Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande hosts a mini-listening party as she debuts a few tracks from her album Sweetener, including a pop song about her anxiety called "breathin" and an ode to her fiancé Pete Davidson, plus she gives a live taste of her favorite tune "R.E.M."
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Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago


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Aug 17, 2018




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Comments 14 622
Damson Day ago
Ariana is the best modern female singer and the most adorable person of all time #AGteam
Jared Kitchen
No wonder cat was such a dumb character in victorious
4:55 the lipstick in the mug😂
i thought you were american
oh the irony...
Mai Cecil
Mai Cecil Day ago
Is that true
stellardaph 2 days ago
i love this woman so much ok
Olivia Rosenkilde
She looks unhappy
Raven Lytle Pridmore
Ariana grand doesn’t need auto tune------auto tune needs her
Ineva Lehnerd-Reilly
I always dance and sing along to my songs when they're played too. :)
Jesus’s Eternal Son
Ecclesiastes 6:10 Whatever exists has already been named, and what humanity is has been known; no one can contend with someone who is stronger.
Mazin Sami
Mazin Sami 4 days ago
I feel sorry for girls & boys these days, relationships are so damn complicated 😤
Næp Sæck
Næp Sæck 4 days ago
And she was wrong
Ari’s moonlight
And for Pete I’m so thankful
ngfhhfvhh uyffjujbfyjkhg
ariana is very cute😍 And i love you so much💖
AKA Esmie
AKA Esmie 5 days ago
After telling her story .. @6:50 her voice changed from 6:27 / 6:28 / 6:37 ...did anyone else catch that?
Dr Delicioso
Dr Delicioso 6 days ago
They really made a cool couple.
Maczeta Maczeta
Maczeta Maczeta 8 days ago
This aged like a good wine ;)
Ally Pugner
Ally Pugner 8 days ago
pattoroko 8 days ago
Iris Ramos
Iris Ramos 8 days ago
but i saw them on a train together just fine something doesnt add up
Iris Ramos
Iris Ramos 8 days ago
as much as i love ari. something tells me he wasnt happy with her
Joker Clown
Joker Clown 8 days ago
I have birthday 17 august 💕💕😭
Zero Zero zero
Zero Zero zero 9 days ago
Keep calm super long haired one
Donna and kelsy:3 :3
My mom is buying her merch for me❤️😭🙂🙂🙂
Susie Lu
Susie Lu 9 days ago
She sounds so SWEET when she says "Thank you"
ash ton
ash ton 9 days ago
oh gosh but they were so cute together
Nour Nour
Nour Nour 9 days ago
Who is here after they broke up🤕🤕
Drake Nelson
Drake Nelson 10 days ago
She has long hair wow
Amanvir Patel
Amanvir Patel 11 days ago
Nadia Rizvan
Nadia Rizvan 11 days ago
I rlly hope Ari finds her love soon and gets married
deciembre2012 11 days ago
Loved her since Cat Valentine!
Fiia Manninen
Fiia Manninen 12 days ago
Anuhea812 12 days ago
I feel like jimmy has a weird crush on her.
Charles Peter
Charles Peter 15 days ago
With all the tale Pete Davidson's been hanging with he must be hauling around a hog leg plus he's funny he would have the trifecta if he was good looking LOL
Aneta Bilíková
Aneta Bilíková 15 days ago
2020 thank u next🥺
Jessica Archer
Jessica Archer 15 days ago
😍😍😍💕😅 I love her I'm watch this everyday bye ya cant relate
whatit do
whatit do 16 days ago
so it all makes sense now. she been messing with pete even when she was with mac
Chelsea Baran
Chelsea Baran 16 days ago
bruh this video aged badly
هاجس ٢
هاجس ٢ 17 days ago
من يتكلم عربي
Mckenzie Kensley
Mckenzie Kensley 19 days ago
D Washy
D Washy 20 days ago
She's a hoe...on to the next.
amar mustafa
amar mustafa 20 days ago
Boy, was that a lie, huh!?
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 20 days ago
No wonder Mac lost it after this interview
Billy Becks
Billy Becks 20 days ago
Aged like fine wine.
Moonlight 21 day ago
I bet Pete got a like bot cause they broke up xD
M 26 days ago
She’s so adorable... it’s actually unbelievable how calm and soothed i feel whenever i listen to her talk ♥️
peachy bucket
peachy bucket 26 days ago
No one : Me: look at the lipstick stain on the cup
Thanos 27 days ago
Tirrell Robinson
Tirrell Robinson 27 days ago
The beats in breathin sounds like the beats in just hold on were coming home
Nicolas Samuel
Nicolas Samuel Month ago
Me : Reading the title Also me: EEEHHH-Uuhhhhh
Dipanshu Chauhan
Who's here after their breakup!
hi person
hi person Month ago
I just noticed how Jimmy says ariana name..@7:24
Sagar Sethi
Sagar Sethi Month ago
She looks different compared to her Intelrude of Dangerous woman and when she was talking about her childhood photos.
Aria Potter
Aria Potter Month ago
3:26 she sounded like Cat from Victorious❤️❤️❤️
Darcy Troup
Darcy Troup Month ago
i love Ari🖤☁️🌙
Darcy Troup
Darcy Troup Month ago
Illusion Month ago
She looks high as hell to me. But idk if it’s because I’m high or what
Sayira Silverio
Sayira Silverio Month ago
is it just me or does she sound really high pitched here?
6:20 that was the best Pete davidson impression ever
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