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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 (2019) The Long Night
Scene: Arya Stark Kills The Night King (Battle of Winterfell Ending)
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Episode Storyline: The Night King and his army have arrived at Winterfell and the great battle begins.
TV Show Info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/
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Apr 28, 2019




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Comments 80
alllives 2 hours ago
8 seasons of preparation, only to be killed like this. What a dishonored
The Black Hood
The Black Hood 4 hours ago
The only thing that they didn’t fuck up in this final season was Jorah dying in Daenerys’ arms
Bloody Key
Bloody Key 6 hours ago
So basicly instead of just Death Touching Both Arya And Paralized guy in chair he just forgets he can do that and kinda dies to one stab in the mid section. WHICH is also instant.
Doug Thug
Doug Thug 8 hours ago
Jason Brody watched game of thrones
Steve Crush
Steve Crush 11 hours ago
Arya stole that finishing move from Far Cry 3 when Jason kills Vaas
loisl90 13 hours ago
Season 8, Episode 3 was just made for gamma-fucking our TV's.
Tyrion Lannister the Small
The Prince who was promised everyone 😑
Aldo Zinno
Aldo Zinno 15 hours ago
This is the worst shit i've ever seen in my life
Maria Hossain
Maria Hossain 20 hours ago
The Valyrian dagger, a fire magic forged steel, kills the ice made king, the Night King. A song of ice and fire indeed
Watson hi
Watson hi 22 hours ago
Winter is going
I still remember hearing the writers talking through the script with the cast, after he got to the bit where Jon stabs Daenerys he said "END GAME OF THRONES" like he was so proud of what he'd written. Utter shite and probably the biggest fuckup in television history!
i didnt even finish season 8 because of this stupid fucking episode
and i never will
this season made me so embarrassed to even say i like this show to my friends
tlages Day ago
What a fucking cop out.
First Last
First Last Day ago
Alternate ending: The Night King kills Bran, restoring him to his human form and giving him the power to bring the undead back to real life. After killing Bran, everyone including the undead Army and anyone killed in the battle are brought back to life. The Night King then reveals that Bran was the biggest dick in the world and had an absolutely horrible story. He then wonders off. Everyone is alive again and Cersei dies.
4:48 Arya Kills the Night King
threshi 2 days ago
Aria for the win baby !!!!!
Gourang Gehlot
Gourang Gehlot 2 days ago
As much as I appreciate Arya killing the night king,The story of white walkers never developed.
House Stark
House Stark 2 days ago
Arya to the night king : Are you ready to die? Sansa : My sister asked you a question. The night king : What do you want from me Arya? I'm not even on your list ;-;
yeah 2 days ago
Jon should’ve killed the Night King
dreadlordhg 2 days ago
Retarded storyline
Derrick Nguyen
Derrick Nguyen 2 days ago
Completely disrespectful ending to the night king.
SueMe Sarah
SueMe Sarah 2 days ago
It's been a year and I'm still pissed. Only saving grace is that music!
James Walker
James Walker 3 days ago
After all that time, it turned out the night king and white walkers were only mysterious because the story arc made no sense and was going nowhere.
stespin 3 days ago
This is how you take 10 years worth of waiting and guessing and make it the most anticlimactic epilogue in history. The scene, in itself, is actually really good, it's the story behind it that's lacking.
Gap 3 days ago
Arya should have ganked him from the start.
Alders0n 3 days ago
Only thing smart about this scene was the music
Shamik Patel
Shamik Patel 3 days ago
That music i never heard this type of heart touching ❤️
N C 3 days ago
But did Theon really think he was going to kill the night king? 🤣
mooghten 3 days ago
Night King should have gone at least to King's Landing. I wanted him to fight Drogon there...
I see so much negativity here, I just want to say that I liked a lot S8, and this scene is really good. Peace
Kevin Morthorst
Kevin Morthorst 3 days ago
Man this show really shit the bed. Trading in my GOT Blu-ray’s for the Star Trek 50th anniversary Blu-ray collection was one of the best decisions I ever made.
T.N.S. A.
T.N.S. A. 3 days ago
Psst!! The night king is actually Ellen Degeneres.
Gabriel GAS
Gabriel GAS 3 days ago
Maybe R.R. Martin should have used Covid - 19 as the main enemy. It´s much more lethal than the Night King.
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy 3 days ago
Look at it this way, we still have the books to look forward to.
chris hansen
chris hansen 4 days ago
The music is amazing. Everything else was complete dogshit.
