Are China and the US doomed to conflict? | Kevin Rudd

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The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers - and suggests another narrative.
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Apr 1, 2015




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Comments 80
Cadance Menzie
Cadance Menzie 11 hours ago
China is beautiful and Murdoch media said bad things about China for years and years and now everyone in Australia is brainwashed
JB19 Day ago
Wishing for nothing but peace and partnership between the States and China. Maybe our countries can change the repetition of history and work together for the good of humanity.
张三丰 Day ago
One thing you got wrong Mr. some Australian, America's Chinese name was just some funny tranlslation
aria lan
aria lan 2 days ago
I am sorry. After working overnight, I feel strongly fear for a Western person who understand Chinese so much .
Guntram James
Guntram James 2 days ago
Imaginary enemies do not exist.That might be some kinda mental illness.When the Age of Exploration passed,Man's eyes should turn to the universe,not geopolitics,or some kinda more crazier ideas.We should choose to embrace the time instead of hate the time we lived.
wrecker 4 days ago
rounding up muslims and throwing them in concentration camps,what aboout mau's great leap forward where 40 million people (could be more, we dont know) were killed, tienneman square massacre where 100,000 civilians were killed on live television? frequent cyber attacks and just recently incited violence towards india on their border. And this guy has the gall to act like the US is the aggresor in this situation. while yes the us is not innocent at least we arent guilty of crimes against humanity. i realise this was made in 2015 im not stupid, but come on?
ilirjan zhiti
ilirjan zhiti 9 days ago
Australia love china
maga bunker boy
maga bunker boy 9 days ago
what will u say today? The world is getting confusing( ー̀εー́ )
B T 10 days ago
Well isnt it a coincidence ive been recommended this now🤔🤔🤔
Addicted2OILau 11 days ago
Yes they are.
Bailey Myers
Bailey Myers 11 days ago
I clicked on this for Kevin Rudd.
alanlic 11 days ago
Kevin presented a very low show, not knowledgeable! Didn’t interpret anything, just made a few awkward jokes.
Chinese love
Chinese love 11 days ago
After ww3 , the India will become the boss of the world.
Teo Lagóz
Teo Lagóz 13 days ago
Who else is watching this in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic?
Frank Graden
Frank Graden 2 days ago
@maga bunker boy I don't think Trump could get reelected even with the powers of Putin and Xi combined.
Toone Wang
Toone Wang 2 days ago
here,from china.
maga bunker boy
maga bunker boy 9 days ago
@MY Nam usa=cancer of cancer
Frank Graden
Frank Graden 10 days ago
yeah right here with you buddy.
MY Nam
MY Nam 11 days ago
CCP = cancer
平衡的世界 13 days ago
It’s really difficult for foreigners to understand Chinese culture. In fact, the first sentence of Sun Tzu’s Art of War is:The war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected. What he meant was: Don’t war easily, be very cautious
mingxin dong
mingxin dong 13 days ago
It just shocked me, the guy who is knowing about china so much so deeply is an Australian
Amaljyoti Dasgupta
Amaljyoti Dasgupta 14 days ago
The chinese dream of being great again makes sense. But being great at the cost of and demeaning other countries , by stealing intellectual properties, bullying neibhours, putting some countries in debt traps, is certainly not desirable. There is nothing wrong being great in economy, science, education, but to change the world order to suit it's own agenda will certainly invite disastrous consequences. The world needs cooperation not competition.
Abdi Rahman
Abdi Rahman 14 days ago
Wishfull thinking, No trust
Trekkie Down Under
Trekkie Down Under 18 days ago
As a Kiwi, I feel that in any future conflict between China and America, Australian and New Zealand neutrality would put us in the most ideal position to serve as mediators in any future peace negotiaition. I do fully support our alliance with the US (I studied in the US, my fiance is American) and in general I do support Australian and New Zealand involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and Syria, but I feel that in any US-China conflict, it would be in our best interest to remain neutral. Besides, even after any US-China conflict, the US (assuming they win) will still require our support both militarily and diplomatically in their endeavours in the Middle East and North Africa.
Jf Howard
Jf Howard 19 days ago
Neither side are looking for war. No, they are not doomed for conflict. Both Xi Jinping and Trump are very capable level headed business men who can work things out, peacefully.
Adam David
Adam David 20 days ago
For now, it's a common thing to see racism to Chinese in Australia.
Anonymous Anonymous
The chinese premier and us prez should just jerk each other off. That will bring world peace.
Beverly Xu
Beverly Xu 22 days ago
A bit of a self-centric display of flamboyant surface knowledge. Good attempt at writing and speaking in Chinese, but overall just another typical diplomat!
Yu Bai
Yu Bai 22 days ago
Watching this speech raised my hope, and then watching the comment section made me lose it.
