Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted

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Are Electric Cars Greener Than Gasoline Powered Cars?
The Facts About Electric Cars & The Environment - Sponsored by FE
What Happens To Old EV Batteries? ruvid.net/video/video-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
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Electric cars are touted as a solution for reducing emissions and improving the environmental impacts of transportation, but are electric cars actually any better for the environment than gasoline cars? This video looks to answer three main questions:
1) Doesn't EV battery production cause a lot of emissions?
2) Don't electric cars get their power from fossil fuels?
3) Isn't lithium mining terrible for the environment?
MIT Emissions Study - bit.ly/2zeYfqd
Cradle To Grave Emissions Estimates - bit.ly/2rEhB4D
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (Low) - bit.ly/2yGoEh8
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates - bit.ly/2yoX6hC
Vehicle Production Emission Estimates (High) - bit.ly/2dhB1Tu
EV Battery Production Emissions - bit.ly/2yCMwSY
End Of Life Emissions - bit.ly/2ETHh77
Annual Vehicle Use Emissions - bit.ly/2Sxo65K
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Oct 31, 2018

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Comments 8 922
Engineering Explained
Hope everyone's having a great day! I put a ton of time into researching this video, and was surprised numerous times to learn about the differences in lifecycle emissions between gasoline cars and electric cars. It's a fascinating subject and I'm sure we can keep the discussion below civil! (That was a joke 😜). If you were curious about the battery video referenced towards the end, here's the link: ruvid.net/video/video-1mXSMwZUiCU.html
Shaque Johnson
I watched a video that came to the same conclusion a while ago. Great research. He did multiple cars including a longe range tesla. You were pretty much on par with each other
GEORGELET4 3 days ago
All starts with accepting that CO2 is harmful.
Quintinohthree 5 days ago
@Brian Patrick Good, if biodiesel can be an effective and efficient carbon-neutral and non-polluting method of storing solar energy, then I'm sure we will see fossil-fuel fed powerplants be converted into biodiesel powerplants which together with hydroelectric, wind and solar energy systems will power our cars.
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick 6 days ago
@Quintinohthree try looking at B100. It's biodiesel and carbon neutral. Diesel engines burning b100 are future and it can be made from any organic matter. There are plants that grow anywhere that make huge amounts of fuel. Electric cars unless produce carbon emissions that bio diesel because every atom of carbon in bio fuel was pulled from the air by plants and in many cases more CO2 is removed from the air than is produced by burning fuel made from the plants. Coconut and date palms make tons of fuel and because only the seed is used the tree goes on sucking up CO2 and storing it while producing O2.
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick 6 days ago
@mkrakoff you need to check out b100. It's a clean 100% renewable fuel that burns in any diesel engine. It's carbon neutral something electric generation from NG can't claim.
Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes 11 hours ago
The video makes it plain that electric cars may not be as bad for the environment as conventional cars, but are still bad for the environment.
ThePortuguesePlayer 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who wonders how TF they dispose of batteries at their end of life? For me, that part alone is the whole point.
Donatas Azaravičius
Environment. Environment. Environment. How come no one talks about people? Production of cars, be it electric car or gasoline car are produced somewhere far, far a way from most people and towns. So to people important are not production, but usage pollution. Is it better for gasoline cars to produce pollution in town where you live and you breathe all this pollution to your lungs and die from lungs cancer, or is it better to have electric car which do not produce any pollution to town where you live. And you can breath clean air and live healthy and long life? So, what's better? To die from lungs cancer or live healthy and long life?
Donatas Azaravičius
@Kiui Yes, people are depended on the environment, but if someone only talks about global environment and not a word about local environment I don't think they depend on environment. Because town is closes environment to most people. P.S. I will never believe electric car pollute more than gasoline cars.
Kiui 11 hours ago
Well, people are very dependent on the environment, thats why. I see your point though
John Geier
John Geier 14 hours ago
The main benefit of electric vehicles would be to reduce photochemical smog in large cities. The benefits (greening of the planet and increased agricultural yields) of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels outweigh the risks. All life on this planet is based on the same carbon based self replicating molecules and it is ludicrous to regard carbon dioxide as pollution.
Doug Grinbergs
Doug Grinbergs 17 hours ago
9:02 interesting stats. Map: which is greener in your state - EV, PHEV, hybrid?
Nick P
Nick P 20 hours ago
Even if the electric is generated from coal, electric vehicles are still cleaner. Watch the union of concerned scientists to get the real facts
Joseph Domingo Ensano
If you included the CO2 emissions of battery production, you should have compared it to C02 emissions of Gasoline production. It won't be fair not to include both, what powers each vehicle.
Corn Dog
Corn Dog 23 hours ago
How can you use only those two variables for your equation? There are many more variables to consider. This 'myth busted' thing is not very honest.
Ashley Law
Ashley Law 23 hours ago
Yes. Yes they are. Wake up. We are being pushed into yet another. Destruction economics strand. And we will be kept as energy slaves - paying highly for it.
