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As the world becomes more electrified, the race is on to build cheaper, longer-lasting, more energy-dense batteries. One of the most promising technologies in this space is the solid state battery, developed by an absolute legend in the battery world, one of the inventors of the lithium ion battery and recent Nobel Prize winner John B. Goodenough.
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Gali Russel's video on Tesla and Goodenough's solid state battery:
Video where a guy literally cuts apart a solid state battery and it keeps working:

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Nov 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Joe Scott
Joe Scott 7 months ago
Are you coming down here to ask about my shirt? If so, you can get one here: www.answerswithjoe.com/store
Cryptix AI
Cryptix AI 6 days ago
No thanks, but you could sponsor your loyal subjects with one.
Crazy Bunch
Crazy Bunch 29 days ago
no i want your Andre the giant figurine
Lappen Month ago
SSB Instead of SSD?
8191 21521381194
@rainwolf034 keep Researching scientists
rainwolf034 2 months ago
Lol, you can be hilarious bro., “let me tell you something you son’s of Bi....”
xD3bod 2 hours ago
Short Awnser: Yes Long Awnser: Yes
daddyojoey 17 hours ago
Epstein didn't kill himself
Mellissa Dalby
Mellissa Dalby 18 hours ago
The thing is, so many technologies have been invented, forgotten and re-invented over thousands of years. Human arrogance and hubris leads the thought that "How could they have had such advanced things back then?" Just saying... On the subject of battery types, funny (and true) story about Nickel and Cadmium. Of course we all know the Ni-Cad battery. In the early 80's I worked at a company that made helicopters and some of the military style connectors were nickel plated and some of them were Cadmium plated. What could possibly go wrong? Yup, you guessed it. On Navy models there were some Nickel plated connectors mated with Cadmium plated connectors. Not only did this cause some interesting effects, but these mated connector pairs actually BONDED together! Uh, Whoops!
James Gowing
James Gowing Day ago
What about Lithium-sulphur batteries? have you heard about Australian research in this?
BuickDoc 2 days ago
Knowing human nature, I expect the Bagdad Battery was used to electroplate gold onto brass coins that could be passed as gold coins...
Jenna Tolls
Jenna Tolls 2 days ago
In the year before they release this battery they will mysteriously be shot in the back of the head for no reason. DEFINITELY not the government tho, cough cough
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 2 days ago
How come so many dislikes? I find your channel really interesting and informative, presenting serious info with a touch of comedy = easy to watch and absorb. Cheers and stay safe Joe
YTSuperTiger 3 days ago
I guess toyota never made that announcement cuz we all know what happend to the olymics...
Vinny Theory
Vinny Theory 3 days ago
You’re actually hilarious haha. The part where you ripped up the commenters about the battery correction 😂
creole lessons for shaggy
premium means no adds
Matt Pahuta
Matt Pahuta 3 days ago
I really enjoyed watching this video!!! Thank you!!!
MrKirby365 3 days ago
What a beautiful hope JBG has
MrKirby365 3 days ago
Why aren't we using them already?
Wayne The Seine
Wayne The Seine 3 days ago
What...... he i not rioting.....what the heck?
Ches Batres
Ches Batres 5 days ago
This dude sounds like Charlie Kelly from sunny in Philadelphia
Woof BAE
Woof BAE 5 days ago
John B Goodenough Well yhea, your good enough 😎😎😎
Flangelus 6 days ago
Thunderf00t debunked this didn’t he.
mica davis
mica davis 6 days ago
Damn. I do love my v6 but it's not like I'm opposed to progress. I'm just cautious about my enthusiasm. For one thing I'm more likely to convert my existing vehicle than to buy something that I don't understand and can't fix or modify myself... Yeah, i'm one of those guys that prefers Linux on my computer and root on my phone. I feel the same way about my truck, except amplified by the factor of how much more dangerous a vehicle is than a small box of electronics...
Jimbodiah 7 days ago
Johnny B Good...enough
Aerohk 8 days ago
You can’t feel 1-2V though
Antonio Bennett
Antonio Bennett 8 days ago
I laugh at primitive Teslas
Hoosier Google User
Love your videos! But, you’re doing yourself and your viewers a great disservice to completely reject a blatantly obvious theory regarding the existence of relatively advanced technology in ancient Egypt. It seems as though you’re trying to conform to the Egyptology consensus narrative by stating that only plausible use of electronic tech in was electroplating... when their are many examples of circular saws, lathes, and drill marks that can’t be explained otherwise. The cats out of the bag on Egyptologists futile attempts to keep history from being rewritten. Nothing about the dating of the Sphinx makes any sense if you’re using the chronological order accepted by the experts. That’s just one of many, many examples.
