Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted

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Are Electric Cars Greener Than Gasoline Powered Cars?
The Facts About Electric Cars & The Environment - Sponsored by FE
What Happens To Old EV Batteries? ruvid.net/video/видео-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
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Electric cars are touted as a solution for reducing emissions and improving the environmental impacts of transportation, but are electric cars actually any better for the environment than gasoline cars? This video looks to answer three main questions:
1) Doesn't EV battery production cause a lot of emissions?
2) Don't electric cars get their power from fossil fuels?
3) Isn't lithium mining terrible for the environment?
MIT Emissions Study - bit.ly/2zeYfqd
Cradle To Grave Emissions Estimates - bit.ly/2rEhB4D
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (Low) - bit.ly/2yGoEh8
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates - bit.ly/2yoX6hC
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (High) - bit.ly/2dhB1Tu
EV Battery Production Emissions - bit.ly/2yCMwSY
End Of Life Emissions - bit.ly/2ETHh77
Annual Vehicle Use Emissions - bit.ly/2Sxo65K
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31 окт 2018

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Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained 2 месяца назад
Hope everyone's having a great day! I put a ton of time into researching this video, and was surprised numerous times to learn about the differences in lifecycle emissions between gasoline cars and electric cars. It's a fascinating subject and I'm sure we can keep the discussion below civil! (That was a joke 😜). If you were curious about the battery video referenced towards the end, here's the link: ruvid.net/video/видео-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
eDrive 4 дня назад
electric driving is so much fun and joy full. Once you drove an electric car for some days, not just once around the block, you never want switching back to an internal combustion powered car!
David Bartz
David Bartz 15 дней назад
fantastic video, first off. Maybe I missed it, but doesn't the battery pack only last around 8 years? So what would it do to the numbers if you factor in replacement battery packs?
David Beaulieu
David Beaulieu 22 дня назад
Dyson is doing a ceramic battery shortly fyi on the lithium thing
Finn Balor
Finn Balor 22 дня назад
So basically based on your state it and how they generate there electricity plays a factor in your co2 emissions but...the problem with that statement is your assumong nuclear energy has no byproduct and well it might not create co2 it does produce toxic waste which we have no way of disposing of... checkmate.
Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan 23 дня назад
Engineering Explained Dude you seem to be “in the tank” for BEV’s what is your problem? Most of us live in this world where money trees have all died from intellectual elites BS.
Mr. Teff
Mr. Teff 9 часов назад
One thing not mentioned: some EV owners have solar PV systems and charge their cars at home.
Mr. Teff
Mr. Teff 9 часов назад
Excellent presentation.
UncleGrinder 19 часов назад
Already bogus because you are basing this on Co2. Pollution and environmental damage had nothing to do with Co2 at all. Co2 is not the problem, pollution and damage is. Plus the data you are looking at is based on Co2 which is also only 4% of greenhouse gas in total. Fake news and fake assumptions.
Tom Cardoen
Tom Cardoen День назад
Amazing and excellent video. This is by far the best research I have come across on the internet in regards of a comparison of a complete life cycle of a classic car vs an electric car. Thanks for this.
Polybotes День назад
This is a good video with alot of good information BUT one flaw, your comparing electric vehicles which are typically small comuter vehicles to all adverage vehicles in America. The land of V8s and F150s. I think it would be more fair to compare the electric vehicles to their gas counterparts for example an electric ford focus vs the gas ford focus
Soran D
Soran D 2 дня назад
excuse me but to make it fair, shouldn't we also look at how much emissions it costs to produce gasoline/diesel out of oil for an ICE, when you look at how much emissions it costs to produce the electricity? Also how much emmisions it cost to transport the oil to the raffineries and to transport the gasoline/diesel to the gas stations?
