Are LeBron and Anthony Davis enough to get the Lakers to the NBA Finals? First Take debates

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Stephen A. Smith, Isiah Thomas and Max Kellerman debate whether LeBron James and Anthony Davis are enough to get the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals.
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Published on


Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Eric meng
Eric meng 13 days ago
Lakers will win that championship
LeBron James
LeBron James 22 days ago
dennis shredder hahahahahahha
RNB_clean 23 days ago
I feel like the clippers were specifically made to beat the Lakers and not any other team besides the Lakers
Max always says Mj's bulls was the most successful team but bill russell won 11 but he won 8 straight :0
Karthik Bryant
Karthik Bryant Month ago
LMAO These clowns compare MJ and Pippen to Kawhi and PG🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leonard Yañez
Leonard Yañez Month ago
SAS is so in love to LeBron🤣
Joseph Davidson
Joseph Davidson 2 months ago
🔥 *🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀* 1:56 💝 👇👇👇👇👇💚
Cason Hahn
Cason Hahn 2 months ago
🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice assist🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:08 🔥🎬 👇👇👇👇💘
Brenden Shelton
Brenden Shelton 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *like if u also like basketball* 1:38 💟🔥💜 👇👇👇👇💗
John Ruggiero
John Ruggiero 3 months ago
I take Leonard over LeBron in EVERY WAY! He’s a closer, he’s a D monster, & he’s clutch. All of those things CAN not be fairly said about LeBron! Period, can’t close, & has never been the “guy” in any of his 3 rings & 5 failures. Embarrassing in its own right.
Kreyton Snow
Kreyton Snow 3 months ago
They always talk about mj and pippen only. Maybe they should remember that toni kukoc is europe mvp. Its like u had a more or less a luka on your bulls. Just saying..
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy 3 months ago
Totally off topic and this doesn’t even apply to this specific video, but the RUvid ads are now out of control. I’m starting to fkn hate it
JAY 2K 3 months ago
Lakers in 5
Jonathan Mcgrath
Jonathan Mcgrath 3 months ago
Closest thing to jordan and pippen was the first or second year of the Miami big three with lebron and wade
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa 3 months ago
LOVE ISIAH!!! and Detroit was all about defense. as pat riley always says offense is offense, but defense wins, you gotta be able to stop the other team from scoring at some point. I agree the Clippers have the better overall identity and mentality (toughness) to win the title, kawhi has that X factor, Lebron does however the rest of his team do not (save AD and Green obvi). That's my concern as well, come May-June the other Lakers players don't know (new to playoffs) how to elevate their own games to assist the team in the way it needs to be done, this is where the coach comes in. Last year everyone was all over the Warriors and Bucks and neither won, and the team that did it's b/c they A) had KL to teach championship ways B) coach to get them there C) 12 DEEP all players buy-in to getting that ring no matter what, leave the parties, supermodels and drinking at the door for 8 weeks and just FOCUS! I feel some talented nba players just like the life....IMHO
Yusuf Bey
Yusuf Bey 3 months ago
So we’re comparing George Paul and kawhi to Mj and pippen? LMFAO
roger johnson
roger johnson 3 months ago
The Clippers are stacking the deck. Owner Steve Ballmer is in a win now mode. He is going to any length to win this season. He has stolen George, Kawhi, Marcus Morris and Jackson, all from the Lakers. Now he will steal Markieff Morris from the Lakers. You can't make this stuff up.
BRIAN BC PRYOR 3 months ago
kram twain
kram twain 3 months ago
No! it takes five players to compete in the court. It's a 5 on 5 battle throughout the game. The two ain't enough...role players and bench players should also be put in to consideration in aiming to be in the Finals.
Purpleclouds407 3 months ago
"rajooon roooondo" Oh oh oh
cJinL 3 months ago
Max's argument is so weak. So MJ and Pippen won because they could shoot and defend? Yeah, no. Their shooting was mediocre at best. AD and James are just as good, if not better than those 2 at shooting, particularly from long range. AD is a big man and a monster defender, and of course LBJ can defend when he turns it on in the Finals. They're just as talented of a duo. That's not a reason. A better reason is the Lakers don't have much help off the bench.
Midnight Ninja
Midnight Ninja 3 months ago
Max had consistently stated that LeBron only needs one other all star so yes they are both enough
Johnny Vex
Johnny Vex 3 months ago
Lakers ain't winning it. They cant even beat the clippers 0-2 when the games mattered. K. Leonard a better player than Lebron.
YFN Karti
YFN Karti 3 months ago
Paul George doesn’t show up in the playoffs I think y’all forgot PG VS LeBron When he played in Miami
Jonathan Murillo
Jonathan Murillo 3 months ago
Man if kobe hsd the brow it be a chip
Roosevelt Green
Roosevelt Green 3 months ago
but everybody missing the SCENARIO plus Lebron got a RABBIT up his sleeve;;;max you are missing the scenes;;;open your eyes..
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 3 months ago
So who let this massive failure start to redeem his reputation? Isiah has the worst stint as GM in the history of tbe NBA and they don't even allude to it. There had to have been some really shady back room nonsense to get him talking about basketball decisions as some sort of expert. This is truly disgusting and sneaky squeezing him back in the good grace of NBA insiders.