Berke Tuna
Berke Tuna 9 days ago
It's hilarious.
danny Smith
danny Smith 10 days ago
It wasn't good enough..... But it did get it better and better 👍
Oskar Bech-Trueman
Oskar Bech-Trueman 10 days ago
The leyden jar was a capacitor, not a battery
Spiriteye 10 days ago
How to meditate. Guardiantext.org ❤
Al Schuck
Al Schuck 10 days ago
Im making a combo glass solar collector , heat collector, radio frequency collector, macanical peizo vibration collector, battery and capacitor. All in one waffer How about that!!!
Al Schuck
Al Schuck 10 days ago
Ok that was a nice short comearchal so ill suscribe again thanks
Danny Burrell
Danny Burrell 10 days ago
Just a thought about electric cars and how they can be recharged. I see Tesla’s have charging stations throughout the US now. I have seen videos where folks have taken over a 2000 mile trip. Why could you not build an intake valve in the front of the car to drive a small wind turbine therefore charging the battery as you drive. This may not completely elevate a charging station at some point but should drastically extend the range of the battery. Just a thought.
egads2 11 days ago
"P.T. Barnum" of batteries...."This way to the 'Electrode.'"
Bernie Ess
Bernie Ess 11 days ago
hahahaha - you made me laugh while providing intelligent information. That's a lot for a RUvid Video! Thanks!
shuaib asadullah
shuaib asadullah 12 days ago
😂😂😂😂 you are funny 😁 Thank you for making me laugh
Zacharry Lubang
Zacharry Lubang 14 days ago
The Baghdad battery sounds more cheaper than the crappy off brand B movies
Aditya mishra
Aditya mishra 14 days ago
9:50 Say his name
Gypsy JR
Gypsy JR 15 days ago
So its been 7 months, going on 8 since this video. Are solid state batteries in common use yet? LOL
Brainstorm Surge
Brainstorm Surge 15 days ago
Differently-abled? Oh, you mean the crippled, the maimed and the infirm. But the crippled is good enough.
Jowaine Jones
Jowaine Jones 15 days ago
Ahh 2020 Olympics what a dream..... what a dream
TheMrMussolini 17 days ago
On johns gravestone should read “John Was Good Enough”
Kenny Samuels
Kenny Samuels 12 days ago
John Be Goodenough
keith W
keith W 17 days ago
12:55 Having given away the patent for Lithium Batteries, you have to believe what he says at this timestamp
nicholas ly
nicholas ly 17 days ago
SSD, SSB, what's next?
l g
l g 18 days ago
Talk about not living up to your name someone named goodenough hase done work on lithium ion battery is and is now working on solid state batteries
Pushpa Chaturvedi
Pushpa Chaturvedi 19 days ago
Agastya rishi before 7000 years ago
Pushpa Chaturvedi
Pushpa Chaturvedi 19 days ago
Refer shiv agamas from which avatar movie is inspired from
Artur Gural
Artur Gural 19 days ago
You would never feel any 'tingle' from 1V battery even if it were of size of a swimming pool...
fynes leigh
fynes leigh 19 days ago
watching it on a 240v mains monitor, what else?
Rhys Cook
Rhys Cook 19 days ago
call me a SOB to my face you will be swallowing your teeth my mother was a human not a DOG you said that i stopped your vid and typed this
Timppa 3
Timppa 3 19 days ago
8:20 I might be misundertanding something, but that seems worse than what we've had for years. I know all my phones have worked in finnish winters (much colder than -20°C) and work in a Sauna (way hotter than 60°C). But even if that was the case, I think we should still make the change.
Ranjan Bangalore
Ranjan Bangalore 20 days ago
John Goodenough is more than Goodenough. May he live till he is 120 years and keep good health. Please don't compare him to Thomas Edison who was highly dishonest and more than just a cheat.
verdii 21 day ago
I always thought that Rachid Yazami who invented lithium-ion battery
Garrett Near
Garrett Near 21 day ago
Greatest name ever
Don Robertson
Don Robertson 22 days ago
Every new invention is always about five years away from being available.
patrick davis
patrick davis 22 days ago
Cool stuff. And thank you. And thank you mr Goodenough!
