Arsene Wenger vs Zinedine Zidane | Amazing Skills at 70 years old

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Comments 80
ArsenalScoutHD 10 months ago
Wenger is so underrated imo, he outmuscled Zidane, humiliated so many attackers, masterminded the game and also showboated a little. If he was a few years younger, Pogba would've been working at McDonald's.
NeedULike JawsNeedsARaincoat
Jakob Maciolek
Jakob Maciolek 7 months ago
@Symptom - Matic yes the grammars◀️ really need to be fixed
Callum Reed
Callum Reed 7 months ago
Wenger: I nearly signed Arsene.😌
Peter Wickendon
Peter Wickendon 8 months ago
I think he was protecting Arsenal in a way from the bs
Ben NWO 9 months ago
Yo ArsenalScoutHD can you share this beat or can tell the name of this Instrumental Song of this Video please
Erdem Ekinci
Erdem Ekinci 10 days ago
Erdogan is better :d
Adewitiya Singh
Adewitiya Singh 10 days ago
Even at 70, he turns faster than Granit Xhaka :D
Hamza Khalil
Hamza Khalil 16 days ago
When a 70 year old grandpa is better then the whole arsenal team combined
Hirad Ahmadi
Hirad Ahmadi Month ago
Wait until Akenfenwa sees this
Fathi Abdulahi
Fathi Abdulahi Month ago
sign him real madrid 50$ nice cb
Zul Xpertz
Zul Xpertz 2 months ago
Looking good, grandpa!
Atiksh Singh
Atiksh Singh 2 months ago
thought this was gonna be a joke but he actually better than me
Hala Madrid 13
Hala Madrid 13 3 months ago
He s’ better at than zipping a coat
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Nurlinda F Sihotang 3 months ago
70 years young. There, i fixed that 😂😂😂
A dot
A dot 3 months ago
Everyone was told to leave him alone before the game
Diana Leonine
Diana Leonine 3 months ago
Wenger > Ozil
kinghailz786 3 months ago
we are starting to see now... even the AFTV muppets are saying it... maybe it's the players desire... maybe they watch too much aftv? Maybe it was the players under Emery? Maybe it was the players under Wenger? Maybe it was the players all along? Who cares right? There's no consequences right?... WRONG! Wenger... the man who got this club to where it is. From changing the game, to his philosophy, to youth development, to new stadium, to limited funds, to being self sustaining, to beautiful football, to top 4 every season, I could go on and on! The fans in the stadium are SO IMPORTANT! How do you destroy a football club? Simple! Poison the fans, the club will slowly erode. When we were 5th and 6th. That's when we should be supporting the manager and the team most of all! Our manager. WENGER! He did this all for us. With his sweat and blood. Decades of his life devoted... did it the hard way with loyalty, integrity and morals! In a league where teams were buying and spending cash left right and center. He stuck by his guns and did it the hard way! He did this! All for us!! ... for us! For me! For you! And for these fucks on this channel!... and what do these clowns do? Force him out. No intellect. No thinking. Just hear a few rants and it catches on. People love it. Fans from other clubs love it. Fueling the fire. Media takes a hold of it. They definitely love it, especially since they have been pushing for the success of spurs for years now... Fans should never have had a say, and if they do, it should NEVER been taken into consideration! EVER! They don't know shit! They aren't in the club. They aren't ex players, ex managers etc... they know more than Gary Neville etc? Who the fuck are they? Power greedy clowns who just wanna feel important... that's all! The equivalent example of this is if the audience make changes to a film they see in cinema... it is what it is! That's it! You don't like it? Tough! Go and make your own film!... Those who are responsible for the end of Wenger at this club are the ones responsible for this clubs decline... but hey! On the bright side, as our points drop, their views are rising. More shows and more publicity and followers for AFTV and their "characters"... they just making a living though... so I guess it's alright ey? #OpenYourEyes #ComeHomeArsene #UseYourFuckingBrain
Sami H-T
Sami H-T 4 months ago
He has better awareness than Xhaka. OMG
Fatality Chameleon
Fatality Chameleon 5 months ago
Always class. Forever 🔴
giorgi giorgi
giorgi giorgi 7 months ago
ბაბუ :)
Misga Fitness! ምስጌ ፊትነስ 101% Natural
🔥Better than,..Mustafi
vlr vanchhawng
vlr vanchhawng 7 months ago
We miss you...winger come back to arsenal😉😉😉
F. Miah
F. Miah 7 months ago
Ian Betts
Ian Betts 7 months ago
Did you notice he had trouble putting his hand in his pocket.
Крол 2207
Крол 2207 7 months ago
The best manager as for me.
Aquatic Almighty
Aquatic Almighty 8 months ago
If there's a kind of Ballon D'Or for manager in football skill, Mr. Arsene gonna win it.. For 22 years straight..
Jahbingi Ras-i Akiiki
Will always miss Mr. Proffessor!
Garry Richardson
Garry Richardson 8 months ago
Gigit Jari
Gigit Jari 8 months ago
Top 10 wonderkids 2019 Arsene wenger...