Crackles McFarly
AND if you environmentalists would allow about 20 NEW nuclear power plants to be built in America we could start to end our need to burn ANYTHING to produce electricity. Wind doesn't blow 20% of the day and the solar panels do nothing at night and NO we are not storing energy in giant batteries either..please educate yourselves!!! BTW - I noticed you skipped right over what happens when millions switch to electric cars? ANSWER:You would have to produce more power, but guess which type..see you skipped that!
Heidi Elle
Heidi Elle Day ago
So the transport of gas provides a lot of jobs. What about pipelines? Does anyone understand that green depends on CO2, because Carbon Dioxide is an essential building block of all plant life on Earth? If we want to green our planet we will need MORE carbon dioxide because, along with water, and sunlight, it is an essential part of photosynthesis, which is how plants produce chlorophyll (the green stuff). According to Dr. William Happer of Princeton University we need to be more concerned about a dearth of CO2 than a surfeit. Carbon Dioxide is NOT the enemy of plants. It is part of their life cycle.
eatemad fanaee
eatemad fanaee 9 hours ago
water is essential for any form of life we know still people drown in water these two things are irrelevant
Bear up
Bear up Day ago
electric cars are great if you stay on the road and keep to the cities but not worth much if you want to go into the wilderness
Frostacious Day ago
Your 13:00 minute conclusion saying there not worse when just admitting that most electrical energy is derived by coal. Lol. Fyi last time a checked the globe is getting greener do to.....dun dun dun CARBON. I found out in 3rd grade that trees love carbon, but I'm just saying.
Tomias Thexder
Tomias Thexder 2 days ago
The elephant in the room is that if everyone switched to electric vehicles, there would be insufficient power in the grid to charge. EV's are for hipsters who like to feel good about themselves pretending they care about the environment. The same people who wear designer jackets made in third world countries where chemicals are washed down rivers.
Tomias Thexder
Tomias Thexder 2 days ago
What about when your electric vehicle has an accident/breakdown, and you have to hire a car for 15 weeks to wait for it to get fixed (cough cough Tesla) - typically the hire of a gasoline car.....what about the electricity to dispose or recycle the battery? So many variables.
Nat 2 days ago
Electric cars main flaw right now is still the battery cost. They have an expected life span of about 10 years and at that point nobody wants to spend approximately $10,000 (for a leaf battery) on a car that might be worth $10,000 if your lucky. Right now when I go search Nissan leaf’s for sale 2011 leaf’s are around $8,000.......the cost of a new battery.......without the install costs..... That being said, they will get better, and more efficient. I think they are definitely the future of cars with the technology we have now. But right now they are still throw away cars after about ten years because from a financial standpoint you are better off buying a new car once your battery dies after (hopefully) ten years. At least with a gas car you can buy a used engine from a wrecked vehicle. You don’t want to touch a battery from a wrecked EV
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry 2 days ago
Dude, that was awesome, excellent break down, very helpful
sebastiaan bernardo
and you forgot the fact that an ev car lives three times longer that an ice car because of much less parts. You only have to change the battery. That will change your equation drastically.
ThePortuguesePlayer 12 hours ago
Tell that to my 19 and 24 years old cars that haven't had much maintenance because there's not many electronics.
Eugene A.
Eugene A. 2 days ago
So there are a couple of scenarios where electric cars are easily far more dirty. One is your average church-going granny that drives the car a few miles couple of times a week. Another, similar scenario are collector/leisure vehicles which spend most of the time in the garage. Obviously this is a silly case for an electric car because there is nothing collectible about a boring appliance. But we can argue for argument's sake. At 2-3K miles per year it'll take decades to offset initial production pollution factor of the electric car. But the question is this - if the new generation cars are touted to be better at everything how come they're actually the worst in these case?
michael notas
michael notas 2 days ago
I still dont believe this, i know while the electric cars are driving around they released no emissions, but if you go on a long road trip you will have to fill up your gas tank about every 3 hours and the electric has to charge for about 3 hours, that means instead of those lousy carbon emissions being released out of a tailpipe for 3 hours they are being released from a coal factory for about 3 hours. This obviously doesn't include the multitude of other reasons these cars are worse
Peter Cann
Peter Cann 6 hours ago
I think I would be more likely to trust the guy who has all the numbers rather than just you and your assumptions.
GEORGELET4 3 days ago
All starts with accepting that CO2 is harmful.
Avi Vishwakarma
Avi Vishwakarma 3 days ago
V just need a arc reactor TONY MAKE A CAR power from arc reactor ........ ooooh TONY IS DEAD 😭😰😨 VR screwed....
Nikita Nosov
Nikita Nosov 3 days ago
what about maintenance? emission vehicles require a lot more maintenance. not to mention they break down more often because of the moving parts. and what about the constantly dropping battery potential in an EV ? How much energy does it take to make 1 litre of oil? what about transporting tons of gasoline across all of the gas stations?
Frank N.Stein
Frank N.Stein 3 days ago
Carbon dioxide isn't pollution, its life
Jovert L Garotti
Jovert L Garotti 3 days ago
What they do with the used batteries? Send to the outer space?
Charles Pratt
Charles Pratt 3 days ago
Could you do another example. Perhaps replacing your mower with electric to offset your carbon usage. Rather than a highly subsidized electric vehicle. Thank you.
