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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 (2019) The Long Night
Scene: Arya Stark Kills The Night King (Battle of Winterfell Ending)
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Episode Storyline: The Night King and his army have arrived at Winterfell and the great battle begins.
TV Show Info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/
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Apr 29, 2019




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Comments 4 078
cyberespace936 10 hours ago
We see nothing on an smartphone !
Fuck Arya. John should kill night King. And bad writing obviously
Haley G
Haley G 21 hour ago
God I would've been happier had it ended right here. A lot of people didn't like this episode but I just could not contain the feels this entire episode. The freaking music, the dark, barely visibly scenes that honestly just conveyed even more accurately what our characters had to deal with on this long night...they truly werent meant to win, the odds were stacked so high against them, I truly thought wow...everyone is going to die. I remember thinking about allllll the build up, all the seasons building up to this one and I just found it perfect. Even that Arya ended up doing it. I truly think Dan and David, and everyone involved did an excellent job with this episode, and when Arya jumped into view I SCREAMED, then cried out in horror, then cheered. So many emotions....UGH I LOVED THIS SHOW 😭😭❤️❤️
J G Day ago
For all those people out there complaining...I suppose you can write better. I suppose that's why you write for show like this, right? All the experience you have!!! More like you have experience sitting on your fat ass while you have chip crumbs all over you while you criticize good shows like this. Sure, it could've ended a million different ways but it didn't! Get over it! It's easy to judge but to actually create something is much different!!!
illegit Day ago
Lesson learnt. Take your eye off the ball you get shanked
Pepper Pots
Pepper Pots Day ago
I am getting sick and tiered of you fucks criticizing the writing of this story. It’s a good story. What more do you want!?!?!? See? That is the problem with “you people”. You are not satisfied. You all will NEVER be satisfied!!
podstyle Day ago
6:00 very funny to see jon snow thinks he ended all this by screeming loud on dragon
maulCS Day ago
Alucard Al
Alucard Al 2 days ago
The night king was basically the NUKE power up from the call of duty zombies. Get the nuke and all zombies die around you.
Quỳnh Lâm Ngô
It would have been bad shit crazy if the Night King knelt before Bran.
CrabMiner 2 days ago
That killall command would lag a bit
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 2 days ago
That shot of the knife falling from one hand and being caught in the other was laughably terrible
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Day ago
Pepper Pots ok
Pepper Pots
Pepper Pots Day ago
Deus Vult “picks nose”. Ok.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Day ago
Pepper Pots as in, you completely misinterpreted what I meant
Pepper Pots
Pepper Pots Day ago
Deus Vult ok.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Day ago
Pepper Pots I don’t think you understand my comment
Brick Smashers
Brick Smashers 3 days ago
4:52 stole from far cry 3 lol
abhishek salunkhe
Man the smile night king gave after surviving dragon fire gave me chills , you have to admit till episode 2 s8 was not so terrible
ChrisSTFan32 3 days ago
This was the finale, what happened after this episode made absolutely no sense, I actually loved this episode only issue was the lighting
Culius Jaesar
Culius Jaesar 3 days ago
i cringe everytime i see this garbage
Mereel Jsg
Mereel Jsg 4 days ago
If you look closely, you can see some sort of white shadow moving out of/behind Melisandres' body to the right immediatly before she falls into the snow... Or maybe it's just some sort of snow flying in the wind.
Walter White
Walter White 4 days ago
Is still hurts
Alexander Pabel
Alexander Pabel 4 days ago
Disney Star Wars has "Mary Sue" Rey and Game of Thrones "Mary Sue" Arya Stark xD
Vanessa Marco
Vanessa Marco 4 days ago
This should've been the finale. So beautifully done.
Leandra Wyss
Leandra Wyss 4 days ago
7:24 Drogon is such a sweetheart
NumenJ 5 days ago
Still infuriates me to this day. SO MANY UNANSWERED FUCKING QUESTIONS!
