Art of Levitation Unleashed by Nithyananda

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This video "Art of Levitation" is the second video in the series of levitation videos. In the recently started Living Enlightenment Process, participants are witnessing deep meditative states and mighty yogic powers like levitation in the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this second video on levitation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes breifly on the transfer of bio-memory to the participants, many of whom have not had any kind of levitation experience. Also, Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, "Levitation is just a by-product of the Samana process". Samana process is a yogic process (kriya) which helps to distribute air throughout the body. More than 50 participants (out of 150) have experienced physical levitation as a side-effect of the Samana balancing process. And more than 50% of the participants have experienced psychological levitation and meditative expansion states.
In the next video, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes vividly what exactly is the secret science of Levitation. Please sign up at www.dhyanapeetam.org/signup-levitation-video.aspx to get exclusive "first rights" to view the video, which is going to be released soon.
At an early age Paramahamsa Nithyananda learnt levitation from his yoga guru, who had many such powers, including breaking metal chains by breathing, cracking rocks with sound and calling snakes at will.
Nithyananda has gone on to teach millions of people around he world the science of meditation, produce hundreds of books and become the most popular spiritual teacher on RUvid.com. He is best known for his revolutionary 21 day course, Inner Awakening (www.innerawakening.org), which has given thousands of people the experience of living enlightenment.

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Sep 1, 2010




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Comments 72
Ma Nithyananda Prajna
I was blessed to have my kundalini awakened by Swamiji. Now I am always in great health, I have energy and sleep only 3-4 hours a day and work at a very high level of productivity and intelligence. Levitating is a pure side effect of the science of kundalini awakening that some experience. The west has SUCH a long way to go to begin to understand the depth and breath of the Vedic culture and all of it's gifts to Humanity!
Nick Tejeda
Nick Tejeda 2 years ago
Ma Nithyananda Prajna what was it like?
sanch Sanchayan
sanch Sanchayan 2 years ago
Hindu Sanathan Dharma not the distorted Bible or Quran. This is the real deal
Farouk Hussain
Farouk Hussain 2 years ago
Ma Nithyananda Prajna Where and how to meet this blessed guru...? Tq so much...
jackvern 2 years ago
our third eye has opened since we were born inside the womb until the young child age of 3-5 years old on average...some people are born naturaly with their third eye remain opened, not only when we die. ...majority third eye would become closed blind by the chemical daily food intake of sugars, bleached salts and etc...your third eye can be blind even by using toothpaste daily by fluoride polluting the pineal gland...read the facts yourself
Douglas Alan
Douglas Alan 2 years ago
Or if your ol lady comes in with a broom while you're sitting on the floor jammin with head phones. About 8 " off the floor will do fine. She can sweep under there just like the couch !
ArunPrasad K
ArunPrasad K Year ago
Wow! Gravity is stopped for them!
Nirpa Rawal
Nirpa Rawal 2 years ago
This is one if the video that pulled me to Swamiji..i have watched it already 5 times and shown to many people.The clarity and knowledge and ease with which Swamiji conducts the whole session proves he is an adept in Levitation.
Sarah Stephanie Landry
I experienced this levitation; it might not look like much to someone who is only watching to rip us apart, but I can tell you, it is real and amazing. While locked in Padmasana, we suddenly experienced kundalini awakening along with a flood of samana energy, became weightless, and flew into the air. (Personally, I was lifted over a foot off the ground, and was not in any way in yogic shape at the time; I was a size 12 back then, and not athletic as I am now.) Kundalini Shakti is the awakened raw potential that normally lays dormant as Kula Kundalini in every human spine. Swamiji awakened that through deeksha, and guided us in awakening Samana. Samana is the subtle prana we take in through all of our pores. It's because of Samana that sadhus can bury their heads in the sand for 21 days and not suffocate- they literally breathe through the entire body. We awakened that, took in the air through the pores, and when the Kundalini shot up the spine, the whole form jumped off the ground. I felt like a human basketball being dribbled by an invisible cosmic hand, and it was a euphoria like nothing else I've ever felt before. So grateful to Swamiji for this life of constant amazement...
Ravikumar Bobby
Ravikumar Bobby 2 years ago
good info abt samana n different siddhis
Robert Rainey
Robert Rainey 2 years ago
Extremely often in my sleep I dream I am levitating, floating upward, and even flying (moving distances will levitating). It has to be at least 90% of my dreams. As the years have gone by and I have gotten older I have gotten better at it in my dreams. However, to a certain point I have stopped advancing because, I have a fear of heights to a certain degree, so I cannot often float or fly higher than a tree. Even if I feel brave and try to float higher, I cannot. Anyone have an idea what this might mean? Thank you for sharing.
