeah....your lying to yourself lmao.. Reel it in 😂 tone down the underserved patriotic pride.
Michael Stanko
Michael Stanko Month ago
+James J I do not deny some of your points. But... The math does not lie... More people want to come to USA. I so not see any other country with that amount of people wanting to come here. Numbers do not lie...
James J
James J Month ago
+Michael StankoIf you call being the most brainwashed, debt ridden, prostitute and drug addled country in history where the people can't even afford health care successful, ok. And don't forget the school shootings.
Karen Beardow
Karen Beardow Month ago
Wheat? That's a new word. You learn something new everyday.
bobsbornfree Month ago
Jesus his voice is annoying
bobsbornfree Month ago
+Doge Tastic maybe, who knows. His voice is still annoying, douchebag.
Doge Tastic
Doge Tastic Month ago
jesus he has a better life than yours
Dyani Declet
Dyani Declet Month ago
If I'm in a hurry I'll put an egg in a coffe mug and put it in the microwave with some garlic and cheese lol. Since its round I can put it on a bagel. Any dish will work 🤷‍♀️
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
mmmm garlic...will try that... thanks Dyani...
Remo68 Month ago
Really? I bought one of the "specialty" ceramic microwave egg-cookers. It works really well but I had no idea you can just use a ceramic mug! I guess it makes sense, since that's all the egg-cooker is, basically.
Stephen Klein
Stephen Klein Month ago
Great idea! Good
Lorendrawn Month ago
"When I say beat it, I mean off!"
brian Litteral
brian Litteral Month ago
Peter Piper
Peter Piper Month ago
LOL!! Any glass or silicon dish you have at home can be used to make an omelet in the microwave. You don't need a special plastic dish.
Albert A Heiserer
Ham, Cheese, Egg, Salsa breakfast burrito in 4-4.5 min in a frying pan. Texas grilled cheese with Bologna in same amount of time. Screw the gadgets. My cast Iron pan is on the stove all day every day.
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
yeah it is nice if you have a skillet and access to a stove
Gayle Anderson
Gayle Anderson Month ago
Sounds great :)
Remo68 Month ago
Cast iron cookware rocks! 👍👍👍
Lindsey Ivy
Lindsey Ivy Month ago
It really bothers me that he doesn't wash any of these gadgets before using them...
Morgan Olfursson
THAT'S what bothers you ! Processed bread from genetically modified wheat, processed cheese, chemically produced cooking spray, hormone fed processed bacon, the whole cooked electrically . Hmmmm, it's delicious ! Americans !
Scott Rogue
Scott Rogue Month ago
Lindsey Ivy how do you know he didn’t wash these? The videos are edited so you can’t be that dense.
Just a Random Irish Chap
I LOVE ommletes
A16AdamWalker Month ago
The rapid egg cooker is similar to a device I have called the Tefal Toast n Egg - basically does the same job, although can also reheat half a tin of baked beans instead of eggs, with the advantage of having a fairly efficient two slot toaster attached.
a lil piece of trash
I don’t eat breakfast anymore.. and I’m still a 7th grader..
a lil piece of trash
Thank you
Kitten Lyric
Kitten Lyric 4 days ago
if you are in 7th grade, your name worries me. I don't know you but I am sure you are not trash
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