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Are Electric Cars Greener Than Gasoline Powered Cars?
The Facts About Electric Cars & The Environment - Sponsored by FE
What Happens To Old EV Batteries? ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
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Electric cars are touted as a solution for reducing emissions and improving the environmental impacts of transportation, but are electric cars actually any better for the environment than gasoline cars? This video looks to answer three main questions:
1) Doesn't EV battery production cause a lot of emissions?
2) Don't electric cars get their power from fossil fuels?
3) Isn't lithium mining terrible for the environment?
MIT Emissions Study - bit.ly/2zeYfqd
Cradle To Grave Emissions Estimates - bit.ly/2rEhB4D
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (Low) - bit.ly/2yGoEh8
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates - bit.ly/2yoX6hC
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (High) - bit.ly/2dhB1Tu
EV Battery Production Emissions - bit.ly/2yCMwSY
End Of Life Emissions - bit.ly/2ETHh77
Annual Vehicle Use Emissions - bit.ly/2Sxo65K
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Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained 4 месяца назад
Hope everyone's having a great day! I put a ton of time into researching this video, and was surprised numerous times to learn about the differences in lifecycle emissions between gasoline cars and electric cars. It's a fascinating subject and I'm sure we can keep the discussion below civil! (That was a joke 😜). If you were curious about the battery video referenced towards the end, here's the link: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
Will Allen
Will Allen 9 дней назад
+Juan Miranda Yes. An electric vehicle will produces ZERO emissions when charged by renewables. It takes a very long time for a country like the US to replace all vehicles on the road, whither that's EVs or catalytic converters. By the time most people had EVs renewables will be significantly more common then they are now. As with most environmental decisions this is about the future. Fortunately for us this is probably going to happen in our lifetimes.
MrBlueDevil93 12 дней назад
You are off by miles. Exogenous variable for battery recycling... CO2 emission way over estimates on ICE by govt as well.
campsite a
campsite a 15 дней назад
Comparing emissions is irrelevant. The carbon footprint of southeast asia is literally 1,000x greater than that of North America. It would be comparatively more ethical and effective to influence warfare in that region than it would be to transition all of north america to electric vehicles.
logicaldistraction 15 дней назад
Great video, thanks!
Who's your mate?
Who's your mate? 16 дней назад
WAIT! Great video but, you explain how much co2 is involved in making batteries for evs but, you didn't tell us how much co2 is involved in getting a tank of petrol from the seabed to the pumps....? I think the carbon cost of producing a tank full of petrol (having mined, refined and transported it) is worth discussing...? I haven't watched the other 4 films in this series yet but, I'd be interested in hearing about the comparison. Keep up the good work! (From a carbon guilt afflicted 2.4 litre petrol car driver)
The Abominable Squid
The Abominable Squid 38 минут назад
many electric car companies (like tesla) power their factories with sustainable energy
blobskin 6 часов назад
I think it's wrong to call Electric cars green, because gasoline cars are producing all that good CO2. CO2 = plant food and more food = more growth. Even NASA admits that the higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased the tonnage of plant material around the world. I don't see what's so green about "clean", you're simply withholding food from the plants.
imflori dano
imflori dano 10 часов назад
I still feel water powered vehicles are plausible. From everything ive seen of late has been void of support for water technology( hydrogen). Ive only seen folks talkin its not practicle, but back in the day volvo already had one that could be mass produced in Popular Mechanics. High pressure pumps with a specialized plumbin system could create hydrogen right before the injectors and the fuel tanks would be water tanks. Ive seen tech using high frequency to burn water so the same tech can be used in the car to produce hydrogen. Wat i see missin from EV's are alternators driven by the drive train to recharge the batteries as ya drive or usin these new high tech storage semiconductor capacitors. Speak on wat can be done not wat ya feel is the oil industries opinion dude.
SunriseTrilobite 12 часов назад
Very good video! I always like calmly explanation of highly debated topics and also scientific argumentation using facts, not thoughts! I always like to make the short and simple argument to someone with the electricity production argument, that even if everyone had his EV powered by a coal plant, it would be more efficient and thus reasonable than every gas car burning its gas with a much lower efficiency.
pvpstudio 13 часов назад
Csupán a széndioxid emisszióra korlátozni a környezetbarátságot nagyon egyoldalú szemlélet. Az elektromos és hibrid autók sokkal kevesebb fékbetétet koptatnak el és hegyvidéki terepeken ez jelentős előny lehet. A gumik kopása is számottevő, ezért én inkább a vonatra és villamosra szavazok.