Tyler Warrener
Tyler Warrener 4 days ago
Some one changing the feedback of me
Bebop 4 days ago
I would tend to say that if it feeds plants, it is not pollution. CO2 is plant food. Sorry to bust the emission metric. CO2 is irrelevant to measure pollution. This is also why the planet has gotten greener and greener .
ShiaLaBluff 4 days ago
The planet has gotten greener and greener?
Tyler Warrener
Tyler Warrener 4 days ago
Think about it clearly there are few resources for different types of electric there's hydro current wind power and soler power coal and gas which one do you want I'm working with magnets power but get what the mitatals are going to get rarer as the people and dogs and birds kill each other what harm are a few birds man torture there own speeches lions kill other lions so what I'm getting at just be grateful with what you got
Tyler Warrener
Tyler Warrener 2 days ago
ShiaLaBluff I'm trying to make a point that even though there's pollution the world will be alright and there are few resources for different types of power
ShiaLaBluff 4 days ago
What are you even trying to communicate?!
Babe Taylor
Babe Taylor 4 days ago
Just walk
David Wilson
David Wilson 3 days ago
But then you have to eat more food to replace those lost Calories. How much CO2 will that extra food require for production, shipping, etc? 😉
Nero Mastic
Nero Mastic 4 days ago
To my sand point of view. E-cars sure are more eco friendly. Nobody looked at how much you need to make a new car in all these centuries. Now you get a lot of information from the internet and see just this lithium farming and how "bad" it is. Look back at the really old years where people were making a tone of cars and driving it untill today. This is more green then building a consumption car in all these years. What we don't need is coal factory to produce energy. As you have unlimited power from the Sun (Solar),Wind (Wind turbines) and water/rivers (Hydroplants) 3 sources of power and coal is 1 huge negative downgrade. Because here in Germany the power is green and people are trying to stop the coal industry.
CrimsonEclipse5 3 days ago
> here in Germany the power is green and people are trying to stop the coal industry. Aren't you guys legislating against fission plants now though (or maybe that was France, I can't remember)? Seems a bit backwards imo, but then again I'm from Australia where we're happy to export our huge uranium reserves but never actually use it for power, instead opting for >90% fossil fuel power because that's so much "cleaner" than a little bit of spent uranium we can easily dispose of in the desert...
Jimb0tr0n 4 days ago
What happens when batteries lose their efficiency by being in extreme temperatures? It's curious the northern states looked so much better for EVs when I've heard and read that extreme cold reduces performance on Li-ion batteries. Similarly extreme heat will reduce battery life. EVs may be more environmentally friendly, but I'm not sure they are more cost effective.
rick coleman
rick coleman 4 days ago
How are batteries fully recyclable? Plastic carbon fiber parts not as recyclable recyclable as steel aluminum 6 to 8 years for batteries and internal combustion engine can last many more years. KW usage is about the same as gas german scientists say they are worse for the environment.
Engineering Explained
Huh? You know plastic is recyclable yeah? And that they’re far, far more efficient from a KWH standpoint. “German scientists” is nor a source. :)
Murray Sewell
Murray Sewell 5 days ago
But hydro power does much environmental damage from upsetting the natural flow of the river. River sand does not reach the coast, providing a natural barrier and the coasts take a pounding.
Jacob Van Niekerk
Electric cars powered by nuclear plants would be a dream come true
Kévin Munch
Kévin Munch 4 days ago
This is called France
Jan Trommelen
Jan Trommelen 6 days ago
Your car isn’t the problem. To reduce your CO2-emission as a individual consumer you should avoid flying and eat less meat and dairy products. All the rest is up to the power companies. They should stop burning coal and natural gas.
Jerri Kohl
Jerri Kohl 6 days ago
The fundamental flaw with this analysis is that, other than the mining for materials for the battery, the only bad effect on the environment from car and battery production and gasoline burning and electricity generation is the CO2 that they produce. This is extremely myopic, and the problem when climate change becomes the only environmental issue that anyone cares about.
Colin Frampton
Colin Frampton 6 days ago
One thing people dont tell you , it takes over 7 kw of electric to make i liter of petrol
Do you mean 7kwh?
Tyler Warrener
Tyler Warrener 6 days ago
Electric cars aren't bad if your during soler or magnet power or wind power
Babe Taylor
Babe Taylor 4 days ago
Solar and wind are NOT good for the environment. Wind kills bird and the production of solar is extremely toxic.
BlackFiredDragon 6 days ago
Love the video. Wish you had cited sources and went into depth with the numbers behind the mining and drilling argument at the end though
Artur Adam
Artur Adam 8 days ago
Big minus Chris for not mentioning nuclear waste to charge cars, that’s radioactive for about 100.000 years
Håvard Hardy Jørgensen
that is still better waste then the coal and oil plants realese.. do you know how many die from that? And the waste from modern reactors (new type under testing) is only radiactive for about 300 to 500 years. we have even made reactors that runs from the waste of the old reactors.
DuzBee 8 days ago
Half the information you supply is flawed, not accurate ect.
Francis Rivera
Francis Rivera 8 days ago
Where your sources at?