TheSunExpress 22 days ago
Leave it up to European conspiritards to completely misconstrue & misrepresent the ability of a random unused jar to serve as a pretty decent vessel for carrying random knickknacks when moving into your newly constructed Mesopotamian-era home with your recently-added-to-the-harem third wife. If only they had the foresight of inventing Tupperware with clearly marked labels back then... that woulda made for some seriously wealthy dudes, proper inventory & organizational skills culture as a standard defining feature. And who knows, maybe Saddam Hussein & Co would never had the chance to rise to tyrannical power. Rampant clutter would drive everyone completely insane. Anyone care to watch some Sumerian Marie Kondo episodes on NetFlix?!
cucumbercarrot sticks
You know you are high when you watch all 3 adds completely
Logurt For Dinner
Logurt For Dinner 23 days ago
indeed, i am watching this video on a battery powered desktop
Logurt For Dinner
Logurt For Dinner 23 days ago
quick note, had to pause halfway through to recharge my desktop
TheAbc45678 23 days ago
It takes me about one minute to refill my gas tank. Can you recharge any battery in less than an hour? Sounds like a Total Fail.
Martinho Tavares
Martinho Tavares 24 days ago
R lowle
R lowle 24 days ago
2025 that's not goodenough i should be dead by then.
R lowle
R lowle 24 days ago
There is a guy with a last name of goodenough.? Can't believe that's not my name.
jas 39 gripen
jas 39 gripen 25 days ago
8:58 nope, reduced yes but gone oh hell no
Variable 25 days ago
End of ICE you say? Well then we will never see solid state batteries blow up.
Abbas Khan
Abbas Khan 25 days ago
I’m a little more hopeful for better battery tech than graphene making it out of the labs. But large companies will find a way to rip us off with what ever tech comes up... for god sake they ruined our water and then charge us to use it.
SmellTheL 25 days ago
flyonbyya 26 days ago
The hosts prediction of a relative break thru, at around 2025 is based on ?????
Iron Charioteer
Iron Charioteer 26 days ago
John B, GoodEnough, Isn't that a Chuck Berry song ?
Knapweed 26 days ago
1.5V wouldn't give anybody a 'tingle'. Just put your fingers on both ends of a 1.5V AA battery and try it - nada.
phiddle phart
phiddle phart 26 days ago
Forgive my ignorance please explain what the item in the upper left corner of your bookcase that looks like a u tube emblem or a play button
Jed Thorne
Jed Thorne 26 days ago
Joe, you mention that he also invented or helped invent RAM, I cant find anything about this anywhere, according to wiki this other guy invented it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random-access_memory thoughts ?
Ray Berlin
Ray Berlin 27 days ago
Green junkies celebrating that which has not been achieved. Throw away your library of Buck Rogers comic books.
Crown_vic Dude
Crown_vic Dude 27 days ago
Us in 21st century: this is revolutionary People in 300 ad: haha weird jar go bzz bzz
Gideons Word
Gideons Word 27 days ago
WoW! This is awesome! A battery, that will END the use of the internal combustion engine!!!!!! How are you going to charge it?
Geoffrey Kail
Geoffrey Kail 27 days ago
Goodenough is all you say and definitely all you say and more.
PERSON FACE 27 days ago
so much rapid improvement, when will john b. goodenough?
The Fizz Wizz
The Fizz Wizz 27 days ago
How great is John's last name? I guess it's Goodenough
Ray Miles
Ray Miles 28 days ago
Hey ! Real Snappy Duds !
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed 28 days ago
Corona virus is fucking this up lol
Lee Myers
Lee Myers 28 days ago
I am excited for the advancement in air electrolyte batteries!
herg hergenrader
herg hergenrader 29 days ago
You lost me at : Tantrum Redacted . Now you know how to piss engineering types OFF ! . I don't know if I want to watch your videos any more .
Watch Me Do Stuff
Watch Me Do Stuff 29 days ago
5:32 wait... I have that battery... actually the first videos I posted were filmed on an old Sony camera that uses it, lmao crazy
M Media
M Media 29 days ago
You should make a T-shirt, " It's Never John B. Goodenough" or "It will never B. Goodenough" or It's not Goodenough" you get the idea. Also list his accomplishments....
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