Wing Zero
Wing Zero 15 часов назад
Don't we have to blow up mountains to mine for Lithium?
davekirk100 18 часов назад
I'm sure 'the environment' doesn't just mean how much CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere. What about the other social/environmental concerns such as nitrous oxide and dioxide. Nitrous oxide is much worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, and although it is produced in smaller quantities by all oil burners, its impact on air quality affecting people can't be ignored
Vivien Staehle
Vivien Staehle 22 часа назад
Of course electric car can be worst because of electricity production. In case were electricity is produce by petroleum or coil, which represent 70% of worldwide electricity production, the global efficiency is the efficiency of electricity production which is basically the one of diesel engine (~40%), times the efficiency of the routing of the electricity, times the efficiency of the charger, times the efficiency of the battery times the efficiency of the electric engines. Hopefully, the efficiency of the electric engine is great, but with all the others efficiency, the results is necessarily lower than just the thermal engine alone. In case the electricity is made by nuclear plant or green energies, the results can be different but it is less than 30% of world energy production. QED
Luckyguy3 День назад
xwx.fred День назад
Whether it's EV, ICE, Fuel Cell or hybrids, cars are not going away. The comfort, convenience and mobility they afford their users is simply irreplaceable. From a practicality point of view, hybrids will likely remain the best and greenest option for the next 5 years. Hybrids don't need nearly as big of a battery pack (lower production emission), and vehicle usage emissions are reduced by 40-70% compared to ICE, and you don't need to worry about charging the battery. That's a win-win-win solution. I'm personally looking forward to 400-500 hp hybrid daily drivers - maybe a hybrid version of Audi's TT RS.
TwilightWolf032 2 дня назад
Frankly, I want an electric car to be set free of oil prices. Prices keep going down in the refineries here, but the gas stations keep increasing them for some ludicrous reason, so having an electric car would be a middle finger to the gas station companies. Get solar panels for your house and you have another middle finger to the always increasing electric bills! I live in Brazil, by the way.
ProfessorOzone 2 дня назад
Not saying the conclusion is wrong, but I was under the impression that while EV batteries can be recycled, it is cheaper to make new ones and therefore not many are recycling them, which would have a negative effect on the environment. True? UPDATE: Just watched your other video and it is indeed true, but you didn't mention in this video that until the scale is increased driving the cost down, many of these batteries WILL wind up in landfill. Right?
Cash Money
Cash Money 2 дня назад
My question is ,as electric cars are phased in how is this going to affect the nations electrical grid?
Pearl Vesper
Pearl Vesper 2 дня назад
I care none at all about CO2. I care about the coal burned for the electricity powering a Nissan Leaf that pumps sulfuric acid into the clouds. Furthermore, the production of solar panels produces carcinogens which have killed countless Chinese workers.
Taunus-Tims Welt
Taunus-Tims Welt 2 дня назад
point 1: the production of petrol is definately worse than burning coil. every single coal power plant captures sulfurdioxide and turns it into plaster/gypsum for further use. the effort to clean the exhaust gases of power plants is way higher as in ICEs... point 2: yes silica dust is very cancerogenic and causes silicosis, but thats just because Chinese workers don't wear protection masks. thats a problem of their health system and their slavery like working conditions. That's not a general problem with solar panels at all. you can get cancer in every industrial production (including petrol gas production) if you don't care about personal safety.
TOUATI Yousseuf Abd Elhadi
TOUATI Yousseuf Abd Elhadi 2 дня назад
How great to watch a biais free break down
1969nitsuga 3 дня назад
This is bull sh¡t. CO2 is not a contaminant and has nothing to do with climate change.
Isaac Kay
Isaac Kay 3 дня назад
Dude, excellent explanation! I really appreciate your time and effort spent creating this video and doing your research
tanadon supanurat
tanadon supanurat 3 дня назад
car is car electric car is toy
Danny Kyle
Danny Kyle 4 дня назад
The earth is a giant filter. Notice how smaller towns don't have air quality issues? It's because densely populated areas put out to much emissions for the space they are in. Shut off every factory and car in a large city for a day and watch what happens. The fog you can see from the outside disappears. That being said, your cars emissions do not hurt the environment and have no affect on the climate. I can't remeber what the study was and I dont feel like looking for it, but it said that Co2 levels were higher during the time of the Roman Empire than they are now. The funny part is if you ask a meteorologist, water vapor has the largest effect on climate not CO2
Rob Babcock
Rob Babcock 4 дня назад
Fascinating video! It really punctures the myths often spouted by fans of ICE engines. BTW, I really miss Idaho! Paradise on Earth IMO.
badri nair
badri nair 4 дня назад
good comparison, but one point which you did touch upon but did not dwell deep into is the cost of producing that one gallon of Gas. There is energy involved in the extraction of crude oil and refining it. If an EV is judged but the cost of making its batteries, so should a gas car be judged by the cost of producing a unit gallon of gas. totally agree with your point that a 2000kg metal box is moving around a 60 kg person. It definitely is inefficient.
E.A. Abe Preisinger
E.A. Abe Preisinger 4 дня назад
Last year I was in Hong Kong, and I was astounded that Tesla had sold a significant amount of cars there. (In Hong Kong you are either very rich, or cars are owned by hotels and companies, so you see a high number of Mercedes etc.). Well I was surprised that an American company had cracked the market. So I wound up doing a bit of research. The reason why Tesla did such a great business in Hong Kong was that the government subsidized the purchase price of a Tesla by something like $15,000. (you can google all this info). But then in 2016 the government realized that the CO2 emissions created by their coal plants to a fuel a Tesla was 50% higher than a gasoline powered car. Subsidies stopped in 2017 Tesla sold next to nothing. If everybody drove an electric car (300 million) were would the money come for road taxes? If you needed electricity for 300 million cars what would be the price of electricity?