Theo Volz
Theo Volz 4 days ago
How did she get past his bodyguards?? The Night King was super powerful, but also super vulnerable. Like he would be that complacent with his security....
Austin Owen
Austin Owen 4 days ago
I like how jon faces his Rhegal, who would have been his dragon
Pirate king
Pirate king 4 days ago
Arya destroyed the script with dragonglass
Aravind D
Aravind D 4 days ago
So nobody is gonna talk about how Arya came straight towards Night king without being seen by army of dead or white walkers?? Just see that entire place is surrounded by hundreds of dead. Wish I had been there as a dead one so that I could've stopped Arya from my Night King. NK deserved much better ending!!!
pepin grillin
pepin grillin 2 days ago
You are forgetting she borrowed Harry’s invisibility cloak to kill the night king
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 4 days ago
Night King: "Take me into your hearts! Accept me as your saviour! Nail me to the fucking cross... and let me be reborn!" Arya: proceeds to stab the Night King Arya: "Bran... I won!... I won...."
TheGolden king
TheGolden king 4 days ago
I was kinda hoping the Night King was about to kneel before Bran
beehive 4 days ago
i really hate bran’s look on his face, so annoying
yeah 2 days ago
a straight face?
Fadly Shalimi
Fadly Shalimi 5 days ago
Arya, sneak attacks dont work if you yell it out loud.
Farheim 5 days ago
If only I was able to leave two dislikes....
TreyDongz 5 days ago
We’ve been mispronouncing the Night King’s name this whole time. He was actually known as the Nice King, and the Nice Walkers
wildbeton 5 days ago
Still too damn dark!!!!
Carlos Vazquez Sanz
Yep. May 2020 and still mad
Zottyo 5 days ago
Theon should've never kill Jon Wick's dog
nw6w 1
nw6w 1 5 days ago
Fuck D&D the white walkers should have a great ending. I can’t believe that the night king died without seeing him fighting.
Tyranitar Series: Lord Ethan of House Frostbourne
Jon could have stabbed Viserion
Gautam Kumar
Gautam Kumar 5 days ago
Thank God the Night King didn't die by stumbling and hitting his head on Bran's chair!
Blu 5 days ago
I'm here for the music
iron man
iron man 5 days ago
they didn't even make it to kingslanding
Zhi Kang Shao
Zhi Kang Shao 5 days ago
Music being overprevalent in dramatic scenes really sucks. I'd prefer hearing everything that happens, like the fires crackling on the background. Nothing takes me out of fight scenes more than violins and piano.
HappyGardevoir 6 days ago
4:54 Jason Brody: Hey! Thats my finisher!
Mohzub Ali
Mohzub Ali 6 days ago
Why the hell would theon run towards the night king... knowin that he would bd killed in a giffy..
krischan67 6 days ago
No matter how terribly it was staged to come to this, it's still an epic scene.
Cookie Master Punk
So Arya is a far cry 3 fan.
Wackaz - Arthur Wacker
Bran a piece of shit.
Raghu Seetharaman
*My Attempt at an alternate ending:* The Night King advances on Bran. Theon defends him by fighting White Walkers as the Night King throws a spear at him, fatally wounding him. Meanwhile, Jon fighting Viserion is saved by Tormund who, with other wildlings, distracts the dragon. Jon runs to the aid of Bran. He arrives at Bran's side just as the Night King kills Theon. Theon dies tearfully saying he is sorry to Jon. The Night King looks at Jon with the same terrifying smirk as he attempts to raise Theon from death. The Night King is perplexed, however, as Bran exclaims that Theon is "with the Gods now." Jon engages the Night King, yet during the fight finds The Night King is able to influence him to turn into a White Walker at many moments. Although Jon puts up an incredible fight with the Night King, his terrifying influence distracts him just long enough to fatally wound him. Jon is left dying on the floor as the Night King advances on Bran. Yet, just as we think Bran is seconds away from death, a White Walker stabs the Night King at the leg. The Night King is perplexed and down for some time before recovering. The White Walker is revealed to be _Arya_ who used her techniques as the Faceless to get close to the Night King. As Jon dies on the floor, his life flashes before his eyes. He comes to a moment with Ned Stark talking about Jon as a Targaryan, stating how he is a boy he sees as being King one day. Bran reveals himself, having warged into Jon's mind. Bran tells Jon his time has come, his death inevitable and an endless winter upon the world. John sees the future through Bran, seeing White Walkers all over the world. Jon is asked to accept his fate as Bran shows who the Night King really was...a man who committed the first injustice on Earth. Jon returns to the memory of Ned Stark giving him a quote about the Winterfell slogan, "Winter is coming". Ned describes how the evils of men dominate the innocent, but it is the light of those that are good and honorable that stand against it. Arya has now engaged the Night King having wounded his leg for a moment. She puts up a good fight and reveals how she is, indeed, the best fighter in Westeros. She leaps at the Night King and attempts her knife trick, but