Arsene Wenger Q&A Parody (442oons Football Cartoon)

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You asked the questions - hear how Arsey Whinger answered in the interview! Q&A will return in March.
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Comments 80
Preet Debnath
Preet Debnath 3 months ago
Miss you Arsene
Conor Browne
Conor Browne 4 months ago
Fuck you 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times
Dipankar Das
Dipankar Das 5 months ago
Damn you Jose😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that voice
Neyozil The One
Neyozil The One 7 months ago
2:02 "he is a specialist in failure"
Garbage GD
Garbage GD 3 months ago
Neyozil The One ik
Bike-Alec 7 months ago
stop being a prick tease 😂
m 8 months ago
Oliver giroud is your running slower than ur walking
daisyreilly11 8 months ago
Echec means chess
Hussain Khawaja
Hussain Khawaja 8 months ago
Do you have a dog
Rayan Rmeiti
Rayan Rmeiti 8 months ago
Yes I think He'll be there Till THE END of 17/18
youssef Basem
youssef Basem 8 months ago
What f*uk
Llcoola 9 months ago
How does he make the sound like there behind glass
Joseph Hilal
Joseph Hilal 9 months ago
2:02 José spoke like me at home 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alvyn Ddamba
Alvyn Ddamba 10 months ago
2:01 mean he is a specialist in failure
Crillion Lockhart
Crillion Lockhart 10 months ago
Youar poop wegner
CG7 games
CG7 games 10 months ago
2019, 🥂🍾
EAMCFC 11 months ago
2:28 - 2:33 really weirded me out
EAMCFC 11 months ago
Q. What's the difference between a teabag and Liverpool A. The teabag stays in the cup longer
EAMCFC 11 months ago
@Task Force Black I mean the fa cup
Task Force Black
Task Force Black 11 months ago
EAS check the champions league
Rahelimiadanarivo Manjakalovasoa
Q A with Salah and Firmino
boby manuel
boby manuel Year ago
Q&a with lewondowski and Salah as the round of 16 editions
Oliver Holland
Anyone watching in 2019??
Monami roy
Monami roy Year ago
Can you kick jose
Bairo Centeno
Bairo Centeno Year ago
Da Tardzzz
Da Tardzzz Year ago
Not for 2018/19 though
Kim Joo Law
Kim Joo Law Year ago
3.01,u are doing great job at destroying arsey winger.😂😂😂😂😂I died laughing
sickgamer ali
sickgamer ali Year ago
Ngwako Mohale
Ngwako Mohale Year ago
Sopheaktra Thuon
Jose and arsey have you ever be friend
And Loc
And Loc Year ago
What did he say when he talked in french
toxic water 14
Sadly not
James does sports
Just .Somealien
I'm going Poop you but I'm not a big day is in a good, the same-day
Ayoub Benabdelhak
Any one in 2018
Ninja of horizon
Do the floor is lava challenge arsey
Fatimah Jassim Al-Abdaly
Fhdgjkjjkkkkgg Jllo Yuhuuyttt
Stefan E
Stefan E Year ago
« A douche alarm for a douchebag » I speak French, so I’m laughing so fucking hard
Xxgacha loverxX
Q&A With Jamie vardy!
Mukhtar Abdi
Mukhtar Abdi Year ago
What Do You Like With Muller Hair
Antichu 7
Antichu 7 Year ago
Q&A with Cavani and Mbappe
Chace Repunte
Chace Repunte Year ago
Do Q&A with fellani also question for it did you dye your hair
nmaruf Year ago
Do you eat chocolate?
Aman Paul
Aman Paul Year ago
Klopp Qanda
Reem Almasri
Reem Almasri Year ago
Buy cr7
Aman Tewari
Aman Tewari Year ago
I look good...Top four!!😂😂😂
Kurran Lakhan
Kurran Lakhan 2 years ago
And he’s still gonna be there at least for the 18/19 season.. 😂😂
Gaming WithJa780
Kurran Lakhan Yea he was loosing he’s touch either way,hope he wins the Europa League tho and go out with a bang
Kurran Lakhan
Kurran Lakhan Year ago
Jadan780 Gaming Well that’s good news for arsenal and bad news for the rest of the pl
Gaming WithJa780
Kurran Lakhan nope he’s stepping down 🤧🤧
assassin 34
assassin 34 2 years ago
tap 2 years ago
What is “dirty sanchez”
naufal ammar fathan suhardi
can you translate his france
A V 2 years ago
Wenger forever
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
em 1952 arsene wenger fala Bertoldo e dizzia damn you bertoldo and damn you dornel gamarra
Ultimate Lad YT
Ultimate Lad YT 2 years ago
Nathan Cao
Nathan Cao 2 years ago
When you do captions for the special mong when he spoke french. it says we are fucked up
Züleyha Gün
Züleyha Gün 2 years ago
@442oons Like Euronaldo messi fuck you SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU im turkey
Sabrina Caulfield
Sabrina Caulfield 2 years ago
Anyone in 2018
Chris Jnr Pitcher
Chris Jnr Pitcher 2 years ago
Would you let dance go
Chris Jnr Pitcher
Chris Jnr Pitcher 2 years ago
Your a ass
DIRESTARFISH624 2 years ago
Q&A neymar and cavani
Dailyluke 2 years ago
No never
Reak Here
Reak Here 2 years ago
X7i ExCeL
X7i ExCeL 2 years ago
Hi hi
Anirudh Jayakumar
Anirudh Jayakumar 2 years ago
Best manger!!