Stannis Baratheon
Bene, il Night King è stato disintegrato...Viserion è incenerito, gli estranei deflagrano uno dopo l'altro, i non morti si afflosciano come stracci sul terreno...e adesso, superata la minaccia secondaria, i protagonisti si preparano ad affrontare la VERA minaccia principale dell'intera serie: Cersei Lannister! non solo: anche Daenerys si sta trasformando psicologicamente in una tiranna. Prima di morire come un povero stronzo insignificante(dopo che per ben sette stagioni ci era stato presentato come il male supremo, il master of the evil del continente occidentale...e adesso si scopre che non era vero niente, prendendo per i fondelli, in tal modo, il pubblico di tutto il mondo)fa in tempo a fissare negli occhi Bran/corvo con tre occhi in una scena girata al rallentatore che la tensione, invece di aumentarla, la tramortisce per poi ammazzarla completamente. Alcuni hanno accostato questa porcheria alla battaglia del fosso di Helm del signore degli anelli...no comment. Sette stagioni di attesa per uno scontro definitivo in cui non si capisce un beneamato cazzo(e questo per merito di un direttore della fotografia di cui non voglio nemmeno sapere il nome), scritta e sceneggiata veramente con i piedi, condita ulteriormente con degli attori sempre più svogliati e recitativamente decrepiti(e peggioreranno ulteriormente nelle puntate successive)su cui spicca, tra tutti, il povero Kit Harington, il cui insulso e patetico personaggio(Jon Snow)si è ormai arenato nei patetici confini d'uno zerbino schifoso e servile buono soltanto a ripetere ossessivamente la stessa frase:"yes, my queen!"...di cui è, però, è prevista una leggera variante: "she's my queen!!!". La sconvolgente rivelazione sulle sue origini sfocia nel niente più assoluto e finisce per vanificare, di fatto, tutto il lavoro delle due stagioni precedenti, incluse le merdose e putride visioni di Bran: dallo scontro alla torre della gioia alla rivelazione di Lyanna del vero nome del bambino, con annessa colonna sonora di sottofondo tesa ad amplificare l'intensità emotiva di un qualcosa che, nell'economia della storia, non servirà assolutamente a niente, zero assoluto. "il suo nome è Aegon Targaryen!" NO: il suo vero nome è TESTA DI CAZZO, e del suo sangue Targaryen non gliene frega niente a nessuno, incluso lo stesso Jon Snow.
Young God
Young God 5 days ago
This is still the trashest villain death i've ever seen
kirralight 5 days ago
I was rolling my eyes the whole time
Oscar Ruex
Oscar Ruex 6 days ago
Arya kills Game of Thrones*
Gol D. Roger
Gol D. Roger 6 days ago
"Theon... you're a good boy. Now roll over and play dead until my sister gets here." how it should have gone
Michel van der Linden
can we all just agree that, disregarding the good or bad writing, the music absolutely lifted this part of the episode to heights I didnt think possible in a show? Holy shit I will never not get goosebumps from this theme.
Finn Blasdale
Finn Blasdale 6 days ago
I remember watching this, like, I couldnt deal with it, my anxiety was mental. But, imagine if it had been like this only they lost. Arya managed to kill some of the White Walkers apart from the Night King, giving the suvivors enough time to retreat, saving a portion of the allied army. Think about it
Vittoria Casamassima
Aria Stark kills the Night and kills the King. The world is now free. That’s the whole story, at least as regards the temporary human species. And for the rest of the world what will happen is not known to us
TheKira708 6 days ago
It so stupid how the white walkers didn’t even get a chance to fight no one, it was just the undead and the dragon then Arya kills the night king then the white walkers die along with the night king and under....😑 like it was just so bad
—- 7 days ago
Am I the only one that thought this was the most awsome epic brilliant thing in the world and was screaming out of happiness?!
Rao 6 days ago
lol yes, this was dog shit writing
Sukhman Singh
Sukhman Singh 6 days ago
Yes, you are.
Penny 7 days ago
Night King: Ha, ha, ha, ha! I am unstoppable! Nothing can stop me! Kneel before your new King! Arya: Not today, you icy jerk!
King Malcolm
King Malcolm 7 days ago
There are so many problems with the final season that you could write a book (maybe several) about it. I just wan't to mention one that particularly irks me. Ser Jorah, a man exiled for having disgraced his House, showed himself to be the living exemplar of House Mormont's words "Here We Stand." Stand he did, determined to protect his Queen, refusing to fall until the battle was over. It was truly a great moment to watch. So wasn't it a damn shame that his noble sacrifice was rendered completely meaningless? When the woman he died to protect turned out not to be the strong-willed but kind-hearted and well intentioned queen he thought she was? To have her turn out, instead, as - and I shall quote Lindsay Ellis here - "Super Hitler! The Hitler that flies!"? I honestly can't fathom what the writers were thinking. Edited for typo.
