Are China and the US doomed to conflict? | Kevin Rudd

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The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers - and suggests another narrative.
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Apr 1, 2015

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Comments 6 792
Sonia Tan
Sonia Tan 4 hours ago
I like this speech,very brilliant
jhon doe
jhon doe 11 hours ago
get the book "Gold and Iron by Fritz Stern" they said the same nonsense in the 1910's that Germany and Russia were going to surpass France and the UK as the new world powers in art, science, economics and engineering but Germany was pounded into the ground 40 years later. the UK has the most advanced network or spys, Freemasons and secret societies. REAL power comes from controlling the MINDS OF THE PEOPLE across the world. China is trash compared to the power of Hollywood they weave their hypnotic spell across this planet with music and movies. it takes more than money and an army today to rule over this planet, you have to control how people perceive you as well and the US dominate in propaganda warfare!
jhon doe
jhon doe 11 hours ago
china is the largest economy THAT DOESN'T HOLD ANY OF THE COPYRIGHTS ON PRODUCTS THEY MAKE!!! hello morons the British became an empire cause they made their owns stuff, the US became a super power cause they mad their own stuff. The USSR never surpassed the US shadow cause they would copy everything the US did! china doesn't have a coalition to use against Europeans but historically Europeans have always came together during a crisis to attack non european powers!!! this notion that Poland or France is going to side with china during a world war is laughable
Klippy Klop
Klippy Klop 11 hours ago
that's not true. USSR collapsed because of petodollar, where oil could nor be bought with anything but USD. Soviets had plenty of inventions lie the rockets US use to launch satellites into space or astronaut to ISS. Salyut was in space long before Skylab.
Tyren Drake
Tyren Drake 17 hours ago
Can the Chinese dream be overcoming the challenge of looking at 1989年天安门广场抗议
Tyren Drake
Tyren Drake 17 hours ago
Why did he write "A dream for human kind" in Chinese
in a dark place
in a dark place 17 hours ago
Zeta Crucis
Zeta Crucis Day ago
Country Victoria on the NSW border by the Murray, mid-2000s, checking into hotel late at night; proprietor to me: "I am a good person. I'd help anyone. Even an aboriginal person."
Geoffrey Rose
Kevin Rudd is a moron and has fucked everything he has touched !!!!
Elle Em
Elle Em Day ago
i voted for you and is still pissed off that you becoming our PM later got voted out by the party without our say. I thought democracy was pointless when that happened cause who i voted for was easily kicked out.
LiteralH2O Day ago
Well if it is than I say bring it!
Jiashan Wan
Jiashan Wan Day ago
Raj Patel
Raj Patel Day ago
Kevin Rudd was the most toxic PM Australia ever had.
Ye80s Day ago
Why did you say that?
truthsout Day ago
The only TED talk I'm interested in, because they are usually so far behind reality..But.........in 2019, no new wars under Trump. Can't wait for him and Boris Johnson to get together. Two brilliant minds that love a laugh.
Gene Celiberti Drummer
PRIME MINISTER Kevin Rudd is one of Australia's Best LEADER'S ..and he was removed by his own party The LABOUR PARTY ..He didn't even serve a full term ...
cozmo989 Day ago
Was he also responsible for Fibre to the premises? I mean, that was the real deal for an infrastructure project. Look at it now.
Chris Zid
Chris Zid 2 days ago
This guy is stupid asf this has nothing to do with the 21 first century
Megatron Zam
Megatron Zam 2 days ago
this guy is so good...thanks for sharing
Ye80s 2 days ago
China is a communist. We democratic countries will never allow China rise to happen.
Ben Carter
Ben Carter Day ago
@Geba Why shouldn't we inflict upon you the same agonizing pain that you inflicted upon us? Hmmmmm.....
Ye80s Day ago
@Geba Are you a chinese? Im am a Chinese. I am not against the Chinese people and the beloved country. We fight for freedom. We are against the all corrupted and inhumane regime of the Chinese communists. Why are you here? You are not suppose to be here for being part of the communism and your communist dictator wouldnt even allow you to be here on RUvid either. Please abide their rules. You are slapping your own face for not being rule abiding citizen or a communist supporter.