Mohammed Saleh
Mohammed Saleh 8 months ago
He is more energetic than ozil at 70 years old
MarcMaccoy 9 months ago
Zidane did more in 5 years then Wenger did in 30 lol
Baz87100 9 months ago
Such a legend.. 23 years at one club is insane especially in the 21st century. This man is the greatest thing that happened to Arsenal when he guided us to an unbeaten season along with 2 other titles in the most competitive league in the world and also won like 10 fa cups.. The man is the heartbeat of this club and despite lacking in his later years, deserves all the respect in the world for being an intelligent, considerate and inspiring man. Thank you Mr Arsenal!
Nguyễn Trọng Tình Vlogs
Renan Dantas
Renan Dantas 9 months ago
Wenger almost signed him
Andy Tjhin
Andy Tjhin 9 months ago
Feel like new signing, box to box player, our squang is strong enough
Marcello 1992
Marcello 1992 9 months ago
Two Legends!!!
Kuughaan Sahadevan
Kuughaan Sahadevan 9 months ago
One thing remains unchanged.. No long ball.. Hahaha. Classic wenger
MAXWEE STORE 9 months ago
The legend profesor
Green Goblin
Green Goblin 9 months ago
I like his standing skills, but seriously who in their right mind is gonna barge a 70 year old off the ball lol
Kenyan Citizen
Kenyan Citizen 9 months ago
Wenger looks like he could be Theresa May's brother
Miguel Felipe
Miguel Felipe 9 months ago
Hope I can do half of that when I’m at least 60.
Ru 9 months ago
Izak Xiirey
Izak Xiirey 9 months ago
1:00 He better than dembele and paulinho🤣
chris sturgess
chris sturgess 9 months ago
Legend !!
Wow Firdaus
Wow Firdaus 9 months ago
It's not the best of him. They are too worry when faced him 😂
Сергей Макаров
Арсен ты легенда! Вперёд Арсенал!!!!
Vincent Nyagaka
Vincent Nyagaka 9 months ago
I miss Wenger
J TheUnknown
J TheUnknown 10 months ago
Everyone : Playing Video Games Me: Watching 70 Year Old Men Play Soccer
-A.Z- 10 months ago
Of course he wore number 4
Cherif Antar Khenniche
الو بورتو خير منهم
Eduardo morra
Eduardo morra 10 months ago
hagamos un vídeo de jugadas chingonas con música culera ja
saints mireles
saints mireles 10 months ago
Pues juega mejor que el chicharito
ZOGAY TUBE 10 months ago
There are a young players don't have this magic touch of coach Arsen winger
Blake 10 months ago
He reminds me of Theresa May
Daniel Freire
Daniel Freire 10 months ago
Famoso sub óbito KKKKKJJ
Dean 10 months ago
Arsenal should sign him up there defence needs quality like that
jose anleu
jose anleu 10 months ago
Why the crappy music?
anjkrazy2 10 months ago
I was waiting for the ultimate skill, myocardial infarction.
Jonathan Diosa
Jonathan Diosa 10 months ago
Hes the Stan Lee of foot ball
SGY_ AimxzZ
SGY_ AimxzZ 10 months ago
Iam 15 And i can't do all of these 😂
Méchante Machette
Méchante Machette 10 months ago
Instrumental please???
Dhruv Saith
Dhruv Saith 10 months ago
Omg! We always had a hidden defensive midfielder in our team! :O
Makfire Smerqaku
Makfire Smerqaku 10 months ago
Music is too hard for this video
Rigoberto Sosa
Rigoberto Sosa 10 months ago
I feel kind of bad how they treated him at Arsenal in his final years
Głosuj Na Konfederację!
song anyone?
Dawid Kaczan GRAFIKA & VIDEO
No kurwa rzeczywiście emejzing
Rusty James
Rusty James 10 months ago
Rumours are he being scouted Peace family
Descart1889 10 months ago
Damn, i respect this man more than my father .
Максим 10 months ago
0:42 whar a skill. I am truly amazed
아킬레우스 10 months ago
오오 벵감독님..
Random Channel
Random Channel 10 months ago
Wenger shud coach French team
StOnY at Gaming Performance
One who loves the Ball truuuueee!!
Samuel Caple
Samuel Caple 10 months ago
Swear mans the yoda of football
Ash Kiff
Ash Kiff 10 months ago
Wenger was a top boy till he lost his pocket
Hate the new YouTube.
Hate the new YouTube. 10 months ago
The guy is 70 years of age and stunting like this.
michael finnegan
michael finnegan 10 months ago
Not bad for 70 years old Lol
Ghost Of Sparta
Ghost Of Sparta 10 months ago
Wenger strutting around like a peak vieira in midfield.
ALkomandan.GR3 ALkomandan GR3
Shaun Guite
Shaun Guite 10 months ago
Will HOOLEY 10 months ago
I mean yeah great for 70 but you put in him passing the ball this is a shit video
Festus Maina
Festus Maina 10 months ago
Better than Mustafi, right? 🤔
Green Lantern
Green Lantern 10 months ago
Wenger are so good in technical skills, vision, composure, passing and ball control.. the only thing slowing him down is he doesn't have a body like Christiano Ronaldo to keep up with the pace
I believe
I believe 10 months ago
Sign him now
Iii Hii
Iii Hii 10 months ago
Fuck u arsen wenger u fucked our team arsenal many years
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