As Seen on TV - Fastest Breakfast Gadgets Showdown - TESTED!

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Need a fast breakfast before you beat it to work or school? We tested 5 breakfast gizmos. Guess which one wins!
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8 фев 2019

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kipkay 14 дней назад
*Hey guys! I've been having fun testing these gadgets and I hope you enjoy it. Check out my last Gadgets TESTED video: **ruvid.net/video/видео-ZMWVkUNKW-I.html** Thanks for watching!* 👍
Terri S
Terri S 11 дней назад
I have the sandwich maker, start to finish - less than 10 minutes. Works for me, while it's heating, I cut whole wheat bread slices into circles, don't need English muffins. I use Taylor pork roll, egg and cheddar cheese. Looking forward to an omelet tomorrow for breakfast... Nice video!
Ethan McCaskey
Ethan McCaskey 12 дней назад
Lol, you don't know what BPA is or why people THINK it's bad.
Bert O Bop
Bert O Bop 13 дней назад
Eric Nielsen Yep but it’s still cool how he’s making videos
Conner Morris
Conner Morris 14 дней назад
Your burger and omelette has made me hungry now lol
Jared Cullison
Jared Cullison 14 дней назад
Lebron james
4ndr3w 11 часов назад
1:07 he says Samich
Ray Y
Ray Y 11 часов назад
It doesn't seem fair with bacon usually taking longer to cook than a simple egg but still informative. Also how long did it take you to cook the bacon for the McSandwich?
Keefer Stoldt
Keefer Stoldt 12 часов назад
I also like to beat off after I eat breakfast. Sometimes before. Nut goes pretty good with eggs.
The Gacha Nerd
The Gacha Nerd 13 часов назад
NO Name
NO Name 13 часов назад
For me its still faster to cook an egg on a pan and put the heat to the max xd
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins 14 часов назад
All lame except the making bacon.
Beastly Ant
Beastly Ant 14 часов назад
That is mean
Looked Good
Looked Good День назад
I noticed you often have to open security wrapped items by cutting around the edges with scissors. I've lost count of the number of times I've been cut by the sharp plastic while opening packaging. I did hear that there's a gadget that you can use to avoid the being cut. I think it works like a can opener. Maybe you could track it down and do a review.
XxXShevampXxX День назад
Eat it and beat it 😂😂😂 Yeah, I'm a bit immature.
Rafael ifshsm
Rafael ifshsm 14 часов назад
XxXShevampXxX XD
Mr. SunnyBuster
Mr. SunnyBuster День назад
ItsDawid День назад
Ok makin Bacon is not making it crispy its making floppy Bacon so your wrong
Mrlilmackiller's Gaming
Mrlilmackiller's Gaming 2 дня назад
I liked because of the kitty
Weekend Rocket Science
Weekend Rocket Science 5 дней назад
Kipkay, Can you build a HPA airsoft gun that hooks up to a normal air compressor and uses a solenoid valve. That would be lit.
How to and DIY channel
How to and DIY channel 4 дня назад
Weekend Rocket Science good idea
Abhiram Srivastava
Abhiram Srivastava 5 дней назад
1:35 when your sibling is charging their phone but you need to charge yours
Abhiram Srivastava
Abhiram Srivastava 5 дней назад
saved yourself from some McLawsuits
nany garcia
nany garcia 4 дня назад
Stop likeing your comment😰
014Chevy 5 дней назад
Kinda feel bad for kip his channel hasn't grown in a hell of a long time
Occam's Router
Occam's Router 5 дней назад
If you microwaved bacon for 8 minutes on Earth, it would be burnt, and/or on fire. What planet are you from?
Erika America
Erika America 6 дней назад
Great comparison video👍🏻😊
mrbear1302 7 дней назад
Your Makin' Bacon test isn't a fair test. You should have cooked only a few pieces for one serving ( instead of almost all the package), which is what you made with the all the others-one serving. You didn't make a whole carton of eggs in the omelette makers?????
Trey Powell
Trey Powell 7 дней назад
Em Jay
Em Jay 7 дней назад
Bacon should never be made above the fat, if bacon is not made in the fat bacon is not made.
