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"Meteor" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available now
Order at architects.ffm.to/fttwte
Director - Jeb Hardwick
Post Production Studio - Umbrella
Head of Animation & Art Director - Péter Bátory
Post Producer - Máté Barbalics
Story by Dan Searle and Jeb Hardwick
Sam Carter - Vocals
Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
Adam Christianson - Guitars

Written and performed by Architects
Lyrics by Dan Searle
Produced by Dan Searle
Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
Additional Production by Pete Miles
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
This should be heavenly, heavenly
Is there no remedy, remedy
‘Cause I’ve been baring blunt teeth
I’m breathing heavily, heavily
I see a legacy, legacy that’s sinking
Oh, it beggars belief

I’m standing beneath the meteor
Disaster’s breaking down my door
I should be moving mountains
The arrow buckles in the bow
They said it’s time to go to war
Yeah, I’ve heard it all before
I should be moving mountains
But I’m like fire in the snow

Bathing in gasoline, gasoline
Living in quarantine, quarantine
It’s colder in the furnace
Nobodies evergreen, evergreen
Stare at the murder scene, murder scene and focus
On nothing but the surface

Another God on the radio
Says we’re stuck in a tailspin
The pilots have vertigo
They’re lost in the undertow
The arrow buckles in the bow

They said we pushed the last domino before the apocalypse
We’ve all got a stone to throw
Why? I will never know
Yeah, we’re like fire in the, a fire in the snow

But I’m like fire in the, a fire in the snow
Official Site: www.architectsofficial.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/architectsuk
Twitter: twitter.com/architectsuk
Instagram: instagram.com/architects
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100
Till 20 hours ago
Holy goddamn gods...
Patrick wilson
Patrick wilson 5 days ago
For tom for the band we love this
PurplePunkie 6 days ago
That's perfect ❤️
Schattenfisch™ 8 days ago
masterpiece, this song really gets better the often you hear it
thatsthespirit 9 days ago
Can't fucking wait to hear this live! Such a banger 🤘
Zennation Music
Zennation Music 13 days ago
Marcelo Limachi Montero
i know it's out there but. Anyone knows the animation program this video has been made with?
thibaud Rouger
thibaud Rouger 21 day ago
no one talking about the drums ? weird ...
Fossegrim 22 days ago
Amazing video and song! As always!
526 dislikes to 25K likes. Wow
Yoki Akasha
Yoki Akasha 23 days ago
I love this song!🇯🇵 It's like Lars von Trier's movie, Melancholia. Maybe it's not what Architects intended.
Jack Lavender
Jack Lavender 24 days ago
Not my type of music,heard this on radio 1 yesterday and had to find it belter tbh
Moses Stenblom
Moses Stenblom 24 days ago
WOW!! I can relate to this video. What is going on with the guy and the drugs.. well you can only imagine.. thats what Im going through right now in these hard times right now! I just hope this all ends soon.
mega man
mega man 24 days ago
So this is the new djgent dad music huh who would have thought 🤔🤔
Nunuvell Mephais
Nunuvell Mephais 24 days ago
Protip: the idiots gawking at incoming death and doing nothing about it are NO BETTER than the main character at the start of the video. Both are turkeys literally looking up into the rainstorm to drown. Don't bother responding to me with any tripe. This video is depressive and dumb.
Moses Stenblom
Moses Stenblom 25 days ago
Wow! Great video!