T. Gorbach
T. Gorbach 5 дней назад
So long story short, if you live in a state that uses a lot of coal to generate electricity, like West Virginia - driving an electric car isn't worth it. However if you live in a state that generates it's electricity thru hydroelectric or nuclear power , like Washington State, then it's definitely worth driving an electric car.
Eden 5 дней назад
I'd say: Both have their pros and cons, but really, do yourself, the environment and others a favor and get an (electric) bike or a subway ticket if there's one near you.
Damon Richter
Damon Richter 5 дней назад
Before we do this and make electric cars, we should make a engine oil replacement that isn't an oil base that's man made
the brink
the brink 5 дней назад
C02 is irrelevant. The most important point this video doesn't bring up is whether or not electric cars pollute more than combustion cars. The answer ecars are coal powered cars since they are powered by electricity and electricity is run by coal. Coal pollutes twice as much as natural gas. Coal kills double the amount of people than gas. Hence, don't pollute and kill more people by buying an ecar.
Kaleb Swager
Kaleb Swager 4 дня назад
Natural gas is used to make electricity... gas cars use almost as much electricity just to refine the fuel need. Pollution kills people mostly in big cities where the coal plants aren't and where car pollution is.
ryan anthon
ryan anthon 5 дней назад
I don’t know about all that science but I’m buying an electric car next because they are crazy fast. We will all own one soon. We should make sure we become good at recycling batteries.
Penyenski 5 дней назад
It’s crap. Electric cars are nothing but toys. These are not real cars. Environmental friendly my ass.
Ivan Meyers
Ivan Meyers 6 дней назад
All of this is speculative on how you get in the power to the vehicle if you charge in the Electric car with electric energy through solar and wind energy you won't be putting any admissions into the Earth. And I'm not saying that it's highly likely but if the factory which the electric cars as made as using the same wind and solar energy to produce the electric car then there is zero emissions. I don't know that's just what I'm thinking.
Robert Drake
Robert Drake День назад
Still takes diesel and gasoline to produce wind and solar
Taunus-Tims Welt
Taunus-Tims Welt 2 дня назад
here in germany we covered 67% of our total energy consumption from renewable energies the last week. skme weeks before it was 65%. so you could probably charge your car anywhere with mainly green electricity. though the years total 2018 was "just" 38% of renewables. but you can definately see a trend here ;)
Vladimir Lucifer
Vladimir Lucifer 6 дней назад
It isn't even the mining... It's when the batteries are useless, after use... It politest in the 10 years, more litters of water with the lithium than if all of the emissions of an gasoline engine were to water for 20 YEARS. Yes. And this is only the battery. The motor produces co2 and O3, because electricity. And! I'm not finished! Coal power plants: radioactive and CO. Nuclear fission (we haven't got to fusion yet): radioactive waste. Renewable sources: terrible efficiency, not enough for a whole country, and plus, these require rare metals, other than of course emissions... O3 and co2. There is nothing perfect. Other than, of course, converting Earth to an Hydrogen powerplant. Fusion, and using batteries+ Hydrogen. Hydrogen ICE (Bourke engines, or my cycle, Matos-Lucifer, that I'm working on) hybrids. Perfect equilibrium.
Hairo Aguilera
Hairo Aguilera 6 дней назад
In summary, buy used electric cars
shazk21 6 дней назад
As well as most of the electrical energy charging the car coming from fossil fule the neglected fact is the efficiency of the production of the energy a combustion engine (petrol or diesel) are at least 3 times more efficient then modern advanced power plants and considerably more then older plants.
xophaser 7 дней назад
so West Virginians shouldnt buy tesla car then. 17 years to break even.
Mister X
Mister X 6 дней назад
Or they should change their energy source...
XxWarMongerxX 7 дней назад
Well done sir Bravo
Maria L. Rapaglia
Maria L. Rapaglia 7 дней назад
andrew belmudez
andrew belmudez 7 дней назад
Another safe source that's good for the environment is Biodegradable Fuel, which should replace Gas over electric. Wait til all malfunctions happen on all electric vehicle
andrew belmudez
andrew belmudez 7 дней назад
Clean Air Gas cars are better than electric. All this autopilot and technology on cars these are making people lazier than before.
Maria L. Rapaglia
Maria L. Rapaglia 7 дней назад
Maria L. Rapaglia
Maria L. Rapaglia 7 дней назад
Sounds like a human robot.
DayB89 7 дней назад
You did great research there! ICEs are so an inefficient set up that I find ridiculous that people say such things. You even didn't have to bring up emissions from oil transport and logistics (which are awfully huge).
TurboTrance 8 дней назад
Hydrogen is the future, Bye Bye electric you're not going to stay for long
Ed Dean
Ed Dean 8 дней назад
What about copper mining electric cars have two to three times more copper
9avedon 8 дней назад
Emissions in the west are insignificant.Electric fanboy here ignores the poor economics of electric cars.