Em Jay
Em Jay 6 дней назад
+Redfish Incorporated Friend, these are not my rules... They are laws of nature. :-D
Redfish Incorporated
Redfish Incorporated 6 дней назад
Wow you sher have a lot of rules about bacon...
macforme 7 дней назад
Em Jay - I would NEVER cook bacon in the fat...I like my bacon crispy.
Mekai's Creationz
Mekai's Creationz 7 дней назад
Salt 8 дней назад
Am I gonna be good in your breakfast ?
Abid Daghlawi
Abid Daghlawi 8 дней назад
Kelly Seastar
Kelly Seastar 8 дней назад
Yokey pokey That made me giggle
Amitai Fayngold
Amitai Fayngold 9 дней назад
your egg cracking abilities are on point. respect.
gladitsnotme 9 дней назад
White people never use seasonings 😂😂 When he beat that egg and then poured it with NOTHING mixed in I gagged 😂
Jrdarknessking 7 дней назад
Kind of white people you meet? Almost every white person I've met seasons nearly everything..
Kaci Barriffe
Kaci Barriffe 7 дней назад
+mimked lol
mimked 8 дней назад
Seasonings are supposed to be added in towards the end, not the beginning.
Gabriel Pelayo
Gabriel Pelayo 8 дней назад
charlesxix 9 дней назад
I'm white and I ALWAYS season eggs.
Crackley Jordan
Crackley Jordan 9 дней назад
kipkay you should get a editor team and prep more videos
EAS Recorder
EAS Recorder 9 дней назад
Does anyone know what this background music is?
Maser209 7 дней назад
Probably stolen. :D
Elli P
Elli P 9 дней назад
Mr Burns from The Simpsons was about to say that this was all "Egg-cellent," but then he thought better of it and went back to his breakfast sudoku puzzle. And pot of tea. And buttered toast and lime marmalade. Hmm. So that's all right, then. There could have been a nasty moment when everything went quiet as my feeble attempt at a witticism fell as flat as that ghastly-looking pseudo-omelette...
Anxiety 9 дней назад
Chalsey Wilder
Chalsey Wilder 9 дней назад
He sounds like a computer.
khorbo 10 дней назад
Do Americans cook everything in a microwave?
mimked 8 дней назад
khorbo it works really well for some stuff. For other dishes, not so much. The microwave is just a tool that can be used when needed/desired, nothing more.
Michael Tanner
Michael Tanner 8 дней назад
Does your country even know what a microwave is?
JDM A'F 9 дней назад
+Mike1614b you know us lazy americans cook our thanksgiving dinner in microwaves
Jarrett Thrash
Jarrett Thrash 9 дней назад
I wish it was that simple, if good food could be cooked in a micro with everything I would do it all the time.
Mike1614b 9 дней назад
yes, we Americans cook everything in a microwave. you're an idiot. lol
ItsZaynHere 10 дней назад
b e a t i t
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 10 дней назад
God as a sous chef this made me cringe.
gladitsnotme 9 дней назад
As a non chef some of these are genius inventions!
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 10 дней назад
The rapid egg cooker is pointless, it takes that long to make a real omelette all you need is a pan, not to mention the water made it soggy and wet.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 7 дней назад
Foxymew 10 minutes to heat up a pan 😂😂😂😂😂😂 okay buddy 😂
Foxymew 10 дней назад
Heating the pan takes time though, and that's kind of the deal, I guess. If you straight up don't have the extra 10 minutes to heat a pan or whatever it takes.
Ren Queenston
Ren Queenston 10 дней назад
That LG microwave looks sick
Javindo 10 дней назад
Julia Child taught me that you can cook, eat, and clean up the pan for an omelette in less than 5 minutes
charlesxix 9 дней назад
My omelette pan just needs a quick wipe with a kitchen towel.
Bigdadddyjames 10 дней назад
Just make cereal
mikeynaziri 10 дней назад
whatever happened to OG Kipkay?
Shoosh 10 дней назад
Yeah, no, that's a buttplug.