No ones going to talk about the pressure Lebron had the first game back from Kobe’s death, the game they lost? If lakers can’t win that game vs the BLAZERS, they won’t make the finals or get past the clippers!!! They lost to the clippers twice !! Kawhi has been much better than Lebron this year!
Freddrick Criddell
Freddrick Criddell 3 months ago
you guy's talking stupid they won the championship in cleveland with less.made it to the finals the year before without love or kyrie.
W3llo Martian
W3llo Martian 3 months ago
Max kellerman is an idiot wow
Big Apple
Big Apple 3 months ago
Stephen A. Killing Dennis name 🤦🏽‍♂️
Big Apple
Big Apple 3 months ago
Max is dumb
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 3 months ago
We are a beautiful work in progress.
Larry Fane
Larry Fane 3 months ago
When will boogie be back
asterisk911 3 months ago
5:31 Max is making the same mistake people make when they say KD "joined a 73-win team". The full group of players that Kawhi and PG joined doesn't actually include the ones who left, and the guys Kawhi and PG ACTUALLY joined, if they'd played with just a random group of replacement players, wouldn't have made the playoffs. I.e., the 2 who went to OKC are actually important. And if you take Bogut and Barnes and Barbosa and Speights and Ezeli off the team and just replace them with random replacement players, that's not a 73-win team. Like... if the Warriors had simply gotten rid of Brandon Rush to make a roster spot for KD, then it would be fair to say "KD joined a 73 win team", just like if Kawhi and PG had simply replaced Sinadarious Thornwell and Tyrone Wallace, then it would be fair to say that "they joined a 48 win team." But when the team gets rid of key players in order to make room for the new superstars, they're not "joining" last year's team; it's much more accurate to say that the team upgraded certain positions, and much more accurate to say that the superstars enticed the team into giving up key players from last year's team.
yeoj joey
yeoj joey 3 months ago
The clips may have dogs in them, but the lakers has a Cat on their side, and not just an ordinary cat, they have a LION in their side so we will know who will reign a bunch of dogs or a Lion and a unicorn.
Amazing World
Amazing World 3 months ago
So suppose to be the best player and the other top 5 player in the nba can win a chip.. By that statement your are saying both guys are overated... CURRY and KLAY won the chip in 2015 and they were not top 5 players that time..
Lue Timbang
Lue Timbang 3 months ago
well anything can happen in Playoffs.. even a 73-9 didnt became champ
Darryl Luki
Darryl Luki 3 months ago
What have the clippers done that makes them good? They're cake and lakers will win
Young Truth
Young Truth 3 months ago
Clippers been 1-3, 1-4 since they added Marcus Morris, people forget how bad PG is in the Playoffs, chokes every time, he's been choking in the post season, and really did Max just compare Kawhi and PG to Jordan and Pippen the duo who won 6 Rings and back to back 3 peats, what is Max smoking
H4VOC JDYT 3 months ago
I like how we just ignoring the fact that the Nuggets are the 2nd seed in the West.... Clippers are 3rd btw🤦🏾‍♂️
63 jax Brien
63 jax Brien 3 months ago
I been watching Kenton since 2014 I want to see him destroy the pelicans, but I live in the eastern bucks all the way
F K 3 months ago
Max shut up, what about Magic Kareem which may be the best comparison to lebron AD since they also had a huge point guard. What about kobe shaq? Also Le Bron is not just a PG but also a wing. He is the greatest greatest smallforward ever. He even lets the team play without a midget pointguard that can easily be missmatched on defense like a steph or dame
Giscard Khoshaba
Giscard Khoshaba 3 months ago
Isaiah always looks so cheesy when the bulls come up... in 1988-1989 season the pistons went 15-2 in the playoffs those 2 loses were to the bulls. Jordan with 0 support (pippen hadn't arrived yet) was singlehandedly beating the Pistons... for all you kids out there look up the Jordan rules that Daly devised after game 3 where Jordan torched them for 46 and the bulls won 99-97... y'all dont know
Robert Saul
Robert Saul 3 months ago
It's The Clippers...something always happens.
Tyron Pouncey
Tyron Pouncey 3 months ago
Havent they lost two straight tho lol
Larry Webb
Larry Webb 3 months ago
I truly believe The Lakers will have to sink clutch Free Throws to win the Championship... making Dwight Howard, a key offensive & defensive player, a big liability when they'll need him most. LeBron will have to step up his game at the line as well. He may not have the chance to hot potato the ball to AD as he did recently in the overtime win against Dallas. And this is coming from as big of a LeBron & Dwight Howard fan as you'll ever know.
Mike Luikang
Mike Luikang 3 months ago
Why is White Rey Mysterious hiding behind in all these week shows.
Jacob Icard
Jacob Icard 3 months ago
Max who is better LeBron or Jordan. Max: When you have two elite perimeter defenders...