T I 25 days ago
Awesome video
Lupita Valenzuela
Lupita Valenzuela 26 days ago
This video gives many messages, but how important are messages for people who are going through this situation, that drugs or hiding from the world or your own apocalypse, is not the solution to solve your problems, if not to be brave and confront your apocalypse That's how I understood it, but I loved the music video and I'm not a rock fan
Ghosty Frost
Ghosty Frost 27 days ago
These music videos are top notch. So sick. I got legit chills from this one
Priscilla Hamlet
Priscilla Hamlet 28 days ago
🤘 this album kicks assssss. I have loved architects ever since I found dooms day
marina r
marina r 29 days ago
instant like without even listening to this masterpiece
SchnitzelBeat3r 29 days ago
Some people think the vocals are weird, some think the guitar is weird But we can all agree that the drums are insane, well done Dan
alejandro rohen
alejandro rohen 19 days ago
Even though the whole vibe on the album feels quite different from their previous albums, there’s no denying in saying that the drums are a work of perfection, just as they’ve ever been in the band’s career
dfjbarron Month ago
IMO - The video shows a internal struggle of mental health, the meteor isnt a disaster but the impossible perceptions of the individuals expectations of themselves. The effects of the pills pales the soul and when the pills are thrown away and then you see the burst of colour. At first i thought it shows a euphoric moments of clairty but i think it shows the state of mental health in the protagonist, his personal struggle and his state of mind and the meter represents his own personal apocalypse. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't only to be faced with what seems to be impossible possibilities.
Patricio Paiva Campos
El video esta buenísimo! Hace muy poco comencé a escuchar su música y ha sido tremendo descubrimiento.
Michał Mojzykiewicz
I really like this band, but this track sounds like Linkin Park.
OiAvogadro 23 days ago
Thats a bad thing how?
roseliebe Month ago
Fire !!!!! ♥♥♥
Dale Steel
Dale Steel Month ago
Architects let the body move let the body Grove.
Pete Maravich
Pete Maravich Month ago
My new favorite song.
Michael Varney
Michael Varney Month ago
Amazing track, but it's no downfall or broken cross
Kooma Month ago
Does someone know how this video was made? It looks to me like a CGI animation with a low frame rate to mimic the clay stop motion animations and A LOT of layered textures. And is there something similar like this out there? Crazy video, looks astonishing.
ArcticBreeeze Month ago
This Music Video Blew me away Great job on this one
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Month ago
TIMY Month ago
One of the wildest music clips I’ve ever seen in my life... the people behind the animations here are over « talented »
yashua h
yashua h Month ago
I regrettably haven't kept in touch with Architects in years. But can I say? What the actual fuck? I barely recognize them now, in a good way. They have came a long way.
Kyle C
Kyle C Month ago
I love how every song on this album has inspiration from the Bible
Spooniisyourpal Month ago
Just super generic everything. Zero creativity. Film clip looks cool though
alejandro rohen
alejandro rohen Month ago
I didn’t want to accept this sound for the band the first I heard Meteor, I couldn’t believe they had gone radio friendly... well, jokes on me because I currently think this song is a masterpiece and one of the best tracks they’ve ever made, and it’s my favourite song off the album lol thnx for this Architects, sincerely
The Dead Lighter Collection
Feb. 22nd - Feast Of The Chair Of St. Peter
Malcolm Clark
Malcolm Clark Month ago
When I first heard this song I was disappointed,but fuck me does it grow on you.
Paul Newton
Paul Newton Month ago
Thomas Chevrier
Thomas Chevrier Month ago
Incredible music video
Cody Stokes
Cody Stokes Month ago
I read a lot of comments as to the meaning of this song. Each person will digest and absorb this differently, those with eyes to see and those with ears to hear. So climate change as an explanation is a great catch all, lowest common denominator, we can all do our part. I'm thinking about, "the end of the world" in a spiritual sense, not a physical one. Look at how "fucked up" - "common" morality is, and the impossible items of discussion found at the debate table. *In the video* I see a combination of poisons flooding the mans life through his environment, his diet, his TV, and his drug use; all combining to steal his attention away. (Possession) The meteor seems to represent the moment between the OLD AGE and the NEW AGE. The possession/poisons in our environments are preventing us from evolving to the new age and when the meteor comes we are like deer in the headlights. So the majority of us get wiped out by the impact of the meteor. These lyrics make more sense to a spiritual plane that we share and are collectively ruining with negativity than it does physical earthy climate change. But what do I know? I didn't write the album. But I do feel like fire in the snow!! No place to go if we don't believe, good lord its enough to plague a saint. Nobody's proving me wrong! I'm singing Hallelujah! I never said I was giving blood for the unbelievers, screaming out like a devil in disguise! You're gonna choke when you drink from the fountain, we are the rust worshiping the rain Yeah, this album and the above lyrics are obviously about climate change. (sarcastic) No, this is about the primordial essences of good and evil Choose wisely
Omkaran Month ago
Zoltán Hidvégi
Gabe M
Gabe M Month ago
Man this should be playing at the end of FF7 while battling sephiroth!