Mekai's Creationz
Mekai's Creationz 7 дней назад
Epic 10 дней назад
It’s 3am and I’m watching a as seen on tv video
Snake Center
Snake Center 10 дней назад
I don’t even eat breakfast I don’t know why I’m watching this
I’m_bad 10 дней назад
Kipkay, I have been watching you since I was younger than 10. I’m surprised you’re still making videos. Thanks for making my childhood awesome
Joey O'Brien
Joey O'Brien 10 дней назад
The uneven bacon at the bottom triggered OCD
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 10 дней назад
+BetweenTheRosesx OCD adjective defintion, having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail. So an uneven piece of bacon next to even pieces, can trigger OCD. I have OCD.
Joey O'Brien
Joey O'Brien 10 дней назад
+BetweenTheRosesx Oh, I'm all better now. Thanks
BetweenTheRosesx 10 дней назад
Good thing you don't have ocd because that's not what that is at all or how OCD works! :)
Br1aNn88 YT
Br1aNn88 YT 10 дней назад
The Omlet maker looks meh
CalleUnion 10 дней назад
I have the rapid egg cooker. I mainly use it to hard boil eggs. Best 16 dollars ever spent.
James Rodgers
James Rodgers 9 дней назад
Seriously though. I bought because I love me some egg salad. I've never been happier.
Caeli Knight
Caeli Knight 10 дней назад
I love mine too
Iginis 10 дней назад
i don't even eat breakfast lol
Br1aNn88 YT
Br1aNn88 YT 10 дней назад
Iginis how?
fuhgetabouddit 10 дней назад
Aygs??? Omg, why?! Do you also say aylephant, for ayxample? It’s ehhhhhhggs
fuhgetabouddit 5 дней назад
Sam Sam torches and pitchforks?? Just a little too far, Sam I am, green aygs and ham
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 7 дней назад
Oh wow this is truly unacceptable. How dare someone pronounce a word differently. Let’s get our torches and pitchforks!!
Little One
Little One 10 дней назад
fuhgetabouddit 10 дней назад
Sentinel to the Sky I have actually, and I am perplexed each and every time 😂
TheMetzgerMan 10 дней назад
Sentinel to the Sky I live in the Midwest, about four hours from Toronto, and I pronounce Eggs as Eh-gs.
Lukman 19
Lukman 19 11 дней назад
I dont know why but seeing your video makes me happy.
nonpublicpretext o
nonpublicpretext o 11 дней назад
Come on kip, you inspired me as a kid with your neat projects and gadgets, now you make garbage like this ? It's sad how you've fallen
Mexican Guts
Mexican Guts 10 дней назад
yeah... a shame, he and mythbusters inspired me to become an engineer
nonpublicpretext o
nonpublicpretext o 10 дней назад
+MrAlkaline it's a boring review of crappy as seen on TV products, kipkay used to hack anything he could get his hands on
MrAlkaline 10 дней назад
whats wrong with this video?
Versetzt 11 дней назад
Kipkay your alive?
Crackley Jordan
Crackley Jordan 10 дней назад
Thats what I thought lol
alberto reyes
alberto reyes 11 дней назад
Is this really what kipkay became ? A as seen on tv advertiser. So sad smh he was so creative and amazing before
Justin LaBoy
Justin LaBoy 11 дней назад
i have that omelet maker and only used it once because it had a plastic taste
Justin LaBoy
Justin LaBoy 9 дней назад
+Elli P i see what you did there.
Elli P
Elli P 9 дней назад
Yep, life's complicated. There's no question that eggs can pick up flavours from plastic and metal utensils. Before stainless steel, rich people used to insist on silver spoons for eggs and fruit because it didn't make things taste weird. Whatever: I wonder if the eggs you cooked in your miracle machine thought that you tasted of human beans...
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner 11 дней назад
3:38 You used that microwave egg maker wrong...
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner 11 дней назад
+troy1572 Well when I use it. I fill it with one side completely with eggs, cheese and shredded ham and close it to trap in the heat. By containing the heat the eggs cook faster.
troy1572 11 дней назад
How's it *supposed* to be used?
Captain0Sunny 11 дней назад
OK im in the wrong side of youtube again ..
