Are China and the US doomed to conflict? | Kevin Rudd

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The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers - and suggests another narrative.
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Apr 1, 2015

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Comments 6 203
Jim Lord
Jim Lord Hour ago
Chinese are smart they build roads airports and dock's in othere countries just ready to move in, example Sri Lanka.
Carolina QUANONNE 2 hours ago
Noodles chop stick pasta fork twist catch up Italy meat ball oil garden tomato French fri face funny talk invasion pigment eye slant
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 3 hours ago
China will crumble to pieces.
Ruozhao Wang
Ruozhao Wang 4 hours ago
Trade war: Chinese companies: BAN BAN BAN America companies: CRY CRY CRY
Stephen C Yang
Stephen C Yang 5 hours ago
Quite an insightful and thoughtful speech.
Eric S
Eric S 7 hours ago
I think the answer is much simpler. They both have nuclear weapons, so neither side would really want a war. So, if nothing goes badly wrong, there won't be a war.
tractor 8 hours ago
What an idiot ! How stupid TED became !
Harry 8 hours ago
China and the USA could have a cold and Economic war, this is already happening. Military war is not necessary. Soviet and USA had only had a cold war. war.
Toncor12 12 hours ago
China is holding 1.3 Trillion of US debt. It also has no raw materials to speak of. All the US has to do is put its naval fleets around China's shores and nullify its debt to China and China is screwed. China looks prosperous but its real unemployment rate is 14% ( of over a billion people!!) and nearly every one of its millionaires want to emigrate. China is a pack of cards and Trump knows this.
William Wilson
William Wilson 18 hours ago
Had 2 bring up the smoking thing ay
Yuan H
Yuan H 20 hours ago
It is true that ' America' in Chinese is pronouncing MEI GUO, which means a beautiful country in Chinese.
John Mack
John Mack 21 hour ago
China 🇨🇳 is a Marxist, communist country that promotes slavery, censorship and prohibition. China eliminated theology,individual excellence and freedom of expression in its country. America should not be in business with China 🇨🇳!
指仪张 Day ago
18:26 人类梦,President PRC Xi Jin Ping has coined his theme for the future development of the world, its named "Human Destiny Community“ 人类命运共同体。
吃瓜群众 Day ago
Julian Z
Julian Z Day ago
Kevin is really good at politics because he can decorate his real purpose into a dream of all human beings. Applause.
Leon Degrelle ϟϟ
There's also another TED channel who uploaded this video. Yes they will evendually fight each other.
G Lasser
G Lasser Day ago
Excellent presentation of how history repeats itself. The 1,500 million Chinese are not wasting any ressource in offensive weapons because they will still be there no matter how foreign elites try to exploit them... such as Pennies on the Dollar for their bonds in USD to pay for "Made in China". After the artificial USD collapse the world will use a trusted currency. China knows "Pennies on the Dollar" is coming so they are in fact already getting payed with technology transfers to gain real independance. 👍🏻
吴迪 Day ago
这总理太善良 不懂中共的恶
Everything 2 days ago
Yea but the people doesn't run the country. Stupid egotistical politicians does. And all they care about is money and power
Everything 2 days ago
China got a dictator now...
rayober 2 days ago
I'm not sure if Kev would know if his pants were on fire.
Panada Bear
Panada Bear 2 days ago
China and USA will never physically go to war with each other. Ever. But they can become closer and more trusting of each other.
Liew 2 days ago
Physically no It’s in best both countries never go in direct war But funding other proxy wars and trade wars however...l
neville - mladen
neville - mladen 3 days ago
disgusting filthy pig of man
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 3 days ago
We're talking about China taking on the entire set of America and her 50+ allies. It looks like a suicide if you think about it. America is more than ready to protect her national interests through every given means of peace and war like she has in the past. America will not allow a third world country to challenge her global dominance and the main reason China is relevant to date is due to America coming in rescuing China in WW2 & opening her arms for free trade with China.