Mark Yeager
Mark Yeager 8 дней назад
But wait, Ted Nugent said it's worse. I wonder if he didn't check citations? Lol
Stefan Lucian Vladescu
Stefan Lucian Vladescu 8 дней назад
I like the final conclusion but not the innacurate methods you use... in conclusion is still ok! :)
Stephen West
Stephen West 8 дней назад
Its great that its finally covered but as you raise the electric produced by fossil fueled powerstations, you need to include how the fuel is produced gas cars as you did this for electric. Electric is supplied from any power socket, the fuel for gas cars has to be delivered after it is created using electricity!
Pete Miller
Pete Miller 9 дней назад
Great video, thank-you, lots of thorough info. I believe you did not take into account the C02 required to manufacture the gasoline, which is unfair since you included the C02 emitted to produce electricity for the EV. Also, an ice car requires oil changes, transmission oil, and brake pads when compared to ev's. Maybe a small fraction of the actual emissions, but nevertheless, an ice car has a far higher impact on the environment. Thank-you for the info, cheers.
Kevin Oloane
Kevin Oloane 9 дней назад
What about everyone fart that's a lot of emissions
steven rowe
steven rowe 9 дней назад
A good video. Firstly I think we all need to remember that the super convenient society we live in comes at a high environment al cost, be it take away coffee, excess package, were all guilty. In most major cities in the world air quality is not good, we treat the air we breathe like a sewer. Car emmisions cant be to good good foe us. Imagine how better things will be when we are not poluting the air we breathe. At least the pollution caused by electricity production with fossil fuels will be remote
Jeremy Heitz
Jeremy Heitz 9 дней назад
Thanks for the citations. Using this for an academic research paper.
Ytak 9 дней назад
1. comparing a P100D to an average gasoline car isn’t fair. You’d need to compare with like an Audi RS6 2. comparing CO2 emissions instead of energy consumption for production is very weird. E.g. if energy used for production comes from nuclear power sources > no CO2 3. walking isn’t greener than driving electric. 2 people jogging at 10km/h require more energy to do so than if they would drive a modern EV. Look it up! Most efficient for low speeds is cycling. For speeds faster than 25 km/h EVs are most efficient. Even more than trains or busses.
Darrel Westcott
Darrel Westcott 9 дней назад
one thing you didnt consider is if you were to replace your gasoline car with electric you would likely sell it to someone else and not just chuck it away so overall from a emissions point of view you have to account for the new and the old as your carbon footprint.
Neil Rawlings
Neil Rawlings 9 дней назад
Hey just a thought - do this again with cars that gets better mpg (high 20’s to 30’s) because if fuel economy and emissions is the main concern, comparing EV’s to economy based cars is more of a comparison point I’d think.
Reiko Ruffneck
Reiko Ruffneck 9 дней назад
You can't straight-through-pipe an electric car .....end of discussion.
Ks Ss
Ks Ss 10 дней назад
Despite all the "I'm smarter than the VideoPoster" comments here, this is a reasonably good guide to a broad segment of the population, if they care about this kind of comparison. This is broad stroke and generalized and that's good enough for 100% of normal people. But the picky ones here will fall outside that normal...
Robert Abraham
Robert Abraham 10 дней назад
Something you never even touched on in this video, maintenance; ATF, coolant, engine oil, there are so many fluids and maintenance parts on ICE cars that EVs don't use! When you start talking about years to offset, those replaceable fluids should be added to your numbers! Gas powered cars are infinite money pits!
Tim Graham
Tim Graham 10 дней назад
P3D+ owner in WV here. Environmental benefits were only secondary for my decision (solar panels some day, but not today). It was all about that instantaneous torque.
walter buschbacher
walter buschbacher 10 дней назад
Why does this only look at CO2? CO2 although important when looking at the environment isnt the whole picture and we should look at every input and output how we get it and if there is something harmful in it.
OTPulse 10 дней назад
I have a solar panel that fills up my diesel car during the day..... ohh wait. It's more about options in the end, but for me personally since I drive long distances regularly I can't go electric until the car companies work together and make a swappable battery standard so I can just change the battery like filling up with petrol. Swap out the battery for a full one for $40, done. This is what's needed for electric cars to become more popular if they want to replace Petrol/Gas/Diesel cars.
Joseph Ragonesi
Joseph Ragonesi 11 дней назад
Sheesh... was a really good video till he used math to get all...political....should stick to somehow extricating analysis of an issue from any hint of drawing fact base conclusions about said issue if its remotely related to politics.
Matt 11 дней назад
From what I have heard, the "myth" is based on looking at an all electric fleet for ALL cars in the US, and extrapolating how the energy grid will need to expand to meet the demand of millions of cars being plugged in every night, unclean energy sources would be used to make up the majority of the gap as clean power doesn't produce as much energy. Much harder to take into account.
OTPulse 10 дней назад
They have come up with solar/battery banks to be installed in homes to store clean energy to take a hit off the grid. I work with someone who already does this and recharging his car has never drawn power from.the grid, all be it he only drives it about 10KM a day.