Geba Day ago
China never asker for your permission anyway. It is the same countries that defiled, degraded and humiliated China for a century long; the same that divided China with their chaotic ideologies; the same that turned their back on China when she was brutalized by J*panese fascists. So, I asked you, as a man whose ancestors had suffered so so much from your "democratic" countries crimes, why should China ask for your permission? Why should we have mercy upon you? Why shouldn't we inflict upon you the same agonizing pain that you inflicted upon us?
Hector Lamar
Hector Lamar 2 days ago
China will deal the final blow to planet Earth, environmentally speaking.
Half Exotic
Half Exotic 8 hours ago
considering Xi Jinping has done more to cut Chinese emissions in the last 2 years than the last 10 speaks a little. They are still definitely the biggest dealer of emissions but US is really a close second. I remember seeing somewhere that corporate emissions speak for over 50% so there is little we can do just gotta wait for the right politicians i guess
riley dalisa
riley dalisa 2 days ago
they will team up with India first lol and then Dubner will spray sulphur in the air and fix (fix?("fix") it
Richard Le
Richard Le 4 days ago
China is the biggest economy because it cheats on every one else ‼️‼️Kevin is On Chinese’s side ‼️ Chinese Agent
Wyan Rang
Wyan Rang Day ago
Yeah of course! Let’s go on a which hunt!
127cmore 4 days ago
Idiot, China owns Austrailia , no going back now.
Klippy Klop
Klippy Klop 12 hours ago
he happily sold a lot of it
Cong Jie
Cong Jie 4 days ago
Cong Jie
Cong Jie 4 days ago
Comedy Copter
Comedy Copter 5 days ago
China cannot be allowed on the moon. Thucydides trap in full effect
Zeek M
Zeek M 5 days ago
The answer is 100% affirmative.
Philip Le
Philip Le 5 days ago
It's impossible to fulfill the idea dream! Look at Communist agenda how do they achieve their dream? They control their own people by tyranny acts because their hearts are full weakness of human nature.
oink ooink
oink ooink 5 days ago
Tell us about the strip clubs Kev!!!
Smilester 5 days ago
Most wars were started by money-hungry warmongers.
Fck Trmp
Fck Trmp 5 days ago
This stupid Trump is putting American people's investments, savings ans pensions at risk. He is going to bankrup America like he has done with many of his businesses.
Martin McConnell
Martin McConnell 5 days ago
Good one Kevin, your apology to the Aboriginal people was your spiritual legacy
Snow Eagle
Snow Eagle 5 days ago
No, you idiot. USA is called 美國 it's short for 亞美利堅共和國. America == 亞美利堅, 共和國 == United State.
Gary Krug
Gary Krug 6 days ago
the thing is the chinese civilization has been a tech. giant for milenia , and with great patience watching and waiting . is the west just a pawn?? marshall your forces for the battle that matters....su tsu
shessin 6 days ago
Just big pile of globalist garbage. Stop apologizing and be yourself.
Jimmy Cook
Jimmy Cook 6 days ago
Kevin all your facts were based on Fantasia Fast forward to 2019 The mother of all trade Wars They all agree to disagree
copykon 6 days ago
Democracy vs Communism. China's elites crave global power and that story is told just by observing trade practices alone.
jake hensley
jake hensley 7 days ago
They are not white folks, they are boers
Wowster 7 days ago
Yo Rudd go check out downtown LOS Angeles 7th street
cmscms123456 7 days ago
COMMUNIST... that failed already. The US owes nothing to the backward Chinese.
