Arties Odds and Ends - Pez Dispensers

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Thanks for watching everybody, and dealing with me peddling my cartoon.
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Whiskey on the Mississippi Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 1 515
xTony92 13 hours ago
Can you make another video like this? 😂
Anon 3 days ago
I thought I recognized this voice, the art style confirms it too! Man I missed uncle Lou, this is just as great tho, gonna have to binge.
Daniel Bro
Daniel Bro 4 days ago
The jfk pez tho
Jaser-Stitch button666
Are You Selling These For Free? No I’m Artie.
TheBoring Salami
TheBoring Salami 15 days ago
New animation sucks
matthew Giles
matthew Giles 19 days ago
It’s uncle luo from happy hour
wolfie _
wolfie _ 25 days ago
Did we all know playdoh is salty -w-
ItzJeff 29 days ago
This is giving me flashbacks from happy hour
Giganzilla 22
Giganzilla 22 Month ago
I don’t mind mogillagorilla being in my spice girls ser
ELITE_DEVILZ _ Month ago
Ian Haick
Ian Haick Month ago
People call me wild thing
1337 h4x0r
1337 h4x0r Month ago
Noah Brown
Noah Brown Month ago
Edit thx 4 all the likes UwU
alone traveler
alone traveler Month ago
Who sees Dustin in this episode
tan wee hong
tan wee hong Month ago
I think the his fakeson.
Evelyn Delorie
Evelyn Delorie 2 months ago
Minecrafter Jess
Minecrafter Jess 2 months ago
Do this more I live it
Cian Daly
Cian Daly 2 months ago
Play dough eater
Richard Avila
Richard Avila 2 months ago
Uncle lou
Aha ha
Aha ha 2 months ago
You never had a childhood if you never tasted play-doh
Tamesha Harmon
Tamesha Harmon 2 months ago
Play doy
Snow Playz
Snow Playz 2 months ago
Marko Milacic
Marko Milacic 2 months ago
"He dispenses pez just as well as he dispenses xanax"
DamGam 2 months ago
what is this? ANIMATION?
Phalanx 2 months ago
Toby Jones has downgraded
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado 3 months ago
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado 3 months ago
Grandma made that joke three years ago ha ha
BrennyBoi9152 9
BrennyBoi9152 9 3 months ago
0:51-1:17, 1:25, 2:11 I'M DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂
soup boi
soup boi 3 months ago
has anyone actually dialed the number?
Boda Cious
Boda Cious 3 months ago
Shaq. 👌 10/10
Monkey4274 Gaming
Monkey4274 Gaming 3 months ago
1:10 Nice Simpson’s reference!
Duramax06 3 months ago
Why is denis such a fat ass ugly ass failure
Javid Santos
Javid Santos 3 months ago
Almost 1m yooo well deserved haha
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 months ago
me: where can I get some play doe Artie:in ile 12b
KeepCalmN TokeOn
KeepCalmN TokeOn 3 months ago
Who didn't taste that salty shit back in the day? When you could make it in to the shape of a cheeseburger it's almost impossible not to...
mighty matt
mighty matt 3 months ago
😆 🖕. 🎽 🖕
Dashley Vargas
Dashley Vargas 4 months ago
0:49 gaten lookin slick lol
ᴍᴀᴅ ?
ᴍᴀᴅ ? 4 months ago
Godamn where is the toaster strudels package
Big- D Nibba
Big- D Nibba 4 months ago
The number at the end is a real number
Jack 4 months ago
Haha this is funy
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