Azza Paterson
Azza Paterson 3 days ago
Yes some say Kevin Rudd's prime ministership was lacklustre, but remember he did get elected and inherited a huge debt and other issues, he was ousted as has been the strange Australian Political phenomina of being overthrown from within his own party ranks, as has several since. We Aussies vote our leaders in and they are kicked out by their own devisive party members. Truly a web of deceit unknown to most advanced western political systems in Europe and U.S. The U.S. assassinate their Presidents, we Aussies simply boot them out from within their own party ranks!!!!!
Nudi Nudi
Nudi Nudi 3 days ago
The apology did nothing.
Faceofthesun 3 days ago
China has in recent years invested massively in its infrastructure, I don't think that they would risk its total destruction by conflict with a superpower.
Liew 2 days ago
Can say the same for any nuclear power
HAVOK 3 days ago
I'm watching this in June of 2019 and Trump's trade war with China is ramping up. Hopefully this does not lead to military conflict but only time will tell.
返本 3 days ago
So the only solution he offers is for common Chinese people and common American people to have conversations with each other? The problem is not the Chinese people. It is the Communist Party who have victimized the Chinese people. Mutual understanding is great and all, but the CCP is fundamentally evil and there can be no peace while it is still in power.
sundiii99OWS 3 days ago
And unequal wealth also causes division. Most home owners hate renters, and renters hate home owners. So unequal wealth causes hatred, and now we can eliminate unequal wealth, because most money is just numbers in computers, so we can delete money, for the first time in history! But true equality will be when every person has a Guaranteed Residual Income (for now) AND lives in Tower cities connected to maglev Trains, which we need worldwide just to save the Earth, so we must eliminate all vehicles and small houses/buildings, roads, malls, strip malls, lumber, paper, libraries, schools, colleges which teach slavery and are very outdated (and never should have existed), weapons, militaries, clothing manufacturers (there’ll be something better), tobacco (gradually but completely eventually), farms (small and large), lawns (most or all), everything that cannot be recycled), and almost everything. Read “Rogue State” by Blum, and “When Corporations Rule The World.”
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf 3 days ago
doomed?, I welcome war with Communist China
Angus Zhao
Angus Zhao 3 days ago
this guy was PM of AU
OCTOPUSJOE2002 3 days ago
So strange seeing Kevin in this different light these days.
NatLi Daily
NatLi Daily 3 days ago
Watching this in 2019. The solution comes from Australian Modern Prophesy about US_CHINA conflict. Think about the heart if you believe everyone is connected in the world. No one is left alone. Then we think about the new terms of social evolution and cooperation framework.
Ken M3ng
Ken M3ng 4 days ago
After the mega “change“ is the mega hat.
oversteer46 4 days ago
This old lesbian doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Wolfgang Shangase
White men apologizing and gets very few claps.
Dominic Rawstorne
I have been to china and I have been to USA. both economic powers have the worst tourists and the worst systems...but I would side with China
Melva HOU
Melva HOU 3 days ago
A curious question: Why?
bigbike 4 days ago
Lets hope this guy gets it right at the war table , wouldn't want a crucial misunderstanding ! lol.
Russ Brockman
Russ Brockman 4 days ago
I the Chinese. They need to be stopped
Lordcron 4 days ago
I pay attention to details..... One of many videos on this the pecking order. Global dominance/influence.
Luke I
Luke I 5 days ago
This guy is such a hypocrite. He never told the English Australians to no just apologized but give back the stolen land etc.
诚昭曾 5 days ago
BTW, at 6:04 ke sometimes also means "be able to do" especially "do well in" in ancient Chinese, so this name may also mean a person that is able to do well in work about classics.