Randy Zhu
Randy Zhu 11 дней назад
I'm pretty sure the toaster is fast enough.
Raxzis 11 дней назад
Who the hell is breathing constantly throughout the video? Like deep mouth breathing behind the music audio
Little One
Little One 10 дней назад
The egg monster
Jessica Gross
Jessica Gross 11 дней назад
I have one of the Hamilton Beach egg cookers I got for Black Friday, and it has become my favorite kitchen gadget. It's nice to be able to just whip something up, and while it cooks finish getting ready for the day. It makes breakfast on the go a lot easier.
Dark Trix
Dark Trix 11 дней назад
I'm real hungry now
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 11 дней назад
Kipkay!!! I missed you dude I haven’t been on your channel in years 🤗
This Is America
This Is America 11 дней назад
Oh i’m late
Tumbler Black
Tumbler Black 11 дней назад
face reveal at 4:50-4:54
skorisdestiny 11 дней назад
Tumbler Black also 3:21-3:22 lol
Simple Filemaker
Simple Filemaker 11 дней назад
America ..wtfff
Nicole Abed
Nicole Abed 11 дней назад
Best part of the video was to walk on cameo by Domino 😍💕
Christopher or Chris/Critter C
Christopher or Chris/Critter C 11 дней назад
but who wants wisker banking bits?cat its handsome though i want to bet him
Krax KarKax
Krax KarKax 11 дней назад
I have the rapid egg cooker, and I have to say it works excellently! The main annoying thing is the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP when it's done.
Terri S
Terri S 11 дней назад
I have it too but mine may be older, it doesn't beep. It simply turns itself off after about 7 minutes.
xcmxs official
xcmxs official 11 дней назад
Get a new phone plz get a iphone 10 for all i care pls get a new one
Blurry 11 дней назад
Xcmxs : Dad can I hav-- Dad : its already on the way son.
Mega Man
Mega Man 11 дней назад
What's wrong with his phone? It seems fine to me, and it's HIS phone not yours, so why does it matter what phone he has..
Hey!, it's moonman!
Hey!, it's moonman! 11 дней назад
No no no
Regina Haley
Regina Haley 11 дней назад
As much as I enjoy your videos I honestly have a hard time watching them because you have that loud repetitive music sounds playing while you are talking...why do you do that? For those of us with sensory issues it's so distracting!
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots 11 дней назад
Best breakfast gadget = wife.
Al Fitzpatrick
Al Fitzpatrick 11 дней назад
you know whats faster? TRY USING A GOD DAMN FRYING PAN!
Regina Haley
Regina Haley 11 дней назад
Bwhahaha! ...Yessa!
Panama Nick
Panama Nick 11 дней назад
Exactly my thoughts, lol
KattenDK La Cour Madsen
KattenDK La Cour Madsen 11 дней назад
RUvidrs have gone as low as to *unironicaly* compare and review egg machines...
Joji Miller
Joji Miller 11 дней назад
This is kipkay man, he is a true youtuber. He does what he loves. His channel has always been either tutorials or reviews
Kim taehyung Lol
Kim taehyung Lol 11 дней назад
They can make egg mcmuffins 👍
Terri S
Terri S 11 дней назад
I stopped buying English muffins and now cut out circles of whole wheat bread with my 30oz insulated mug (perfect size). I make ours with Taylor pork roll, cheddar cheese and egg. It's what's for breakfast...
Canido 11 дней назад
Hi, how is the cat?
Chloe Harper
Chloe Harper 11 дней назад
I don’t even eat breakfast
The french toast
The french toast 11 дней назад
I don’t eat until 6:30 pm
朝日 11 дней назад
I don't even breath
George Nicholson
George Nicholson 11 дней назад
French people be like
ThRedDragonZ iOS game play
ThRedDragonZ iOS game play 11 дней назад
How do you eat all of that dang you got a big appetite
italy0666 11 дней назад
@KipKay, that 2nd to last one, the Rapid Egg cooker (the one that rings without stopping) I see at around 7:31 it looks undercooked. Was this just melted cheese or runny egg. Just curious as I don't like my eggs runny.