C Cla
C Cla 11 дней назад
For all of the "gas doesn't just magically appear at the gas station" comments on here. Do you think the fuel that power plants use to produve the electricity you use just magically appears at your power plant? Unless you're powered by a nuclear power plant.... Which has a whole new level of environmental impact... Then your coal/oil/natural gas plant still has to have fuel transported to it.
dham99 11 дней назад
No matter how efficient EV's are, they're still not going to give you the thrill as an enthusiast a combustion engine can give you. You ever listen to an F1 car fire up and go WOT? Yeah... I have a few co-workers with Tesla 3's...Ive ridden in them...I'm not sold. I enjoy firing up my car, hearing the exhaust, shifting gears manually, and feeling like I'm part of the car. Personally, you'll never catch me in an electric vehicle. I personally do believe we make a negative impact on our environments, but I also believe equally that its not as bad as those who pose to make billions off grants make it out to be... I mean..if your job was to provide data on emissions and the impacts on the environment, would you have a job and continue to get grants if you proved yourself useless or that the benefits of solar/hydro/electric was closer to minimal in gain vs a larger margin? I think it would be best for oil and electric to continue to work together, not have this 'us vs them' mentality. This doesn't talk about the impacts tons of people suddenly going electric has on the utility grids, or how that burden is fairly spread across counties/states. If a large portion of electric drivers drove across a border to a big city to work every day, is the cost fairly billed back to their residential locations or do the residents of those big cities bare that burden? I think its important to remain highly skeptical of something new and green, as it will only reinforce the theory that its actually better..rather blindly accept the results of studies by 'leading experts' who have nothing but to gain from showing how electric vehicles are beneficial.
The God Emperor of Mankind
The God Emperor of Mankind 11 дней назад
"Electric cars are worse for the environment" -brainlets
Gijsbert Peijs
Gijsbert Peijs 11 дней назад
This calculation is based on full consumption of the average US car. Therefore the electric car wins with ease. In the Netherlands the average co2 emission per kilometer is 112 gram. So for 19,300 km driven each year that would mean 2.16 metric tons or 4800 lb. Electric cars would use the same over here (emitting 4,350 lb CO2 per year). With that gap being way smaller it will take lots and lots longer to reach the break even point. Granted. The average ICE car in Europe is less powerful that a Tesla (or most electric vehicles). But most people don't want (or can't afford) 400 bhp cars anyway. So why would thy buy/need a 400 bhp electric car?
Daniel Karasani
Daniel Karasani 10 дней назад
It is in europe also better a electro-car?
john gilkison
john gilkison 11 дней назад
Batteries can find second use functions so it can be a misnomer to talk about replacing the battery being a carbon emissions problem. One example is using the battery for home storage.
OTPulse 10 дней назад
He also didn't take into account options. With oil based fuels you got one option, fill up at a Gas station. Electric can be charged via solar panels on roof or from a solar/battery bank combo to lower power draw from the grid.
Kevin Nemrava
Kevin Nemrava 11 дней назад
Really great job on running the numbers, only thing that occurs to me is that we might have a bias hidden in the data for ICE ... we need to make sure we use a "average" for ICE *CARS* not ICE "vehicles" as you said at about 6:50 , as vehicles include huge trucks, and as of yet, there is no electric equivalent. I am sure some rough calculations could be done using the proportion of trucks vs cars, vs MPG of each --- also you could compare 2 of the same vehicle, powered by different means.
KelMaster Construction
KelMaster Construction 11 дней назад
For any of this to matter, you have to go back to the original question, which isn't discussed in the video. That question is this; Is man-made CO2 an actual environmental threat. The science is not settled. First of all, the whole 97% consensus was debunked long ago, but people refuse to acknowledge it. Do your research on this and you will find it to be absolutely true. Any rationally thinking individual with a little critical thinking skill can figure this out. This was the lie/catalyst that started all the so called green programs. So, after you realize this, the rest is irrelevant, but for those that buy into all of this green nonsense with their wallets emptying into their governments hands, I will present a few more realities. Secondly, man made CO2 is only a very minute fraction of the actual naturally occurring CO2 amounts that are already in the atmosphere. Furthermore, is a little warming such a bad thing? If it gets warmer by a few degrees, less energy is needed to heat all of our buildings, Agriculturally speaking, warmer is definitely better because the warmer it is, the more it rains, not to mention natural vegetation will naturally thrive in warmer temps, which in turn will consume the CO2. It is a self correcting system we have here on earth. Warmer temperatures equals more plants, more animals, and more life in general which in turn means we have a "greener" planet in every sense of the word.. The colder it gets, the less life there is, period, which is not green. Lastly,, and this is the most important one, is this so called global warming going to have catastrophic outcomes. That is another factor that seems to just get glossed over when people debate this topic. Every prediction model used to scare people, turned out to be completely wrong All this nonsense that these doomsday, fear mongering, green machines spout on about is merely to create more and more green, money that is. Every time people see the word green in it, they think of trees, bunnies and polar bears, but the only thing green about any of this environmental fear tactic is money. Your money in their hands.
dirthart29 I A G M W
dirthart29 I A G M W 11 дней назад
And I am guessing you are a vegan two finger salute to you sir.