Ben Heep
Ben Heep 3 months ago
You know there are 29 other teams right?
ibrahim azhar
ibrahim azhar 3 months ago
Crazy how ESPN can’t go a single week without talking about this exact topic
Wesley Kim
Wesley Kim 3 months ago
Quit doubting LeBron. He hasnt disappointed in stats since 2011. The man is going to go off in the playoffs.
home9dog2blue 3 months ago
This reminds me of the heattles in 2010-2014 They literally used to HIKE THE BALL LIKE THEY WERE PLAYING FOOTBALL AFTER THE TIPOFF. They were having so much fun playing together. I miss that team 😭😭😭😭😭
Dino Paulo Apolinario
Lets see!!!
Omar Freeman
Omar Freeman 3 months ago
Lakers should have gotten Derrick rose
Bill Diaz
Bill Diaz 3 months ago
Something is happening quietly behind the bright lights. Beware the Boogieman cometh. And he is the personification of evil, the Devil himself.
GrimmyCity 3 months ago
They’re 40-12. Why are u disregarding they’re records. Lemme guess they playing for the postseason right. 🙄👎🏽. Yall lame. A couple yrs ago. This was lame. Playing ball this way. Not caring about the reg season
GrimmyCity 3 months ago
Since Wade n Lebron u mean no. They were after Jordan n Pippen
GrimmyCity 3 months ago
Two different teams. Kawhi is no mike. Not even close.
Aleem Gondal
Aleem Gondal 3 months ago
Max really said Kawhai and Paul are the best wing duo since Jordan and Pippen! Hello has he ever heard of Lebron and Dwade? How many championships have Kawhai and Paul won? People always try to hype the moment far beyond what it is. Them both are good, but not even close to Lebron and Dwade. By far it’s Lebron and Dwade, no comparison. Max, you need to check yourself. You don’t know what you are talking about.
Jeff E
Jeff E 3 months ago
Vegas thinks so.
Richard Romero
Richard Romero 3 months ago
Wait intel Cousins is on the court u guys r going to be saying yes The Lakers will definitely win a championship
Jay B
Jay B 3 months ago
😂😂 y’all don’t understand that Demarcus cousins will be ready to play at some point and we will then have the “Toughest” guy in the league 👌🏾💯
gtr experience
gtr experience 3 months ago
No there not good enough!! Not even close. Watch. Now everybody just shut up with the major laker nut riding.
ncb 3 months ago
Does max not remember that Wade and lebron played on the same team
Wowtepentepz Wow
Wowtepentepz Wow 3 months ago
Lol another day another first take topic of are the lakers gonna win the chip...they should change their show's name to 1000 lakers take....smh
Xingjian Wang
Xingjian Wang 3 months ago
Clippers are not even passing Rocket gangs, and btw Kawhi has a plan to rest himself if they somehow reach Western finals.
Glenroy Smith
Glenroy Smith 3 months ago
Clippers built for the playoffs , questions is Paul George ready to elevate his game once he does Clippers will be hard for any team in the west to beat .
Ron Bohne
Ron Bohne 3 months ago
Yet Lakers are currently rated higher on defense than the Clippers ... lmao And as for load management? AD has only played 4 more games than Kawhi ... the narrative is so overused. The Clippers have not handicapped their record as much as the media likes to reiterate over and over.
Humphrey Jones
Humphrey Jones 3 months ago
the clippers have beat them in both matchups this year...one of those matchups was without paul george. i the lebron but the smart money is on the clippers.
The Inktician
The Inktician 3 months ago
What? So they don't have the the best role players too? Yall are pushing this just for legacy sake. Danny Green is a finals performer. Lockdown defender. Knockdown shooter. They have Javale Mcgee. They have Dwight Howard - of the bench! I'm sick of hearing about Lakers needing help -- they have the best record in the West by a wide margin. Shut up, and show us something else.
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest
Paul George hasn't been the same player since the injury. In the playoffs we see who he truly is because he lost a lot of athleticism from the leg and shoulder injuries. Not everyone is Lebron or Westbrook and can survive through injuries
raymond munoz
raymond munoz 3 months ago
Lebron turns it up to another level In the playoffs
Thijs 3 months ago
They forget that lebron is one of the best chips on the line ever smh. Lebron is a unstoppable beast in elimination games
Samrat Dutta
Samrat Dutta 3 months ago
In contrast to Racheal Nichols this women is very annoying the way she talks.
Jesse Funk
Jesse Funk 3 months ago
Always LA...... Milwaukee doesn’t compare to them apparently
Trevon Sykes
Trevon Sykes 3 months ago
Talking about Kawhi and PG like Mike and Pippen is LAUGHABLE. U talking about a guy in Kawhi who has done it in ONE postseason and a guy in PG who consistently shrinks in the postseason. Come on now, I’ll take one of the greatest postseason performers ever LeBron James and the top 5 player AD over Ka-Load Management and 6”7 Russell Westbrook any day
Sekiro 3 months ago
AD is NOT a top 5 player and that’s facts 💯
Omar Ahmad
Omar Ahmad 3 months ago
steven a smith spitting fax like an imam
BLACK BOLT 3 months ago
SAS what does all world player actually mean ? Oh I get it ,if the Lakers lose then Lebron and AD didn't play all worded If they win they played all world ..
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