Roku 11 дней назад
love my H-B sandwich maker
michael simoes
michael simoes 11 дней назад
This makes no sense since nothing does the same and your cooking different things that need different cook time so of course eggs are going to cook faster then bacon
Harshit Shrivastava
Harshit Shrivastava 11 дней назад
What am I doing here?
Wally Palmer
Wally Palmer 11 дней назад
Am I the only one who is annoyed by the way he says "eggs". They are "EGGS", not "aigs"!!!!!
Erika America
Erika America 6 дней назад
Wally Palmer It’s a Southern thang😉Cheers
Wally Palmer
Wally Palmer 6 дней назад
+Erika America I'm not aware of any regional dialect that pronounces "eggs" as if it is spelled "aigs". It grates on me the same way it does when people say "melk" instead of "milk". Anyway, I will agree, I probably shouldn't get worked up over it though. Peace.
Erika America
Erika America 6 дней назад
Wally Palmer Yes you are the only one annoyed. “You say Tomato...I say TomAHto”. It’s called REGIONAL ACCENT
Lol No
Lol No 11 дней назад
I haven't watched a Kipkay video since The weird SpongeBob speaker. I was 7
Krax KarKax
Krax KarKax 11 дней назад
Redstonefixer19 11 дней назад
The making bacons not made to make it faster
Gentleman Chef
Gentleman Chef 11 дней назад
That was nice, I enjoyed myself.
InfamousDoktorJackal 11 дней назад
I miss the days back when Kipkay use to make things.
metallijosh 11 дней назад
Wait, did he say beat off to work or school??
DatGamerKid 11 дней назад
Of course makin bacon is American...
Erika America
Erika America 6 дней назад
Of course, Americans are exceptional inventors...you’re welcome
DatGamerKid 11 дней назад
Yay more likes
DatGamerKid 11 дней назад
Lol thx for likes
Big Gear Zantey usually 5th
Big Gear Zantey usually 5th 12 дней назад
This Foo got the 1st gen IPhone I'm done bruh
Graciesmom 2018
Graciesmom 2018 10 дней назад
Smudge or can’t afford the latest iPhone. Excellent point
Smudge 11 дней назад
This guy judges people based on what phone they have instead of accepting that people are different and some people don't want to spend over $700 on a phone.
EXE 11 дней назад
that looks like an iphone 7
SairaGrace Wain
SairaGrace Wain 12 дней назад
This mcsandich is *delicious* !!
Rudolf Valace Gerna
Rudolf Valace Gerna 12 дней назад
this channel still on :D im watching this almost 12 year
subscribe To Pewdipie!
subscribe To Pewdipie! 12 дней назад
This person must of been hungry af while making this video *Didnt say high cause yall wouldn't give me like*
slimeninja1 12 дней назад
6:20 I have one of those but it's attatched to my toaster
SabexA7 12 дней назад
SabexA7 11 дней назад
+Gogo Alexis lmao
Gogo Alexis
Gogo Alexis 12 дней назад
WorldWideGamingX 12 дней назад
I hope tux is having a lot of fun in hevan
Hi There
Hi There 11 дней назад
StaRz S k γ
StaRz S k γ 12 дней назад
There is a product called the “Week Day Eggs” they apparently cook faster then normal eggs
The G&J
The G&J 12 дней назад
*made in america*
Oran Kenyon
Oran Kenyon 12 дней назад
Where's the milk in the omellete? 😭
Smudge 11 дней назад
Milk actually waters down eggs, and you shouldn't cook eggs with milk.
Luna Larsplass
Luna Larsplass 11 дней назад
Not a normal thing, buddy
JD 12 дней назад
Well, the tests are precise and you have done a great job verifying (for us) that everything works well. But I am now hungry af
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 12 дней назад
Yolky pokey? Wtf
Pete LJ
Pete LJ 12 дней назад
I saw the title as "Fastest Breakdown Gadget Showdown" (Maybe its just me?)
Joaquin Cordero
Joaquin Cordero 12 дней назад
Lmfao Kip Kay funny af why he use the omelette maker like that
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