Ariana Grande Surprises TNT Boys f/ 'The World's Best'

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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After James Corden interviews the TNT Boys about their experience on 'The World's Best' and their love of Ariana Grande's music, the boy band starts performing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Midway through, Ariana Grande surprises them by walking onstage and finishing the song with them.
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20 фев 2019




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Beach B*tch
Beach B*tch 36 минут назад
4:44 literally the most beautiful thing I've ever heard
Caylee Tugade
Caylee Tugade Час назад
Same ponytails
Claudia Galiano
Claudia Galiano Час назад
Me encantaría que invitaras a Dimash a tu programa, pero no creo que acepte después de que lo trataron tan mal, además de que va a tener dos conciertos en Kremlin Rusia el 22 y 23 de marzo y el 29 de junio en Astana, Kasakhstan su mega concierto, él es una gran celebridad en su país, China y Rusia, que lástima que editaron tan mal sus participaciones en The World’s Best, y cuando se defendió de RuPaul y mencionó que él entró a la competencia porque le aseguraron que no iba a competir con los niños y fue exactamente lo que hicieron, muy mal, no debieron mezclar a niños y adultos, los de Naturally 7 son maravillosos pero la gente no los valoró porque eliminaron a los niños de TNT, lo mismo iba a pasar si Dimash eliminaba a Daneliya o a Lydian, no es justo, y como Dimash no se presta a circos muy difícilmente asistiría a tu programa James, para que no se siguieran burlando de su atuendo y sus raíces, que lástima que lo hicieron mal. Pero sus fans estamos muy orgullosos de él, de sus valores, su integridad y su talento.
Gwyneth IRL
Gwyneth IRL 2 часа назад
Grabe sila francis at mackie at kiefer Naiyak konte si francis arianna grande Dream lang daw ni francis
Laurie Provost
Laurie Provost 4 часа назад
I love Ariana Grande 😍
Lourdes Padilla
Lourdes Padilla 8 часов назад
Dream nila yan Happy for them
Rumi 10 часов назад
Wtf just happend 😧
Helen Reyes
Helen Reyes 14 часов назад
Thank you James Corden ❤
Arianator .16
Arianator .16 14 часов назад
I want Ari to vistit me at school too🙏🏼😂
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 17 часов назад
i hope puberty does not ruin their voice box hahaha pero gosh such talented youngsters!!! HHAHHA i
cardo talisay wellSAid.
cardo talisay wellSAid. 17 часов назад
i think keiferr doesnt even realized that he is singing francis part or either he doesnt even realized he is still singing,. those eyes.hahah😂
elen olvega
elen olvega 18 часов назад
I can t understand you james
Randy and Jing
Randy and Jing 20 часов назад
Francis couldn’t sing coz he’s shook, so starstruck 😂. Their harmonies are just so good.
Frozen Pearl
Frozen Pearl 20 часов назад
Almost everybody here talking about pony tail boy or Keifer haha, cool!
Miniya's gaming channel
Miniya's gaming channel 21 час назад
4:13 that face XD
OsornioHonor День назад
Keifer's hair is beautiful.
smileprime День назад
I love to watch francis reaction, its hard to hold my tears,,..
Ronggrik Marak
Ronggrik Marak День назад
What do Filipinos eat to be this good at singing? Is singing really a National sport?
Super Adonis
Super Adonis День назад
Hello Everyone. I love the Philippine Pride the TNT BOYS. Hope more international exposure and i'm here because i want to gain more connections so Pls help me to grow my channel. Newbie here Thanks.. will wait for your hug.
Alen Joseph
Alen Joseph День назад
Wish there ws a performance by TNT boys nd lydian 2gether..TNT boys singing ng lydian playing the piano or drums..That would've been a mind blasting combination..Lydian in an intrvw said he nd TNT Boyz r good frndz.. Kids are the best...Btw Massive respect to dimash.. India..Philippines..Kazakhstan..divided as nations..but United by art..👍👌✌
Nadine Pasaribu
Nadine Pasaribu День назад
Thirdy Cornelio
Thirdy Cornelio День назад
I think Ariana got so fond of Keifer here. @5:38 She first approached Keifer to embrace after their song. @6:11 she looks at Keifer to tell him "You are so good! @6:24 she praised Keifer's ponytail. @6:30 she turns again to Keifer to give him another hug.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nashrey Canonio
Nashrey Canonio 13 часов назад
If you remember their winning performance in your voice sounds familiar it was keifer who impersonated Ariana grande...
Minnie14445 День назад
Ponytail is so adorable ❤️
Silvia Hasna Hanifah
Silvia Hasna Hanifah День назад
Awwww 😭😭😭😭
Feel Free To Subscribe
Feel Free To Subscribe День назад
I'm from the Philippines
Yasna Hassan
Yasna Hassan День назад
Lenard God
Lenard God День назад
Did I just hear, "the number 1 eye in the world?" illuminati.
