As coronavirus spreads, WHO urges world to ‘prepare for potential pandemic’

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The World Health Organization on Monday said the new coronavirus epidemic had "peaked" in China but warned that a surge in cases elsewhere was "deeply concerning" and that all countries should prepare for a possible pandemic.
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Feb 24, 2020




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Comments 48
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj 2 months ago
The solutions to coronavirus is to take HIV medicines and give it to the patient. This will work because the molecular structure are similar. This worked in India. Share this message to others because it's important.
uttam singh
uttam singh 3 months ago
Worse health organisation.
migzzy 022
migzzy 022 3 months ago
they put the wrong person to lead WHO.instead of declaring it as pandemic and call all nation to joined together to takel this problem..he is delaying it and saying each nation to prepare it self..if he can not lead, then resign..
Schrödinger 3 months ago
Somebody infect this idiot Tedros with COVID-19 please
Anooblikeguy Lol
Anooblikeguy Lol 3 months ago
These experts ??. Are 2 weeks behind😠
myra7273 3 months ago
Most popular drinking game in the world since January: Watching or listening to WHO briefings and: 1.) taking shots every time Tedros says" window of opportunity", "window", "opportunity", makes a meaningless generalization, or 2.) taking a double shot any time anyone in the WHO praises the Chinese government for doing such a great job.... Regrettably, the game never lasts for very long. Everyone quickly gets too drunk to play anymore. :-(
substring zero
substring zero 3 months ago
The WHO is bought and owned by the Chinese Community Party. They are so eager to kiss CCP's ass by praising CCP, but neither one of them has any viable plan to contain this outbreak. The Chinese Communist Party is using the same playbook as the former Russian Communist Party on handling the Chernobyl disaster.
C- 3 months ago
Good that Eastern Europe, Africa and south america are safe xD such nice places to live
Natália Linhares aguiar
confirmed the first case in my country-Brazil😔
Ronald Roemer
Ronald Roemer 3 months ago
Stop All Planes ridenow wit passengers Worldwide That's the only Way to Slow It Down
Ronald Roemer
Ronald Roemer 3 months ago
They wanna Kill so many People Es posible on purpose New World Order
Tom Lee
Tom Lee 3 months ago
Kudos to Tedro for being such a great leader. God bless him. Corona Chan’s survival depends on his actions
International Harvester
All you can hope for now is a strong personal immune system.
Dolp Turdman Is The Antichrist
Don't panic people - cremation is totally free courtesy of your government.
Robert Zombie
Robert Zombie 3 months ago
Pan = pangolin Demic = dumpling
Charles Sykes
Charles Sykes 3 months ago
First of all why is mortality rate so high in Iran, Are there different strains of this virus. Same for Italy why so many people in serious condition. And the passengers on that Princess ship that was a joke, flown back on a regular flight. And only 35 cases reported in US
Rox Wilson
Rox Wilson 3 months ago
53 cases reported on ABC this evening. Way before you wrote your comment. The passengers you were referring to were on a chartered flight and did not fly on any commercial aircraft. There were 380 people, some went to the base in CA and some in TX to be quarantined for 14 days.
Charles Sykes
Charles Sykes 3 months ago
Potential Pandemic, this has been a Pandemic for weeks now, and WHO won't call it a pandemic.
Charles Sykes
Charles Sykes 3 months ago
These fools still recommend travel to china. They could have stopped this pandemic by declaring it is pandemic months ego.
Francisco Rojas
Francisco Rojas 3 months ago
Commie simps
Ulovemovies 3 months ago
Humans are spreading the virus..SO if people stop travelling... only go out when essential..don't meet in gatherings this will seriously limit the spread... If you must go out wear an N95 Mask.. Safety Goggles, with rubber seal all around the inside and Surgical Gloves.. When you get home dispose of the gloves, wash and sanitise your hands and sanitise the Goggles... Stay Safe...
Kalsum Cms
Kalsum Cms 3 months ago
They said prepare for pandemic but aslo they didnt use pandemic term again hah..........