Dr.Tanveer Ahmed, Ph.D
The clash of civilization, will come to at an End Era with conclude with the collaboration of Confucius chines historical political role models is accompanied with Islamic Pakistani/Irani/Afghani fundamentalism, both had roots with optimistic natural ground reality, and this new system disclosed by the Samuel Huntington, in his book "THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATION", has comes to modifying in the next 100 years, US$ supremacy comes to an end with its collapsed economical capitalization stolen multiple generations more 180million after 2nd world war, being military-industrial incompetence failure at all.
Mark dela cruz
Mark dela cruz 25 days ago
It was a very touching speech.
YEAH FRESHIES 26 days ago
Kevin Rudd makes me proud to be Australian
B Y 27 days ago
Rudd, you are a piece of crap, put your head in a plastic bag....
John Smith
John Smith 27 days ago
莫克文对中国的见解很正确,中国不会入侵他国,只想发展起来,让自己不再贫穷,过上好日子,而对于那些耻辱的历史,我们会记住,吸取教训,不让它再次发生。中国梦,世界梦。(Chinese Dream, World Dream)。
bing flosby
bing flosby 28 days ago
Watching this in 2020 thinking this guy should lead the unification process
paul baskerville
no trade with the ccp is best .
Johno Hill
Johno Hill Month ago
Kevin Rudd is a very hard worker and when he was our PM, he expected his cabinet and the public servants to work just as hard as he was. By doing this, he was setting a high standard of work ethic, leading by example and I believe that if he had been given a fair go, the Australian public would have caught onto his example and our beautiful country would have prospered under his leadership. When Kevin Rudd showed emotion during the speech he made, after losing the Party leadership vote by the Labor Party members, it wasn't about himself. In my humble opinion, it was about what he honestly and sincerely believed what the people of Australia could achieve by working hard together and quickly seeing the results and being justly rewarded for doing so. Now I'm not going to speak for anybody else, but I feel great after a hard day's work, mentally, physically and financially, as a self employed Mobile Motor Mechanic. I strongly believe that Kevin Rudd wanted all Australians to feel this way and he was keen and determined to do so by leading by example and showing the way by working hard. Rolf Gerig wrote a great comment by saying, "Kevin Rudd, sadly the last visionary in Australian politics it seems in my humble opinion of 2020". Well said mate.... Kind Regards.... Johno.
Johno Hill
Johno Hill 29 days ago
@R R what did you do with your $1000.
R R Month ago
You’re an easily deceived fool then aren’t ya mate? 🤣
cocosongo1 Month ago
I voted for Ruddy and we got other stuff...we voted for Tony & then the other stuff took over. This has to stop
laurie gaston
laurie gaston Month ago
Hitler married a Muppit and Big Kev was the outcome
BART PATEL Month ago
An amazing person Kevin Rudd giving an amazing Talk and ideas.
William Fletcher
Has the bombing started yet?
wuwuwu bu
wuwuwu bu Month ago
China and Australia are currently enjoying a relationship of unprecedented closeness. 澳中关系处于高潮关系
张Alec Month ago
Looking at this TED today is so ironic and bitter. As a Chinese, I do not understand how the relationship between China and Australia has become so bad in just a few years. Australia has long-term politicians. But the government's behaviour is confusing. I still remember this TED time, 2015. At that time, the Chinese regarded Australia as a friendly country, beautiful scenery and trustworthy agricultural products. The distance between the two countries is so far that they can never have any conflict. Today, Australia is regarded by ordinary Chinese as one of the least friendly countries to China. What has happened after Kevin? The Australian media has repeatedly rendered the threat of China to Australia. After reading the stories of the Australian media, the Chinese are very confused. Why should we invade Australia? What are the benefits for us? Do we buy Australian products, Australian products also buy Chinese products, is this not the best model? We all got what we need. Why China has to carry a heavy burden to invade Australia is ridiculous. But this false story worked for Australia. Australia began to be hostile to China.
不忘耻辱,更爱人类梦. Never forget the history of humiliation, but love the dream of humankind more.
chandruae Month ago
This talk aged really well...
Yulia S
Yulia S Month ago
I fear we have little time before either side is consumed by hatred for the other and China would reawaken its aggression that was lost for 4 centuries.
john dechellis
john dechellis Month ago
Its all about America UK EUROPE or better the corporate criminals of this planet LOOSING THEIR DOMINANCE OVER US they are desperately trying to take CONTROL of Venezuelan OIL the largest supply on this PLANET they are using the virus and china as a decoy of what the corporate murdering criminals are really doing ......check it out how disgusting this regime is
Angus Hilliker
Angus Hilliker Month ago
I think your Caps Lock had a stroke...
Tom Goddard
Tom Goddard Month ago
Allied democracies decouple ! Period !
