Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande hosts a mini-listening party as she debuts a few tracks from her album Sweetener, including a pop song about her anxiety called "breathin" and an ode to her fiancé Pete Davidson, plus she gives a live taste of her favorite tune "R.E.M."
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Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago




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Comments 80
Khadija Masoud
"I hear my people" omg love her so much!!!😍😥
ValkeHD Day ago
She‘s got the same voice!
Kanhaiya Roy
Kanhaiya Roy Day ago
She's become completely being herself,,, That was so adorable 🤩
Riley Savannah
Riley Savannah 2 days ago
Lud Kuster
Lud Kuster 2 days ago
Ariana is the sweetest human
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones 2 days ago
4:40 can we rename Pete Davidson, jimmy fallon
stuti bharadi
stuti bharadi 2 days ago
Jimmy : "I mean can you imagine ?!" Ari : yeah , sure !♡
Taehyung Vlovenotes
Did she also predict to end the engagement?
Jony vw65
Jony vw65 3 days ago
I knew they weren't gonna last long its too bad Though. People need to get to know each other before taking that big step.merrige its not a Game.
Andika Febryan
Andika Febryan 3 days ago
I love that goofy lil dance that she did lmao 🤣
Breland Parker
Breland Parker 3 days ago
You wanna marry me outta all them guys... yeah I do..
Mamad Rezy
Mamad Rezy 3 days ago
Misson failed we’ll get ‘em next time
Nikko Endres
Nikko Endres 3 days ago
camera guy: get a shot of that bitch that wont shut the fuck up Ariana fan in the set: lOoK iM oN cAmErA
Brad MacArthur
Brad MacArthur 3 days ago
She's such an idiot. And Fallon is the worst interviewer of all time.
Maxwell R.
Maxwell R. 4 days ago
1 year later...
Brad MacArthur
Brad MacArthur 4 days ago
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the formerly intellecually aimed and adult themed Tonight Show has become. If Johnny Carson were alive to see this debacle, he would probably throw up. The Tonight Show used to have people like Orson Welles and Richard Harris on, now there's morons like Ariana Grande.
Addison Turner
Addison Turner 4 days ago
I love Ariana
Ju1ce !
Ju1ce ! 5 days ago
Thats awkward...
munira lydrs
munira lydrs 5 days ago
welp this video kinda didn’t end well..
Luana Santos Cardoso
I`m loveing Ariana and Zendaya
Ahmad Alnammourah
I i'nt miss mary damn😂🤣😂🤣😂
TøñY VëL
TøñY VëL 6 days ago
Jimbo I get it's your jobs to interested but kinda coming off a little creepppppyyyy...
Daniel Elizondo
Daniel Elizondo 7 days ago
well... this is weird
Zubaydah 7 days ago
Ariana: *breaths* Audience: aaaAAaaAaaaAAAaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA 404 Error: too much A’s :,(
Shooketh 7 days ago
I LOVE the song but hate the name of it.
Margaret Tunnicliff
4:00 was the cringist thing EVER
Sofia Efe
Sofia Efe 7 days ago
Did anyone notice Ariana’s lipstick on the cup at -3.17 :D
Mason 7 days ago
“Like a week after we started dat- hanging out”
Nicky Baby
Nicky Baby 7 days ago
I’m getting bored of this fuvkingy butch somebody kill me fuck sake
Richard Cerritelli
Ariana and Camila Cabello are by far my two favorite singers right now
La vie en rosé
La vie en rosé 8 days ago
she a salty bitch
Graziano Di Martino
Man this whole thing is cringe...
Brad MacArthur
Brad MacArthur 4 days ago
I know, man. I can't believe of what the Tonight Show has become. This show has became aimed at 12 year old girls, and Fallon is such a cringey little bitch. But, to actually play her horrible music and sit there and listen to it. This is was the worst thing I ever watched on television. And Ariana Grande is such a moron. The Tonight Show used to be for adults, now it is aimed at moronic teenagers. It makes me sick.
Aryan Acharya
Aryan Acharya 11 days ago
Ariana: I think I'm gonna marry Pete Davidson Jimmy: ..
Juan Morales
Juan Morales 12 days ago
0:54 😂😂❤️❤️
just keep breathin
just keep breathin 13 days ago
am i the only one wjo thought the girl in 2:11 was lexi?
MinJR1 13 days ago
Y'all have obviously never seen Gilmore Girls. That show, people were getting engaged then break up and divorced. This is no different. You fall in love but then realize that they're not the one. You can still love them but they aren't the one.
Ty Quinn
Ty Quinn 14 days ago
I want to fall in love with my voice just how she loves hers
Sumeyo Hassan
Sumeyo Hassan 14 days ago
*Ariana: Thank U, Thank U, Thank U,* *3 Months Later: Thank U, Next*
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
4:10 the way she said thank you 😭😭😭😭
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 14 days ago
She fell in love with a version she wanted Pete to be because she wanted to get over Mac. In her head she created and wanted to marry this version of Pete that didn't exist. "In My Head" by Ariana Grande lyrics "Falling, falling Needed something to believe in, oh I thought that you were the one But it was all in my head It was all in my head (skrt, skrt) Yeah, look at you, boy, I invented you Your Gucci tennis shoes running from your issues" "Wanted you to grow, but, boy, you wasn't budding Everything you are made you everything you aren't I saw your potential without seeing credentials Maybe that's the issue (yeah, yeah) Said maybe that's the issue, ah Can't hold that shit against you, ah Guess I did it to myself, yeah Thought you were somebody else, you Thought you were somebody else, you (you)" Once Mac passed, she realized maybe it's time to stop pretending because in the end Mac and Ari were both kinda hoping they would get back together. It's hinted in "Thank You, Next" and Mac's recent album, "Circles". "Ghostin" by Ariana Grande lyrics "Though I wish he were here instead Don't want that living in your head He just comes to visit me When I'm dreaming every now and then (And then)" "Surf" by Mac Miller Lyrics "I dream of this moment, will it come true? The whole world, they know it, they just waiting for me and you And she, just like I, got her head in the clouds Don't need to be lower, before it's all over, I promise we'll figure it out" "Bloodline" by Ariana Grande Lyrics "I ain't lookin' for my one true love Yeah, that ship sailed away"
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 8 days ago
@B L I N K well all the receipts are above other than that i don't know her lol
B L I N K 8 days ago
Can I know what happened between both of y'all?No?Ok I'm just gonna...yup
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 12 days ago
s t a r b u c k s people can interpret comments and music in different ways. Good job, you have an opinion 😂 anything else you need explained?