lol test
lol test 5 days ago
No dogs and no chinese allowed , no wonder they’re pissed
Danial Pham
Danial Pham 5 days ago
It's been a cold war between the 2 since 1975 when the Americans decided to leave Southeast Asia. & with Obama lifting that arms ban for VN, and the Trump administration solidifying their relationships with Korea and Japan, it's really only a matter of time now before they move in and destroy the chicoms. All they are waiting for is the right opportunity at this point. (South China sea *hint hint*)
Owayne R
Owayne R 5 days ago
youtube is left wing'd this popped up in your recommended because they wanted it to it spreads left wing propaganda. well done RUvid
vsl brother
vsl brother 5 days ago
jUST THIS MONTH alone Nationalist populist 500 trillion in the us treasury for america.unlike the used car sales globalist who steal the money from the us and send to bank of china and the clinton foundation that killed the us ambassador and all his staff, stole 25 percent of uranium and even stole 1 billion from the black poor countries like Haiti. All in this money stolen FROM THE US TREASURY.. TRUMP 2020 WE WONT BE FOOLED BY VIDEOS SUCH AS THIS COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK AND OWENS 2024 by the way london is now the rape, stabbing, and with 500 acid attacks just year alone thanks to globalism. WITH 400 000 ISIS TERRORIST ALL LIVING ON THE GOVERNMENT DIME FREE EVERYTHING FOR THEM AND IF YOU COMPLAIN THAT YOU ARE A VICTIM THE SCOTLAND YARD COMES TO YOU HOUSE AND THREATENS YOU WITH ARREST, AND CULTURAL INSENSITIVITY YOU ARE NOT A GOOD HOST AND SHOULD ALLOW FOR THE GIRLS AND BOYS IN YOUR TOWN TO BE GANG RAPED BY JIHADIS
Opera Singer
Opera Singer 5 days ago
If Americans are upset with China and the loss of high paying jobs. Simply stop buying goods from China and stop going with companies that outsource to foreign companies. American consumers created the trade imbalance with China.
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel 5 days ago
We Western World Love Chinese People ,,, But,, Chinese Government Support most non-Sense Person in the world,, ( Pakistan & that small mental) This is why we stay away from china... Whatever world should live with peace.
lol test
lol test 5 days ago
Nilay Patel (not chinese) The western world colonized china and humiliated it as mentioned in the video, and that feeling is still rooted in them so they cannot just accept that the western world is now all lovely furthermore China supports the DPRK just as the US supported dictatorships in south america many times of these were abusing human rights and much more mind you i m not saying that china is perfect , it also has it’s fair share of controversies im saying that it’s not the only one , if the west is truly willing to establish world peace it has recognize it’s own mistakes and corrects them (example here is the australian government apologizing to the natives.
Aidan Lille
Aidan Lille 5 days ago
The CHinese call the US, "The beautiful country"....that's interesting.
asif ismail
asif ismail 2 days ago
It is interesting. Why did you capitalise CH?
Paul Shrock
Paul Shrock 5 days ago
The human heart has not changed, therefore war is inevitable. Just listen to a testimony of one of the Holocaust survivors. Even in the modern age of the 20th century the Jews were treated worse then if they had been dogs. It is only when man gives his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and is born again that the human heart is changed to such an extent that there will be no more wars. It is for good reason that the man Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace; and until He comes back to rule the nations there will be no peace among the nations. Just look at what is going on in our own nation today- the Republicans against the Democrats. Things are becoming so heated that it seems there could be a civil war in our own country. So we are only dreaming if we expect that things can be worked out peacefully between America and China. Mark my word! There will be a world war in which at least a third of mankind will be wiped out; after that there will be the enforcing of the computer chip on the right hand or on the forehead. This will go on for a little while; then the nations will gather themselves against Israel which will trigger the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. After this we will go into the Millennial Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are job openings still available for those who give their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign with Him over the nations. If anyone is interested in a job and a good position in the future kingdom contact me. I will be glad to tell you what it"s all about and how you can apply for a position in the soon coming "New World Oder."
john wayne
john wayne 5 days ago
Beautiful presentation about mutual respect and cooperation in a practical manner. Unity instead of division. Peace and not war. Learn from the great teacher...history
Merv Stent
Merv Stent 5 days ago
Okay Rudd The Dud
zhang shuo
zhang shuo 5 days ago
very gud speech, you should be the embassdyer of austrilia. nice prouncation also!
Nils Eriksen
Nils Eriksen 5 days ago
The perfect narcissist.
Nils Eriksen
Nils Eriksen 6 days ago
Thank god this guy is gone. If he had stayed in any capacity Australia would have gone broke and China would have control of the ACT. Look up how he treated staff, the way he spoke to people that he didn’t agree with. Very bad angry man behind closed doors.
mattnbin 6 days ago
Anything Rudd has to say I take with a grain of salt. His Prime ministership was plagued with serious incompetence. Australia’s most incompetent government ever. Plunged us into huge debt which we are still dealing with 12 years later. Very disappointing!!!!
