Are You Fooled By These Audio Illusions?

Good Mythical Morning
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Your eyes aren't deceiving you, but your ears are definitely playing tricks on you. GMM #1175
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Sep 7, 2017




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Comments 80
Jamon Dean
Jamon Dean 12 hours ago
I heard row row row row... df
RnDB2 15 hours ago
Padra L
Padra L Day ago
2:56 it says rhino in right ear & nowhere in left
Amy P.
Amy P. Day ago
All I can say about the last one is.... thank goodness they don't make asmr RUvid videos.... my ears feel violated! (Even though it was funny at first but got really weird as it progressed).
pugs in a blanket
no 1 i herd ralph
ThePaul555 Day ago
Rastis Alexander
Rastis Alexander 2 days ago
Kraken 2 days ago
Drown Drown Drown- a
The Apple fan
The Apple fan 2 days ago
I heard no way and then you said that some people heard window so I played it back trying to find window but I heard wandow
ophilixsm 2 days ago
i heard "well"
ItzRockyTheGamer 2 days ago
No 1. I heard "no nay"...HELP
Marcel Ziolkowski
Even though it’s been a year the first one I thought is the railroad
Addison Bailey
Addison Bailey 4 days ago
in the first one i heard "roadway". and the one that said psoriasis, i heard "its the right sis". XD
Mig Mig
Mig Mig 4 days ago
Why was everyone invisible on the haircut one
ïm fîńę
ïm fîńę 6 days ago
Malinda Childers
Malinda Childers 6 days ago
I heard railroad
Giant music Snob
Giant music Snob 7 days ago
I heard no bueno for the first one
sofia_ 8avi
sofia_ 8avi 7 days ago
am i the only one who got extreme anxiety for the first one?
snoodge3000 7 days ago
i heard blood, it was terrifying.
SpongeTheBob Mmmk
Caleb Burrell
Caleb Burrell 8 days ago
Wheel well
Hallie Mahnken
Hallie Mahnken 8 days ago
New whale
igirlgeek 9 days ago
1) I heard “Nowhere” 2) It didn’t sing song for me
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 9 days ago
for 4:28 i thought heard "hit the rice" or "thrash it"
Tate Binkey
Tate Binkey 10 days ago
I am in quarantine, I needed a haircut. Thank you
Sowmya Prabakaran
Sowmya Prabakaran 10 days ago
sounded more like you were eating a damn good taco.
Pixel Studios
Pixel Studios 11 days ago
nowhere no chin the rat good thing you can have no kids madeit a song turned into a song turned into a song worked with my right ear hair worked with my right and left
Mcboy 973
Mcboy 973 11 days ago
I heard Rell
Lord Queezle
Lord Queezle 12 days ago
Repetition L E G I T I M I Z E S
J P 12 days ago
yo boi Sour Cream
yo boi Sour Cream 12 days ago
Well, on the first one I heard "nowhere"
Cynthia Fireheart
Cynthia Fireheart 13 days ago
I heard nowaynowaynoway in my left ear and wandowandowandowano in my right 😂
Lucy Bird
Lucy Bird 13 days ago
for the haircut one when he said left I heard more on my right
Courtney Brunton
Courtney Brunton 14 days ago
I heard wona
Driftingninja24 14 days ago
I herd Sriracha on the 3rd one
H20 water
H20 water 15 days ago
1st one:I herd no way then nowhere 2nd one:no chin 3rd one: rice
Trenton Cornell
Trenton Cornell 16 days ago
Max Knighton
Max Knighton 17 days ago
「artsyplantzz」 17 days ago
The haircut one,i've heard it before- i think my older sis made me listen to it on ce
HappyFoxUniverse 18 days ago
this made my skin crawl
Emily Hanna
Emily Hanna 18 days ago
"why does he talk like Mario?" I watched it before this and it's Luigi
Camille Williams
Camille Williams 19 days ago
I heard well well well well well well
Jacob Woodlee
Jacob Woodlee 19 days ago
I heard no Wayne for the first one
Nymphilium Dumbledore
I heard random
Emma Sams
Emma Sams 19 days ago
For that first one I heard “random”
Zoe Szabo
Zoe Szabo 20 days ago
I felt the barber one
Tervehdys Toverit666
I heard random and paper
Mason Keys
Mason Keys 20 days ago
I heard “No wa No wa No wa No wa”
Vic B
Vic B 20 days ago
I heard rope
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen 21 day ago
Vera Emilie
Vera Emilie 21 day ago
I heard Norway haha
Sherry Goodman
Sherry Goodman 22 days ago
Nowhere rando
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels 22 days ago
Autumn Chemchick
Autumn Chemchick 22 days ago
I heard no chin
championammo3 23 days ago
No win
KMcCain 23 days ago
I here LWIAY in the first one, wonder why
Jesse 23 days ago
Heard “nowhere” with British accent
Isabella's Adventures
listen to the first one on the lowest speed possible shes saying no where
Bee 23 days ago
wait i heard nowhere..
Mollie Lovie
Mollie Lovie 24 days ago
I heard noel...
ZePazta 24 days ago
i heard well whe- well whe-
Jarl Balgruuf
Jarl Balgruuf 24 days ago
I’m pretty sure the greatest illusion of life is “Innocence, my brother”
Kream Puff
Kream Puff 12 days ago
This is a great comment
Jimmy Edward
Jimmy Edward 14 days ago
SKYRIM I GET IT! You pumped for the new DLC.
Krish Gandhi
Krish Gandhi 24 days ago
I heard nowhere in the 1st one
jordan crawford
jordan crawford 24 days ago
Now I just want a real haicut
SeanPlayz24 25 days ago
The nowanowanowa I heard roundup
ojas dhar
ojas dhar 25 days ago
the right guy looks like dad from back to the future
tontomás 26 days ago
Giorgos Dim
Giorgos Dim 26 days ago
4:40 i heard save the reich
tena boutang
tena boutang 27 days ago
no way
Sonsett McGahee
Sonsett McGahee 28 days ago
I heard Realm
Juwairiyyah Patel
Juwairiyyah Patel 28 days ago
Bruh I heard way no
The Chicken Ninja
The Chicken Ninja 28 days ago
Bruh i just keep hearing wando for the first one
Cookie Puente
Cookie Puente 29 days ago
She said farewell
Hannah Reynolds
Hannah Reynolds 29 days ago
I heard rainbow on the first one . Lol
Turtle Man
Turtle Man 29 days ago
I heard window and no way
Konanva 04
Konanva 04 29 days ago
Ryan Kinnin
Ryan Kinnin Month ago
One moment of silence for the people who can only listen in one ear
They call me Ching chong
7:26 updog?
Rick Gunnels
Rick Gunnels Month ago
I got the second one
Ion the first one I heard wando
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