Artie Lange: We All Lie To Women - CONAN on TBS

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Artie admits to pulling a few fast ones on women just so he can get lucky.
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Feb 25, 2015




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Comments 80
Bast 2 months ago
If this story is true he basically raped the woman. A woman can't consent to someone if she believes they are someone else right?
DreBone1986 2 months ago
He's been the drunk uncle since he was 13😂😂
IFStravinsky 3 months ago
I think he's stoned in this one.
emanon83 3 months ago
This is the highest he’s looked in a interview
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 4 months ago
That laugh
Ranch me Bro
Ranch me Bro 5 months ago
This guy is hilarious and you all can’t get past that he doesn’t care how he looks.
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Rick Sanchez Jr. 6 months ago
Where is his chin?
Josh 6 months ago
Artie looking like the Penguin from Batman
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 6 months ago
He is the perfect advocate to scare you’re children into not doing heroin!
Mario Diaz
Mario Diaz 6 months ago
I respect artie lang wearing tha jacket, 49ers 2024!!!
Sir Forsa
Sir Forsa 7 months ago
Love his old nose.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 7 months ago
2:41 Andy's retort after this intro is just amazing XD
joseph migliore
joseph migliore 6 months ago
Chris Ducat 2:52
Lamtitude 7 months ago
2 and 2 together... and came up with 5. Man, that was quick.
jonman petruci
jonman petruci 7 months ago
Is he wearing makeup he looks like a grandma
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 7 months ago
He looks awful here
Mn B
Mn B 7 months ago
Real life Uncle Buck
Daniel Tadros
Daniel Tadros 7 months ago
The problem I have with what he said is not everyone lies.
Fra4554wwf Medina
Fra4554wwf Medina 8 months ago
Latinos with trump 2020
Chef John
Chef John 10 months ago
Fat dope
M Pan
M Pan 10 months ago
Alternate title of clip: Andy Slays Yet Again
Rags Rocco
Rags Rocco 10 months ago
Kinda looks like artie was slowly turning into jobba the hut
ᎶᏕ gαмιиg
Now Andy is getting a divorce...
Artie ages like a banana in the sun
FoodforThought 7 months ago
Sam 1990
Sam 1990 Year ago
He is off his head on drugs
FoodforThought 7 months ago
so rude
Funky Punk
Funky Punk Year ago
The sound of the effect of the bleach is high here.
mysteryman007 Year ago
Probably smells like provolone
FoodforThought 7 months ago
NO, taleggio
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat Year ago
The dude is so funny...makes me so damn sad that he can't seem to stay away from the drugs. He doesn't need it: just stick to coffee, Artie: espresso if you need it!
FoodforThought 7 months ago
He does need it
Dulkes Perez
Dulkes Perez Year ago
This guy is disgusting
FoodforThought 7 months ago
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Year ago
You look and sound like the fat man on jerrasic park except dumber
FoodforThought 7 months ago
You should be a comedian
Rico Conti
Rico Conti Year ago
Lmao 😂😂 😂😂 😂
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Year ago
Say what you will, Artie is funny. Period
Las grab
Las grab Year ago
0:43 that "WOO" sounded so similar the fake crowd reaction on the Eric Andre show, anyone with me on this one?
Jeff Cone
Jeff Cone Year ago
Andy's so chill. he's such a nice guy
FoodforThought 7 months ago
You know him?
James Ball
James Ball Year ago
You got laid being me.
Koala Nectar
Koala Nectar Year ago
Wait, is artie telling it like it is?? WAIT- I think he's just telling it like it is!
Edward O'brien
The crypt keeper got heavy
Sean Adonis
Sean Adonis Year ago
He looks like a transvestite. His jiggling neck is so bizarre looking wobbling around.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Year ago
Look at all you judmental hillary voting cuckolds. This was a great interview, and made me happier than I was 4 minutes ago. Die painful deaths, you swine.
FoodforThought 7 months ago
I bet you don't like brown people and haven't travelled the world much. Am I right?
Nicholas Sinks
Artie's a hack
Idk why but the thought of Artie Lange kissing Selena Gomez reminds me of a hated yet powerful, gluttonous king who conquered a village and is about to indulge in the spoils of war by raping the young virginal girls of that village.
Robby Henriksen
They put two and two together.....and gave with five! Hahahaha Andy is always on fire. That man's one liners are impeccable!
Those three guys average a normal weight.
Bo7tkiller Year ago
Artie obviously enjoyed the green room too much before coming on stage.
