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Thanks for watching everybody, and dealing with me peddling my cartoon.
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Whiskey on the Mississippi Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 100
Jennifer Bender
Jennifer Bender 18 hours ago
"I don't wanna hear it, Dennis, talk to the YakBak!" "Go fuck yourself, Dennis! Go, go, go fuck yourself, Dennis!"
Aguilar584 4 days ago
When I first saw this I was like holy crap Brewstew learned how to animate
Maddix Miller
Maddix Miller 8 days ago
Thats a real business number and it retired 2014
Лукас Славянин
I want to buy the meatloaf pez dispenser
Paul leonel TG
Paul leonel TG 9 days ago
the background music is from prison tycoon
Ismael Valencia
Ismael Valencia 9 days ago
KatoKurt 10 days ago
DEATHPUNX 15 days ago
Nothing bad ever happens to the kennedys!
King David
King David 18 days ago
Not as good as the og
The joker
The joker 22 days ago
Josephi krakowski
Josephi krakowski 23 days ago
This looks like a college humor short
Nick Nickk
Nick Nickk 23 days ago
“I don’t wanna hear it Denis talk to the yak bak”. “Go fuck your self Denis go go go go fuck self Denis”
Nick Nickk
Nick Nickk 23 days ago
“Here we have an authentic John F Kennedy dispenser, oops dad his head fell off, uhh that just makes it more authentic Denis” 😂 😂 😂 classic
0:06 ues
JACK PALERMO 27 days ago
A Brewstew video with actual animation? *This is treason!*
Illegal Cacti
Illegal Cacti 27 days ago
Who the frick drew this?
VOP LegoChef9
VOP LegoChef9 27 days ago
Wtf, I still like it though
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 29 days ago
Whoa this is a sweet animation style
SurgeoAguaro: Roblox
Me When brew makes a actual good animation: *Impossible*
TheBoogieKing potatoman
Go animate
double H
double H Month ago
do you guy's have a marilyn monroe pez dispenser i need it for a thing.
0:07 that was so me when i was younger
Bosand 123
Bosand 123 Month ago
It look,s good
TKO From Idaho
TKO From Idaho Month ago
Play doh is actually quite salty
Chilldude Month ago
Go fuck yourself denis go go fuck yourself denis
Mr Troll Face
Mr Troll Face 2 months ago
What the hell is This animation Bring back the better quality stuff
Jacob Kile
Jacob Kile 2 months ago
I like the stick figures better. Weird.
McGravy 212
McGravy 212 2 months ago
Pez dispensers
Puro The Wolf
Puro The Wolf 2 months ago
I like this animation
Wizard Flame
Wizard Flame 2 months ago
The animation is terrible 🤮
arsenal videos and stuff
is there not going to be no more videos cus its been a year
Commanding Animating
*I’ll take your entire stock*
Minecraft Gamerboy
Minecraft Gamerboy 3 months ago
i like it do more of these animations
FuryJuice 3 months ago
I hate this unoriginal go animate ass animaton but love the jokes
Trisha Hoffman
Trisha Hoffman 3 months ago
Best video ever!!!!!!!!!!$$&$&&$$'
PlagaLurks 3 months ago
Item #: SCP-087 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-087 is located on the campus of [REDACTED]. The doorway leading to SCP-087 is constructed of reinforced steel with an electro-release lock mechanism. It has been disguised to resemble a janitorial closet consistent with the design of the building. The lock mechanism on the doorknob will not release unless ██ volts are applied in conjunction with counter-clockwise rotation of the key. The inside of the door is lined with 6 centimeters of industrial foam padding. Due to the results of the final exploration (see Document 087-IV), no personnel are permitted access to SCP-087. Description: SCP-087 is an unlit platform staircase. Stairs descend on a 38 degree angle for 13 steps before reaching a semicircular platform of approximately 3 meters in diameter. Descent direction rotates 180 degrees at each platform. The design of SCP-087 limits subjects to a visual range of approximately 1.5 flights. A light source is required for any subjects exploring SCP-087, as there are no lighting fixtures or windows present. Lighting sources brighter than 75 watts have shown to be ineffective, as SCP-087 seems to absorb excess light. Subjects report and audio recordings confirm the distressed vocalizations from what is presumed to be a child between the ages of █ and ██. The source of the distress calls is estimated to be located approximately 200 meters below the initial platform. However, any attempts to descend the staircase have failed to bring subjects closer to the source. The depth of descent calculated from Exploration IV, the longest exploration, is shown to be far beyond both the possible structure of both the building and geological surroundings. At this time, it is unknown if SCP-087 has an endpoint. 087face.jpg Figure B: SCP-087-1; Enhanced image from still taken from Exploration I. SCP-087 has undergone four video recorded explorations by Class-D personnel. Each subject conducting an exploration has encountered SCP-087-1, which appears as a face with no visible pupils, nostrils, or mouth. The nature of SCP-087-1 is entirely unclear, but it has been determined that it is not the source of the pleading. Subjects exhibit feelings of intense paranoia and fear when faced with SCP-087-1, but it is undetermined whether said feelings are abnormal or simply natural reactions. Addendum: Over a period of 2 weeks following Exploration IV, several members of the staff and students from the [REDACTED] campus reported knocking at a variable rate of 1-2 seconds per knock coming from the interior of SCP-087. The door leading to SCP-087 has been fitted with 6 centimeter thick industrial padding. All reports of knocking have ceased.
