Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande hosts a mini-listening party as she debuts a few tracks from her album Sweetener, including a pop song about her anxiety called "breathin" and an ode to her fiancé Pete Davidson, plus she gives a live taste of her favorite tune "R.E.M."
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Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago


Published on


Aug 17, 2018




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Comments 14 267
AftonPlayz Hour ago
Me: *clicks on spotify* Spotify: wut do you want? me: ARIANA GRANDE PLEASE. Spotify: *okay sir*
Karyn Minji
Karyn Minji 9 hours ago
I am a time traveler, she predicted it wrong - From 2019 w/ love😂
lucky sharma otaku
Love u ariana grande
zoo bear
zoo bear Day ago
well they got together probably cuz ariana is also constantly high
Thats the stupidest thing ive ever read... ariana grande predicted she'd marry pete davidson??? well obviously? If a hot girl says shes going to marry and ugly guy is he going to say no? lmao
Aksa Kaberuka
Aksa Kaberuka 3 days ago
10,000 subscribers with no vids
Jimmy: where did you guys meet, did you meet on SNL? Ariana: well yes, but no
MarkGranted 4 days ago
*SHE PREDICTED THAT SHE WOULD MARRY PETE* Meanwhile 2019 and counting : Nothing special no wedding happened :D
patrick bai
patrick bai 4 days ago
i just found my comment from a year ago when this came out... we rly were different ppl back when we thought they were getting married huh
gngslut s
gngslut s 4 days ago
this aged like milk
hers truly
hers truly 5 days ago
i lovvee her music but the way she talks here is so annoying fuckk it sounds like a parody of conceited valley girls tryna impress their crush
Erek Augustin
Erek Augustin 6 days ago
so we gon talk about her dancing?
Jenifer korpova Korpova
I loved is songs i love ariana garande you have instangram
Kawaii Life
Kawaii Life 6 days ago
Title got me shooketh
Jess Tuckman
Jess Tuckman 6 days ago
Did she predict 3 years ago they were gonna break up 😂
Marcus Ware
Marcus Ware 7 days ago
Everyone leaves me ganging on high fives. Tell me more lies Ariana
SEM Noor Associate
**Pete watching the video after the break up** Pete : well shit- *sips on Starbucks*
Sebastian Schäffer
ruvid.net/video/video-7Wu-UMKSATc.html he is saying what my soul thinks
Miracle Whip's Auto Detail
Her voice is annoying!
Madison Gonzalez
Madison Gonzalez 9 days ago
Jimmy:*Talking* Ariana:*Oh thank you in soft voice* (Repeats 5x)
Danielandreas1 10 days ago
Sweetner? That's what she is.
Dantavious Johnson
Dantavious Johnson 10 days ago
I like Beyonce version better sorry lol
Odalys Vazquez
Odalys Vazquez 10 days ago
“I hear my people”😂🖤🖤
RayRae 559
RayRae 559 10 days ago
The BZ basically admitted that she fell in love with Pete while she was with Mac....
Kostas.K 12 days ago
Posts that did not age well.
Kongo Mihu
Kongo Mihu 13 days ago
She s cute
Shels 13 days ago
The tongue the cringe
Don't call me WOMEN!
grandees uploads
grandees uploads 14 days ago
even almost got married, and for pete i’m so thankful
Luís Queiroga
Luís Queiroga 14 days ago
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 14 days ago
Jimmy is such a good friend and Ariana and him really are close ❤️❤️
jackeline lopez
jackeline lopez 14 days ago
2:21 how cute
Bhargav Rao
Bhargav Rao 15 days ago
This aged well ..
ivana dimitrova
ivana dimitrova 19 days ago
Love love you ariana grande💋💖💗💕❤
waiwhaa 19 days ago
and I oop
Thartei Renthlei
Thartei Renthlei 20 days ago
Lol Go away
Lol Go away 20 days ago
Y’all are reaching 2018 minus 3 is 2015 so she wasent cheating on Mac 🙄
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad 22 days ago
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN 22 days ago
Three years ago ?
Khawla Hussain
Khawla Hussain 22 days ago
Ari: breathes Crowd: WOOOOHHOOOOO me: wt-
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 23 days ago
I am in love with her😍😍
katie stot
katie stot 23 days ago
Ariannas voice is soooo cute
Ciara Andersen
Ciara Andersen 24 days ago
Ariana my cousin Rosion Loves you and she’s only Five and I love you too!
Ciara Andersen
Ciara Andersen 24 days ago
Edit: Roisin is her name
•KIMMI• What?
•KIMMI• What? 24 days ago
Я здесь единственная руский знаю?
Laticia Rivera
Laticia Rivera 24 days ago
Why does she stick her tongue out likes she’s challenged?
-_- 25 days ago
Why does she sound like Kermit?
Luna Hollenberg
Luna Hollenberg 25 days ago
4:56 Jimmy :„did u meet on SNL?“ Ariana: „well no, we met on SNL“ 😂😂
Alyssa 16 days ago
she meant well and then when she heard me say that she repeated it. you can hear it in the tone of her own voice.
Natalie Schneider
Natalie Schneider 26 days ago
I had anxiety attacks 3 times a day until i got pills for that just wanna write that
Aleeza's Stylish DIYs
And I oop- 🙊
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 29 days ago
What a waste of space
Hi Bitch
Hi Bitch Month ago
OH....... REALLY?
queen lexy.
queen lexy. Month ago
i hope i can go to jimmy fallon when i get famous
bouquet !
bouquet ! Month ago
just the title made me feel bad for mac man
bouquet !
bouquet ! Month ago
predicting marrying pete and than get together with mac?
battle formula
battle formula Month ago
1:16 i really doubt this is the worst feeling
Priyanka Rani
Priyanka Rani Month ago
But did she?
ArdBossi 1
ArdBossi 1 Month ago
Me in 2019 LMAOOOO
Hossein Gholabdouz
instead i married her
The anonymous guy from Switzerland
But did she thou?
Tahashin Rahman
Tahashin Rahman Month ago
Jimmy is like waiting for her to sing along lol
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