is stabbed just before she does. Her screams resonate painfully as she slowly dies, freezing completely. Jon hears this last painful scream pass through Bran during their warg. In her screams, John hears the screams of all those he's cared for: Sansa, his brothers, the Night's Watch, Ygritte. He chooses in an instant who he is. He doesn't care for the inevitability of the winter, he decides to embrace the moral light of good metaphorically described by Ned during that memory. Bran utters the incantation of the Lord of Light mentioned by Melisandre and John's wounds are immediately healed. Jon rises, but something is different. He is _angry._ Angry for all the pain the Night King has inflicted on the world. Jon is now complete as a burning, raging fire having taken human form. Bran smiles. Jon's fire and light shake the Earth beneath him and, for the first time, the Night King stares is utter fear as Jon walks towards him. Melisandre looks from afar in profound astonishment. She knows what has happened and kneels in complete devotion. _The Lord of Light has come down taking human form._ The Night King struggles to hold his ground as Jon walks towards him, ignited in Godly flames. As Jon is enclosing on the Night King, Bran looks on smiling saying, "Winter is at an end". The Night King takes his sword striking the now fire raging Jon Snow but to no effect. Jon is indestructible. Jon grabs the Night King by the neck and stares into his eyes, the Night King melts completely to his death. As the Night King falls we see the rest of the White Walkers having similarly melted by the death of the Night King. The battle is won. Jon is unable to remember what he's become and Bran is the only one with true memory of it, despite never revealing to Jon what happened that day. Melisandre sees Jon after the battle smiling just before dissolving, he faith proven true. Later, after the battle and when asked about what he remembers, Jon would only remember one moment from The Long Night...that of a memory of his father telling him about the light of good in men... Somehow, too, this is seen to be the End of Game of Thrones...as this was the metaphoric battle that the creators had been leading up to for 8 seasons.
Raghu Seetharaman
@Craven van Draak I wanted to imagine him redeeming a lack of activity from the original battle, seeing how his abilities as the three-eyed raven are essential in conquering the Night King. Even his small insights during the battle such as when he says " (Theon) is with the Gods now." implies that he might have a connection with higher beings and, who knows, that might be the source of his power. His abilities transcend the capabilities of people. I thought this could also give him more credibility to audiences for taking the throne later in the season. Jon may recall this incident thinking it was Bran's transcendent wisdom that helped defeat the Night King. He shares this with Sansa and she explains this to the council in the last episode when they choose Bran the King of Westeros. Also I think it introduces a level of mystery and power to Bran's abilities. You might be left wondering later in the season if Bran actually showed Jon the past or if it was fabricated. But the power exists in Bran's actual knowledge of the future even, quite possibly, the intentions of the Gods (Lord of Light). The idea of having a character discreetly that OP in GOT is pretty cool and sort of completes Bran's arc as a broken kid. Random aside, the idea of Jon turning into the Lord of Light is my idea of connecting the mythology of the Lord of Light to the ancient line of Targaryens. Though one can be the dragon-like Danaerys, there is the rare instance where a Targaryan extends beyond this...their body capable of being inhabited by an incarnation of the Lord of Light. It adds mystery to the fire-resistant abilities of the Targaryan bloodline and connects it with logic we've already seen in the show. It could imply that specific Targaryan bloodlines, combined with a transcendent moral fortitude could unleash such a high level of power. It's like when Captain America wielded Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame and I thought it could be a bit of badass fan-service in GOT. In any case, I just thought that the episode should have had the same level of nihilism we witnessed in the first six brilliant seasons of GOT. Arya's death represents this much like the death of Oberyn against the Mountain. She demonstrates that she is amazing, but dies nonetheless bringing audiences to a realization that Winter might actually take over everything. It might have a "Deus Ex Machina" as it's center point, but we've seen that in episodes where the guy fighting the Hound comes back to life. And Jon's transformation into the Lord of Light wouldn't be immediate. He'd see his wounds are healed as his anger begins and then, during his 2nd fight with the Night King, we'd see his body slowly rage fire. Even Bran would be surprised to a degree.
dreadlordhg 2 days ago
Already better
Craven van Draak
Craven van Draak 6 days ago
Yeah, but could Bran die?