Larry Samuel
Larry Samuel 8 days ago
Kevin; WWI failed to bring peace because of the allies arrogance of dominance and repression of the offenders. US didn't participate in the oppression of the enemies. WWII was a different story there US fought to stop the offenders Germany, Japan, and Italy but also fought to set up an international forum to insure none oppression. Rusia being the only nation that didn't abide and dominated Eastern Europe. Since WWII US has taken the brunt of stopping the Russian dominance. US dominance of West Germany and Japan was strict but their goal was to build their independence, not subjugate. Both countries kept their cultures and excelled from having open access to US and world markets. Americans fought and died in China to stop Japanese aggression, even before entering WWII. There is no Honor in China. They in turn then became a dominating force in southeast Asia, just a Rusia was in the west. These two nations have caused the death of more peoples than lost in WWII. Only the US, until it lost heart in saving others lives, tried to abate their evil dominance. Just as they are losing heart to stop the Muslim evil killing of weaker countries. Look now in Hong Kong! China cares nothing for their best interest. That is the difference between good and evil. Evil can never be trusted. I've traveled most of western Europe and have been to East Berlin. There is no question that Rusia's oppression was evil. I've lived in France, Germany & Japan; and saw a great amount of acceptance in Germany and Japan. Only Only in France did I see animosity, they had been brainwashed by DeGaul that we were and occupation force to keep them from becoming Socialist, but when Degaul asked us to leave, we left. US has had it's ugly Democrat party that from the start, Andrew Jackson, who took to Indian genocide and they have oppressed the Black slaves even after Republicans passed the 14 & 15 amendments.
Nicholas Lin
Nicholas Lin 8 days ago
Kevin Rudd's is delusional if he believes China and the USA think the same way in terms of what is a fair trade agreement or a set of evolving agreements.
Donald Leske II
Donald Leske II 8 days ago
*Who will win? I do not personally see this as any kind of war, but more of a move by our side to even out the playing field. What you say is true, China steals our technology and reproduces replicas A LOT CHEAPER by offering cheap cheap cheap labor!* Many U.S. businesses have reduced their costs by outsourcing jobs to China or India as you know. *Outsourcing has greatly added to U.S. massive unemployment rate* (prior to Trump's policies to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.) as seen in our huge auto plants closing in Detroit and other cities, plus other industries have also moved out, like *Nike who gave their manufacturing to China paying just .17 cents an hour for Chinese workers.* U.S. manufacturing, as measured by the number of jobs, declined 34% between 1998 and 2010. As these industries declined, so has U.S. competitiveness in the global marketplace. Nikes products were (albeit, some changes have been made since 2010) made in "sweatshops" where workers, many of them children, slaved away in hazardous conditions for below-subsistence wages. Nike's wealth was built upon the backs of the world's poor. Nike has become a symbol of the evils of globalization as a rich Western corporation exploiting the world's poor to provide expensive shoes and apparel to the pampered consumers of the developed world. Just my opinion.
eyob michael
eyob michael 8 days ago
when did Australia become the was?
Sunday karisai
Sunday karisai 8 days ago
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Ms SunShine
Ms SunShine 8 days ago
Who cares what you think. You organised Christchurch massacre with Luke Cornish & Waleed Ali, to influence US Gun Laws so China doesn't have resistance when they arrive. You are moron, a stalker & a pervert. New Zealand are absolutely STUPID to have anything to do with you & you are the REASON God is leaving Australia to your own foolish devices. You are a misogynist & you are willing to destory women & their careers because they wont sleep with your friends or let your friends run a train on them. Maybe if I just layed down and let you do what you want, I wouldnt have the dramas I have now.
Dannie Du Plessis
I hated him as our Prime Minister but he rarely gets its wrong on China...EVER....
depité senatè
depité senatè 8 days ago
The lady with the thanks shirt is not aborigines... She's clearly white or mixed... Why is she the face of aborigines? " The first time a white fellow has ever kissed he since she was 70" 😂😂😂 the Fuckin arrogance
Voranart Sirisubsoontorn
If they were not then they are not in business. You do not expect USA to give in to its copy-cat that easily, or what?
Shawn Huang
Shawn Huang 9 days ago
job lee
job lee 9 days ago
Hong Kong is protesting the rule of laws that is chipping away by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Just an point to be considered: When the internation community let CCP overrides the autonmy of the judiciary in HK and continue to attack the Rule of Law, there is no way any international business can stand not affected. Yi demonstrated how easily he changes his presidency to 20 years because the law changes according to a person. This is a protest is to protect the Rule of Law and the People who has a business in Hong Kong.
Crystal Yeow
Crystal Yeow 10 days ago
No choice, wait for 林学芬 to rise !!!