Snickers _
Snickers _ 8 days ago
This niga is 15 and 47
David Beise
David Beise 8 days ago
Everything was going okay but then he used one word that exposed his bias and the wheels started to come off the wagon. The only thing considered in this was environment, not use, not where it's being used, now how inefficient and time consuming they are to charge nor how the batteries hold up at -30. So much left out. :)
Dino Pappous
Dino Pappous 9 days ago
The reason EV's are bad for the environment is because nobody manufactures and sells more EV's than China and their disposal of the old Lithium battery packs is highly suspect.....
mike brink
mike brink 9 days ago
Al Gore's "carbon footprint" is 10,000 times larger than the average persons....How ironic
Jake S
Jake S 8 days ago
mike brink that’s not ironic if he’s using it for good. If I can travel around the world to say 10 countries in a year to speak and get people to be more environmentally friendly, that’s better than me not doing that. But I doubt you care since you just seem to want to make a Tu quo que fallacy
Paul Marvin
Paul Marvin 9 days ago
This man has done his homework. And yet there are 100's of commenters below who are, of course, "experts", but somehow can't spell simple words correctly. All named Dunning or Kruger I suspect?
wynn4578 10 days ago
I appreciate your non biased look at ev vs gasoline but you’ve missed a few things Lithium vs oil - your still pumping oil to produce everything on the car. Even after production both cars will still need oil based products to function. Even electric cars use plastics grease gear oil and tires EVERYTHING your car is made of needs or needed oil to be made and maintained. Ev cars are no exception. However lithium is not so ingrained in gasoline cars. The batteries themselves won’t last beyond about 3 years at best if you drive your car regularly. And by the end of that 3 year mark you can expect somewhere around 60% of the mileage from a full charge You mentioned that ev cars will last longer due to less moving parts HOWEVER most newer cars don’t die because of engine failure. A decently maintained engine these days will last several hundred thousand miles yet the car (drive train,bushings,electrical connectors) will begin to deteriorate. Lastly the average consumer trades in their car roughly every 3 years anyway so while they may not be replacing those worn out ev batteries they are still buying a new car and the lot that picked up their old ev will replace the batteries before reselling which makes me think of one last thing and this is more of a question because I don’t know...what happens to all of those bad batteries? Landfill?
Webe Free
Webe Free 9 days ago
@wynn4578 Yep, they take the Coal Ash and Garbage waste and dump that on top of the old East Hartford Dump, Tin cans don't Burn well!
wynn4578 10 days ago
Someone should mention that to the 3 major landfills (1 in Texas and 2 to n Oklahoma) that I know of not to mention their hubs. Incinerating waste may have the advantage of producing electricity but waste transposed is still waste in another form.
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
We got rid of all the Landfills in the 1980's, now they BURN the Garbage mixed with Coal to Produce Electricity!!!!!
Raul ODonnal
Raul ODonnal 10 days ago
come on, obviously pro electric in every assumption, cant do that and call yourself unbiassed .
Ed M
Ed M 10 days ago
nafreehc 10 days ago
Which of the two kinds of cars are going to look better for the environment to those who have to deal with the remnants several hundred years from now?
John Haselden
John Haselden 11 days ago
The Snake Pit
The Snake Pit 11 days ago
I dont even have to see more That 1.34 min and you know where This joker is going, man are all these Ted talks paid disinfo agents, it gets dummer and dummer the closer you get to agenda 21, habitat 3 and the New Urban agenda..
The Snake Pit
The Snake Pit 11 days ago
Dude your forgeting all the data the car are sending and reseving every minut cuz New electric car are self drive 5g C02 earth killers with Giant Data centers saving all your Data
The Snake Pit
The Snake Pit 11 days ago
Its takes the life time to break even , everybody knows this , get the f out of here
prasanna VK
prasanna VK 11 days ago
Can you also integrate nuclear contaminations and give a clear environment exposure
prasanna VK
prasanna VK 9 days ago
@Paul Marvin yes, thats what the things is, improvements is good, acutally great, but nuclear energy is slowly becoming ultimate probable source of daily electricity. Carbon emmisions might be the hot topic but its just one part of the human parasitic nature towards our own habitat
Paul Marvin
Paul Marvin 9 days ago
Strictly speaking nuclear puts about zero CO2 in the atmosphere. Disposing of the waste is another issue (and potentially a bad one but not from a greenhouse gas point of view)
Douglas Ferguson
Douglas Ferguson 11 days ago
You forgot the energy of producing batteries for electric cars.
Andrew 10 days ago
did i just watch a different video or...
Norris 11 days ago
As a half decent electrical engineer, I appreciate you using facts to support your point. In fact, I did not think you were making a point but, presenting facts. I did not check your facts or look at your links. As a "half decent" engineer, I will just take your word for it.
Lars 11 days ago
Good Video--very informative. Wish results had included more details about hybrid vehicles.
eDrive 8 days ago
hybrid vehicles are not good, because you need both technologies 100%. The electric car is actually a very simple technique, only the battery is the huge thing. The internal combustion cars need a lot of technique and parts, what isn't needed in an electric car.