Sam De Vera
Sam De Vera День назад
it's the Talents and the Humility.. This is a Million Wow... Great , Great Show on Earth....
Enrique Boboyo
Enrique Boboyo День назад
W. Ehd. Eue. Ed. Ehd. Ed
Erickson Cabral
Erickson Cabral День назад
Pinoy performers creed is "The show must go on!" Kiefer obviously realised in a split second that two of his mates were so awestruck so he extinctively sang their part so as not to ruin the song. Goodjob boys
Sandra Okeefe
Sandra Okeefe 2 дня назад
I love all their faces when they saw Ariana Grande especially Frankie... OMG these boys are so adorable. I would love to meet all of them especially keifer he's my favorite. Ariana that was so sweet of you to come see the TNT boys you made their dream come true amazing.
Frozen Pearl
Frozen Pearl 20 часов назад
Sandra Okeefe keifer’s my favorite as well! I adore him so much!
Nashy Moon
Nashy Moon 2 дня назад
Pure happiness
Nyshawn Palmore
Nyshawn Palmore 2 дня назад
Can i join im a bass singer
Juliana Valera
Juliana Valera 2 дня назад
all of them are so cute together omg i almost cried
Scottie Simpsons
Scottie Simpsons 2 дня назад
Just out right creepy ! Tone deaf children screeching the place down Yikes !! Horror film material
tanya Segundo
tanya Segundo 2 дня назад
My tears just fall wen i saw ariana surprise tnt boys..thank you ma'am ariana and congrats tnt boys we are proud of u proud being a filipino here.
The 3 amigos Amigos
The 3 amigos Amigos 2 дня назад
caren perez
caren perez 2 дня назад
Ang sweet ni bunso..
Ali SanJuan
Ali SanJuan 2 дня назад
the boy with ponytail hit that high note without even blinking! just wow!!
Frozen Pearl
Frozen Pearl 20 часов назад
Ali SanJuan He’s Keifer Sanchez!
Tahnia Barrie
Tahnia Barrie 2 дня назад
Theyre so professional
Tahnia Barrie
Tahnia Barrie 2 дня назад
James cheating on 1D i see
tina tina
tina tina 2 дня назад
I keep coming back here..Again.. Huge thanks you to you Mr. James Corden, even though they did not win .. this is more than enough for a million dollars hehe.. Much love God bless
Muhamad Zainurahman
Muhamad Zainurahman 2 дня назад
5:15 - 5:25 my fovorite part
Jemain Sarimin
Jemain Sarimin 2 дня назад
i hope that time tnt boys meet ariana will sing bangbang song
Gie667o0952v1I yadao
Gie667o0952v1I yadao 2 дня назад
GG TnT boys isaid good game
mamaaa14.09 2 дня назад
I love Arianna
I am Emily
I am Emily 2 дня назад
Francis: OMG she's my favorite thing. THING?.😂😂😂ang cute ni Francis natataranta Na pag c Ariana ang pinag uusapan😍
Fatima dear Vera
Fatima dear Vera 2 дня назад
Proud to be Filipino..most Filipino know how to sing
kylie_playz 2 дня назад
OML ariana grande!!!!
Peter Wilmot
Peter Wilmot 2 дня назад
Absolutely natural and so delightful but is Ariana Grande's ponytail real?
lomymymy 2 дня назад
@6:09, Ariana looking at Keifer then their eyes met she said 'you're so good', noticed it before and I agree, heard he had cough during this and I'm pretty sure hes in puberty but you can never tell, that's how amazing this ponytail boy is haha
lomymymy День назад
​@Thirdy Cornelio yes i hope keifer see this @jadeeology _ #jadeeology _
Thirdy Cornelio
Thirdy Cornelio День назад
You're very right! I played that part at a very low speed to discern what Ari said and, truly, he said exactly those words to Keifer! And Keifer shyly smiled only while shaking the mic. 😍😍😍
video lauraDewee
video lauraDewee 2 дня назад
I love them😍
Alfiyya Dafifah
Alfiyya Dafifah 3 дня назад
they shocked mee😭♥️
Stephon Martin
Stephon Martin 3 дня назад
This was so AWESOME of Ari & the boys are AMAZING singers!!! ❤❤
aellaeyzse lee
aellaeyzse lee 3 дня назад
One direction's bad boy-Zayn Malik💔
Rosheidy Beran
Rosheidy Beran 3 дня назад
the fuuck?tumaas yung balahibo ko nung makita nila si Ariana😂😍
denisse chuco
denisse chuco 3 дня назад
denisse chuco
denisse chuco 3 дня назад
h 3 дня назад
Ari is wow i love it
Natalie Ortega
Natalie Ortega 3 дня назад
Francis smile at 4:42
unicorn mix
unicorn mix 3 дня назад
filipino women sings while giving birth
okhwjiw Boboyo
okhwjiw Boboyo 3 дня назад
2 ejw eie wj2 3bi3 sje
grazerschnapp_ 3 дня назад
*i wanna go back home and drink the water*
jelcee's vlogs
jelcee's vlogs 3 дня назад
Now.icant close my mouth😮XD
mhagnuxs123 bautista
mhagnuxs123 bautista 3 дня назад
mhagnuxs123 bautista
mhagnuxs123 bautista 3 дня назад
your universe best
Danté Riccelli
Danté Riccelli 3 дня назад
@5:16 that run reminds me of when Ariana was doing the Christina impression !