s t a r b u c k s
s t a r b u c k s 12 days ago
@Sam Nicole Your original comment speaks otherwise.
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 12 days ago
s t a r b u c k s i never said anything as fact. I acknowledge that this is my opinion. The real delusion is you thinking that and still mad i have an opinion😂😂 lol grow up, honey. People have them all the time.
Kevin M. Haube
Kevin M. Haube 15 days ago
Watching someone try to talk about songs written by a team of 30 people is one part hilarious as they stumble over themselves, and one part sad because 29 other people carried the process.
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
6:25 ❤️❤️
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
4:00 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Emily Falcon
Emily Falcon 15 days ago
haha 2 jf interviews in 2 months
Emily Falcon
Emily Falcon 15 days ago
haha 2 jf interviews in 2 months
Bry2K6 16 days ago
Did anyone else hear the harmony at 2:27 ??
Clint Towne
Clint Towne 16 days ago
I just remembered why they called me spark plug and bird chest etc etc
Clint Towne
Clint Towne 16 days ago
Gee wiz.. I recall something similar over the summer... fell on the floor gasping for air.Family of Raccoons scratching on my window crying, then I started crying .. then my whole room turned purple.. and my sponser said was hallucinating - ( FAST FOWARD TO FRIDAY the 13th) I AM A F-CKN SAVAGE
Clint Towne
Clint Towne 16 days ago
kitten happiness
kitten happiness 16 days ago
She reminds me of Anna in frozen movie where she fell in love instantly and thought he was the soulmate..
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
6:10 ❤️❤️❤️
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
6:03 love her
Esther Rodriguez
Esther Rodriguez 18 days ago
She sounds like cat from Sam and cat
Sebastian Puglisi
Sebastian Puglisi 18 days ago
Me and my beloved Anna Banana
4:00 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alessandro Pessot
Alessandro Pessot 18 days ago
that didn't age well
Underyourbedeyes 19 days ago
jimmy looks like an absolute shmuck when Breathin is playing.
J Mac
J Mac 19 days ago
when she talks she sounds like she's either out of breath, or about to cry
A *Wal
A *Wal 20 days ago
She the definition of plastic💯
Sundelymade Bip
Sundelymade Bip 20 days ago
"Pete D" is a such BEAUTIFUL song
Sundelymade Bip
Sundelymade Bip 20 days ago
Ow baby
Akashveer Singh
Akashveer Singh 21 day ago
lyssa flores
lyssa flores 13 days ago
Not the bimbo watching her interviews tho...
Junk Mail
Junk Mail 21 day ago
Pete Davidson and AG are human trash.
lyssa flores
lyssa flores 13 days ago
Damian Dimitrov
Damian Dimitrov 21 day ago
Shit prediction
wjlintz 22 days ago
Fallon, you're a grown man. Act like one.
She comes off as your typical bitch.
lyssa flores
lyssa flores 13 days ago
And you come off as a typical hater. With nothing better to do then talk shit.
saeki mao
saeki mao 22 days ago
3:57 〜 what's song??😭
Serg Arago
Serg Arago 16 days ago
Pete Davidson
Ann Troung
Ann Troung 22 days ago
I also luv how Ariana washing her hands memes in ArmyNator Vid. They r the truly know ones they know CoronaVirus. ;)
Ann Troung
Ann Troung 22 days ago
I luv Ariana Grande in Black. Also, I Luv Liz Gillies in Black. Who agrees with me? I also have Roblox named Avacoolbestinperson. :]
Ann Troung
Ann Troung 16 days ago
Now it is Hanakounicorn
Ann Troung
Ann Troung 20 days ago
Sorry, my new roblox account is named hanakounicorn
Twunk 22 days ago
well this didn’t age well
larhonda burger
larhonda burger 23 days ago
She looks so nervous and fidgety.
Camille Kilday
Camille Kilday 23 days ago
Did anyone else think that jimmy was holding the album cover upside down? 🤣
JamaicanRain 23 days ago
Valuable lessons can be learned here. 1) Don't go to Ariana Grande for a psychic reading 2) I dunno. If you want your brain cell back after reading that, I can't give it to you.
Anupama Sharma
Anupama Sharma 23 days ago
Remember Nicole and Jimmy
liv p
liv p 23 days ago
and then she didn’t
L 24 days ago
this did NOT age well
Silentbydeadly 24 days ago
I would marry Ariana in a heart beat.
Ron Ausena
Ron Ausena 24 days ago
what now hahahahh
Emulator Broh
Emulator Broh 24 days ago
God I love her voice....
Juke 24 days ago
You know that girl can swallow some MEAT. Jaw line says everything.
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