Grazia Armanno
Grazia Armanno Month ago
Lucking and hoping for that I whant the regime gone Viva trump
Grazia Armanno
Grazia Armanno Month ago
to my opion China has Kamicazy themself
Chan Ciao
Chan Ciao Month ago
As a Chinese I feel so sad watching this in 2020.
puking emoji
puking emoji Month ago
Who's here before ww3
puking emoji
puking emoji Month ago
@ha hh how do you know? War is unpreventable
ha hh
ha hh Month ago
puking emoji that will not happen
Nancy Hobson
Nancy Hobson Month ago
Just don't do it Kevin Rudd. Don't spew China's line on here.
Eric Shang
Eric Shang Month ago
With the pandemic, and the fact that America blames China. A conflict looks more and more real.
Paul Franciosi
Paul Franciosi Month ago
You seem to forget the USA government will end all life on earth they are bad .
mingli yi
mingli yi Month ago
The west need to face its judgement day
Midi Music Forever
When you have to read the description to realize that it's the former prime minister of Australia speaking.
Brendan McCreanor
After the ruling, newly elected Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd declared "those responsible should be held to account... You can't just sweep this to one side."[4][5] However, no meaningful action was taken after he was elected, and Rudd refused to visit the gravesite of the slain journalists in 2008. Was good at avoiding
Batreddi Venkata Rama Rao
Kevin Rudd like people essentially sold off Great Australia to China. Just like Mr. Henry kisinger served off America on a silver Platter to China. These are the underminers of free democracy. If these guys are in China and did these things to China they would have been hung.How can you have a common purpose When your ideology is so radically different. Sir . Winston would Turn in his grave.
carlos torres
carlos torres Month ago
You can’t have one China’s mission is to undermine the west
Nicator 26 days ago
undermine the west? the west done it themselves with useless policy abroad and domestically.
carlos torres
carlos torres Month ago
Brought to you by a sell out CCP puppet
حسن الغزالي
انا حسن من العراق 🌹 I'm Hasan from Iraq.🌹
Dazzz2015 Wangheimer
Why would you listen to this guy?!!!! He’s a Chinese collaborator as well as the idiot who put Australia in record debt after it was out of debt for the first time in decades. This guy is a socialist and a wanker!!!
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Month ago
@Dazzz2015 Wangheimer When Labor was in government, the Global Financial Crisis was taking place. Thanks to Labors responses, Australia was not too hard hit by the GFC when compared to other nations.
Dazzz2015 Wangheimer
Cameron Brown no it didn’t. Just remember the recession. Many Australians lost their jobs, went out of business and a lot of Australian owned companies went into foreign hands. Which was the final nail in the coffin for Australia’s manufacturing industry. What political party was in power then 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Month ago
Uh, the Liberals doubled the debt they set out to eliminate. And just remember, under Labor, Australia had the best economic management in the world.
Why is the Rum gone ? Wright story’s
Time to strike is now
5cloudwalker Month ago
and then came Trump snd blew that out of the water
Daniel Guo
Daniel Guo Month ago
Kevin why don’t you tell your audiences how much interest you got in China? you could sell your soul for the Chinese doll!
Beatriz Month ago
Kevin: You talked in Apr,2 2015..you speak there language and I feel you like Chinese...BUT CCP and the West is like miking VINEGAR AND OIL. Now after the Wuhan virus that China give us...Things have change for the GOOD for us...We are going to close the tap...and see the enemy for what WHO they are JUST PURE EVIL.
ashmash1934 Month ago
Erm, all the figures that come from China are 100% lies, so using their data for economics will lead you far off the mark. China's economy is not half as powerful as it seems.
Suelin Tam
Suelin Tam Month ago
Everyone needs to calm their farms and watch Naruto
Chris Wong
Chris Wong Month ago
I was wonder why Australia is so Racist towards asains, now I see the attitude against them and by top officals. Anyone can google and see the recent attacks of asian decent. Damn this xenophobia land.
Maxis Jordan
Maxis Jordan Month ago
That is Australia, an Asian country with its main population of white, a resource country imagine itself an Industrial country. Its media is arrogant, ignorant, racist, and inveracious. Well, its people, I just say they are blind by their media.
the_audiophiles Month ago
9:00 ruvid.net/video/video-XewnyUJgyA4.html Graham Allison & the "Thucydides's Trap"
vidya Month ago
What if USA is right? China has border disputes with neighbors, does USA has any border dispute? China thinks anything that look like them is Chinese e.g. Tibet, Taiwan, etc based on this strategy the entire east Asia should belong to China (eventually someday). However if USA ever wanted to expand its territory, there wouldn’t have any country left which they couldn’t based on the military power they have, but USA never had that selfish intentions. That’s why USA should always be number 1. Besides it’s a democracy and government changes over time so it’s much safer. China is full dictatorship and history shown how people suffer by dictators.