Stephen Hornick III
Stephen Hornick III 3 дня назад
So, just 1 problem: 10:00 Seems to assume selling your old ICE car and buying even a small EV is going to take that ICE car off the road permanently. If you don't actually sell it (and instead you crush it) that's true. But, don't you really have to assume that if someone BUYS the car it will still in fact be driven, likely somewhere around the average per year distance. While YOUR personal carbon footprint might be reduced eventually, someone's still driving your old ICE car. So, all that was accomplished was a creation of demand for the manufacture of an additional EV that didn't NEED to exist if you didn't choose to "go green" unnecessarily. TL;DR Unless you CRUSH your old ICE car or you absolutely NEED an additional vehicle, won't buying something NEW when it's not necessary almost always be a net addition in emissions?
gvstradamvs 3 дня назад
Modern gas cars are already designed with planned obsolescence in mind. EVs will be 100x worse, ppl will not hold on to EVs for more than 5yrs, their resale value will be lower than petrol cars.
ev man
ev man 3 дня назад
city pollution is a big problem .... fossil cars should be banned from cities
Alvin Rhodes
Alvin Rhodes 3 дня назад
Where I live in New Zealand the production of electricity comes almost entirely from hydroelectric and geothermal powerstations and wind turbines. So the time it takes to make up for the initial carbon emissions in production would be even lower.
Kyle's Korner
Kyle's Korner 4 дня назад
Batteries can be repurposed, so there aren't any emissions, you got your info wrong...
itonner231 4 дня назад
I find it interesting that most of the discussion revolves around carbon dioxide emissions. Are there other compounds that should be considered when addressing the question of environmental friendliness?
Hauler Scraper
Hauler Scraper 4 дня назад
id hate to crash one, and get lithium on you, you be dead. im sure there is some good info here, but still propaganda
The workshop World
The workshop World 4 дня назад
Why we can't try a hybrid variety mixing of both engine and a battery.....
s40driver 4 дня назад
U forgot to faktorer in hove harmfull the batterys are when scrapped, an if something ells then gass is used like e85...
Laëlien Roussat
Laëlien Roussat 5 дней назад
What about the emissions to transport fuel? No emissions to move electrons in wires ... Nice video btw
Jake Borg
Jake Borg 6 дней назад
can you compare e85 to electric cars?
ianiva 6 дней назад
This is great and all but here's the thing. I don't think any logical person truly claims or believes electric cars are worse for the environment than ICE cars. I think the issue is that electric cars still have a sizeable ecological footprint and there may be better solutions out there.
Nolan Morris
Nolan Morris 6 дней назад
Fantastic breakdown! I wish they would show your videos at my school Universal Technical Institute. All of the instructors are old heads and keep touting to unknowing students about how electric cars are worse for the environment.
Daily Drifting
Daily Drifting 7 дней назад
When i was a kid i hated the color Green, now when im an adult and love cars i hear the word Green and asosiate it whit leaving my car at home and riding a bike to work, witch will take about 10 hours, taking the buss witch will take about 3 hours or Sitting in an eletric car witch makes me wanna kill myselfe. So...... Still hate the color Green :P
Rodolfo Aguilar
Rodolfo Aguilar 7 дней назад
Coors or cars?
mcseven8 7
mcseven8 7 7 дней назад
As someone who will not be giving up my ICE vehicles any time soon, I do appreciate all the work that went into making a solid informative video without clear bias. As someone who enjoys engineering and learning, I appreciate all the videos you put out, and know that in your engineering heart, you also love the internal combustion engine, and while you own an electric car, are probably not going to make a switch to electric only vehicles either. Range being the largest factor right now. But I will say that I truly believe the bottom line is, we as humans have a collective responsibility to find the best ways to not destroy the earth, and knowing what the true numbers tell us, should give us what the next solution to aim for is. But, the world isn't that simple, and EVs have a long up hill battle to be the vehicle of choice for every garage. Maybe they get there, but when I get a call from my mom in another state that my dad is sick, I need to come help, she is 800 miles away, and all I have are 300 mile range cars in the garage with the quickest refill costing me precious extra hours, and not extra minutes to get there... It's not going to cut it. The ability to to pack a family up, and drive potentially thousands of miles, without worry of how long it will take to refill, is something that is not just a novelty, or a luxury, it's a necessity in this day and age. Right now, EVs are the novelties and luxuries. I genuinely hope for a day when they won't be.
Manuel Dela Cruz Jr
Manuel Dela Cruz Jr 7 дней назад
Is it possible to buy a Tesla in the United States and use it in the Philippines?
Darren Woods
Darren Woods 9 дней назад
Lock yourself in a garage and turn on the key of a gasoline car and you'll pass out with in about 2 hours, it's a no contest with car is better for your health and community in general.