Exxcalibur S
Exxcalibur S 3 days ago
Hes globally recognized as saving Australia's economy during the period he was in office. I vote liberal but don't be dumb.
Who am I
Who am I 6 days ago
China is not free but peace. America is free but conflict everywhere.
Dan Bobish
Dan Bobish 6 days ago
It is not going to happen Trump has jammed the breaks on hard and the leftist globalization BS has been changed in direction. In 2015 you didn’t have Trump on the radar he is the GOAT 🐐 Greatest OF All Time!!!!!!!! USA 🇺🇸 Is back in the saddle again screw China communism screw that
Dan Bobish
Dan Bobish 6 days ago
Trump is in now so your globalist bullshit is not going to work anymore My man Donald J. Trump
Sony Jim
Sony Jim 6 days ago
This idiot sold oz land to the PLA
Antonio Gates
Antonio Gates 6 days ago
labor camps in china..watch the video ...ruvid.net/video/video-Sqm1xD7LxK8.html
Joe Nickence
Joe Nickence 6 days ago
Bravo, Sir. Let's hope that on the cusp of this trade war insanity, cooler heads will prevail.
John Doe
John Doe 6 days ago
No the problem is the greediness of the American losers ,first they sell everything like IBM, Motorola and more and now they are complaining they make profit of it ,common people crawl in a corner and cry you losers ,China is running in front even in electric car manufacturing your overpriced Tesla you can shoot to Mars for this money I buy 3 other Asian electric cars
王昌华 6 days ago
The United States was founded on the slaughter of aborigines, slaves and colonies. Every day we say to the outside world that we are a democratic country. Laugh my head off。China's development has not done so. Which country is the greatest and the world is better? Look at the trade war in the United States. Again, provoking war all over the world
MGTOW 7 days ago
When Rudd was Aussie Prime Minister before his party removed him - he treated staff and anyone serving him - with verbal abuse. He presented himself to Aussies and in this video a different personality.
Russell Ramos
Russell Ramos 7 days ago
Chomiczek Fetor
Chomiczek Fetor 7 days ago
Are China and the US doomed to conflict? Yes, and conflict will aim at killing whole population of human kind. Becouse reptailion parasite took over goverments on this planet. Only way is the revolution in every country there is, killing the traitors and every reptile you can spot.
Chomiczek Fetor
Chomiczek Fetor 7 days ago
its spiritual conflict, reptiles filled with greed, haughtiness and hatered are offenders. but dont worry my dear christians, those ugly lizards are just jealous, we can laugh at them the moment we die. ww 3 and NWO coming soon.
Chomiczek Fetor
Chomiczek Fetor 7 days ago
its 2019 now, and clearly we are all fucked
TieXiongJi 7 days ago
China invests in their nation like a 1000 year corporation. 1 quarter, 1 year profit protections and goals are so short sighted that they will surely fall in short decades.
shani el
shani el 7 days ago
trump = Destroy the USA and get richer myself
Misters Moore
Misters Moore 7 days ago
Victory Victory
Victory Victory 7 days ago
So does that mean I'm dead
Alex Goslar
Alex Goslar 7 days ago
Thank you Kevin Rudd. The West needs to come to terms with the fact that China will once again become the leading economy. It is the innate prejudice that causes escalating conflicts. Questions like: “Why is it so difficult to have them agree to what we think is a fair arrangement?” And “what needs to be done to come to an agreement” are on every one’s mind, whether directly or indirectly involved in the East West confrontation. In fact, socioeconomic integration between East and West is accelerating at such a rate that we need to be actively engaged in getting a better understanding of what they, on the other side are thinking. How about a planned massive exchange of politicians, academics and business executives for at least 5 years before returning “home”?
ron w
ron w 8 days ago
And then America voted in Trump.
