Are Parrots OP?

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Jun 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Riley M
Riley M 13 minutes ago
I just want Tierzoo back 😢
Josh Stephen
Josh Stephen 32 minutes ago
Yo someone actually needs to make a game outta this or sum
Ninja panda 08
Someone please make this a real game where you start on different time servers made by people and you choose what animal you want to be from the animals in that time I think it should start around the time of homoerectus and have tons of animals in that time and then add more and more times
void Hour ago
when i the COVID balance patch vid gonna come out?
Cameron Robertson
What about Myth mods like Dragons?
Taylor .Cline
Taylor .Cline 2 hours ago
Ugh that voice and his nerdiness. Wish this guy would get buffed
Susan Farley
Susan Farley 2 hours ago
Those hooked beaks are hazardous. I still have a scar from when our parrot latched on to my thumb when I was 8 years old.
Jacknack07 4 hours ago
Who remembers the Carboniferous Update when they added cockroaches? I’m still main them.
Parker Mitchell
Parker Mitchell 4 hours ago
Hey guys I have a question about outside is your level your age because I’m a lvl 12 human right now
KidGremlin27 5 hours ago
Someone's actually making this game
Roni 5 hours ago
Green parrots live in Jerusalem 🦜
Some_ Shiba
Some_ Shiba 5 hours ago
peacock mantis shrimp?
Bastian proctor
Bastian proctor 6 hours ago
Are rhinos OP?
Zazzy Mobile
Zazzy Mobile 7 hours ago
Trainer Seebus
Trainer Seebus 9 hours ago
I'm looking to make a charming rogue/thief build and was looking at the Mustelids tree. Any suggestions?
Ayden Hwang
Ayden Hwang 10 hours ago
Oh and also can you do an individual review for the sperm whale
heavy sandvich
heavy sandvich 10 hours ago
Is this a real game or not please tell me
Ayden Hwang
Ayden Hwang 10 hours ago
Can you make individual reviews for the giraffe, rhino, hyena, crocodile, and Komodo dragon for possible future is this animal op videos. Also in your bikini bottom tier list video you forgot to mention pearl the sperm whale.
Wolfzy Playz
Wolfzy Playz 11 hours ago
What game are you talking about?
thijmen fenna aaron Postma
Make more pls
Urkki 12 hours ago
Im very confused? I somehow like your videos but i dont understand these? Can someone explain?
ofal 13 hours ago
What is the Name of the game
Tha Chief
Tha Chief 10 hours ago
its a joke pretending that real life is a game, thats why its funny
Cyber Pen
Cyber Pen 14 hours ago
Huh, I really hope that this was an actual game so that I could feature this here on my channel.
Icy Rays
Icy Rays 14 hours ago
You hit 2mil subs
Demon Günther
Demon Günther 15 hours ago
make what counters humans
Amucha •
Amucha • 15 hours ago
You have to talk about the mods and the bosses
Saddest Homie
Saddest Homie 19 hours ago
Congrats on 2 million
I will die soon
I will die soon 20 hours ago
Its 2020 no one played parrot
YN Swajjur
YN Swajjur 20 hours ago
Ayyyyyy fam you gotta do a mobility tier list
Infilax 20 hours ago
3:16 bro You’ve been doing this for an hour >:(
Adam Trzepaczka
Adam Trzepaczka 22 hours ago
I will sacrifice my life to make a game like this
Rift Recoil
Rift Recoil 22 hours ago
The dev's are doing another build wipe patch it seems the humans high intelligence seemed to glitch out so the dev's initiated a full wipe patch so they can retry making some builds.
Olivier Laurent
Do you video on water buffaloes
steri skyline
Dude, do a coral one!
Double bros
Double bros Day ago
Who else would play this if this was a real game
s3an w36 5
s3an w36 5 Day ago
You should do a video on the nuclear city biome that was in the game for a short period in Japan in 1945 but there where talks of it coming back in the cold war expansion pack
mustache in a salad
whats the first beat
Angry Pickle?
As I assume your a dev,how does the lvl. System work?
Zahkai Day ago
Do an ant tier list! I'm sure a lot of ppl agree with me
Mind Of A Seagull
Congrats on 2 million subs!!!
lentera nusa siregar
Im still asking to myself how the def gonna nerf the humans For now corona virus
Ant tier list? and overall tier?