Jason Spaulding
Jason Spaulding 2 years ago
kmatt12 2 years ago
Man I miss Artie
JF Franco
JF Franco 2 years ago
this dude got laid as peter griffin😆
Vincent Degrasio
Vincent Degrasio 2 years ago
High as a kite
LouMarBow LouMarBow
Ran Outdoors
Ran Outdoors 2 years ago
So is he preparing to play a hypothetical elderly Chris Farley or....no, just booze, pills and cheeseburgers? Got it.
JHallDaBoss 2 years ago
He's high on heroin.
mark rush
mark rush 2 years ago
no amount of lies will get that slob laid
Ray Murphy
Ray Murphy 2 years ago
Why is Artie Lange famous?
Davidson Harly
Davidson Harly 2 years ago
he's the guy everybody wants to get fucked up with.... jajajajajaja
Jessie Jonez
Jessie Jonez 2 years ago
Artie on a High streak haha
eventualentropy 2 years ago
drugs are bad... umkay... so don't do drugs... umkay.. cuz drugs are bad... um kay ...
jfkst1 2 years ago
Artie and Andy do look similar. Women are such attention whores they'll bang a famous guy just to say they did.
Cristian Ramos
Cristian Ramos 2 years ago
He doesn't need to be coked up to be funny, but it's funny to see it.
Andy Chang
Andy Chang 2 years ago
Holy crap! Didn’t even recognize him. 😳 it’s like some older comic is doing an Artie Lange impression.
Potbelly Porpus
Potbelly Porpus 2 years ago
Chick looks like a Selena Gomez
specie44 2 years ago
Tourettes Orc
Tourettes Orc 2 years ago
God he’s trashed
Doug Burr
Doug Burr 2 years ago
PC crowds do not deserve Artie's comedy. He is one of the last comics out there who actually takes risks.
Josh Squash
Josh Squash 2 years ago
He has a John Madden mumble to his stories
tjborg 2 years ago
Looks like Joseph Moynahan doing a character
Panicguy77 2 years ago
Heroin is a hell of a drug
IamTonyStark1 2 years ago
poor artie
Zach Laney
Zach Laney 2 years ago
Artie is a hack.
TJ 2 years ago
No Artie, women LIE to YOU.
Traveling Guy
Traveling Guy 2 years ago
Artie is one big, fat, unhealthy mess literally. A sad thing.
tcvt tcvt
tcvt tcvt 2 years ago
Artie is too much of a physical mess to pull off these type of anecdotes
Dan -n- Duke
Dan -n- Duke 2 years ago
I thought he was banned from Conan
den co
den co 2 years ago
another talentless fat LOUD yank who will soon be dead
smith williams
smith williams 2 years ago
Dudes only 47 but he looks like he’s 49
Chris Alvarez
Chris Alvarez 2 years ago
He looks like Marlon brando the fat years
bigblue62220 2 years ago
Artie is not funny as a solo act. His stand up sucked. His talk show interviews sucked. His podcasts sucked. Howard Stern gave Artie his career...as himself. Not a talent or skill. Hes like the funny uncle at a birthday party or the funny guy around a poker table. artie is a great wit, off the top of his head. But in REACTION to what is said. Its like a basketball game. one player throws another p[layer the ball, and then the other one shoots it. Some are great shots, some arent. but both...neede the assist FIRST. Howard Stern threw the ball to Artie and artie took the shot. And made it 9 times out of 10. But if nobody gives him the ball....hes nothing. Other than a very good storyteller about being drunk and high. thats not anything to admire.
Two Kids
Two Kids 2 years ago
How is he still alive
Kelli In Texas
Kelli In Texas 2 years ago
Aside from wearing the exact same pants he has worn on every Conan appearance, he atleast tied his shoes this time. His shoes are always dirty like he mows the lawn in them. If you aren't gonna wipe down your $30 WHITE shoes, buy some $30 BLACK SHOES. How hard would a button down plaid dress shirt $20 @ Ross, $20 Levis jeans @ Walmart and a pair of $30 black New Balance for Television be?????!!!!! Hell go to big & tall, tell them your going on TV and let them style you. He is disgusting to me.
Nick perez
Nick perez 2 years ago
This guy is sick........but he is amazing
firebugjohnnypyro 2 years ago
Conan no-selling Arties kiss on the Selena Gomez joke was hilarious. lol
12345balla12345 2 years ago
0:50 might be the grossest thing I've ever seen 😂 And 1:04 that laugh Lololol sounded like a satanic pig or something
Shrek jr
Shrek jr 2 years ago
I actually can't lie I barely would anyways I haven't told anyone false things without not knowing I'm wrong I am an honest person maybe people like you lie because you can't be bothered being honest to succeed
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