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 7 days ago
And that’s how 8 years of teasing fans with the night king goes down the drain for zero explanation to the backstory nor pay off for any of the build up smh
Immortal, Algae-covered Jellyfish
It makes no sense to me how the Night King held Arya's left hand really far away but somehow she drops it and it lands diagonally in her right hand.
SUDHIR PATEL 7 days ago
I've been walking around like a zombie my whole life since I realized I live in a society of do's and don't. Hell yeah. My granddaddy punch that sense in me when I was five and six. Since then I've been walking crooked straight. All morally crazy as a common computer. Social functional. Yes sir. A f amazing slave idiot. Wouldn't have it any other way now.
SUDHIR PATEL 7 days ago
So basically Aria saved the world.
TeaCultivator 3849
My take on the scene: Bran watches as the Night King walks towards him with methodical calm. The Night King watches Bran- the two have met before. Bran holds his gaze. A figure hurtles out from the darkness- Arya. She screams, knowing it’s her last. With a touch her whole body turns stiff and cold and she falls to the ground like a doll. Jon is at the mercy of the dragon. All hope is nearly gone. The Night King pulls out his sword, and bows before Brandon Stark. Bran’s eyes flash blue. We cut to black. The long night has come, and none shall see morning light.
Italo Marquezini
Italo Marquezini 4 days ago
You just made it perfect. This would be a good twist!
Rameez Iqbal
Rameez Iqbal 7 days ago
Lets raise the unlike count
36 Freeze
36 Freeze 7 days ago
*The real villain was that gimp in the wheelchair.*
Juan El Risitas Joya
Even Jaime killing him would have been good. As surprising as it would be good. He would have lost Brienne, his sword would have been set on fire and he would have fulfilled the destiny of the Kingslayer.
Doc Apollo
Doc Apollo 8 days ago
I didn't watch Game of Thrones but I have some general knowledge of it. I'm asking as a serious question, not as a meme or bandwagoning on this apparently hated part of the show, just asking: didn't Jon Snow argue that the night king is a huge threat to all of humanity and they all MUST band together to beat him? Why is he a threat if he dies as easily as a normal guy by getting stabbed? Arguably more easily since he insta-dies from a single stab, which an armored man might not. Is there some element of the plot I'm missing? Can he only be stabbed under very specific conditions or something?
Donsonite 4 days ago
The blade Arya uses to kill the Night King is made of a special material. He's otherwise immortal, if memory serves.
SNP Alba forever
SNP Alba forever 8 days ago
The super powerful, all world consuming,over powered king of the dead, world annihilator ,gets his arse whooped in two seconds from a teenage girl?? who has trained for a year or two WTF 😤😤😤🤬😤🤬😤and if the nights king takes the time to dress up in pvc gimp suits them why not fucking wear armour that can provide protection from a little girl with a dagger, hell he must know that if he catches even one arrow made from dragon glass he will shatter like a virgins confidence in a brothel.
TEST 007
TEST 007 8 days ago
Background music is not really good
Danny Eledge
Danny Eledge 9 days ago
Music with the tension of him walking to Brann is the only part I liked.
Stiltmans Stilt
Stiltmans Stilt 9 days ago
Can't believe how bad they ruined such a epic show the last season. Why would you make a episode so epic that you can barley see Anyways? How dumb..smh
ahmed osama
ahmed osama 9 days ago
The music is more beautiful than my life
Carl Nichole Lico
Meanwhile, Jon went on a screaming match against an undead wyvern.
Xallus 9 days ago
that's why you walk away when put in the friendzone lol
Delta Zero
Delta Zero 10 days ago
The thing that annoyed me the most Was that The Generals Of the White Walker Army did nothing But See night king walking slowly to kill One boy And they couldn't even sense arya They could hv easily Killed bran and the night king would still be alive
Brandon Louis Sanchez
Get fucked shit head king chapped lip looking head ass
Cameron Burgess
Cameron Burgess 10 days ago
Anyone else think seasons 6-8 got gradually shitter and the night king was killed very easily after about 5 season of build up for a battle with them
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