A BC 10 days ago
300 billion $ for American Jews from Poland as WW II reparations ???? Mr. Trump - right direction is Berlin, Germany!!! Please, watch this short video: @
Sae Elliot Quinberyn
As a Chinese who break out via VPN and see this lecture during the trade war, I do have to admit his perception of China is quite accurate.
Ye80s Day ago
Break out via VPN. Sad to say, you have been suppressed by the communists. Glad that you have a taste of a tiny bit freedom now.
Geoff Dein
Geoff Dein 11 days ago
We white folks were also treated pretty harshly with us being stolen as well
sun echo
sun echo 11 days ago
If you want to know the real truth of china, please come go off to see what it is, and don`t always believe the media. Often, you have been cheated all the time.
Scorpion 11 days ago
Another vision of dumb politician. Australian people, so so many of his visions. One of them was Darwin port, sells to China. Very bright politician, very intelligent.
Alex Anastasi
Alex Anastasi 11 days ago
11:04 The horribly insulting sign that Kevin refers to... Credit Jing Wu Men (Translated 'Fist of Fury') is a screenshot from the Bruce Lee classic film...Fist of Fury. One would have thought a former Australian Prime Minister, with such strong ties to China, might find a more credible source. Interestingly, I found nothing credible in google images. Found an interesting Anti-American trade song thats gone viral though....nice. 'Cry havoc, and let slip' the dogs of war. ruvid.net/video/video-x-bhaQS2LGk.html
li Han
li Han 11 days ago
(Kevin Michael Rudd=peace)-(Trump=wars)=?
Denise Hitchens
Denise Hitchens 12 days ago
Shut up Rudd
troy golf
troy golf 12 days ago
How things have changed china will rule the world as a white person on the planet we are a minority race and we are the ones who will become extinct
Antonio Valladares
Antonio Valladares 12 days ago
I tried to fast forward to the point and couldn’t get to it. Worst ted talks ever on such and important topic
Art & Science
Art & Science 13 days ago
Want to b realistic? The US government says what u said yes. The US people do not agree with what was said. WANT TO FIX ALL THIES CHILDISH PROBLEMS? No more "PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS". Try this.... Take any 10 american citizens and put them in room with any 10 Chinese citizens, i bet they get along and if were last 20 ppl on earth, would become as one. NOW! Take 10 american ruling government personnel and 10 of equal position from Chinese government, set all 20 of them in room.... I garentee they wont get along, they will ban togeather in their own sepret race spacific groops and if they were last 20 ppl on earth, either be end of humans, or humans would b Chinese, because greed runs deep and when budget runs anything humans do nasty eivl things.. ONE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO NUKE ANOTHER. Both government personnel leave as they nuke US!! THE CITIZENS OF EARTH!!!!! Citizens of Earth VS ???? We all agree war is stupid. So when war happens its a extremely small % of (childish emotionless) humans, that either are angry greedy or mainy just trying to make a $. War for $ is when they push ppl into anothers area by force causing us citizens of earth to tap out all resources in 1 small local area untill we become primal and have no choice but to lower the local population. So they just pop up and conveniently have just the right weapon. Knowing the best weapon the knowledge to understand the biger picture..... Want the earths weight in Gold? Spend our time perfecting physics. Its going to b interesting when we have access to any amount of anything via space travel. Non-biased AI should and will govern humans unless we grow the FACT UP!
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox 13 days ago
China will butt rape the planet spewing toxic gases and chemicals but produce iphones the American idiot liberal will love them. The American libtard hates toxic masculinity which is what their liberal dykes spew. The American liberal is a strange thing.
Stan JT
Stan JT 13 days ago
China screw the rest of the world economically. They have no respect for business ethics. They will always export 10 x more than what they import. They don't make good trading partners.
Steven Boyd
Steven Boyd 13 days ago
More relevantly, is the US doomed to have conflict with EVERY other country?
marion cobaretti
marion cobaretti 13 days ago
china wants dominance over all . they had it 5000 yrs ago , now there back for it again. china got big by finding weakness and greed in americas politicians and businessman. trump is here to put the brakes on chinas dominating expansion and even out the uneven trade conditions. i feel for australia , an island of good strong people that has been verbally threatened by chinese of its military capabilitys .if australia doesnt drop its self reliant tough attitude towards chinas disrespect of australias soveriegnty , then china could destroy them.