Peter Bestajovsky
Peter Bestajovsky 11 days ago
I did a similar thought experiment incorporating my love of old trucks. I bought an old truck for my 3k mile a year needs. I do need to haul for work, but within a relatively small area so my needs are low mileage. I assume a new (more efficient) truck costs 17 tonnes to produce, and consumes 3.5 tonnes a year at my usage, and the old one I bought costs 0 tonnes to produce (it's already there and would probably have been junked if I didn't buy it) and uses 4.5 tonnes per year since it's old. I could drive that old truck for 18 years before a new truck had caught up to it in terms of carbon emissions. And probably I can keep the old one running 18 years, the new one... I don't know. Lots of fancy electronics that can fail in these new EPA approved low emissions builds... at some point the lower life expectancy from higher complexity actually results in negative returns and I think we have reached that point. Maybe electric trucks will take over one day, which is fine by me (if they figure out the battery degeneracy issue those trucks could last a looong time). But I think they should stop ratcheting down on gasoline and diesel eco requirements. We've squeezed as much water from that rock as we're going to get.
Magnum Muscle
Magnum Muscle 11 days ago
The video is based on a false premise. Neither are harmful to the environment. There is no evidence that humans are "destroying the earth" or that carbon dioxide harms anything. Man made global warming and climate change are ploys to increase government tyranny and to fleece the taxpayers.
Sambath Kumaar
Sambath Kumaar 11 days ago
Great analysis. Also have to take into account that policy changes can radically change the method of power generation and create greener electricity thereby reducing the carbon footprint of electric cars even further down.
Perry Vath
Perry Vath 12 days ago
Ride a bike or walk
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
Now that will save Pollution!!!!!
Steve Steve
Steve Steve 12 days ago
You need atleast 300 % more copper in an electric car.
Test Account Please Ignore
@mike perla Internal combustion engine cars also often need to be shipped...? Also often electric cars are made in the place they are sold...? Huh?
Steve Steve
Steve Steve 6 days ago
And whislt copper is plentiful cobalt, lithium etc are not. And unless you power your car via nuke, wind or solar the last two cant bre relied on you just moving the pollution somewhere else. If this is for ruduction of green house gasses its a joke. Climate change pthhhhh.
mike perla
mike perla 6 days ago
As anyone figured in that the electric car is not made here. You must figure in the carbon released during the ship ride from overseas.
Jerri Kohl
Jerri Kohl 6 days ago
@Ian Murray Copper is definitely not cheap. Sure, it's not as expensive as the peak of over $4.50/lb back in Jan/Feb 2011, when people were stealing copper from everything and everywhere, but it's over $2.50 right now, and has been since Nov 2016.
Ian Murray
Ian Murray 7 days ago
Possibly true, did you remember the alternator, but copper is plentiful and cheap.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 12 days ago
I will keep my gas car.
C Davies
C Davies 12 days ago
Love this channel as learn a lot from him. Keep it up buddy..liked and subscribed
Christina Schaefer
Christina Schaefer 12 days ago
The glacier were supposed to melt by now but they have not and Glacier National Park just removed signs stating global warming would melt the glaciers by 2020. People wake up!! Yes we should take care of this plant but you need to realize global warming is a hoax and is all about government control and taxing and are people getting rich off of this
Da D
Da D 12 days ago
I feel like you should have touched on the environmental impact of making fuel (oil refining) when crunching the numbers. only seem fair if you're gonna take into account the carbon produced to supply electricity to an electric car than why not also factor in the carbon produced when refining crude oil.
ShiaLaBluff 4 days ago
@Douglas Ferguson No, this is just wrong. Show me the data that claim a decreasing mean temperature of the athmosphere as this is what we refer to when speaking of global warming. Also noone ever said the environment will turn to venus. It doesn't have to to impact our lifes significantly. Have a look at some paleoclimatic research of what temperatures correlate with the high CO2 amount you spoke of. Then compare those to the estimated risen temperatures we speak of as becoming dangerous. Just because the T-Rex was happy on his tropical earth, humans would be too, you know?
Jerri Kohl
Jerri Kohl 6 days ago
@Douglas Ferguson Yes, the other emissions from ICE and refining crude have a far greater immediate negative impact on the environment, causing air pollution and health problems for all life--including us!
COIcultist 9 days ago
@j s Dependant on what source you read and the figures do vary wildly, the amount ofCO2 absorbed by plants is either the same or far less than that absorbed by sea algae.
j s
j s 10 days ago
@Douglas Ferguson Just guessing here(not trying to be rude), but wouldn't back then there would had been way more plants to take up the co2 and right now we have humans and animals all producing co2 while the plants weren't fighting anything else producing it?