The Amazing Being
The Amazing Being 2 years ago
Interesting, where can I read more?
Akshay Pardeshi
Akshay Pardeshi 2 years ago
very soon they are going to take off.....
Eddy Faisans
Eddy Faisans 2 years ago
What's date of that satsang ?
Smisar Creation
Smisar Creation 2 years ago
where is the ashramam to participate in it... i wish to do this ... will you please give the details
rama krishna
rama krishna 2 years ago
I was just watching the video and the moment swamiji started sending waves caught me also and suddenly even I started jumping around.. Now after watching video 10 time and synch with swamiji wave now I'm floating in air and now I don't need any shoes or vehicle to travel.. jai nityananda
hi 2 years ago
Look like this is the level 1 of Vertical Take Off and Landing (UFO)
Abubakar Musa
Abubakar Musa 2 years ago
Priyanka Chauhan
Priyanka Chauhan 2 years ago
Sarath Alakq
Sarath Alakq 2 years ago
proud to be an Indian*
preeti malviya
preeti malviya 2 years ago
Is levitation is possible only after keeping brahmacharya
Miguel Burgos
Miguel Burgos 2 years ago
For some reason the website won't let me sign up. Can anyone help?
Diwani Kamatoden
Diwani Kamatoden 2 years ago
Mr. M
Mr. M 2 years ago
Paaglon ki gang
Delivered Icebath
Delivered Icebath 2 years ago
show me
Janardan Mali
Janardan Mali 2 years ago
Srinivas Andukuri replied to Arjuna Silenzion's comment In the commentator's, world there is no /little peace. The reason is his /her uncontrolled mind. Through yoga the mind can be controlled to develop spiritual intelligence and awaken one's consciousness. Become introvert, control the senses, meditate and experience lightness/weightlessness defeating earth gravity and acquire cool peace of mind and good health. • Because of an uncontrolled mind , it is not possible to have spiritual intelligence, without spiritual intelligence, one cannot meditate and without meditation, it is not possible to realize the unending cool peace.
Joshua Rastra
Joshua Rastra 2 years ago
yes it looks like jumping because your mind isn't trained to see the subtle. The thing to see is for a split second these people are levitating.....more advanced training is possible for longer duration
Shane Leone
Shane Leone 2 years ago
I've see someone do it...
Hendrick Tan
Hendrick Tan 2 years ago
Being able to levitate by itself as a goal is nothing much about spiritual, it is part of training of concentrated mind power that can rule the body. It has nothing to do with realization of deeper Truth, somewhat side-effects along the spiritual path. It would be easier to take a airplane to fly over the sea than relying on one's mind to cross over. Much safer this way.
Subrata Das
Subrata Das 2 years ago
I believe it does append , I am also surching the guru.
velvetpaws999 2 years ago
I just wish they had not put this piano music into the video, it is distracting!
ella stefanescu
ella stefanescu 2 years ago
levitation is the effect of non-resistance, of allowing....
Hank65 65
Hank65 65 3 years ago
i understand levitation with etheric or astral body.
jogga singh teidy
jogga singh teidy 3 years ago
The yogi can do far more in life if he/she wants to, a yogy can achieve anything. western, reductionists we r white west, cannot understand anything much, even when knowledge is given to them, their is a reason for this.
Gitana Maldita
Gitana Maldita 2 years ago
Yes! if you open your heart, you'll see them levitate. Is that easy. O_O
13x60 3 years ago
And yet this yogi and his students cannot levitate. Did I miss something?
jogga singh teidy
jogga singh teidy 3 years ago
knowledge is subjectively realised, that is why people cannot understand it, becasuse they r not accomplished. a bit like an athelte that can jump high and trainse mentally and physically, this is the same, releasing the human potential. there are no words for this knowledge in the west, so we think it is gibbeirish.
lavkittu14 3 years ago
pure questioning is romancing with the cosmos
YUVAN 3 years ago
good 4 u
Jaya G
Jaya G 3 years ago
wow...amazing! Watching this live and people levitating is a sight to be experienced !!! Unbelievable.... they deft gravity !
maini punit
maini punit 3 years ago
Dr. Shilpa Anilkumar
In simple words Swamiji so beautifully explains the Samana process
Kelsey 3 years ago
I began levitating by Swamijis grace in 2013 over two way video connection from San Jose temple in California. Ever since then, new dimensions of levitation and mudra's even laughing and singing and dancing has opened up in me. feeling lightness, thoughtless states... it is truly amazing and wonderful and available to everyone... go be with Him.
rightsideup 3 years ago
I experienced surges or energy that jolted me upright with significant force many times in a row during Shivoham process at Inner Awakening Varanasi. No I didn't leave the ground but I think I was close a few times. Hard to say exactly because there was so much energetic awakening that my senses were taking it all in.
