Are Dolphins OP? | The Whale Tier List

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Cetaceans are some of the most uniquely powerful builds in the history of the game, with some abilities even humans envy.
Dolphin Echolocation: ruvid.net/video/video-28Ap4ove3Fg.html
Dolphin vs Shark: ruvid.net/video/video-roQFUWTCUf0.html
Boto Dolphin: ruvid.net/video/video-Yty9Zf8ie2g.html
Also Boto Dolphin: ruvid.net/video/video-ZCJgvabihQ8.html
CGI Whale Vs Giant Squid: ruvid.net/video/video-g7A-M4yyjwc.html
Orca Throws Seal: ruvid.net/video/video-G7WGIH35JBE.html
Orca Baits Bird: ruvid.net/video/video-20LYKnFryns.html

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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Tommy Rasmussen
Tommy Rasmussen 6 hours ago
i thought it said the whale tale list
DawnfireGalinndan 12 hours ago
"Orcas are the most disrespectful BM players in the history of Outside." I lost it. I fucking lost it. All of the other game terms and references got a chuckle from me, but I had to pause and rewatch that bit 4 times before I stopped laughing.
ATS 12 hours ago
Damn ur transitions into sponsors are smooth af, love the video man
Sarbecue Bauce
There's a guild of orcas playing on the West Coast server that have found an exploit in the great white shark class. They've learned by performing a grab and inverting a shark, they can put it in a trance-like stun. Then, since great whites need to remain mobile to breathe, the orcas hold their opponent until they manage to perform the game-breaking feat of drowning a fish. The strat is so broken that as soon as other shark players detect shark liver in the water, they immediately quit the server.
meliodas Lol
meliodas Lol Day ago
??? is he talking abute a game?????????????????? or just animals
Che 2 days ago
I can't change my role, do I kill myself?
jack mitchell
jack mitchell 2 days ago
Is this biology for gamers?
Robin Angelo
Robin Angelo 2 days ago
a dude
a dude 2 days ago
I can't wait for humans to be nerfed. Or deleted.
K.K. Slider
K.K. Slider 3 days ago
Hey, can someone ask the devs to nerf the orca’s up throw?
Zeta-9 Commander
Zeta-9 Commander 4 days ago
Ahhh yes the *ahem* “hand fish”
Ray 4 days ago
2:22 "Mr.Krabs? I havent heard that name in a long time."
Anarcho- Capitalistball
Tier zoo is just butthurt over being spawn killed by whale mains
Placid 4 days ago
Sperm wales also have a funny name so humans are distracted and say “nice” and gives it time to escape
ByronTG 4 days ago
What is this game that your talking about? The game of life and death?
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
Dolphins are the Captain falcons of the meta.
Ciaran 5 days ago
Octopuses/cuttlefish must have been sooo pissed when cetations turned up or of nowhere with their echolocation which made the hundreds of millions of years worth of evolution points they'd invested in stealth completely useless vs them 1v1.
Nate or Die
Nate or Die 5 days ago
MrWazzasupgee 5 days ago
Wtf this channel is incredible
Galazy Zero
Galazy Zero 6 days ago
Im playing dolphin rn, the high intelligence is nice, and I like the team strategy
♤Luyo 6 days ago
Sperm whales are op Their echo location is so loud and their clicks are loud too,but a bull sperm whale can kill a human bean and stun a giant squid in one hit Just search it up
A K 7 days ago
Anybody else ever look at the tiers and wonder if evolution will legitimately favor those types of animals in the long-term future?
Thank God I’m a Banana
“Humans will acidity the ocean. Ya know. Classic pranks.”
ALTERLEM_FLUX 7 days ago
I am a orca main don't judge meh...
smoke break
smoke break 7 days ago
Me as a crustasian main when I hear this:oh no not this again
SlightlyAsian 9 days ago
Fun fact about bat players that most non bat players get wrong is that they can’t see, in reality, they have amazing eyesight!
Hendrik Enno
Hendrik Enno 10 days ago
You should do a video on the AI class playerbase
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 10 days ago
Can we get a video based around 8:15 and all the main animal groups pictured against each other
The Black And White v.2
3:04 says Boto-cor-de-rosa.
Carl Hultgren
Carl Hultgren 12 days ago
orca main here. just realized we're the yasuo mains (for non lol players, very toxic players) of outside. but i just love messing with people
Animalia's King
Animalia's King 13 days ago
Are TierZoo's sponser transitions OP?
Vsauce Mikàl
Vsauce Mikàl 13 days ago
2:17 when you hear the atomic air raid sirens...
Jospeh Stalin
Jospeh Stalin 13 days ago
orcas are just buff dolphins
The Hammer And Sickle
When you kill phytoplanktons to get a higher K/D...
Jack Kuni
Jack Kuni 13 days ago
How do I play the game
Petter 14 days ago
Some of the music riffs are knicked from the doors aren’t they?