Douglas Ferguson
Douglas Ferguson 11 days ago
But as far as CO2 it is a plant food. Does it really create a run away climate catastrophe? Back when plants came to exist CO2 was 5X what it is now and the environment didn't turn to Venus. And according to measured temperatures since 1900 the extreme temperatures are becoming shorter and with less magnitude.
docmanni 12 days ago
Are you seriously comparing a truck with 530g/mile CO2 emission to an electric car??? Why don't you take e.g. a VW Golf 2.0 TSI? That emits about 240g/mile, or a VW Polo, which is under 150g/mile, even a Ferrari has less than 530g/mile! Is it possible that comparing these very common cars (at least in Europe) to an electric car would render the electric car useless and goes against the message you were supposed to convey? As a matter of fact, a Tesla Model S is not any better in CO2 emissions during usage than said VW Golf. In West Virginia it would be comparable to a BMW M6. No, electric cars are not better for the environment, at least not with the current mix of sources for the production of electricity.
korgmangeek 12 days ago
No, the truck was an example, he is using the average, check 6:31 The truck is above 6 and he is using 5.19 (the average)
Jeff Palmer
Jeff Palmer 12 days ago
laughable video. Many analytics left out, and the biggest thing they exploit (Co2) is meaningless. And for those of you supposed earth lovers, the earth was at its lushest and healthiest when the Co2 levels were a minimum of 600% higher.
ARGOPROVIDS 13 days ago
Not only lithium mining required for ev.
jra ohana
jra ohana 10 days ago
He should've discussed both nickel and cobalt mining. Especially when child labor is exploited.
Magnus Norman
Magnus Norman 13 days ago
5 years to break even!?. Atacama desert. Recycling!? I am a sceptic.
James Thompson
James Thompson 8 days ago
So follow the links to the listed resources and others and see what you find.
Bryan Ball
Bryan Ball 13 days ago
What would help carbon emissions is to standardize the drive train of all vehicles to six types. Where you put any body on top. And to keep the capitalism model of your economy going. Have all the companies competing to win the design contracts every 5 years or so. The winner would get a small cut of some design royalties. And all other manufacturers will have to make that design for that next five years.
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
That wouldn't work, haven't you been on the road, seen all the different size vehicles for different jobs????? What you suggest sounds like Socialism, one size to fit all!!!!
captbiptoe 13 days ago
If you consider the CO2 used to create electricity, shouldn't you have considered the CO2 generated refining oil to gas?
captbiptoe 9 days ago
@Michael maybe. I thought the CO2 on the window sticker was based on gas consumed moving the vehicle.
Michael 9 days ago
I also wonder if that's included in the calculator or not.
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 13 days ago
Yeah sure it takes fossil fuels to charge the battery and stuff... why do you think telsas making things like solar panels too.
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 3 days ago
Webe Free I didn’t realize what you were saying when you said you see all but I get it know. What state are you in? I check and see if there’s super chargers within fricking 300 miles of people’s houses because if you own one you’ll have one at your house too, in fact you’ll have a charger everywhere you go actually because you can just plug it in to any outlet.
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 5 days ago
Webe Free your also saying gas cars are better but methane is bad and gas cars produce methane whenever you drive them which is 13,000 miles a year. Or as the person without a source says... 20,000 miles a year which is even worse
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 5 days ago
Webe Free are you fighting your self? Your saying you burn coal a lot which releases nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter , mercury, and dozens of other substances known to be hazardous to human health, which you apparently say is good for some reason. Then you say Methane is bad(I’m not saying it isn’t, because it is).
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 5 days ago
Webe Free do I know anyone in China?
ThatOneWindow !
ThatOneWindow ! 5 days ago
Webe Free yeah cause you don’t know anything about electric cars and yes I do know who the break jammer is... you because you don’t need to hit the brake in electric cars.
M M 13 days ago
Most of the Americans these days trade the car within 5y, therefore, on average, the electric car will never be greener
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
Really, Most Americans can't afford a $50 Thousand Dollar New Car every 5 years, and they are JUNK!!!!!
kevin Rotge
kevin Rotge 13 days ago
I will stick with gasoline because I like modifying my cars Plus EV cars or to dam quit for me, and I don't think comparing a trucks emission to an EV car is a fair comparison. You need to compare car to car and truck to truck for one they don't even have ev trucks yet. not to mention you can't take long trips in EV car yet you will get stranded on the road due to no place to recharge the batt. it will be a very very long time before I ever buy an EV car Hope to die before I have too! I love your videos but in this case, I don't agree with you. because of the web site, those web sites are biased towards ev for one all the dem have much money into the EV car if they don't work they all are going to go broke. and if you are like me if you can only afford one car having an EV is a bad IDEA! as my friend found out when you like taking road trips. P.S I don't trust the EPA. To me, they are l lying sack of government ran trash.
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
How do you Modify a new car that is Completely Controlled by the Computer, My 98 wasn't that easy as it was to do with the 60's & 70's models, but most of it was LYING to the Computer to go from 175hp to 260+hp, 18 Miles a Gallon to 23+ Miles a Gallon, the Car Company's are Screwing the American People, they know how to make these cars better, but they won't, but they will charge you Top Dollar for their JUNK!!!!
Andrew Mack
Andrew Mack 14 days ago
The biggest problem is that modern cars (Gasoline and Electric) are now disposable goods designed and built with a limited time life span, unlike most older vehicles which had a much longer life span. The only people that benefit from cars being disposable are the manufacturers.
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
You said it Sir, the new cars Rot from within, they use Junk Steel to build them and then Charge Top Dollar for their JUNK!!!
Shamano Prime
Shamano Prime 14 days ago
Why not bring up the emissions used to transport gasoline to all gas stations?
