As Seen on TV - Fastest Breakfast Gadgets Showdown - TESTED!

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Need a fast breakfast before you beat it to work or school? We tested 5 breakfast gizmos. Guess which one wins! Check out my As Seen on TV Garage Gadgets Tested video: ruvid.net/video/video-9OfgM_Z31ps.html
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--LINKS to What We TESTED--
MICROWAVE OMELET MAKER: kit.com/KipKay/nordic-ware-microwave-omelet-pan/nordic-ware-microwav
MAKIN' BACON :amzn.to/2GzuR3z
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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 1 194
kipkay 5 months ago
*Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this video. I'm having fun testing gadgets and gizmos for you. Check out my latest As Seen on TV Tested video:**ruvid.net/video/video-9OfgM_Z31ps.html** Thanks for watching!* 👍
Gachalife_Prokhor :3
Gachalife_Prokhor :3
RonJohn63 2 months ago
The background music got pretty irritating after a while.
hardy anwar
hardy anwar 2 months ago
Fun Chiefs Be t yfgy(y u
R H 2 months ago
Good you're worried enough about BPA to not even eat the egg. BPA-free is the Vape to BPA's Ciggs.
Charlie Brorsson
Charlie Brorsson 2 days ago
Coffe and a sandwich 5 minutes
BeanoJosh 3 days ago
Food and masturbation... good idea.
Charles The TMBG Fan
quit making dirty jokes. KIDS MIGHT BE WATCHING Kipkay!
That's the saddest looking omelet I've ever seen
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger 22 days ago
I love my Hamilton Beach sandwich maker. My son also uses it a lot
Cyruscheung Does Stuff
Watching this while eating breakfast
Toaster Films
Toaster Films Month ago
The most important meal of the day, serving it up, Gary’s way!
F.B.I C.I.A Month ago
4:10 not vegans u bastard
Guillaume Schafner
Guillaume Schafner 15 days ago
@The Drunk Cook UFFF
The Drunk Cook
The Drunk Cook Month ago
Oh i get it now lol “bacon goes good with everything” not vegans u bastard, lol
The Drunk Cook
The Drunk Cook Month ago
F.B.I C.I.A i dont get it, why did u write that comment
F.B.I C.I.A Month ago
The Drunk Cook
The Drunk Cook Month ago
F.B.I C.I.A ?
Sue Miller
Sue Miller Month ago
What is the spelling of that cafe? I have never heard of it
Sue Miller
Sue Miller Month ago
Sue Miller
Sue Miller Month ago
Lalo Villa
Lalo Villa Month ago
That breakfast sandwich maker works but think about it, are you going to cook a sandwich everyday? It is one of those appliances that gets used once or twice and goes into storage for years.
Random Lego Colour Gun
You can just put the egg on...
Seedsprout Month ago
I didn’t even eat this egg That one frame got me
Matthew Ruiz
Matthew Ruiz Month ago
I missed breakfast and need to put up a video by today. Hmm🤔. Be What shall I do? Then he posts this video.That's probably how it all went down.😂
Cain Albertson
Cain Albertson Month ago
What if you dont eat either eggs or bacon for breakfast?
DeoxysDNA Month ago
Obviously you wouldn't buy it if you don't eat those things. You wouldn't buy a waffle cooker if you don't eat waffles.
Ibrahim Bahakim
Ibrahim Bahakim Month ago
@Cain Albertson 😭 you're absolutely right... Now I remember why I'm a weirdo too.
Cain Albertson
Cain Albertson Month ago
@Ibrahim Bahakim you dont even eat pork
Ibrahim Bahakim
Ibrahim Bahakim Month ago
Then you're a weirdo.
Shelby Cain
Shelby Cain Month ago
These would be great for teenagers on the weekend. Some are great for school time or work. I've used some of these in the morning when I had six kids, and three adults to feed.
JBCool0729 Month ago
MAKIN' BACON It's not a breakfast maker......................
JBCool0729 Month ago
BREAKFAST SANDWICH MAKER 7:30 min. How about bacon? You had to cook that too.
Dutch Transport
Dutch Transport Month ago
Minerva Month ago
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane Month ago
Egg is like 'aeg'. German tool fan?
Curt Nicholson
Curt Nicholson 2 months ago
I haven't used it yet but a buddy of mine gave me one of the little sandwich makers he got for like ten bucks on close out. So from watching your video I now know how to use it and probably will soon.
Awezmtv 2 months ago
havent watched u in soooooo long but u popped up in my up next area of videos so i was like i rememer this youtuber!
James Herron
James Herron 2 months ago
Why did you not want to mention the McMuffin or McDonalds?
TM Youkai
TM Youkai Month ago
People are lawsuit happy.
Celeste Celeste
Celeste Celeste 2 months ago
Microwaved omelet that tastes good _--. What have you done to your taste buds --_
hardy anwar
hardy anwar 2 months ago
Trisztán Sándor Horváth
Have you heard of pans, let me define it for you: you can use it to make everything in this video
Ocelot Month ago
I suggest you read the video title, then go outside.
