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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Enter here: www.omaze.com/Arnold to support After-School All-Stars and spend an afternoon with me.
I wanted to have a little fun and raise money for a good cause, so I went to Gold's Gym in Venice in disguise. You can help! Please enter for a chance to ride with me on my tank and do some lifts together.


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Jan 21, 2014




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Comments 80
Pheonix 6 hours ago
worst disguise ever.
Maill OxxxO
Maill OxxxO 9 hours ago
Красавец )
**** 10 hours ago
LOL Arnold trying to look like someone else is just as convincing as an elephant pretending to be a kitten. Nope.
Мария Тара
Мария Тара 12 hours ago
Вот бы забавно,если бы он какому-нибудь жирдяю сказал: «Что ты такое?».
lightspeed HENSLEY
lightspeed HENSLEY 14 hours ago
JUST LISTEN TO HIS VOICE AND ACCENT AND TELL ME , NO ONE WOULD KNOW WHO HE IS , PLUS HIS BODY SIZE. how many people did they have to film before they ran across some one who was totally dumb and didn't recognize his voice . this must be another {ahem} reality show lol !!
Theguywiththemask 16 hours ago
Pls Arnold,dont speak about politics,just make your fitness and movies and everything is cool.
Привет ЮТУБ
Goku 19 hours ago
I go to that golds gym..waiting for it to open up.. 😞
MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve
Terminator movie
noasta ieti
noasta ieti Day ago
Some of them can see thru the disguise that it was Arnold & he can't do accents hahaha
Alula 896 the amazing Tewodros
What I think Arnold was thinking: I hope I get paid for this sh*t LOL ok maybe not😂😂😂
Mr. Nibble Nips
I wanna see him walk in a gun store.
The Dark Knight
Arnold is still in great shape even in his seventies... This man is immortal....
Johannes Ntshegang
Carl is that you bud? Been wondering where you been since you left the Drapes business.
Chris Revol
Chris Revol Day ago
That is the worst disguise I’ve ever seen
AJ Studios
AJ Studios Day ago
“ i love what i see and i see what i love” -Arnold Schwarzenegger
Richard Bonney
Go on arnie
Aron108 Why an I forced to put a last name?
He really made a woman drink water multiple times as a workout.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 2 days ago
He needs to tell to the people do not use steroids!!!
قناة الطبخ للمبتدئين ههه
I want my movies to arrive 1M vues tanks you.
Reginald Andrews
Reginald Andrews 2 days ago
That 1st chick knew who he really was from the start!!😂
Hasnain Khan
Hasnain Khan 3 days ago
Once a legend said: "you have elbows and you have knees so touch them"~arnold Schwarzenegger.
Hasnain Khan
Hasnain Khan Day ago
@odessafile75 yes,everyone wants to correct their mistake 😜 and you also take care
odessafile75 Day ago
@Hasnain Khan I see you corrected the spelling. Take Care.
Hasnain Khan
Hasnain Khan Day ago
@odessafile75 there's a mistake Why don't you become my english teacher 😂😂 just kidding
odessafile75 Day ago
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 3 days ago
Even if he wore a mask of his likeness he'd still be recognized.
Va B
Va B 3 days ago
He’s as good at disguise as Mickey Mouse with a hat. NO ONE NOTICED😂
Petar Karan
Petar Karan 3 days ago
And now flex Arnold is a KING🤣🤣🤣
kristof privat
kristof privat 3 days ago
give me 5! auwtch that hurd why u hit so hard. haha lmao
Adil Al Awadhi
Adil Al Awadhi 4 days ago
Really?? That’s a cover? And the accent??
Kaont 5 days ago
Lmao that Terraria music
Andreas Löf
Andreas Löf 5 days ago
If you going undercover Arnold please chang your voice but people will probably recognize you anyway, the change was terrible but i like what you did.
Luis david a v
Luis david a v 5 days ago
Look like "machete"
Ianas Andrei
Ianas Andrei 5 days ago
Tomas Mihalik
Tomas Mihalik 6 days ago
Arnold look like Danny Trejo :D
Павло Бурбан
no chance
soma day
soma day 6 days ago
I don't think that witness protection program is working too well for this guy.
A R 7 days ago
See how people are generous do this in india 🤣🤣🤣
J 7 days ago
"Stop being a baby. This is Gold's Gym. Not baby gym."