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim 14 days ago
One can be correct with basic analysis but awfully wrong on how to go about tackling the problem.
Janelle honey-Badger
I am suspicious of the CCPs agenda. I believe China is out to rule over the west & with the left in control of media & politics, they will take Australia (along with our comfortable western culture & freedoms) without firing a shot! China is about status, how they look, working only for China. That 100yrs of humiliation is not something they will let go, there won't be any negotiation. It's not going to be equal after that. Our Aboriginal communities will suffer greatly under China. It may appear to be Utopia but they won't allow our once great multicultural democracy & freedoms, to live.
Carweirdo 11 days ago
I see your opinion as rather amusing. What makes you think that China aims to take over the world? That's not part of the culture.
sen ho
sen ho 14 days ago
We don't need communist party. Don't make any deal with them.
Bob C
Bob C 15 days ago
What is going to happen is Trump is going to force the collapse of the Chinese Economy and then we can have a set down coffee and talk. Today their ears and eyes are closed, but in coming months they are going to open their eyes and in turn be forced to open their ears and work toward an agreement that will support China through it billions of people who today are simply the rulers slaves.
BeyondEcstasy 15 days ago
China calls the US "Beautiful Country" because they found the American flag to be beautiful compared to all of the 3-color bar flags from Europe.
Chin Pang Cheng
Chin Pang Cheng 15 days ago
yes.China and US is doomed to conflict. Definitely tyes. Because US will not allow any country to undermine its superiority. But US will be destroyed before any conflict with China will happen. US will experience an explosiion that wikll put US on its knees begging for humanitatrian help. The YELLOW STONE ERUPTION.
Joel Colon
Joel Colon 15 days ago
America is not a democracy it's a republic
jboog45 8 days ago
It's both. Stop saying this.
vision light
vision light 16 days ago
oh my god, its happening ... trade war, currency war, hk , taiwan... when it will end? or what it will end?
Lucky Moon
Lucky Moon 16 days ago
I love it!
John Newell
John Newell 17 days ago
Kevin Rudd does a better job of explaining himself in this classic disaster of video recording his thoughts - this is a MUST SEE - ruvid.net/video/video-BVEaHcyMesQ.html
Leroy Pennant
Leroy Pennant 17 days ago
The problem is today Mr Trump. He is a rascist and a bunch of other bad things. When American sobers up from him with a real politician as president can Negotiate respecfully. Then the two powers can come to decent agreement. The age of tweeting must end if you want to achieve anything seriously. How its going on right now from the side of Mr Trump will only put oil on the fire. The chinese find it hard to take seriously a man that behaves like a horrible spoilt Brat.
raymond daubney
raymond daubney 17 days ago
Refuse to take up arms and learn who and what your masters really are.
JACOB TAYLOR 12 days ago
no soldiers no war, put the politicians on the front line.
S. Powell
S. Powell 17 days ago
China operates under a totalitarian government. There isn't any freedom there. In China, If you are an outspoken critic of the oppressive powers that be, you are incarcerated or just disappear. China is an organism that has grown to the edge it's Petri dish. Billion plus people and still growing even with 1-2 child policy. These people have to be fed. China is hungry and has to expand and spread out like the giant omnivore it is and there is no stopping it. The Gobi desert is encroaching as we speak. Polution there is incredibly high. Trade wars and diplomacy are all just postponing the inevitable violence that is to come. History as proven this. You can listen to this guy dream and speak like a new-age flower child but it's not going to change what is. All the time he spent in the library on the road to being the academic he is obviously has not taught him anything about human nature.
satyanand dwivedi
satyanand dwivedi 18 days ago
Politicians are good at earning applaud....they speak a lot do little Role of this gentleman as an Australian politician in international peace is limited
丁大 19 days ago
Bob Boone
Bob Boone 19 days ago
U look like a China slick dud
Bob Boone
Bob Boone 19 days ago
China is there own enimmies
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