JP RV 3 months ago
This Virus Was Launched By Aliens! I´ve Asked Them For It! Sorry Guys But The World Needs To Be Clean From Corruption And Overpopulation ! It´s The Only Way To Give Back Some Human Dignity For Those Who Will Remain!!! As Soon As The Summer Comes Back The Virus Will Disappear! Many Will Be Gone By Then And At Last Those Who Will Remain Will Live With Some Dignity! Until Bigger Events Will Also Happen And Reduces Mankind For 1/3 The Perfect Balance Nature Needs To Allow Real Life Quality On Earth! It Is Called The Equilibrium Momentum!
never forget
never forget 3 months ago
all of the people in power are complete idiots,, they have no common sense,, look how they act and what they say and how they say it,, they are just completely loaded with money and loaded with shit for brains.
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery 3 months ago
Question is how are the world nations going retaliate for China's negligent release of this biological pathogen accidentally or intentionally?? They have been splicing genetic material to make people immune to HIV what else have they done?
Jan Wiącek
Jan Wiącek 3 months ago
A few weeks ago Mr.Ghebreyesus said that we are not in danger of pandemic.!!What is he drinking??
Lonnie Christopher
Lonnie Christopher 3 months ago
...Prepare for a total pandemic....!!!
Guno Hirschfeld
Guno Hirschfeld 3 months ago
Last that the best to do is blocking all flights/Shipping/Trains/On Land transportations/Cruises - to and from Asia (China,Bangkok,Vietnam,Phillipines,India,Saigon,Laos,Singapore) just to safe the world if possible.Not saving the world but the economy disaster will at last stay a disaster for all humans on earth finaly ! Prayers from out of South America /Suriname !
Year 2020
Year 2020 3 months ago
Is he/WHO waiting for the virus to hit all of Africa before he declares it a pandemic and take much more aggressive actions?
Robert Summerfield
Robert Summerfield 3 months ago
These morons are afraid of losing their jobs. Period. There's no excuses for stupid ignorant people in a world of absolute intelligence and knowledge of all things known to man at the tip of your fingers. AIRBORNE
akou12 3 months ago
Vash TheStampede
Vash TheStampede 3 months ago
Who is WHO?, because they do NOT represent the Health of the World, They represent China, and it's $$$$$$$$$ interest. C..E.O China Economist Org. There is no WHO, Only Global Idiots representing China's Interest.
raytheater 3 months ago
Tedros Adhanom needs to be fired immediately, he is not speaking for the World (important world in the WHO acronym), he is speaking for China.
Alex Tran
Alex Tran 3 months ago
WHO = Beijing‘s extended propaganda machine
Throw Away
Throw Away 3 months ago
I cant belive that i post this but the WHO have an important job to do it involves the WORLD we need to let them know they have done a POOR job i see nothing good said about them at all.
Tricco Bukenya
Tricco Bukenya 3 months ago
when did money turn the whole world blind .....this is a pandemic ...if this virus hits Africa .... WHO is to blame
DwynePen 3 months ago
This is how its meant to go and WHO knows it
Tommaso Famularo
Tommaso Famularo 3 months ago
any country with horrible infrastructure...india, bangaladesh, paskistan any other nation with stan..it's gonna be ugly if it reaches those countries
The Atlantis Report 3
This time the pandemic is real ...people better run for the hills for your own survival watch this : ruvid.net/video/video-NPwQD_YeqEU.html
sky watchers
sky watchers 3 months ago
Depopulation techniques by the elites
jahgol 3 months ago
The UN and the WHO are communist shitholes. Incompetent office holders specialised in writing BS reports and propagating lies.
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher 3 months ago
I don't want to listen to WHO anymore. They have lost already whatever credibilty that was left
Caleb C
Caleb C 3 months ago
When? When they bankrolled the guy who covered up pandemics in ethiopia his homecountry for director gen. ? Or when they bankrolled the previous one as well? ;)
Razor2112 3 months ago
This was a secret Chinese bio weapon that escaped from a military lab...
Jackie Duncan
Jackie Duncan 3 months ago
With 5g added
Skinny Bones Jones
Skinny Bones Jones 3 months ago
Wait until it ravashes Beijing and Shanghai, as Karen Carpenter sang We've Only Just Begun
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher 3 months ago
... and followed by Abba's "The Winner Takes It All"
LostInPA 3 months ago
WHO is a collection of utter fools. Their behavior is criminally negligent.