Brick Through Time
Brick Through Time 15 hours ago
That guy was a milk drinker for sure!
Stewart mcminn
Stewart mcminn 7 days ago
Terminator if he was how it was originally played, unnoticed cyborg
Rohit vloger
Rohit vloger 7 days ago
Legend legend 👍👍💪💪
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies 8 days ago
Wow, even Andre the Giant would have been better at going undercover than Arnold.
orlanduce 8 days ago
Ronny Polanski
Ronny Polanski 8 days ago
Arnold kann über sich selber lachen. Sehr sympathisch.
Simon Bannow
Simon Bannow 8 days ago
Anyone remember the Chinese dude grabbing candy bars at Nakatomi Tower?
Dinesh Singh Rawat
Dinesh Singh Rawat 10 days ago
I guess everyone knows, he is Arnold, they all are acting.
Dinesh Singh Rawat
Dinesh Singh Rawat 10 days ago
He can do any make-up, but how he will manage his voice.
Max Bowen
Max Bowen 10 days ago
Because I've only really seen him as terminator it's weird to see him out of character
Spike Flea
Spike Flea 8 days ago
What???? You've never seen Predator???????
Happy Happy NL
Happy Happy NL 11 days ago
Great video! Wish we could have seen more reactions from the people working out..
BuckandOden 11 days ago
He should have gone with a fake beard and a fake accent. Who wouldn't recognize him by his voice alone?
Лизок Terminator
Im a fan your
Лизок Terminator
You are the best 😘❤️!!!!!!!
Easy Tech 2020
Easy Tech 2020 12 days ago
Anyone should know him that he is a Arnold Schwanager.
asteria 12 days ago
it's not a very good disguise tbh
музыка Дима Алефиров
Carlos Ccasani Salazar
Machete ..
Moço Ganzo
Moço Ganzo 13 days ago
Arnold lmaooooo what a gift to the world! He’s always down for pranks and comedy
Moad B
Moad B 14 days ago
If nobody see thats arnold than this is a fake prank movie
ziyad hzeen
ziyad hzeen 14 days ago
رائع ارنولد👍🇺🇸🇮🇶👑ممكن ترجمة العربية
Patriot Vostok
Patriot Vostok 14 days ago
C1 14 days ago
If you can't tell that's Arnold you haven't watched his movies at all.
Rob_odd 13 days ago
Or you haven't watched them in English.^^ Greetings from Germany!
Sean Dawley
Sean Dawley 14 days ago
Worst disguise ever!!
Born Winner
Born Winner 15 days ago
Arnold has great strength of character. He is very persistent and hardworking. He is very successful, wealthy and respected by all and he deserves it.
shogun 012
shogun 012 15 days ago
"Get to da Choppa!!
Space Man
Space Man 15 days ago
RUvid finally recommends something relevant
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 15 days ago
Ok Arnold u cant go undercover bro. Ur voice gives it away right away
Wendy Solo
Wendy Solo 16 days ago
Hahaha! yeah, there's nothing they can do to disguise that guy. He's a unique one of kind guy. ;)
TheFreakinX 16 days ago
"Don't laugh" kills me. I quote it all the time, but nobody ever gets the reference. :(
renzorex 16 days ago
Lu 16 days ago
Worst undercover ever seen
Jay s
Jay s 16 days ago
doesn't matter how Arnold dresses in disguise, ppl will recognize him...especially that the mecca
gon the stone age boy
'I love what I see and see what I love' ,wow
Karthik Vadlakonda
Karthik Vadlakonda 17 days ago
Legend respect from India
Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala
Ivan Morales Torres
He reminds me of Machete
ST7A Bad Karma
ST7A Bad Karma 17 days ago
"this is Gold's gym. Not a baby gym". 😂🤣
Revichandran S
Revichandran S 17 days ago
Seriously? Undercover????
Ketjap Manies
Ketjap Manies 18 days ago
These people try hard to not spoil his undercover 🤣🤣🤣
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 18 days ago
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Jsampionicboom 18 days ago
Arnold is too iconic not to go all Clarke Kent and at least ware glasses. He seems like such a fun guy!
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma 19 days ago
hahahaah Water drinking repetion set.
Gary R
Gary R 19 days ago
Keep repeating all his Terminator lines and he'll know you know who he is... Lol
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