Jeremiah Burke
Jeremiah Burke Month ago
All I can say Fuck yeah bud.
Ad Sr
Ad Sr Month ago
Were the engineers who mixed this deaf? Jeeeeezus, that mix is fucking awful...
Digitalsea Month ago
I love this band but they seem to copy b.m.t.h. in many way's..evan the guitarist copied lee malia with the bass string on his lowest string..
_ Avorach _
_ Avorach _ 13 days ago
Bruh what ?
Russell Charlton
One of the best video clips I have seen in a long, long time.
Ryloken Month ago
Is it just me or is this song about COVID-19 and quarantine?
Brandon Romance
Brandon Romance Month ago
This is one of the most visually stunning videos I've ever seen. Awesome concept. Just started listening to these guys. Gr8 music
Jimmy Cheng
Jimmy Cheng Month ago
sandhy septiandi wardana
The lyrics tell us about the conspiracy of cvd19 lol
Anderson De Freitas
3:35-3:40 Infamous lol
Adam kahn
Adam kahn Month ago
fuckin yes!!
gustavo Rodrigues
Architects are following in the footsteps of bmth
Bianca Bello
Bianca Bello Month ago
This vid looks a hell of a lot like Livealie’s VHS ☹️
Kruska Cyril
Kruska Cyril Month ago
Et le titre meteor ki est un titre d'album de Linkin, le meilleur en plus !
Kruska Cyril
Kruska Cyril Month ago
Je kiff, mé ça fait trop penser à Linkin Park, même la voix on dirait chester, paix à sn âme !
Irina Berest
Irina Berest Month ago
Unbelievable.. video hm... great. It's seems like they're trying to find the way out ..
Dustin Schiffer
Dustin Schiffer Month ago
I love reading the different interpretations of both the song and the video. It is absolutely beautiful, just like everything else you guys put out. To me, the drugs are everything in society that pacifies us. Technology, smart phones, entertainment, advertisements and so on. We are so self-absorbed and it takes conscious effort to step back and see what is actually happening around us... at least for me it does.
ramboroids Month ago
Holy shit! Yes!
James Fellender
James Fellender Month ago
This is probably my favourite song of the new album, this song slaps hard! This has to be album of the year for sure!
沙田左京 Month ago
is it Tom
Patrick Schissler
I love Architects, especially LFLT, AOGHAU, and HH -- which, in my opinion, are among the greatest metal works ever created. This doesn't feel like Architects, and leaves me sad and worried that popular appeal will change their sound irrecoverably. I understand that bands need to eat. I simply hope they return to metal-craft.
Marco Mauceli
Marco Mauceli Month ago
_ Avorach _
_ Avorach _ 13 days ago
Ok Marco
Adam Seneca
Adam Seneca Month ago
Bring me the Architects, it's a NOT GOOD
MADNESH Month ago
one of the best animations ever existed, for real, wtf is this? IN LOVE
HDC MUSIK Month ago
Nice MV
Riding9ines Month ago
Slobodan Masic
Slobodan Masic Month ago
Vince Varkey
Vince Varkey Month ago
This video is a fucking work of art.
Gaspar Andino
Gaspar Andino Month ago
cool meteoro🤘 ♬
Divij Muthappa
Divij Muthappa Month ago
3:25, goosebumps. Absolutely sick!
Dry Beoser
Dry Beoser Month ago
Ну это уже чистый альт рок. Слава Брингов не даёт сидеть на месте? И эти облегчаться понеслись.