White Wolf
White Wolf 3 months ago
M. Ade Ng
M. Ade Ng 3 months ago
WHO has no power
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums 3 months ago
@C- Fairy Tale. Thank me!
C- 3 months ago
Ever heard of global warming ? if it is said by scientists it must be truth xD
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums 3 months ago
The Director General was a rabid Communist in a corrupt regime before he got the job he now has. Additionally, he said bad things about USA stopping flights from Red China.
Xcris crosX
Xcris crosX 3 months ago
Dr. Pritesh Gandhi for Congress: "Today the Trump administration is scrambling to contain global fallout over the Coronavirus...the DJIA is down over 900 points. Yet, two years ago Bolton eliminated the top White House official responsible for leading a pandemic response"
End Times Watcher
End Times Watcher 3 months ago
"Potential Pandemic"....??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The WHO is a joke!!!!
Think positive always
@End Times Watcher its sad because we pay the price... WHO lie lie and lie.... The know that this virus is bee engendered in a lab you here nothing about it... Look Dr Paul Cottrell on his RUvid channel
End Times Watcher
End Times Watcher 3 months ago
@Think positive always yes they do!
Think positive always
They corrupt WHO....... They take a lot of Chinese money...
Azure Badger
Azure Badger 3 months ago
End Times Watcher this guy is on the take. 100%.
Jeb Garcia
Jeb Garcia 3 months ago
🤟😎🦠🍺All nightmare long METALLICA
GOD'S CHILD 3 months ago
We better repent my dear friend... At this point is the best we can do.... Be blessed wherever you are 🙏🏼💝
Jeffrey Kent
Jeffrey Kent 3 months ago
People scoffed and ridiculed me when I said covid 19 was going to be big .......who is laughing now bwahaha bwahaha
Skinny Bones Jones
Skinny Bones Jones 3 months ago
Satan... He's cracking up
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella 3 months ago
☣️☣️☣️🌏☣️☣️☣️👉⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ Thanks Xi! 🤒😷😠
Masha Mitchell
Masha Mitchell 3 months ago
Isn't the survival rate of this virus in the 80% range? What is this panic? More people will die from Flu than Corvid-19.
Bad Fairy
Bad Fairy 3 months ago
The SARS.CoV.2 Goes into the heart muscle. It is damaged.Breaks up has one dies.
Northern Sunshine
Northern Sunshine 3 months ago
dab bean I actually work within the health system and other than one coronavirus (prior to COVID 19 title) notice about hand washing; there’s been zero proactive reaction. We’ve been persuaded not wear protective masks because it appears disrespectful. I personally have been wearing a mask and stating I have a cold; plus aggressively boosting my immune system with vitamins/ginseng/apple cider vinegar and exercise. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. 💫 Do you have any recommendations? Always attempting to absorb more information. 😄 Quote ‘It’s a province of knowledge to speak, it is a privilege of wisdom to listen.’
dab bean
dab bean 3 months ago
@Northern Sunshine thanks been keeping my eye on it , only been mention at work twice , bloody normies
Si gi
Si gi 3 months ago
if it's just like the flu then please why don't you go kiss a corona patient & once you are infected tell us what was it like!
redrich 3 months ago
The flu also doesn't overwhelm your hospitals and shut down your economy. Something Twitter MD's don't mention. And the wu flu is something like 20x-30x more deadly than the flu which is something else they don't tell you. (0.1% mortality vs 3% mortality) Also when you're hospitals go down it gets even worse.
Ali Yusuf
Ali Yusuf 3 months ago
Is there corona virus in pArRis
GOD'S CHILD 3 months ago
Yes Ali..... A week ago we had 11 cases in France....
GOD'S CHILD 3 months ago
Oh my God please help me.... I'm in Romania right now.... and Saturday I need to get back to France......🙏🏼☹️😔
Quiet Poet
Quiet Poet 3 months ago
funguscordyceps 3 months ago
Ali Yusuf it’s all over the world look up the word pandemic, it’s all over the world already 🚧😷🚧
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