Vadim 9 дней назад
When you say "carbon," don't you mean carbon dioxide? Carbon is an entirely different thing
a b
a b 9 дней назад
is this an excuse to use rotary engine?
Nano Tox
Nano Tox 10 дней назад
Great video, but one flaw: The US department of Energies study compares the average emissions of EVs with the average emissions of gasoline powered vehicles. I could not determine if the gasoline vehicle stat includes emissions by heavy vehicles like trucks, which are invariably gasoline powered. I would also assume that the gasoline average includes older less efficient vehicles, opposed to the EVs average which should consist mostly of modern cars.
Cedric LM
Cedric LM 10 дней назад
I think a huge problem with this topic is cherrypicking. There are so many studies supporting either side that they simply can't be true alltogether. So who's cherrypicking? I don't know. Sweden for example has very left-oriented politics right now so maybe they're picking what the think fits, or maybe a institution in the US does exactly the same thing in the opposite direction.
Tasos Galanis
Tasos Galanis 10 дней назад
Super !!! Bravo
ApolloWasReal 10 дней назад
I'd like to know the source of the carbon emitted during manufacture of a vehicle (ICE or electric). How much of that is attributable to electric power? Electricity is rapidly greening in areas like California and even Texas with aggressive green electricity programs. In 2016, California generated more than half of its total electricity from non-carbon sources. These include not just solar, wind and geothermal but also hydro (large and small) and nuclear. This trend is clearly going to continue despite the Trump administrations' attempts to dynamite emissions standards.
Lamune Baba
Lamune Baba 11 дней назад
Show what a lithium mine actually looks like. Not everything can be summed up with "muh CO2." Americans don't care about the environment as long as it's some unregulated third-world destroying themselves for our short-term profits. Simple as that.
Mytheroo 11 дней назад
Now that president Occasional Cortex has banned all fossil fuels there's not much else to discuss here
David Peterson
David Peterson 11 дней назад
if everyone in your neighborhood got an electric car the wires that feed your electricity to your house would heat up like a toaster the first night.
Dylan Griffin
Dylan Griffin 12 дней назад
Unless they install solar on their home to offset the consumption costs of the vehicle.
James William
James William 12 дней назад
Thank you for this!
Will G
Will G 12 дней назад
The LARGEST production of CO2 emissions every year comes from the CONSTRUCTION industry. Changing all vehicles over to electric will not greatly affect the CO2 levels every year..oh..no...wait....THEY WILL!! THEY WILL RAISE IT SKY HIGH!!!! They will raise it sky high for the first few years because ELECTRIC PRODUCTION CAPACITY WOULD HAVE TO BE GREATLY EXPANDED!!! That means that for several years, HUGE NUMBERS OF ELECTRIC PLANTS WILL HAVE TO BE BUILT!!!! Transportation emissions account for only 33% of the total CO2 emissions every year. Construction accounts for 39%. You expand construction, you will expand CO2 emissions. The electricity will be very expensive .ds
Luca Natoli
Luca Natoli 12 дней назад
So let me get this straight, they hate that people mine oil cause we hurting the Earth, yet mining lithuim is perfectly fine...
Luca Natoli
Luca Natoli 12 дней назад
Look at all that math, I feel like I am back at school. Shame on you for trying to make me learn something lol. Great video though :)
Luca Natoli
Luca Natoli 12 дней назад
If I did your math where I live, you will not break even anytime soon. Here everything is powered by Coal, no renewable at ALL. So yeah.
CadaverSynod 12 дней назад
When electric cars charge overnight, they are typically capturing excess energy that would otherwise be wasted off-peak. In many cases with our current grid, electric car charging can result in zero additional net emissions even if the energy is derived from fossil fuels. As the older boiler designs are taken offline and replaced with natgas peaking plants and the energy portfolio diversifies with additional solar that will shift, but we're not there yet.