Yunfei Liang
Yunfei Liang 7 days ago
This is so thematically inappropriate I just can't.
dunbee 8 days ago
i guess that's why they call it Winter Fell.
OBITO Uchiiha
OBITO Uchiiha 8 days ago
This was the best scene in all of this shitty season
khaled snoop
khaled snoop 8 days ago
all people complaining about the writing, what the hell you were expecting ? a happy ending ?? the best series of all time cannot have a normal ending
M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 9 days ago
To many Fallacies in this episode the main one is the Dothraki coming back to life
Dshew89 D
Dshew89 D 9 days ago
This is horrible writing. Brand didn’t do shit and he has all those powers. When the Night King touches you, you fucking die. Period. Arya could have at least died in this scene to make it more impactful. Seriously, after this scene Arya really didn’t do anything else in the story. They didn’t even use Arya’s ability to wear faces to kill Cersei. They should have used somebody else, like Jamie, to kill the Night King. Or Theon. That way Arya could get Jamie’s face to go kill Cersei. Or Jamie is still alive to return to Cersei only to be killed by Arya for betraying them and to take his face to kill Cersei. Theon could have been given that high honor of saving mankind after all the Reek/Ramsay BS he had to endure. That also would have been poignant. These guys can’t write!!
t o
t o 9 days ago
Slovak Danny
Slovak Danny 9 days ago
I love the show one of my all time favs but didn't season 8 seemed a bit rushed?? Disappointed
Jakub Fitrzyk
Jakub Fitrzyk 10 days ago
Now we can say *_Still better story than Lich King_*
Turkmen #
Turkmen # 8 days ago
You mean Bolvar? Lich King Arthas screwed Sylvanas many times lol
myrah anand
myrah anand 10 days ago
How much do I wish that night king had killed bran after seeing the end
Zxcah vuujm
Zxcah vuujm 10 days ago
4:55 i didnt know aria played farcry 3
Qistina Farhan
Qistina Farhan 10 days ago
lord of the rings and the hobbit battles much better
Mikey Mike
Mikey Mike 10 days ago
Arya the queen!!!!!¡!!!!
TheMegaKiller41 10 days ago
Wow, the Night King should have been the last boss to go against after Cersei, my fart couldve written a better script
The Begley Show
The Begley Show 10 days ago
Night King: “I am Inevitable.” Arya: “And I am Arya Stark of Winterfell.” Stabs Night King.
гусь 11 days ago
2:54 like this moment soo much!!
prochy123 11 days ago
"Oh shit, you too?", "Welcome friend." - Darth Maul and Witch King greeting Night King in the villain heaven or the most shitty movie deaths of all time
Brandon Meadows
Brandon Meadows 8 hours ago
Technically Darth Maul didn't actually die if you watch some of the questionable Canon shows, it explains that he lived afterwards and got cybernetics.
magicdee 11 days ago
Genuine question. In a world of dragons, witches, giants and white walkers. When Arya pulls someone else’s face off, everyone’s all yaaaaaaas. why does leaping out of a tree seem implausible??
Jon Lothbrok
Jon Lothbrok 12 days ago
Putain j'en reviens toujours pas, j'ai rêvé pendant des années de cette confrontation, enfin la quête du trône devient secondaire et la vraie menace est arrivée. Tout ça pour ça. Quel gâchis...
fatarsemonkey 12 days ago
See I hate that girl came out of nowhere thing because that is not true, Arya Stark spent nearly the entire time leading to that one moment, why do you think she became many faced and served under the God of death, I think many people missed the whole point of it, no one expected her to be the one but she was the only one, personally I think it near perfection that she killed the Night King. It wasn't about subverting expectations, she had become a true assassin who could hide her coming, no one else could do that, the Night King knew what was going on like Bran but didn't see Arya until the last second. Yes there was some bad writing and execution in the last season but there were some good ones as well.