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
That's done with Diesel Trucks that Burn Cow & Pig Piss now to meet the EPA Regs, I bet the Lefty Loons don't know what they are Breathing.....LOL!!!!!
Saskia van Houtert
Saskia van Houtert 14 days ago
I will stay drive a gasoline car nevertheless I also like an electric car, thanks for explanation.
Alex The Butcher
Alex The Butcher 14 days ago
1969 Dodge Charger
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
440 4bbl 13.0 sec in the 1/4mi......I got a 3.9L Dodge 2001 Pick Up to do the same with a few Tweaks, only Roller Rockers inside the Motor, V-8 Throttle Body and open the exhaust up so it can Breath, a few tweaks with the Computer and Off Ya Go!!!!
D 14 days ago
You also missed another factor. The footprint of the fueling stations and fuel delivery. The trucks, gas stations, employees and their footprints vs the charging terminal. Also, these numbers have changed greatly. In the past it was far in favor the gasoline car. Economy of scale is changing that quickly.
Daniel Newell
Daniel Newell 14 days ago
How long does it take for a battery to be fully decomposed?
Webe Free
Webe Free 10 days ago
But every 3 years the cost to Replace them is equal to replacing a Motor or Tranny!!!!
Daniel Newell
Daniel Newell 13 days ago
@cbr from what I've heard that's not the case with batteries of that size, however that would be amazing.
cbr 13 days ago
@Daniel Newell Yes, most of a battery can actually be recycled. As far as I know there are already battery prototypes that can be recycled 100% into new batteries. Pretty crazy.
Daniel Newell
Daniel Newell 13 days ago
@cbr you can recycle batteries?
cbr 13 days ago
it is recycled, not decomposed.
donderlittich 14 days ago
Its a shame you completly disregard car disposal, since that is also part of the lifecycle.
donderlittich 14 days ago
@D However even in assuming 0 and 100% recycling rates the, impact on the co2 budget will still be very significant. It will be one of the major disadvantages of ev vehicles.
D 14 days ago
It is also the most variable part. Most components can be recycled, but not all always are. If you assumed a percentage, and then assumed the efficiency of the recycling facility including transportation costs. Then you would have a number.
J F 14 days ago
You should split the ICE into two groups like you did for EV. One for something like a Fiesta and another for a Mustang GT.
J F 11 days ago
S Tho Amen. Also all emissions are not equal. Oil drilling vs open pit mining. Carbon vs heavy metals.
S Tho
S Tho 11 days ago
J F. Yes they like to compare pineapples to apples. I drove an F150 or Dodge Charger and my Tesla 3 is far more efficient and cheaper to run. Seems a fair comparison. Cost vs a Civic or Fiesta to a Tesla with purchase, yearly maintenance, tires, insurance, additional Tesla accessories, and the Fiesta being 4c a mile. RUvid is a selling and discontentment machine for the Brave New World. Time for you to dig deep and buy four times the car you need. Cause...green.
Brian Prendota
Brian Prendota 14 days ago
I think you missed missed one point in your estimate, record cold weather is the 2018 winter. Electric cars use more energy in the fall and winter. How much mileage do you use for your heater, heated seats, using your headlights more etc. They estimate Teslas mileage instead of 250 to 300 miles dropped into the 130 mile range. You mean to tell me your going to drive without using your defroster or headlights to save energy. The US has a lot of cold weather states. Who is going to purchase these cars? So your 5 to 7 year estimate is probably correct before the spin. It's like the original estimate on hybrid cars vs gas powered cars. It would take 7ish years to equal the gas mileage between the 2 cars to offset the $8000ish cost difference between the cars. What it boils down to is but electric because you want to, if you want to save the earth, don t drive.
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer 14 days ago
If your so worried about your emissions from commuting, get a motorcycle or a scooter. I built a moped a few years back with one of those Chinese two stroke bike engines that got over 100 mpg. The insurance and registration on it would have been negligible as well, had I finished it to the point that I could register it before it was destroyed. I never got to get my cute little moped plates. 😢
rangemog21 15 days ago
Blablabla about cars because they are the poluters... Oeps, no, not that much as they want us to believe . Cleaning products and the harm to the envirement and the so called climat change are badly under estimated at the same level as the damage of cars is over estimated. Why you have too look for this " news " with verry good glasses . Whyle cleaning products are only using 3 % of the oil that's pumped up. Because the cleaning products can't be dirty, or the firms who produce them or it's easyer to live without cars then without cleaning products ? Why are they staying under the radar of all those so called cientists ? And there clean believers ???? And yes about cars, how clean is the electricety you put in it. How is that made and the faciletys made to produce it. Everybody calculates, but never deep or far enough, because that's too complicated. How clean is a water turbine, thats made of steel to produce electricety whyle the workers from the factory show up every morning in there big SUV or trcuks, powered by diesel ???? And barbeque in the weekend and start that fire with lamp petrol ???? Putting an existing electric engine in a dieselcar and load the battery's with your own solar panels is better for the climat then producing new cars. One problem, the governements mis the tax money on new cars. And the tax on electricety, and the tax on workers wages, and compagny tax and, and, and... The trow away society for saving the climat. First we used things as long as they where doing what they where made for. Then we have put a lot of items under the rouling of fashion, and now things has to be trowen away for the climat.