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała 13 дней назад
1. There are NO electric cars as of yet. Currently we have regular cars with shoehorned battery packs and and electric motors added as afterthought. Energy is energy and cars are getting heavier and heaver. Proper electric drive should allow for total realignment of car design, interior, drivetrain and lower mass - hence energy needed to move it. It has potential to simplify design as well as manufacture. Consequently: CURRENT hybrids, electric and internal combustion engine cars currently use in excess of 90% of common component base, so have similar energy consumption. The ONLY advantage of electric drive at this point is MOVING emissions to centralized power plants (where they can be sequestered, filtered etc) and away from population centers. MOVING is NOT REDUCING. 2 ANY MINING, especially STRIP MINING IS harmful as hell for environment, PERIOD. It disturbs water layers, landscape. Entire point is void anyway, as world's lithium supply is nowhere enough to allow large scale move to electric cars. Especially, which competition from other electronics. WHAT ENABLES TRUE ELECTRIC CAR ? Magnets without rare earths, graphene supercapacitors instead of Li-Ion batteries and TOTAL REDESIGN optimized for electric drive train, thuns enabling at least 30-40% reduction of MASS of vehicle and manufacturing complexity.
Evil Fluff
Evil Fluff 13 дней назад
I think you can make alcohol running car
B V 13 дней назад
Jeez dude. You are just swallowing the CO2 story from the leftists. Why don’t you start by looking at people like Lindzen, Heller, and all the rest before just drinking the koolaid
brotherheed00 13 дней назад
Added citations? marvelous! Probably just ticked off every diesel owner ever! lol.
calistorich 13 дней назад
After all, the final goal is for everything (almost) to become electric + all energy from renewable sources (or fusion) + batteries made from cleaner materials. We're on the path.
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 13 дней назад
I am not Al Gore, therefore, I am not yet convinced that CO2 is pollution. Trees & grass really like to eat CO2 and we all need the oxygen the trees & grass give us.
Ryan Fulcher
Ryan Fulcher 14 дней назад
Very good breakdown exploring all data assumptions. Another option only on the table with a BEV/PHEV is producing your own clean Solar PV or Wind power. Thanks for the honest Lithium source juxtaposition. Interesting race season rules, that's great.
Jay Eff
Jay Eff 14 дней назад
I'm with Paul (see below). This vid talks about harmful emissions generated during the use of each vehicle by simply taking into account the amount of emissions generated to charge a battery versus how much emissions is produced by an internal combustion engine when it's burning gas, assuming that the fuel for the power plant is already in the boiler and the gas for the car is already in the tank. I'd like to see an updated video that talks about the emissions produced by an electric vehicle that factors in the emissions produced by the mining and transportation of the fuel for the power plant that's charging the battery, versus the emissions produced by a gas-powered vehicle that includes the emissions produced by the drilling/pumping of the crude oil, shipping, refining, transportation, and burning of the gas in the gas-powered vehicle. If I had to guess, I'd still think the e-vehicle is the greener thing to drive.
Dennis Uerling
Dennis Uerling 14 дней назад
This is well thought out. However, there is one MASSIVE thing that electric car supporters forget. If people started to switch to electric cars in volume, all of the equations change. It takes time to find optimal locations for wind and solar. Hydro dams alter the environment as well. All of these can take time to build and meet with lots of resistance and cost quite a bit in terms of fossil fuel to build. That means if we start to switch to electric cars in volume there are only 2 easy solutions to provide that electricity. The first is to burn fossil fuels to make the electricity. This negates the reason to buy an electric car. The second is to make more nuclear plants. Unfortunately, nuclear power mishaps (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima) make people resistant to this as well. My point is that until people can decide on a way to significantly increase the production of electricity without burning fossil fuels, switching to electric cars remains a mistake. However, it is a mistake made with good intentions. Perhaps we can use those good intentions to pave a road somewhere. . . . .
Fam Gathering International
Fam Gathering International 15 дней назад
Will you do a video like this for comparing bio fuels like bio diesel and bio diesel mixed comp w electrics et all? For some reason, growing rape seed oil, hemp oil crops amd generating low carbon fuels are not getting anymore attention. Why? I say the industries still want us addicted to their products vs going back to what we already know is the safest, easiest, cheapest, easiest to convert stations to, best utility, eco, green fuel systems, uses, storage etc like bio fuels. This is not even including that we can also use both virgin oils and recycled oils ... and turn them easily into clean methyl esters like bio diesel. Just saying.
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