Daniel Isaiah Abert-Cota
This is my ending: Night King actually sends only half of his army to Winterfell as a distraction; his main army instead was already heading towards Kings Landing. Insert cool battles. Winterfell battle is pretty much the same, except for the Night King being gone. Arya kills every single white walker present. The Night King arrives and manages to decimate ALL of Kings Landing. Cersei Lannister manages to hide from the army of the dead, but the Iron Fleet, Golden Company and the people all eventually die. She is wounded, but manages to survive. Her is born early due to the stress. It becomes sad, but eventually its realized that the baby might live. The Night King then resurrects an undead army. Weeks go by and Cersei starts running out of food. She starts to produce less and less milk. Dany and Jon arrive first + 2 dragons, just ahead of the Northern Army. They're forced to burn the majority of Kings Landing to make way for their Army's to get to the Night King, who is constantly on the move. Jaime nearly dies after stealthing around Kings Landing to search for Cersei. He eventually finds her in a secret room that he had knowledge of. Sadly, Jaime dies from his wounds minutes after embracing his sister. More battles, all the main characters get their cool scenes. The Night King once again rises the dead after losing massive amounts to Dragon Fire. Cersei is devastated by his death. His dead body slowly starts to reanimate, so she takes her baby and hides it in a small crate. Jaime resurrects and kills Cersei. The Night King gets on his Dragon so Dany and Jon are forced to stop destroying his army. Jon ends up landing during the Snow storm created by the Night King. The Northerners arrive, but are quickly met with the wrath of the Night King and his dragon. John is forced to get off and help X important person(s) that are within the city. Bran wargs into Jon's dragon and manages to work with Dany to knock the Night King off of his undead dragon. Arya uses a longbow with a single dragon glass arrow to kill the undead dragon. Bran's dragon eventually gets killed from a White Walker spear. The Night King desperately starts to resurrect yet another dragon. Dany is forced to use Drogon to tear the corpse of her dead dragon apart, nullifying the Night King's attempt. Drogon dodges a spear to the heart, but gets hit by another. He survives, but Dany makes a retreat and they fly away. The Night King's army eventually diminishes to a small few, but without Dany and Drogon, the Northerners make slow progress. John and the Night King eventually cross paths. They are isolated and begin a battle. The Night King is more skilled with his weapon than anyone would've anticipated, but John holds his own. His Valerian Steel sword eventually gets shattered. John tries to use a broken shard to kill the Night King, but he is overpowered. The Night King begins to gloat and begins to painfully squeeze his neck. John passes out. John is going to die. Before the Night King grabs his sword to decapitate Jon, Arya screams out at the Night King. He pauses and turns around to see her Tiny body running towards him at full speed. She is forced to dodge his attacks, but is unable to get the opportunity to stab him with her dagger. A white Walker appears and there is a tense moment where Arya caught between the walker and the Night King. The White Walker is dangerously close to Arya and she looks directly into the camera, with an expression on her face that makes us understand she knows her death is coming. She aims her dagger carefully and throws it in the Night Kings direction, but it is a long throw. The dagger appears to miss its target and the Night King continues to walk towards Arya. The White Walker begins to swing his sword but suddenly the Night King is stabbed in the face with Arya's dagger. Arya actually threw the dagger to John. The Night King falls, GG. Dany is forced to witness the thrown room devastated. She realizes that the thrown was a source of Tyranny after realizing the swords that make its structure personify violence. Dany ends up becoming Queen, making a new thrown designed to be small and sits among a larger room, almost like a republic; as if to suggest that the people are equally important as the Queen. She does not go mad, but instead realizes she nearly became a tyrant. She negotiates a treaty and agrees to allow the north to remain independent after realizing that Sansa sent ALL of her defenses to Kings Landing, risking the life of everyone in the North. Mad respect between the two women after some good conversations. Bran becomes Sansa's hand, Brienne becomes her Queens Guard. Arya returns to Gendry and they continue to live on, but she does not serve as a lady. Instead, Arya serves as a captain/ head of his military. Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryens are all united via family. Jorah died during the battle. Tyrion found the body of Jaime fallen onto Cersei, almost embracing her. He realizes she is also dead( emotional yatta yatta). He hears the very faint cry of a baby and finds a baby girl, his niece. She survives. Theon and Jorah died in the great battle. Sam stays in Kings Landing as the maester. John and Dany do marry. When she lost her rage and hunger for power, Jon returned back to her. What's a little incest?
That Artsy Soul
That Artsy Soul 3 days ago
My goodness you're a genius
Raven Night
Raven Night 12 days ago
glad i never watched got rly, killed by a little kid... bullshit ^^ shit writing
Giorgio Marte
Giorgio Marte 13 days ago
This scene and episode still gives me the chills. Loved it and ending.
TheLAJCompany 13 days ago
I would had loved this episode if it would had been the last episode of season 8.
Renafly 13 days ago
The Night King probably would have succeeded in killing Bran if he hadn't spent five minutes just staring at him.
Αγγέλα Σαρδελιάνου
What a rip off... Cool scene on its own though...
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