Mark Plark
Mark Plark 8 days ago
Quite a good speech from someone who fills the top two spots on our list of worst prime ministers ever
Barry Martin
Barry Martin 8 days ago
you mean the p.m who saved the aussie economy...oh yea the bloke who tried to tax multi national mining conglomerates...what an idiot
Luke Albery
Luke Albery 8 days ago
In country Australia this is summed up by 'Let's have a beer'
cricketfirst 8 days ago
Aah Krudd, what an utter m*ron
gpquinney 8 days ago
Wonderful Utopian Dream of ignorance. The speaker is as the same kind of poeple that look at the population of the United States and does not understand the reasoning behind the 2nd amendment that is a God Given Right protected by our Constitution. Our world is devided, our cutures are very much not the same, and our morals strive for absolutely different outcomes in Life. I would no sooner trade my Life growing up with an abusive Irish dad and an Italian mother that was constantly " out to lunch" or my 16 years of service in the infantryman combat veteran. No sooner than a person from anywhere else. Because these differences made me the INDIVIDUAL that I am. And your light undertones of anti Americanism weren't appreciated. I would call these unveiled dagers. You atempt clever placement between simple light hearted stories. Never offering a solution that I could see. Your comentary only made the US seem at fault. No matter your pedigree, you cant stand it that to be an american showcases something special. It indeed is! If you love them so much..... Go live there as they do. No! Really lets see you completely embrace all that is CHINA. Ha! Please I welcome you to do so. Sadly you will just talk about it And never follow through with you thaughts. Smoke screen others that cant or dont think for theirselves. The difference between...oh lets say me and you, the speaker is I have fully embraced my citizenship within my Glorious nation. I have 16 years of most importantly, Giving my LIFE for Corp and Country. My Life. What have you done ? I have seen much of the world, offered humanitarian assistance on one side znd on the next I and my Bothers have gone toe to toe answering the call of my nation against its enemies. Again what have you done! ? ?
gpquinney 7 days ago
@Vali SQTD you have literally, most literally said nothing of note. Go back and watch the video again. Then read my statement yet again. Furthermore, nothing was directed or intended tward you. I fail to see why you even decided to respond to what I wrote. Especially given the lack of content in your retort. As far as you calling me a child, I would bet hard earned money that I'm indeed much older than you and have visited more than 10 different countries other than my own. All of your comments about respect and get along had no illustrations of you intended meanings. I too learned those principles. At the age of 3 to 5. So really whos juvenile now. As for you, I would ask what have you done. As I stated, I have fulfilled the call of selflessness and served as a true citizen of my own nation. After reading what you wrote, you never say what you have accomplished. Aparently NOTHING. You never mention what nation you are a citizen of. Why is that, I wonder..........??
Vali SQTD 7 days ago
You are a kid , in my point of view you can t see many things..like the fact this clip is from 2015.. You sure are something talking and blaming the fact the the only thing that he can do is talk..just like you. I m not an american , i m not from Asia either , i don t know the exact situation of the each country per total , but one thing i can say ,and i m true and sure of it , love your country , visit all your country ,visit other countries and respect their religion , the beauty of their country ,their people and smile ..because we are all human just different mindsets,because of the place we've been growin' up. Btw i m from europe , and think we all need eatch others. Sorry for my bad english if something
Genda Minoru
Genda Minoru 8 days ago
Chinese have in the past been chickenshit. But we have financed their own war machine. They are proud of their conquests "without firing a shot" yet. But now that will come to an end as the trade war ramps up and the Chinese dream is frustrated. Sorry NO FIRST ISLAND CHAIN. We won't let you steal anymore.
Nilo Dev
Nilo Dev 8 days ago
Chinese are to be admired, except for thier dispicable, evil and mass detentions of the Uighur minorities.
François Cauneau
There is nothing else that the prepartion of minds to a deliberate attack from Occident against China. Presenting this situation as a 'conflict' is propaganda. Occident as usual will be the invader.
Bee Humble
Bee Humble 8 days ago
Greedy Chinese exploring,drilling and destroying corral reefs in West Philippines sea rich in oil and natural gas...Communist Chinese do not know how to respect Philippines sovereignty in the West Philippine sea( aka South China sea) and Communist China did not follow International law ( within 200 nmiles)....China bullying Vietnam,Japan,Taiwan and Philippines. 30% Filipinos are fisherman and now they are not allowed go fishing because these greedy Chinese wants all the sea in the Philippines.!!!
arkdark555 8 days ago
No one "doomed to conflict." It’s war lords mother fuckers who start wars for their never ending greed. And poor innocent people start dying...in millions.