Benji 12 дней назад
Too many factors and variable. I think it will depend on the electric ⚡️ vehicle, what kind of batteries it uses, and how clean the power grid is for that area. I had an electric scooter that had the power equivalent of a 50cc gas scooter and I ended up having to replace the expensive, polluting lead acid batteries almost once a year
No Where
No Where 12 дней назад
If the same level of technology and materials was put into a gas car (lightweight metals, fiction reductions, technology), would the electric car still win? At what point, in years, is a battery replacement. What's the depreciation cost.
Harvey H
Harvey H 12 дней назад
I live in a condo, no charging station where I park or anywhere in my complex which was built in 1993. To charge an electric vehicle, I would have to run a hundred foot extension cord from home unit to my vehicle. I'm sure the home owners association would frown upon my doing so, as the cord would be there for hours. The wear on the cord from passing vehicles running over it and the chance that perhaps someone suing me after tripping on the cord leaves this option out. I'd love to have an EV though. I'm wondering what the demographics of owners of FULL electric vehicles are. I'm thinking that the major majority are living in residential homes with a garage where they can conveniently plug in their car; next to their gasoline propelled SUV. Wish I could do that.
Roger Collingwood
Roger Collingwood 12 дней назад
The big flaw with the figures presented here is that they do not take account of how the EXTRA electrical energy required to charge the electric cars comes from. Looking at the averages for existing electrical generation is irrelevant. If I buy an electric car then the grid requires mores energy so I can charge my car and that extra energy will almost certainly come from the least cleanest form of generation like coal. All of the renewal electricity was being consumed anyway so I can not claim to be using that for charging my car.
A BC 10 дней назад
except the grid does not work that way.. You are talking about peaker plants, but those get aktivated only on occurences more than 100.000 times more powerfull than a ecar being pluged into the grid.. If you would say that is relevant youd have to also weigh in the energy for activating a gas pump at a gas station.. which makes it irrelevant to look at.. just aknoledge that you cant find a point to buy gas cars other than lowest price anymore
GAMER'S/ 12 дней назад
I think the end of life emission are very important thinking of how many cars we have in the world. So why don't we talk about it how much emission it gets to scrap all "old" cars? Or what we gonna do with them? I myself have to say that I am a full on petrol combustion with carburetor car driver. So yeah an oldtimer driver.
Sankara Ishaya
Sankara Ishaya 13 дней назад
what about transmission loses in the electric grid. I recall an estimate that up beyond 90% does no useful work.
Anthony Doyle
Anthony Doyle 10 дней назад
1-2% - Step-up transformer from generator to Transmission line 2-4% - Transmission line 1-2% - Step-down transformer from Transmission line to Distribution network 4-6% - Distribution network transformers and cables
Tater Cake
Tater Cake 13 дней назад
I treat my IC engines like I do my guns. You’ll take them away from me when you pry them from my lifeless, cold hands.
Joel Jones
Joel Jones 13 дней назад
How about if it gets written off or scrapped? Or scapping the battery over and over
Klipschrf35 13 дней назад
Another point which you briefly touched on was the pollutant nature of cars produced in coal burning states however that metric is only relevant IF the manufacturing plant FOR the vehicle is located there.
B0R0 13 дней назад
Lets not mention the miles of copper, just ask the miners in Brazil.
Ohtaren 14 дней назад
You have done a great job laying out data and providing comparison with visual representation. However, you and many others are sucked into the CO2 emission scare/climate change/global warming/end of the world nonsense. CO2 is natural and is needed to sustain almost all plant life. Studies show that plants perform better when a small increase in CO2 is introduced; they produce oxygen at an increased rate to match the increase in CO2. Now, I know there is a limit to what plants can handle at a time but it is well within our current emissions. Now, if we talk contaminants within emissions; this would be a viable topic on environmental impact. I am not knocking electric cars and actually am a very large proponent of renewable, safe, long-term energy such as solar, hydro, geothermal. I just wanted to point out an emissions awareness if one was truly interested in doing their own research into facts rather than run with the narrative that is pushed.
SaintQ 13 дней назад
Here's the thing, the world is going to be fine, the people are going to be fucked. Simple as that. Oh, Oxygen is also natural, but an excess of it, will just make things burn. So, just because something is natural doesn't mean it's harmless.
The Credible Hulk
The Credible Hulk 14 дней назад
Unfortunately, you can't buy a decent used electric/hybrid car for under $5000, without also having to spend another $5000-$30000 (estimate for Tesla on the high end) on replacing a battery. So good luck "selling" this concept to an average middle class person trying to get by in life. You don't care much about the environment, when you can barely afford living. Look at India or China as an example - two highest emission producing countries. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of old gasoline powered cars, which you can still buy for a couple of hundred/thousand and most of them will still last for decades to come. You just can't beat used gasoline cars, when it comes value for money. And that's what most people care about, in the end of the day. So until the electric cars will drop down in price to that of a regular gasoline car (or at least within 10-15% of the cost), very few people would be buying them. P.S. Besides, anyone who buys brand new cars is a retard anyway, since you pay 30-40% more for something that's going to lose half it's value the moment you drive it for the first time and continue to lose it's value forever. Shittiest non-investment ever.