Petter 14 days ago
Riders in the storm
Christian Dela Gente
Why do I always feel weirdly happy when I hear Humans are OP 😂
moose 15 days ago
What game are you talking about
Salvatore Mazzone
Salvatore Mazzone 16 days ago
I can honestly say I Iol anytime you say "in the history of outside"
Ze Bouncy Cow Theo
Ze Bouncy Cow Theo 16 days ago
Real life needs some serious balancing.
Виталий Козьмин
5:22 Haha, Sorry I`m a little russhian
Giant dwarf Giant dwarf
Narwal uses intimidating shout!
Jack Noble
Jack Noble 18 days ago
Jotaro is pleased
Nincotic 19 days ago
Can you suggest a good documentary about the mammal class players entering the ocean and developing the cetacean class?
Andreas karlsson
Andreas karlsson 19 days ago
You really figured out how to make nature interesting! :D
Levferno 19 days ago
Imagine having an ability that throws an entire stat out the window.
gameingwith hyperLT
Bruh your like saying life is a game
Bat 20 days ago
You ever think that TierZoo only says how OP the Human Class is just because he mains it?
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy 20 days ago
I love how he refers to everything in game terms!
Abitamim Bharmal
Abitamim Bharmal 20 days ago
Orcas are atleast as intelligence as bottlenose dolphins. In one study, orcas learned the bottlenose dolphin language. They may even be more intelligent, but they are definitely not less.
Adam Prieto
Adam Prieto 20 days ago
I think he calculates intelligence based on encephalization quotient, in which case orcas usually rank a full point less than bottlenose dolphins. Not trying to bash orcas, just trying to add more context to the puzzle.
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 21 day ago
Orca human pranks: Orca: Haha, I made your ship go in a slightly different direction Humans: Haha, your ocean is now unusable Orca: oh shit--
Ethan Walmsley
Ethan Walmsley 21 day ago
Blue Whale: I'm gonna be the biggest possible charchter choice ok cool, maybe you could wressle with the top tiers and show off your amazing weight class blue whale: nah i'll just eat plankton and not die.
Slime Gamer87
Slime Gamer87 21 day ago
I lost my account and now I'm just a Krill again someone can help me level up again?
Youssef Ahmed
Youssef Ahmed 23 days ago
There is a huge problem with them it is that they can't stay on land but can't breath underwater even seals can stay on land without dying immediately!
Burrito Boi
Burrito Boi 23 days ago
I this an actual game? Cuz if it is I wanna get it
Pene-Petre Luca
Pene-Petre Luca 24 days ago
Nice plug there
Jabroniville 24 days ago
7:30 is plain cheeseball BS- the devs need to remove this playstyle from humans AND orca builds or I'm leaving the meta entirely.
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 24 days ago
Yes, they've got wallhacks
Pipe Bomb
Pipe Bomb 24 days ago
Ah yes, acidifying the ocean, classic pranks.
nyx. 23
nyx. 23 24 days ago
If the whales want to be huge let them be huge they are doing greaaat
Michael Wang
Michael Wang 24 days ago
Click oh no, --------------- clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick
Jellyfish Gumdrop
Jellyfish Gumdrop 24 days ago
So are these lists for a game or is he just making game metaphors for us to understand
Osamon VA
Osamon VA 25 days ago
No gacha whaling jokes? Shame.
Cody 25 days ago
The other day I remember thinking, “if nature were a video game, orcas would be completely overpowered.” Next thing I know RUvid is recommending this channel, and I’m shook.
daniel_960_ 26 days ago
Imagine implementing neuralink into a dolphin. This could offset so many limitations of their form.
Wyatt Scott
Wyatt Scott 26 days ago
I want this to be a real game and it should just be called LIFE and it would be the top game of all time BTW. It should be PC or console but never mobile
badlydrawnjolteon 26 days ago
I'm an orca main myself, not a tier whore though I've been an orca main since the devs released the class, and I didn't even watch the trailer. Just thought it looked cool.
Eduardo J
Eduardo J 26 days ago
You should do a tier-list from the brazilian server: Acre, that state has dinos and humans living together
LuckyTheSage 26 days ago
I love the Runescape ambiance music 💚💚
Kilthan2050 27 days ago
So long, and thanks for all the fish. So sad that it has come to this.
amazingmagic56 27 days ago
"Orca mains are the most disrespectful, BM players in the history of Outside" Looks like we've got ourselves a Seal main right here boys
MuffinSeller 27 days ago
Humans are op
Finn Pom
Finn Pom 27 days ago
Sharks arent smart enough to have the capacity foe evil Cetaceans on the other hand? VERY evil, VERY MUCH SO *Gets hit by an orca* *Gets swallowed by a whale*
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 28 days ago
That dolphin full on body checked that dude off his paddle board for the fuck of it.
Jeny 28 days ago
I flipped over a human’s boat as an orca but they got pressed and started stabbing me with stuff like bro
Channelbelongstous 28 days ago
I can never have enough of the Orca description, that's brilliant!
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan 28 days ago
Smooth transition.
Dang, the whole gaming stat thing got really annoying after a few minutes
gaming and stuff with dinos
Who else wishes dinos were unbanned lol
Sneed hol
Sneed hol 29 days ago
What game is this
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