Richard Schaefer
Richard Schaefer 15 days ago
Lot of lead and gases involved...nothing is clean. Even horses leave a poop trail.
DataLog 15 days ago
You didn't take concentration in account. A scientist would always consider whether there is difference in impact of CO2 released immediately vs CO2 released slowly. Maybe it is better to release more CO2 over longer period of time than less CO2 but in short burst. I'm not saying that's true, but it is necessary for the final conclusion.
Hannes Coetzee
Hannes Coetzee 15 days ago
Try hydrogen, it'll outperform the battery cars.
nikki calow
nikki calow 15 days ago
In the Jiangxi rare earth mine in China, Abraham writes, workers dig eight-foot holes and pour ammonium sulfate into them to dissolve the sandy clay. Then they haul out bags of muck and pass it through several acid baths; what’s left is baked in a kiln, leaving behind the rare earths required by everything from our phones to our Teslas. At this mine, those rare earths amounted to 0.2 percent of what gets pulled out of the ground. The other 99.8 percent-now contaminated with toxic chemicals-is dumped back into the environment. That damage is difficult to quantify, just like the impact of oil drilling.
halfasheep 11 days ago
@Christopher Both pollute. Cobalt mining is yet another issue. Powering billions of ppl via solar and batteries comes with environmental costs we are perhaps yet to witness. Both industries pollute unfortunately.
Christopher 11 days ago
Right and fracking for oil and gas doesn’t produce sludge and standard oil extraction doesn’t produce ponds full of horrible pollution. Biased facts.
paulbendel 15 days ago
What about a summary of emissions of cars by the states that they are actually in? For instance if the majority of electric cars are east/west coast, how is that affecting the national total?
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor 15 days ago
Excellent video but there are some other factors to consider. 1) IC cars have about 900 moving parts and Electric cars have only 1 therefore less impact on environment during manufacturing and disposing. This also includes the engine oil, transmission oil etc 2) The IC cars can't get any more efficient significantly at least from now on but the Electric cars have huge room for improvement. Therefore more miles with less juice. 3) The energy source in general is getting greener and greener and therefore making electric cars greener. 4) Also zero emissions have direct impact on people as they are constantly exposed to vehicles.
nafreehc 10 days ago
Only 1 moving part? Which one did you choose - the steering wheel???
tpsu129 15 days ago
How efficient is it to ride your bike 33 miles in for work?
EastBay Nate
EastBay Nate 15 days ago
mechanical cars are at their peak or near peak of efficiency, tesla and other electric car makers have so much room for improvement and batteries will get even better too. Ev’s are going to be way more efficient in the future than a mechanical car could ever be.
Salted Potato Gaming
Cryha87 15 days ago
If you really care that much then either walk or use public transport
VoltecRules 16 days ago
Why compare the large battery with the average ice car? Large battery vs a pickup truck is more accurate.
cbr 13 days ago
Tech Author
Tech Author 16 days ago
Please, not 'carbon emmisions', its carbon dioxide. Now, what do CO2 emmision hve to do with anything??
aerodicus 16 days ago
Okay, now how about addressing the worst environmental concern: rare earth mining for the magnets that propel the ev.
halfasheep 16 hours ago
@Christopher At the moment, manufacture of "renewable energy" sources is done within the construct of relatively low costs via fossil fuels. We surely all know fossil fuels have their problems via extraction processes, pollution etc. Many of us recognise that scaling up mining industries in an attempt for complete "renewable energy" economies may have it's own issues once mass scale kicks in. Mining for materials such as Cobalt, Nickel, Lithium etc. Claims of being able to recycle certain elements is one thing, but when put into practice it can be another. There are many written articles that bring these aspects into question. "In May 2016, Phalodi in Rajasthan recorded India's highest-ever temperature of 51 Celsius (123.8 Fahrenheit)." (Phys . org - June, 2, 2019) - Hmm? the decade of the 1930s saw very high recorded heat measures. Nasa actually manipulated their US temperature graphs around 1999 so that the temperatures of the 1930s were lowered! The EPA still maintains those high recorded heats of the dustbowl era. India was reported to have a 124 deg Fahrenheit temperature in 1935 by The Canberra Times. Heat of that magnitude in India from the 1930s is not surprising. High heats in India as of late, are surely nothing new.
Christopher 21 hour ago
halfasheep the quantity of rare earth elements is a tiny amount compared to oil. Once you have the element it lasts for 10 years of more. And then it can be recycled into a new battery. Oil products are consumed, produce green houses gases and then you need them over and over every day. Not a reasonable comparison at all.
doxdox13 Day ago
Yeah, you know what coal mining does to the environment?
halfasheep 11 days ago
@Christopher We would be moving from the "mass extraction" of various materials (oil industry) to the "mass extraction" of other various materials (battery industry). On a planet of with billions of people, scale matters. This is why some people are sceptical about shifts in mining or extraction due to battery requirements. Cobalt extraction comes to mind also.
Christopher 11 days ago
Sorry but mass oil extraction is far more destructive than rare earth mining. And rare earth mining doesn’t generally produce huge amounts of green house gases. Do you work in the oil industry?
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