Michael H
Michael H 11 дней назад
This is not accurate. You can buy used Leafs for as little as $5k and they will last as long as similarly priced ICE cars, especially when you factor in there are zero maintenance costs. I bought my 2014 Nissan Leaf used for a bit more than that because I wanted a low mileage / higher end model - amazing vehicle, second best car I have ever driven (my GTR is better). Sales for electric cars are increasing significantly every year and more competent electric vehicles are coming out all the time, the Rivian truck for example. ICEs frankly are history, in a decade electric sales will outnumber ICE sales.
Archangel17 13 дней назад
You aren't going to sell your car right after you bought, it so this sudden 'value loss" isn't a problem. If everyone would buy only used cars, eventually you are going to run out of used cars, so great logic. Furthermore a new car usually requires less maintenaince in its first few years compared to an older car and a newer car might be more fuel efficient, saving fuel costs. It is expected that by 2025 new electric cars will be cheaper than new ICE cars, so the higher costs are irrelevant. I wouldn't be surprised either if in the future you can just sell your used electric car without a battery replacement, just transfering the warranty of the manufacturer.
Jorge Hevia
Jorge Hevia 14 дней назад
One thing is that the option is greener and in the other hand, if it's also financially convenient for a person that purchases a car, and by the way these are the decissions that drives the emissions on the first place: economics
SemiMono 14 дней назад
Average gasoline emissions vs. avg. electric car emissions isn't quite far, given that there are a lot of gasoline SUVs and pickup trucks and most electric cars are comparatively lightweight and aerodynamic. You would need to compare those electric cars to sedans and hatchback gasoline cars. I don't know the numbers, but if gas-mileage is any indication, that'd reduce emissions for those vehicles by a large margin (take out 1/3rd to 2/3rds... something along those lines, if gas mileage really is a decent indication). If that number is about right, that brings it to nearly break even with its electric equivalent on per-mile emissions, before considering production emissions. Does anyone have time to run the numbers see if that's the case?
SemiMono 14 дней назад
+Engineering Explained It also doesn't include the cost to build coal plants or the cost to build renewable power generators like solar and wind. I think there's good data in this video, it's just far from comprehensive (as you points out, not just on one side), so it alone can't be used to make any conclusions about the comprehensive emissions change that would occur with switching large numbers of drivers from gasoline to battery operated vehicles (we should stop calling them electric. There are lots of different electric technologies and using a giant battery is just one of them).
Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained 14 дней назад
Also not included are the emissions required for oil excavation, refining, processing, transportation, etc. The analysis intentionally is heavily conservative to give ICE every benefit of a doubt. When it comes to fuel mileage, which as you point out, is a great indicator of the overall solution, we're looking at EVs in the 100-130 mpg range, while the best gas/diesel cars rarely top 50 mpg.
one milliongamers
one milliongamers 14 дней назад
thanks great info
Ferenc Gazdag
Ferenc Gazdag 14 дней назад
Public transport to solve (or ease) traffic, reduce emissions and help us resocialize.
alex rodri
alex rodri 13 дней назад
some of us have stomach issues and would like to commute alone, thank you.
sandmanjr2k3 14 дней назад
Killed it. Phenomenal.
IsThisEvenReal 14 дней назад
A friend of mine did electrical engineering (Munich) and he told me (I am doing Business administration and engineering atm and did vehicle engineering before also in munich) that the batteries in those electric cars need to be changed every 5-10 years due to the heavy discharge and recharge cycles, just like our phones. This means that you have to throw away the old one and put a brand new one in it every few years, or the max range will drop over time. Btw I appreciate your video, but I also think that this is kind of specific for the US. In europe our cars need much less fuel, because fuel is more expensive and thus we need to and can build powerful engines without using 20000 Liters of displacement which ofc reduces emissions. So if your population drives fuel efficient cars and not only Pickups and muscle cars (I exaggerate a bit) it might, or rather will be a different story. And if you really want low output of C02, you should go for 2.0l or smaller Diesel engines. There is ofc the N0x downside to consider, but overall it's the most efficient engine. Oh and btw. lets say there are only electric cars out there, you need much more electric energy thus also increasing the need for it. And it's really hard (I think it's impossible) to produce that much on top for all these vehicles and without using nuclear or fossil fuels. So I stick at least for europe with it. I would say that electric cars are not better for the enviroment, maybe worse if you consider all this lithium waste. Again, for the US it might be a different story. One thing you stated is 100% wrong for sure. If all your energy comes from coal, an electric car IS worse for the environment ^^ Anyway good video and greetings mate =)
IsThisEvenReal 14 дней назад
+Engineering Explained I just wanted to fussy because you said regardless where the energy comes from :P because Coal would be 3-10 kW/h and Gas around 13 kW/h... But whatever, Once again thanks for your videos
Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained 14 дней назад
I appreciate the feedback, but unfortunately you can't just say "one thing you said is wrong, coal" and then run away without stating any facts behind your rebuttal. As demonstrated in the video, even if the energy comes from coal, the EV is still greener. You can say "nuh uh" all ya want haha, but that's what the data shows. Also, the vast majority of EV charging will happen at night, when municipal power demand is very low.