Tarek Kaddoura
Tarek Kaddoura 3 years ago
+Jollyproductions there is a world so strange out there, not many are tapped into it but with time you will start to see
Jollyproductions 3 years ago
Sir....are you actually serious?
Victoria Terterian
Victoria Terterian 3 years ago
Swamiji, thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime! I wasn't expecting to move an inch off the floor, but when Swamiji was leading the free webinar that stated Kumbh Mela is ALSO FREE....without even moving, my root was jumping up off the floor...it was so unbelievable and magical!!! Thank you for these magical happenings
Miroslav Teichgrab
Miroslav Teichgrab 3 years ago
scientifically proven levitation of man: ruvid.net/video/video-qwBg1esXAQ4.html
Sarah Stephanie Landry
Thank YOU so, so, so much Swamiji! I'm still in awe of the fact that the first time you led this process, I was able to sit in perfect padmasana, with my hands locked in samana mudra, and despite not even trying to jump, my entire body lifted off the ground repeatedly!!! I hope everyone alive gets inspired, and experiences Kundalini Shakti.
For Beginners
For Beginners 3 years ago
Didn't understand why you mentioned kundalini here?
Jinda Bacho
Jinda Bacho 3 years ago
I am happy and grateful that a real enlightend Master, better say an Incarnation, is coming down to earth who is showing us who we really are and how we can create our own life and reality. Swamiji's energy is the pure cosmic energy like I have never experienced before. It has changed my whole life. Reading a book about enlightenment is much more different than being in the presence of an enlightened being, I cannot describe the experience in words. Thank you Swamiji, that you are here for us ♥
Amritashraya & Devanatha
How cool to have a Guru who Masters all the Siddhis up to the level of even revealing the science behind it to us... and especially - GIVING US THE EXPERIENCE ALSO! Thank you so much Swamiji!
Amritashraya & Devanatha
@Prem Kiran Why? I have found everything and so much more, beyond what I ever imagined was possible. These days my life is one big explosion of joy, bliss, fullfillment, gratitude, energy, awakening, mystery, the Divine... I have found the Source and would be crazy to divert myself
vishnu srinivasan
vishnu srinivasan 4 years ago
Sergio Martín Vega
hi I like this video, especially the ideas in the second half about meditation chair furniture . Another resource I also found helpfull for meditation quotes osho is Skyarza Meditation Success Star - find it on google if you want
Sankar Ponnusamy
Sankar Ponnusamy 4 years ago
sfontell 5 years ago
You must be kidding! There is only one person that broke the laws of phisycs... The same person the made them...If you realy want to fly you will have to wait until His return! Jesus Christ...I am sorry this is in a tone of criticism at all...please is with great love and respect....Jesus is much better than what you guys are trying...use same energy to seek Him and I assure you, you will find! God bless!
khayelitshaissafe 5 years ago
How far up do they want to levitate? All the way to the Moon? I used to fly in my dreams, it was nice. It was easy, it was almost real, bt I never wanted to fly too high up where there's cold and nothingness.
Durugan doss
Durugan doss 6 years ago
I take this op;portunity to reveal that under the base of the Banyan tree which is said to be morethan 600 years old near the Bidadi ashram I see the mysterious image of Nithyananda!
starre36 8 years ago
Hi, I am always seeking new age techniques to improve my telekinetic powers. Your little transformation and words of wisdom has greatly helped me in achieving the levitation technique that I have wanted to achieve. Before I stumbled on this video, I have been trying to levitate with my TK. Now I can, thank you for this very inspirational video it has given me words to improve it.
Teresa Fawkes
Teresa Fawkes 8 years ago
I love this video and the many wonderful thing Swamiji shares. The music is very distracting though, and makes it harder to hear the statements.
pavan palande
pavan palande 8 years ago
can anybody please tell me the name of the track which is played at the end of the video ,it starts from 17: 16 secs , please message me the name of the track om shanti
Ashok Sugathan
Ashok Sugathan 9 years ago
TrueNature 9 years ago
I used to have dreams about light and heavy and big and small..others have told they too have these type of dream..Also seen this in Japanese martial arts...Swami is making great teachings
TrueNature 9 years ago
I used to have dreams about light and heavy and big and small..others have told they too have these type of dream..
joshrain1 9 years ago
hello, would it be possible to make a request to swami to provide yoga techniques for modern day. like better memory and quick learning for students? also, the hatha yoga techniques swami will be talking about, will that have yoga instructions (like pranayam,etc ) that one can do at home?
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