Soeuth Ky
Soeuth Ky 8 days ago
Yes. Next question?
Mikayla Strickland
Man Kevin got done wrong by his party
Michael Irish
Michael Irish 8 days ago
Unfortunately it’s not up to the average Chinese in the street or US citizens. It’s a bunch of power tripping megalomaniac that will either send us real people, both reluctant on both side. The megalomaniac won’t go to the front and you can bet their adult gutless silver spoon children won’t either. If their is war, its will be poor mugs like you and me on both sides. The wreaking cowardly rich will put money into copper shares, as the demand for bullets rise.
pattywatty 9 days ago
So this is what Kevin has been doing after fucking my countries economy!
Abel Leever
Abel Leever 9 days ago
Vexzi 9 days ago
Well, we are fucked.
Jigme Wangchuk
Jigme Wangchuk 9 days ago
Wow, how convenient for white folks. Murder, rape and destroy people and then say sorry and get applauded. I wonder if those who lost their lives would be so forgiving?
that aint ordinary bruh
Agree with his tenure or not. This is what we should expect of our leaders; the ability to speak coherently and convey their ideas. I come from a big angry country, and we routinely elect idiots who can't put forth a single coherent sentence without tripping over themselves. Be glad you Australians/Europeans don't have this problem
Brian Schallow
Brian Schallow 9 days ago
TED stands for Totalitarian Education for Dummies Please say Communist China when talking about the country of China for that is who is in control. The Chinese people really have no say, and cannot object to their leaders in any way. So I hope y'all like Communist control, because that is what your in for. Thanks TED Turner.
Clinton Hayes
Clinton Hayes 9 days ago
He backed banning private ownership of guns, I think he's a globalist socialist
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson 8 days ago
Guns should be banned , but Americans can't see this
Ramenga Hauchhum
Ramenga Hauchhum 9 days ago
No US is Doomed to conflict every country who can not be controlled 🤣🤣🤣
PrivateSi 10 days ago
I hope the US and Chinese nuke each other off the face of the map.
Mark Richie
Mark Richie 10 days ago
Stephen Chu
Stephen Chu 10 days ago
The current US and China conflict is not about the trade war, but is the war that the current superpower US suppresses the rising power China. It is a natural reaction that US doesn't want to be surpassed by any rising power. It doesn't matter if the rising power is a capitalist or communist country, just think about how US did to Japan in 80s and to EU recently. So no matter what China does; US will never be happy. In last 40 years, China has made huge progress; 800 hundred millions of people have gotten rid of poverty and 100 hundred million have become the middle class. Today China’s GDP is very close to US’s (1.5 time) while US’s GDP was 25 times bigger than China’s 40 years ago. It is true that there are still a lot of problems in China and CCP still closes the door to the opposite parties and no free selections etc. However,China is changing towards the right direction. Eventually China will become a freer and more democratic country. So let Chinese people decide what the best to China is, and US has no right to tell what China or other nation should do. CCP has changed and reformed, but US politicians' cold-war thinking remands the same. Historically speaking, China always was the superpower in last 1800 years, and it was left behind only in the recent 200 years. So the West should not get surprised that China becomes the superpower again one day, and this is happening right now.
Phil G
Phil G 10 days ago
vaporware kumbaya idealism
Astronaut Mike
Astronaut Mike 10 days ago
That was beautiful, well done
edisonone 10 days ago
Again, the saying 一山不能容二虎 applies here. The Americans will make sure that the above saying will hold true to every word, and yes, it will happen and it will happen in within our lifetime. Nukes will be flying every which way and some of us will survive to tell about it to the future generations - of crocodilians 😆. Like Justin Trudeau, Kevin, too, will have to fall in line with American demands, have our Ms. Meng incarcerated, or, he will dispatch one of his gleaming Aegis systems to the Taiwan Straight as a means of snubbing China with because America says: Canberra, go fir it! do it! Sorry Kevin. You know that what I say is true, factual, and, a time proven legacy of Aussie-Chinese relationship.
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