Derek Boi
Derek Boi 3 months ago
2:39 I’m watching this at night that doll is gonna give me nightmares
Pineapple boy 1235
Pineapple boy 1235 3 months ago
I like how you use the animation can you dear when you are stories
Rylen Coleman
Rylen Coleman 3 months ago
Was I the only one who called the number
Little Devil Matt
Little Devil Matt 3 months ago
I wish my mom could buy me a tomahache
geckobot 3 months ago
Yo I frekin called that number
PlagaLurks 4 months ago
Plus make more of these These r amazing!
Riley Oconnor
Riley Oconnor 4 months ago
Misa franklin
RoboCap 4 months ago
Can we feel for Dennis that he has to wear the same small shirt
Imperfect Halo
Imperfect Halo 4 months ago
The dustin pez one was funny
Sonic has a gun
Sonic has a gun 4 months ago
Honestly, I'll never get why they didn't get the same animator to animate some of his stories. I mean- I feel as if it doesn't even cost that much.
Alex HB
Alex HB 4 months ago
This is a terrible animation style
The Bootleg mario bros 1247
Goddamn this guy is a comical genius
YouTuber Productions
It would be weird to see all of his animations like this one.
Mr. Muffin
Mr. Muffin 4 months ago
So who’s gonna call that number
Blaxland Ridge3
Blaxland Ridge3 5 months ago
Hi, I wanted to purchase the Blue Play - Doh flavor but the phone number didn't work. Dissatisfied customer.
Madara Ichiraku
Madara Ichiraku 5 months ago
Wait why does it look so good Not to be rude because he like probably tried really hard on this but it’s not as funny
SYNTAX ERROR 5 months ago
This comment is really late but this was really funny, you should definitely continue.
Jarrod 5 months ago
OMG a yak bak is probably worth a fortune today.
Clock Wise
Clock Wise 5 months ago
if you listen closely to the background music you can hear undertale dialogue noises
Trevor Slinkard
Trevor Slinkard 5 months ago
Why’d these stop?
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke 5 months ago
I tried the number at 3:04, it turns out it was a company number for electronics that shut down in 2014
HP 5 months ago
Rofl i had a yak bak
Mason Compton
Mason Compton 5 months ago
Who animated this?
X Stop
X Stop 5 months ago
You should do more stuff like this!
Stevethekid 119
Stevethekid 119 5 months ago
Liam Keith
Liam Keith 5 months ago
CookieLove 5 months ago
Who else knows it’s salty bc when they were little they bit the play dough
Kobold Enthusiast
Kobold Enthusiast 6 months ago
I mean, smurfette was the only female smurf in a village of males, so you know she was getting banged six ways to sunday.
Rysiu Jeżewski
Rysiu Jeżewski 6 months ago
That was great but pleas stay with old animation style.
Jacob Burk
Jacob Burk 7 months ago
The phone number at the end actually called someone.
Slyfee Slyfer
Slyfee Slyfer 7 months ago
I called the number even know it was too many digits it worked and I got entered on some thing and won 100 dollars I’m so confused but yeah I don’t thing you realized but 1 800 555 crap or 1 800 555 318116 is a real number soo yeah i just thought that’s kinda funny 😂🤣
Lucarations 8 months ago
The video did not start with "alright" :(
Oliver Salazar
Oliver Salazar 8 months ago
Is that danny ducan
Enrique Rice
Enrique Rice 8 months ago
We need more of these arties and ends
Solstice_thewolfdog 8 months ago
I want a tamagotchi please
Allian's Bizarre Adventure
Super Mario Minecraft Jesson
I'll be taking the Dustin PEZ dispenser. Thank you very much.
what ever
what ever 9 months ago
That poor kid is going to physically harm his father one day
9 months ago
Loving the new animation!!!
Manny Fikes
Manny Fikes 9 months ago
Fox won which was Tom Brady
Manny Fikes
Manny Fikes 9 months ago
The makers Singer is going for a new season it has a🍌 🤖 🐭and mrs. monster
The One And Only Dogmeat
*calls the #* Yes, hello?
Toni 9 months ago
Can you make another video like this? 😂
Anon 9 months ago
I thought I recognized this voice, the art style confirms it too! Man I missed uncle Lou, this is just as great tho, gonna have to binge.
Jussakid Fromktown
Jussakid Fromktown 9 months ago
The jfk pez tho
Josahar S
Josahar S 9 months ago
Are You Selling These For Free? No I’m Artie.
The Boring Salami
The Boring Salami 10 months ago
New animation sucks
matthew Giles
matthew Giles 10 months ago
It’s uncle luo from happy hour
Aki :3
Aki :3 10 months ago
Did we all know playdoh is salty -w-
pyle8422 10 months ago
This is giving me flashbacks from happy hour
Giganzilla 22
Giganzilla 22 10 months ago
I don’t mind mogillagorilla being in my spice girls ser
Ian Haick
Ian Haick 11 months ago
People call me wild thing
1337 h4x0r
1337 h4x0r 11 months ago
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 11 months ago
Edit thx 4 all the likes UwU
Gacha Max
Gacha Max 11 months ago
Who sees Dustin in this episode
tan wee hong
tan wee hong 11 months ago
I think the his fakeson.
Evelyn Delorie
Evelyn Delorie 11 months ago
Cian Daly
Cian Daly Year ago
Play dough eater
Richard Avila
Richard Avila Year ago
Uncle lou
Aha ha
Aha ha Year ago
You never had a childhood if you never tasted play-doh
Tamesha Harmon
Play doy
Snowy Boi
Snowy Boi Year ago
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