Arsene Wenger: "I lived like somebody in a coma for 35 years"

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Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger speaks to beIN SPORTS about missing the intensity of management, missing out on Ronaldo's signature, and the uptick in online racism.
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Comments 80
Amedeo Puma
Amedeo Puma 11 days ago
That explains it all coma 35 yrs some arsenal players played like they were in a coma
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kozmo kramer
kozmo kramer 2 months ago
Tbh, wenger only favoured French players and tried so hard to rep them
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny 3 months ago
Wenger: Arsenal can challenge for the title Emery: Good ebening
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny 3 months ago
Imagine if wenger was able to sign Messi, Ronaldo, Fabregas and Pique..ALL AT THE SAME TIME.............................
FO SULLi 3 months ago
We miss you Arsene. Come home.
เดดา นานา
เดดา นานา
Comment Thief
Comment Thief 4 months ago
He made Arsenal
Maximus3075 3 months ago
nice joke. He didnt george graham did.
james kiwoi
james kiwoi 4 months ago
I actually was an arsenal supporter coz of this guy's tactics. Intelligent, artistic generally entertaining football . Since he left, all that went down the tubes. Boring arsenal now
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC 4 months ago
This video did not age well, looks like Arsene's team did not shine as he expected it to be....
SAS112 4 months ago
Would love to see him lift trophy of premiership for ARSENAL once more!!!
telanganist 4 months ago
Good English
Alfredo Perera
Alfredo Perera 5 months ago
I like this man, in barcelona, please, get out valrverde!
Dansari 5 months ago
This guy destroyed his legacy at Arsenal, and it didn’t help he was obsessed with only buying small lightweight players
XAAJI XAAJI 5 months ago
Come back.home it's gone disastrous
Andrea Limoli
Andrea Limoli 5 months ago
One of the most intellingent man ever in the football world
oakleyducati1 5 months ago
From this intelligent gentleman to "Ghoode ebening!". Arsenal.
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 5 months ago
Do y watch aftv when at home 😁
K Cz
K Cz 5 months ago
I would like to see Troopz interviewing him
trevord59 5 months ago
Absolute Chancer that inherited a great team
Mikey fraud
Mikey fraud 5 months ago
This is the only man who can save untied
William Mackanga
William Mackanga 5 months ago
Arsene Wenger look fet now 😂😂😁arsenal to much stress
Juan Mikán
Juan Mikán 6 months ago
Unai Emery is making me miss this guy. For what Arsenal got with Emery, I´d rather have kept Wenger. No improvement at all.
lucidwade 6 months ago
Merci Arsene
Joseph fieid
Joseph fieid 6 months ago
Racism doesn't exist it's the big lie because their is no such thing as a white person
R C 6 months ago
hey arsenal FC. Arsene Wenger deserved a statue and a stand to his name. from Man Utd Fan
D C 6 months ago
This guy ruined his legacy with his stubborness and love for Giroud. Turned himself into an accountant and Kroenke's pawn.
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny 6 months ago
Bringing up Mo Salah in a Messi vs Ronaldo debate is totally disrespectful!
Syed Ansar
Syed Ansar 6 months ago
miss you big man!
hasan Salman
hasan Salman 6 months ago
Pls come back and watch Arsenal at Emirates, just as Sir Alex Ferguson coming regularly to watch Man U at Old Trafford
Basra Chanda
Basra Chanda 6 months ago
This man did not only make me love football, but how to be a better man too. His character is honorable win or lose.
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 6 months ago
Wenger to Manchester United plz
bini lonley
bini lonley 6 months ago
The best manger in da soccer world I don't what anybody say
Kanyanta Mubanga
Kanyanta Mubanga 6 months ago
Character. Merci Arsene.
Ajeeli 6 months ago
As a Liverpool fan, i can say that Arsene Wenger is the person that i respect the most in the world of football.
Jack Dearden
Jack Dearden 6 months ago
This man suffered for his artistry.
Chung Lee
Chung Lee 6 months ago
some arsenal fans slowly realising the grass isn't greener with a new man in charge (unai). you don't know what you have till you don't have it. arsene wenger could have achieved far more if the club decided NOT to build a new stadium. that stadium held back arsene from winning more trophies 100%.
Dictionary Pictionary
Wherever he goes, I hope he gets the players to drink their milk this time
IlhaanBlueAce 6 months ago
MY FAVORITE MANAGER when I was a child I thought Arsene was short for arsenal 😂
samyb786 6 months ago
He never won the champions league or a European trophy with arsenal. That must hurt
Ka Ab
Ka Ab 6 months ago
"i rate that" that caught me offguard lmaoo
Nijam Deen
Nijam Deen 6 months ago
Underrated manager, if he was British he would be cast in gold by now 😆
OtherSideOfMorning 6 months ago
Arsenal challenging..sure Aresene..sure..
Dương Hà Văn
Dương Hà Văn 6 months ago
Love Mr. Arsene so much
scooby196I 6 months ago
Ribery 🤣
czerwonadupa 6 months ago
Has yet to be asked to explain why he sanctioned & thought Ozil was worth £350,000 a week when there were no offers from major clubs across Europe.for his services & £200,000 for Mkhitaryan who had hardly been a success at United.