Taylor Turner
Taylor Turner Month ago
It's almost like you didn't even do so much as to look at the title of the video.
Jesus 2 months ago
gordon ramsay would kill you for that omelett
Ocelot Month ago
@Pixel Z Happens a lot in Europe, too, not just America.
Pixel Z
Pixel Z 2 months ago
Yea well half of America resturant are mostly microwaved
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 2 months ago
Toaster one slice of multigrain bread toasted one slice of ham one slice of american yellow cheese fold and eat with a apple that's my breakfast
David Chidiac
David Chidiac 2 months ago
good job anon
thiamjoo 2 months ago
How can you compare times when you are cooking different stuff?
Taylor Turner
Taylor Turner Month ago
Because they are all breakfast related. So in an instance where you would be in a rush you would have to say "i'm going to eat an omelette instead of bacon for breakfast." Plus the video was just interesting to see who's the fastest. Doesn't have to be relevant to be a good video.
MoonS1337 2 months ago
What’s BPA?
Wr3n 2 months ago
Some plastic compound in a lots of food containers and what not. Apparently it's bad for your health.
swtv1754 2 months ago
Thanks for your demonstrations. It seems like I will use the pots, pans, oven, and toaster that I already have to cook my food. I MIGHT try the omelet thing though. Never have been able to make a pretty omelet!😢
Phillip Q
Phillip Q 2 months ago
American food is so depressing. Europeans would NEVER. Microwaved egg?!? I’m out
Eppu63 Month ago
@Phillip Q How do you know we know? Why don´t you just say what you mean instead of making us guess?
Phillip Q
Phillip Q Month ago
alex mtz You know what I’m talking about smartass
alex mtz
alex mtz Month ago
American food as North America or the whole American continent ? 🤔
Rocmario '96
Rocmario '96 2 months ago
Yeah these are novelties. Most ppl would say "hey that's pretty cool" buy it, use it once and forget they bought it untill the next yard sell.
swtv1754 2 months ago
99.9% of Americans wouldn't either. I have pots, pans, and an oven to cook my food!!😊
Gloria Martinez
Gloria Martinez 2 months ago
I like my bacon 🥓 in it’s grease.
WaywardHero 117
WaywardHero 117 2 months ago
Ok that does not look like a good omelette, and I can make a better one in about the same time, with only a pan and a fork to wash
Tony Harris
Tony Harris 2 months ago
How you going to disqualify the blue guy damn
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
American cheese is depressing as hell.
swtv1754 2 months ago
I agree, but I do LOVE it melted on a burger and toasted cheese sandwich. Don't know why, because I could never eat it plain!
lostintime86 2 months ago
You really need to wash these things before you use them. They are built in a dirty factory. Gross!!
matthew seller
matthew seller 2 months ago
A little advice buys a bacon crisper tray three rashers of bacon 3 - 5 minutes in the microwave depending on your taste. All this stuff can be brought off Amazon and eBay
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 2 months ago
Revelate cooker that's not or not a omelet
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 2 months ago
not a fair test when making an Egg McMuffin bacon was already cooked need to correct
Eledaraumar 2 months ago
I definitely don't beat it off to work or school. Those are the least pleasurable experiences I can think of.
Tobias 2 months ago
Great vids guys, but I gotta tell you, beyond some American marketing ploy there's no such thing as an "English muffin"...I ought to know, I'm English. You really don't want to eat ANYTHING cooked in a microwave, nor anything cooked in plastic. ALL plastics will emit chemicals when heated. I think that I'd rather just drop some eggs 'n' bacon in my cast iron fry pan and do that.
Amanda D
Amanda D 2 months ago
Actually our English Muffins are out version of your Crumpets.
Tobias 2 months ago
@Damian P Yessir...here in BC it's just Bacon (I figure the capital B is deserved because...BACON!)
Damian P
Damian P 2 months ago
Uhm yap theres no such thing as Canadian bacon either Iv never herd of it as that apart from on American TV shows
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon 2 months ago
The breakfast muffin maker looked like the best gadget. However you are better off with a slice of brown toast.
FAD 2 months ago
Money waster gadgets. I can beat any of those with just a pan and some fire.
M L 2 months ago
You're so fancy.
lucario just for fun
0:00 blreakfast? I love breakfast but not blreakfast
Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2 months ago
My idea of an omelet and your idea of an omelet are two totally different things.
Anpanator 2 months ago
Seeing how that blue egg plastic thing seems to be made of polypropylene (if I saw correctly on the recycling code), a "doesn't contain BPA" hint is not necessary as BPA is not and can not be used to produce it.
Apuś Apusiowski
Apuś Apusiowski 2 months ago
Do more videos
Alina McPherson
Alina McPherson 2 months ago
I always made the omelet with the eggs on one side and closed it.
David Redfearn
David Redfearn 2 months ago
Even though the ommlet maker won. The sandwich maker did the most for a short time. I got to get one of those.
CODrocker90 2 months ago
What about the time it took to make the bacon...
Shannon Allison
Shannon Allison 2 months ago
MC restaurant oh what could you be talking about lol
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