Hywel Thomas
Hywel Thomas Month ago
I've just given Holy Hell a listen for comparison and I've just gained a greater appreciation for both albums. They're both excellent and I'm really loving For Those That Wish too.
JP's Lobster
JP's Lobster Month ago
Yea, we just got BMTH 2
Cy Meyers
Cy Meyers Month ago
This song's chorus is literally describing my life. Faced by a terrible situation, one would be expected to give everything they've got, or "move mountains". But sometimes it takes all your effort to just exist in the first place, like you're "fire in the snow"
Abara Nihei
Abara Nihei 2 days ago
"Sometimes just the act of living is an act of bravery" forgot who said it, i would guess Epictetus or Seneca, but it wasnt me 😂
Ghosty Frost
Ghosty Frost 27 days ago
Yes dude. I feel the same way. This feels so relatable
tokyo singer solo
Sorry im asking this you got any tips on how to make music
mr_torle Month ago
Go to music school or ask someone who does music you like if they can give you lessons or show you some stuff. There are some online lessons on RUvid but I don't know who does good ones. Would you like to play an instrument or what would you like to do?
adfactory69 Month ago
BMTH loves it !
Matt H.
Matt H. Month ago
Meh. Architects' new stuff is just so bland and lifeless. I get that they wanted to change things up and go in a new direction, and that's awesome. But it feels like they're not putting their hearts into the music of this current album. Very underwhelming, with cookie-cutter lyrics and absolutely flat instrumentation.
Сережа Шиков
Кто эти 460 человек, которые даже не смогли ничего понять, после просмотра?
Oleksandr Sidachov
Thank you for your work
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Month ago
Yet again you have made the mistake of trying to do a radio 1 rock show album. You tried this about ten years ago and I thought you may had actually learned your lesson, sadly not. Just a pale BMTH imitation, barely sounds like the band I know and love. 2/10 at best. Gutting.
Electroflame13 Month ago
No one cares about your opinion Kyle.
TheGamingWard Month ago
Such a powerful video
Вова Конст
это наши или ваши так делают?
Hellboii- Blazze
This video reminds me of some shit tool would do 🤟🏻❤️
Elliott Reagan
Elliott Reagan Month ago
The most un-“architects” single the band has released in years and yet it’s one of the best. This new album is PERFECT and this is now one of my favourite songs of all time. It makes me feel like I can actually move mountains. Wow.
Mr Heisenberg
Mr Heisenberg Month ago
Vor paar Jahren sagte ich mir noch , bin ich froh das es Architects noch gibt nachdem BMTH so dermaßen reingeschissen hat. Aber die Herrschaften von Architects sind kurz davor auch dort hin zu scheissen. Traurig
Inspektor Gadget
The whole album has a certain vibe I love. Who agrees with me ?
Dave Lott
Dave Lott Month ago
Linkin park need to get this singer and do an album
Tuomas Month ago
Absolutely gorgeous.
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke Month ago
Man this blows...from nihilist to this rubbish
Park Yeonjun
Park Yeonjun Month ago
Amazing c,:
Pech Choc Manuel Jesus
Como me tatuó esta canción? 🤑
Héctor F Traducciones
that ending
Evan Demi
Evan Demi Month ago
My god even their videos are incredible...
fadel surur
fadel surur Month ago
what an animation what a songgggg
sv vats
sv vats Month ago
You shouldnt have release the track first. It is so much more impactful with the video !!! I LOVE THIS SONG
X Diminishar X
X Diminishar X Month ago
No matter what's going on in the world, we're all going to have our own demons to deal with, with or without medication. Sometimes you think fuck it, I don't want to feel so numb to everything and decide to not take any of it, then shoot back into reality, it's only then you can see what's happening around you. Depression isn't an easy thing to deal with or overcome. At least this is how this song got to me, but that's the great thing about music, even if what i've written is the wrong meaning behind the song, it's connected with me in that way.
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