DeniX HD
DeniX HD 6 months ago
Back to Arsenal
MAYANJA Nnalubaale Roots Warrior
犬熊玉 6 months ago
Please take over man utd!
Joost Luimes
Joost Luimes 6 months ago
"I lived like somebody in a coma for 35 years" So did Arsenal.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 6 months ago
Arsene gave perfect assessment of Salah: great goalscorer (now), can be a great player (Messi) if he varied his shots for passes more in final third. Can't believe how disrespectful Arsenal fans were to this master, they never had a better manager. #YNWA
steve welsh
steve welsh 6 months ago
I wish I had come out of my coma as a millionaire, oh well.
proper parcels
proper parcels 6 months ago
LennyJohnson5 6 months ago
A thoroughly classy man; honourable, knowledgeable, honest, generous and one of the great managers, who revolutionised British football.
Yolo 2.0
Yolo 2.0 6 months ago
Bless him
Amar 23
Amar 23 6 months ago
After this video.. All I wanna say is.. This Man breathes Football.... Thank You for not only Winning Us Great Achievements but also Revolutionising the EPL forever.... ♥️#COYG 🔴
Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash 6 months ago
How was this man boo'd out
Angus Macangus
Angus Macangus 6 months ago
"The guy who sacrifices himself is Firmino" -- well said, Liverpool look totally different without him.
Junaid Din
Junaid Din 6 months ago
best joke : I think Arsenal can challenge for the league
om Mundkar
om Mundkar 6 months ago
If they would have spent money the spent now,Wenger could have won league in his last year's
Cory D
Cory D 6 months ago
I havent been into football that long but feel lucky to have watched him a few years before he left Arsenal
Realist 6 months ago
could easily be french president if he wished.
J Liu
J Liu 6 months ago
How about started with Japan, finish with China
MAN_S__3344 6 months ago
Coughs *Arse wankstain*
Bsweeney1206 6 months ago
Just wanna say as a Utd fan, when i was younger (and immature), i hated/detested him and Arsenal, but now, upon reflection, i have nothing but respect for him and i feel embarrassed hating on him. Without him United and English football's history would be a lot poorer. He is not only an Arsenal great, but a football great, and i also reckon he'd be a funny dude in person - I will always remember when i was at that game at Old Trafford and he got sent to the stands and was forced to climb into the stands near the directors box, and he was stood there ages waving his arms around (looking a bit like Jesus from a distance) asking the ref where he was meant to go haha! Memories! :-) Salut to Arsene...!
Mike Peters
Mike Peters 5 months ago
@Goutham Zephyr you mean ASS-ENAL
Goutham Zephyr
Goutham Zephyr 5 months ago
@Juan Mikán arsenals 3rd fam
Juan Mikán
Juan Mikán 6 months ago
I felt the same about Alex Ferguson. Now look: both are midtable struggling teams and both managers have huge respect for what they achieved.
KDB withthepaceofBFG
Wise man wise words
Robin Bigdick
Robin Bigdick 6 months ago
Wenger would've made a better bank manager then a coach
James Maybin
James Maybin 6 months ago
A guy who makes others shine - Wayne Rooney
Mayank Sakhare
Mayank Sakhare 6 months ago
Forget everything this man knows football better than any one.
Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman 6 months ago
How can you not respect a guy who completed an unbeaten season? Did not deserve the treatment he got towards the end of his career
Linda McNeilly
Linda McNeilly 6 months ago
I love the man for the simple fact that he changed the face of football for the better by introducing the no drinking and the eating habits of the players which was then used by other teams,not to mention the tactics he introduced at Arsenal.Its only going to be in the years ahead that the genuine genius of the man will be appreciated for his conurbation to football,he took Arsenal through a season unbeaten and that run continued for 49 games,they laughed when he said it would be possible to do so but he had the last laugh in the end.
Robert Maleci
Robert Maleci 6 months ago
You were definitely in a bloody coma in the Emirate years,
Wrecksheeps 6 months ago
Ronaldo's and Messi's performance is impossible to beat. Fact. Simple as that. Deal with it.
Axel Power
Axel Power 6 months ago
Great to hear Wenger again and speaking so much sense! Although pointless PC questions asked at the end for agenda pushing $$$ from bein sports. Follow the shekels.
Lyall Williams
Lyall Williams 6 months ago
Arsenal fans punching air when hearing they were in the day in talks of signing Ronaldo and Messi 😂
Account User
Account User 6 months ago
Wenger looks like a philosopher. A guy in which you should always listen too.
SirAntoniousBlock 6 months ago
I don't want to hear who he almost signed for the millionth time- I want to hear why the fuck did he actually sign Mustafi and Xhaka!
Huw Jones
Huw Jones 6 months ago
"Arsène, is it true that you nearly signed my grandmother?" "I mean it was very close. We were in deep discussion but that's how it is. We live life with regrets. It was very close."
Christian Kent
Christian Kent 6 months ago
there's only one Arsene Wenger
187Clemens 6 months ago
What's going on with the sound after he finishes speaking? Sounds like you're cutting him off
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