Glen Gordon
Glen Gordon Month ago
Yes, you obviously cant trust China, and US and Trump stand in there way,for World Dominance,and now introducing pandemics, this cant be a good outcome!!!!!!!
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain Month ago
West is doing same with INDIA. The unprecedented bias 0f the western media and institutions towards INDIA is appalling and deeply hateful
I find the future very scary. I imagine one government ruling all of humanity just like what's been previously illustrated in the Orwellian book 1984 where a totalitarian dystopia takes over the world and people are brainwashed to think a certain way to maintain "order". I recommend everyone reading this comment to read the book :)
Doctor F
Doctor F Month ago
Scomo is a drop kick compared to him
Talentless Gamer
Who’s here after WW3 2027?
Future WW3 P.O.W.
Amir ardavan Mirshekari
Don't find him funny at all but always thought of him as highly intelligent , honest, human , compassionate person that Australia was very lucky to have him as head of states and very unlucky to lose him
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Month ago
I hope so..ww3 is happening ..nuke Cali Oregon Washington state..were good.
ong kean wah
ong kean wah Month ago
I love his speck n basically is true fact n fiction. I hope European USA all can be cooperation understanding n whole world will b prosperous, everyone have job to do. New technology like 5G had made people's more challenges in future.
MNW Trading
MNW Trading Month ago
Thank you conqueror, Very humbly humble, the world would have been a much better place with like thinking humbles. I say humbleness is next to holiness. Unfortunately some people never learn from the past. War is a very dangerous play.
J C Month ago
seems simple make them pay for all the emissions and cripple them.... the best scenario is the youth rise up, revolt and become a democracy
Revolting will only result to chaos and do more harm than good. If you want to change something push for reformation not revolution.
Spider21056 Month ago
...NOTHING NEW here: a FAILED Australian Communist prime minister, preaching the "Paradise on Earth" UTOPIA: the New World Order. Few remarks: 1. The United Nations Organization is a SOCIALISTand OCCULT international organization MASQUERADING as "all humanity's problems solver"... a sort of MESSIAH, that is... 2. Australia is CO-FOUNDER of the UNO and the 13th largest FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTOR to it's coffers. Regardless of which Australian political party is in power, the Australian government is a PUPPET of the UN, taking instructions from it and tacitly implementing them, against all the interests of the Australian people. Although not officially yet, in 2020 Australia is a SOCIALIST federation. 3. China and the USA, stretching hand and shaking hands in a near future?... Why not... China is OPENLY a Socialist country, aspiring to Communism. The USA is governed either by DEMOCRATS (read SOCIALISTS) or by REPUBLICANS (read NEO-CONSERVATIVES... that is TROTSKY-ITE COMMUNISTS)... 4. ALL the above mentioned are currently working together to bring about worldwide COMMUNISM (under the term of GLOBALISM. 5. Talking about COMMUNISM, Karl Marx declared: a. Communism will appear in a PEACEFUL manner (not through bloodsoaked revolutions) b. Communism will appear in the most economically developed CAPITALIST IMPERIALIST country (think USA, not USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc)... c. Communism will appear when the CAPITAL (finances, economy, military, human and natural resources) will be controlled by a handful of Capitalists, at that stage the STATE becoming IRRELEVANT, with countries having completely lost their economic, financial, social SOVEREIGNTY and INDEPENDENCE... ARE WE THERE YET?...
AsiA I.
AsiA I. Month ago
west isfake and heres some examples westclaimseuclid invented geometry that's a lie becausegeometry is indian hindus the very word geometry is GYAMITIa indian Sanskrit word meaning measurement of the earth same with trigonometryTRIKONAMITI meaning measurmenent f triangular forms west claimsmarconi invented radio thatsalie radiowas invented by jagdishchandra bose wireless communications invented by jagdishchandra bose in year1819 airplane invented by shivakarbabuji talpade not wright bros calculus invented by India and indiataught the Jesuit missioanries during 15th centurytoiletswas not invented by Thomas capper toiletsand flush toilets came fromhindu civilizations suchas mojendaroand indus valleycivilization. military rocket invented in india not west first military rocket was invented in the year 1780India called iron cased rockets mysorean rockets first nuclear weapons came from indiarajasthan the e mail came from shiv ayudurrai what did west make besides BS!
AsiA I.
AsiA I. Month ago
ican type a huge list of Indian inventions but that wouldtakehalf a page.
AsiA I.
AsiA I. Month ago
India and china realized one thing to be successful is not to follow west footstepsbut to be a leader in itself. oh and most intellectual property is west who stolefrom indiaJUST SO WE GOT THE RECORD STRAIGHT!
Charles Alexander
Trump’s an idiot!
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