Pongkrit Roongsook
Pongkrit Roongsook 14 дней назад
H Star Productions
H Star Productions 14 дней назад
Limit your car consumption
Derp 222
Derp 222 14 дней назад
Oof, glad I watched till the end, because I thought that you were dissing electric cars. Also, the only thing I really learned is that we should find cleaner ways to make electricity if we really want to reduce emissions.
Xonikz 12 дней назад
Always watch engineering videos to the end or you may end up with a incomplete data set.
SternLX 14 дней назад
More CO2 in the atmosphere is a good thing. Please do yourself a favor and go research how a warmer planet is good for it and plant life. Warmer = Wetter, Wetter + more CO2 = More plant growth, more plant growth = more food and oxygen. CO2 levels on earth right now are at an all time low. 0 CO2 = no plants, no plants = no oxygen or food. Can you say dead planet? I knew you could. Climate alarmist would have us paying taxes just for exhaling. Humans on this planet currently exhale approx. 7.5 billion Kg of CO2 daily. Or 1.37 billion metric tonnes annually. Just from breathing. And that's just humans. Now factor in all the other Mammals. STOP demonizing CO2 people!!
Nicholas Kotlarczyk
Nicholas Kotlarczyk 14 дней назад
You should have also added a small europian petrol car as they are much more efficient ( like the VW Up! )
theBabyDead 10 дней назад
True. For economical reasons my european car is way, way, waaaaay cheaper than an EV. But also, mine drives about 18km/L, that's like 43mpg. I've noticed a lot of american cars (mostly trucks and such) only get like half my mileage.... Nevermind our stricter laws about CO2 emissions in cars and our petrol which will be changed to one with less emissions in 2020... (I think 10%)
MrAlexandriaTech 15 дней назад
The best solution for climate change was given to us by a great visionary. Bender Bending Rodriquez. "Kill all humans." No humans, no unnatural carbon emissions.
dava00007 16 дней назад
You also have to think of the air quality issue in urban areas.. a lot of modern ecology groups don't seem to care for this.
Don Howell
Don Howell 17 дней назад
There will never be enough power stations to charge all the cars in America. There would be constant blackouts.
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff 16 дней назад
Don Howell Never is an exaggeration, over time as the grid needs to meet demands and as the switch to renewable energy continues at the same time as more electric vehicles are being purchased, it will catch up, or already be perfectly fine.
Vidar D
Vidar D 17 дней назад
Kind of odd how these days the only pollution anyone cares about is co2....
Markus Schütz
Markus Schütz 8 дней назад
It is to compare things. Thanks to de Saussure, Fourier, Tyndall, Arrhenius we happen to know pretty well the green house effect of CO2... since more than 100 years. We also know how to convert the green house effect of other gases (like methane CH4) to CO2 equivalent. If what we are interested in is to compare green house effects it is easier to convert everything to a CO2 equivalent. It is like if you want to compare masses and some are given in pounds, some in kilograms: to compare you transform everything to a common unit then compare the masses... else you compare meaningless numbers.
hogus bogus
hogus bogus 10 дней назад
terry jenkins
terry jenkins 17 дней назад
You really need to check out how solar panels are made the by product are very toxic!
Alrukitaf 16 дней назад
terry jenkins like having to refuel your car every few days.
terry jenkins
terry jenkins 16 дней назад
+Alrukitaf who said anything about replacing them every few days?
Alrukitaf 16 дней назад
Once you have the panels on your roof, you don’t keep on having to get more panels every few days. They supply free power for 10 or more years I hear.
Daniel Nebergall
Daniel Nebergall 17 дней назад
Im impressed with the video and I was a little surprised the "environmental payoff date" was way less than 10 years....My questions came partly on the manufacturing research, was there a big difference or was it even noted in those studies if manufacturing components of either type of car was better or worse for the environment internationally or were those averages including that?Another question was do we consider other emissions other than just carbon? Assuming our carbon emissions pale in comparison to the earths own through volcanic activity and the cycle of plant growth that tends to follow periods of increased volcanic activity what other emissions might matter, obviously co2 isn't the only thing coming out of the tail pipe of and ICE car and its also not the only pollutant involved in manufacturing of cars or batteries..............or is that not a topic you were looking to get into? lol
爱笑的雪莉吖 官方频道
爱笑的雪莉吖 官方频道 17 дней назад
great job! I put the naysayers in their place!
Jim C
Jim C 17 дней назад
What if you buy a quality used car? Do you get to subtract the production emotions?
Jim C
Jim C 17 дней назад
Lol he basically answered my question later in the video.
Richard Vaughn
Richard Vaughn 17 дней назад
The solution to environmental problems is to take public transportation when possible. Buying an electric car doesn't reduce pollution because your old gasoline car still exists and will be driven by somebody else. So you added to pollution by making the electric car then you want to power it with coal (don't kid me with that green energy nonsense, almost all electricity is still made by coal or nat gas and the percentage of green energy made will decline overall as power consumption increases because of the demand from electric charging stations). This isn't about making a meaningful impact on the environment, this is about rich people virtue signaling. Ride your lazy arse on a public transit buss if you want to reduce pollution, idiots.
cat intensifies
cat intensifies 17 дней назад
Yes, finally a good video about this topic!
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