Sweet Swagger Suga Fine April Demi Rock
Get Tnt Boys to get them a sign contract 🙏
Mytcannon 3 дня назад
Wow! 14M views! Just wowwwww ❤️ TNT Boys!
Joeart Mamon
Joeart Mamon 3 дня назад
Pinoy Yan!!!!
VCA Tubes
VCA Tubes 3 дня назад
Better than world's best
Rheinz Chanz
Rheinz Chanz 4 дня назад
*Puberty: HI!*
PastorTrader 4 дня назад
Mark this post. Keifer Sanchez (pony tail) will be the Justin Timberlake (career etc) of this group. Absolutely amazing / crazy focused / professional composure all the way through - yet still having a blast being totally in the moment. Awesome.
PastorTrader 16 часов назад
Totally agree! +happy me
happy me
happy me 19 часов назад
That if his handlers manage his career well n his family will not be 100% financially dependent on his earnings...and encourages him to widen and deepen his knowledge in music... Like to have a further study both academically and musically....get a courses in music school... Esp theory of song composing n music producing n such... And continue to learn more of diff vocal techniques. Their Idol, Ariana is not just all singer and just good vocally she has deep knowledge in music producing...often times the music engineer is amazed on her... She knows how to mix and come out with the sound she wanted... No wonder most of her song has both good lyrics and sound.
lily sandajan
lily sandajan 4 дня назад
Thanks for watching guys! And thanks for never ending support for this kids!!! I'm really proud of them too. Always watching them and can't control the tears flowing specially when reading all your comments for them. Thank you very much!!!
Arianator Ari
Arianator Ari 4 дня назад
😢😢😢 i want to look Ariana Grande in real life😢😢😢😢😢😢
Arianator Ari
Arianator Ari 4 дня назад
I love so much Ariana Grande but i neve r look Ariana Grande in real life
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north 4 дня назад
They will not be able to hit those notes after puberty unfortunately
Yule Doc
Yule Doc 4 дня назад
Where is Gordon Ramsay
Breiane Gabrielle Subala
Breiane Gabrielle Subala 4 дня назад
Super cute 🎄
angela portrias
angela portrias 4 дня назад
TheBordetz Arci and Fab
TheBordetz Arci and Fab 4 дня назад
5k people are emotionless.
Kamikaze Justin
Kamikaze Justin 4 дня назад
Congratulations for having 14m views and thank you for guesting the tnt boys on your show. Much ❤ from the 🇵🇭
Tuakana Tairea
Tuakana Tairea 4 дня назад
That's my Kiefer...cool & collective. Luv u TNT boys...aaawwwww they r soon cute💖💖💖💖
Mikhael Antoni
Mikhael Antoni 5 дней назад
They are so perfect👏👏
Reynaldo Dela vega
Reynaldo Dela vega 5 дней назад
Ang cute nmn swerte nila haha
Lona Beltran
Lona Beltran 5 дней назад
I love the TNT 🧨 boys LOL 😂
marpu dabi
marpu dabi 5 дней назад
😭I'm jealous
Jervis Regondola
Jervis Regondola 5 дней назад
Ronna Untal
Ronna Untal 5 дней назад
Tears.. JUST TEARS! theirfaces when she walked out!! love these boys!!
Yoo Mi
Yoo Mi 5 дней назад
Please watch them here ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-0RfDwFjr4PE.html
guybrush8 5 дней назад
Their amazing singing talent aside, one of the best surprise videos on RUvid. 👏👏 well played James Corden.
Enrique Boboyo
Enrique Boboyo 5 дней назад
W. Eue. Eue. Ejd
Courtney Nia Grant
Courtney Nia Grant 6 дней назад
Their english is the cutest
ecceben 6 дней назад
hah, Kiefer's awe-struck eyes at 4:16, but continues to sing • meeting your idol, and maintaining composure, awesome boys! And Francis' adorable reaction at 4:32 when Ariana comes in harmonizing 😆😆
Nelia Lerios
Nelia Lerios 6 дней назад
Oh the boys they are star struck! Wow, boys stay humble mga TOTOY! God bless!
secret squirrel
secret squirrel 6 дней назад
Did she lick some doughnuts or have to be carried on stage? She sounds like shit
zwop ANiMATiCS
zwop ANiMATiCS 6 дней назад
and this what we called PiNOY pride .. im so proud to this 3 kiddos ..
Patricia Mirković
Patricia Mirković 6 дней назад
The Dog
The Dog 6 дней назад
The Dog
The Dog 6 дней назад
They are philopinos like me
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