Bagi778 Day ago
Pesky Bird
Thanios Day ago
What on gods green earth is the name of the song he uses at the end? its a sax or something
Edgard Tucson
After the hard mode was released this 2020, things got so difficult, goddamn.
zios 2000
zios 2000 Day ago
How the heck have someone or yourself haven't made an animal simulator game with you in it,I'd totally play a game with these stats and the knowledge of yourself
Orri Orrason
Orri Orrason Day ago
Tier Zoo can we get a tier list on hybrid builds?
Biggest Meme
Biggest Meme Day ago
I want to play this game so bad but then I realise it's not real
Sketch is crazy
You should do a video of the build you would create for a certain class like rogue or tank!
A puff main
A puff main Day ago
I’d like to see a croc/alligator tier list.
Librem Day ago
Holy SHIT, your video game analogies made the first 20 seconds I bothered to watch were the 20 cringiest seconds I've ever experienced. It was like a drug trip. It made me contemplate the entirety of our modern day social structures. How could you possibly have such a coping deficiency? Is this your whole world? Get some help.
Russian Empire Man Tzarbucks
I wish it was a real game!!
Blaz the Gamer
You should do a video about more lizards
KING HAMSTER 2 days ago
La La La
La La La Day ago
KING HAMSTER, he did ruvid.net/video/video-kE3La8u5bnw.html
Diego Avalos
Diego Avalos 2 days ago
Can you make from capybaras?
Is he talking about a game or not? I can’t tell.
rod 2 days ago
The game of life
XiasIV 2 days ago
My friend would purposely choose non pvp build types and actually only go in pvp
John Quach
John Quach 2 days ago
Animals that desperately need buffs?
laughing illuminati
You forgot about that one time a bear joined the army subclass of humans
Alco 2 days ago
I love like the sound effects and visual attacks i saw in another video there was overwatch kill effects im subbing just cause that (And cause the contents pretty good)
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy 2 days ago
can u accallly try to make a game like with the things you put on teir list it would be so cool
manicasio n
manicasio n 2 days ago
Pls do a video on eusocial ability
Scyllable 2 days ago
id like to see the best ranged builds in the game
TremmerX 2 days ago
what about the Kea?
Negativezer0 2 days ago
ant species tier list pls
Joe / Aline Simeão
I agree, but i think you should look a little further on the dolphin kill confirm.
Redhawk1004YT 3 days ago
Please someone make this a game that is a combination of runescape smash bro’s Minecraft etc. that’s about nature and allowing you to choose between different animals and species. That would be so much fun to play
The Raven Haven
The Raven Haven 3 days ago
Tierzoo, could you possibly show another playthrough? Possibly a feral cat if you've ever tried the domestic cat build? Also have you ever gave your characters names, and so. Which one is the dumbest lol.
Joshua Atherton
Joshua Atherton 3 days ago
Why don't you do a series where you buff certain low tiers (frogs, snails) and change the design of the animal (example, if you gave the toad a shell, you would draw the toad with a shell). You would have restrictions like evolution points and human nerfs to the meta. It would like to see that!
Fuad Jasarevic
Fuad Jasarevic 3 days ago
Did...Did tierzoo fal sleep...For a month. Im still waiting on the next episode.
Fuad Jasarevic
Fuad Jasarevic 3 days ago
TierZoo 3 days ago
Had to deal with some copyright issues on the back end, but it's all good now. Should be back to posting videos soon!
High King Trasher
Jesus, ever since balance patch 2020 started, I've been losing social exp. So fast. Though I have buffed my tool use stats by learning how to sharpen my hatchet, and I also learned the crafting recipe for bread.
If teirzoo explain the world as a video game, then that proves there are/is dev/s Checkmate atheists
That's Really Sad
hey Tierzoo, since you (and me) like talking about birds, have you ever considered the Hooded Pitohui?
Israel Ventour
Israel Ventour 3 days ago
i dont like that you think insects fish and reptiles not smart fish are known to be smart enough to use tools in the wild and do trick in captivity
JakubSky 3 days ago
Hey tierzoo, you should make a discord server
YUNUS Kılıçgedik
yey 2million subs
Ieusbd Wasgu
Ieusbd Wasgu 3 days ago
This video reminded me of my bird before he died to my dog,little flying turd kept opening his cage when i was gone and when i was back, re-entering the cage, and locking it up, as well as tossing his seeds everywhere just so i would think he was in his cage, the worst part is how i found his body
Ninjaori 3 days ago
If this was a video game I'd play it
Shadow8255 3 days ago
Yo do a crow tierzoo vid
Andrew Hatch
Andrew Hatch 3 days ago
This 2020 update kinda trash
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