Hbk Jordan
Hbk Jordan 2 years ago
Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte's rivalry remains intense after the Chelsea manager called the Manchester United boss a "little man". Antonio Conte branded Jose Mourinho a "little man" after the Manchester United boss continued his spat with the Chelsea manager with a jibe about match fixing. The Premier League rivals have been involved in back-and-forth verbal sparring in recent days after it was suggested Mourinho had aimed a dig at Conte when he said he prefers to act in a "mature" manner on the touchline, rather than "crazy" or like a "clown". Conte responded ahead of Chelsea's trip to Norwich City in the FA Cup by suggesting his Stamford Bridge predecessor was suffering from memory loss having been guilty of exuberant antics on the sidelines. After United's 2-0 cup win over Derby on Friday Mourinho replied by saying: "What never happened to me and will never happen is to be suspended for match-fixing". Conte served a four-month ban in 2011 but was later acquitted, and he says Mourinho's latest comment is uncalled for. "It is very difficult to answer this type of comment because I think when a person's target is to offend, to insult another a person, I think that you are a little, little man," the Italian told BT Sport after Saturday's 0-0 draw at Carrow Road. "I think that we all know him very well from the past but he is always the same. "This is his way, it is not a surprise for me. I repeat, when you insult or offend another person you are a little man and I think he is a little man. "Life will go on, I'm not worried about him. For sure there is a good opportunity when we play Manchester United to clarify in a room, me and him in a room." Premier League FA Cup Manchester Utd Chelsea Facebook Share Twitter Tweet Google Plus Share Powered By Onefootball Related News José Mourinho rubbishes exit rumours and may stay longer Onefootball 2 days ago Coutinho storms into top three on all-time record transfer list Onefootball an hour ago Heynckes rules out Vidal to Chelsea Onefootball 10 hours ago No Mkhitaryan, no Pastore, no Verdi - Inter ready for frugal January Onefootball 2 days ago Arsenal 2 Chelsea 2: Bellerin belter snatches point in derby thriller Onefootball 3 days ago About Onefootball Onefootball Network Company Careers Contact Legal Imprint Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Licenses Download App Store Google Play Windows Store Social FB TW YT SN IN SC AB © Onefootball - We tell the world's football stories
Sher Banu
Sher Banu 2 years ago
What is dirty Sanchez ??
Geovany and sofia Hernandez
Zlatan is dum
samgodwin14 2 years ago
2017/18 season arsene has singed a 2 year contract 😭
gaming inmydna
gaming inmydna 2 years ago
For being a bunch of dicks 😂
MrFlimFlam 2 years ago
I speak French
Lil Shockwave • 9 years ago
Do you have problems?
Dan The Pan dances
Dan The Pan dances 2 years ago
CHARLY NSUNSA 2 years ago
i thgoht that arsey specks japan
Michelle Trasler
Michelle Trasler 2 years ago
Q&A suarez and arsey winger pls like if you agree
Ukana Batkshitg
Ukana Batkshitg 2 years ago
I love 442oons
Charlie Hargreaves
Charlie Hargreaves 2 years ago
TheTerriersFan 2 years ago
qna with david wagner
Areeb Hussain
Areeb Hussain 2 years ago
Manuel Sousa
Manuel Sousa 2 years ago
Its not Rose we read it like Joese
Jayson Danger
Jayson Danger 2 years ago
Stephen Coen
Stephen Coen 2 years ago
Danny Meyers
Danny Meyers 2 years ago
wenger get sacked
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 2 years ago
0:24 boom
Monica Dixon
Monica Dixon 2 years ago
Show wenger naked
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