Architects - "Black Lungs"

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Listen to the full album: bit.ly/3dVrqVB
"Black Lungs" by @Architects from the album 'For Those That Wish To Exist,' available now
Order at architects.ffm.to/fttwte
Directed by Jeb Hardwick
Sam Carter - Vocals
Dan Searle - Drums & Keys
Josh Middleton - Guitars, Vocals & Keys
Alex Dean - Bass & Keys
Adam Christianson - Guitars

Written and performed by Architects
Lyrics by Dan Searle
Produced by Dan Searle
Co-Produced by Josh Middleton
Additional Production by Pete Miles
Mixed by Zakk Cervini
Drums Engineered by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood @ Middle Farm Studios
Vocals produced & engineered by Dan Searle @ Brighton Electric Studios
Do you cross your heart when you hope to die?
Are you sleeping deep in the hurricane?
IVs in the arm
Forgetting to feel
We’re crawling on all fours
Will you fall on that sword at the second coming?
You’re gonna taste the ash and dust
‘Cause this world is dying in our arms

Now the wheels are turning
What would you do to stay alive
If the planet was burning?

You wanna make your hell a reality?
Black lungs for the young if they dare to breathe
Sure sounds like heaven to me
You’ve gotta cut the roots to kill the weeds
No place to go if we don’t believe
Good lord, it’s enough to plague a saint

Give us a Judas steer we can deify
Yeah, we all pretend we’re the renegades
So wash us away
Garroted by a halo
Take a bow
‘Cause time’s running out
There’s no doubt that the end is coming
You’re gonna taste the ash
You’re gonna taste the dust
‘Cause this world is dying in our arms

Post love
Post truth
Justice lays bound and black bagged
Ready for the guillotine
We can all plead guilty when they ask
‘Where were you when the Gods clipped the wings of the Phoenix?’

They clipped the wings of the Phoenix
When will we wrestle the world from the fools and their gold
And their fucking covenant?
We’ll be waiting
Will enough be enough when we’re holding on for dear life?
Epitaph Records is an artist-first indie label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist, Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights helped launch the 90s punk explosion. Along the way, Epitaph has grown and evolved creatively while sticking to its mission of helping real artists make great recordings on their own terms.
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Dec 2, 2020




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Comments 100
Max Crouch
Max Crouch 18 hours ago
How have I only just found this band ?
Rhi. P.
Rhi. P. 21 hour ago
Nightsoldier573 2 days ago
Those Lyrics🤯🤯🤯Favorite song
FlameHaze59 2 days ago
Oh yyeah! ❤✌😎 Such a good song! Love the new Album! #ArchitectsRock
andrew meikle
andrew meikle 2 days ago
This randomly popped up in my SuperMix... after Amaranthes Boom!..... What a wonderful two songs... This one is so dirty! Absolutely love the variety in rhythm... goosebumps from 2:50... hotness
Scott Mcdonald
Scott Mcdonald 2 days ago
Best thing since Chester
Brad Veneklase
Brad Veneklase 2 days ago
The intensity is spot on, this is some damn fine metal.
TheFlyng' 'DxtchMvn
2:52 sitting up in bed and instinctually began headbanging and smacked the back my head hard as dog sh!t against my wall
Welcome To Hell
Welcome To Hell 4 days ago
I so love it!!! 🤘🖤🖤🖤
Jessika Marucco
Jessika Marucco 4 days ago
Ok I just started to listen these guys on Octane XM not too long ago and now I am obsessed! So damn good!!! 🤘🏼❤️ This album is full of B.A. songs!
Rizqi Pulungan
Rizqi Pulungan 5 days ago
Nobody: Micah to Arthur:
Pietro De Bernardi
Absolute Best Modern Rock Metal Band
Charlie Yeagly
Charlie Yeagly 6 days ago
Epic song!!!! The song reminds of Bring me the Horizon. Good stuff!!!
123Helder Oliveira
Həłđęř.............cadê os brs...
Fist of Dante Media
This was a downgrade wtf
Mohammed ashraf
Mohammed ashraf 7 days ago
Don't drive while hearing this metal.😀😀😀.10000 adrenaline will boost at the same time
Margarito Tobias
Margarito Tobias 8 days ago
Heard this on 97.1 the eagle. Badass song as well as animals. Holy shit 🔥🔥🔥
TheD4rkSoul 9 days ago
WTF 5k 2880p no ones got dat....
Sean Hill
Sean Hill 9 days ago
Fuck yes, I love this! Love this band! Thanks for making music that actually means something guys\m/
Jan K.
Jan K. 9 days ago
Great song !
Roverd Rammen
Roverd Rammen 9 days ago
He could be a guest singer on Linkin Park. He has the talent to make Chester parts.
Kevin Goodrum
Kevin Goodrum 9 days ago
What a fucking tune....that's all I've got to say 🤘
Jesper Kihlberg
Jesper Kihlberg 11 days ago
Can't wait to scream my lungs out to this at Alexandra Palace
SkylarkX619 12 days ago
Hi Sam Carter, I realized after I've loved you for years, we have the same name
kyptx XODIA TFO 12 days ago
Nomistime 13 days ago
Dude, I’m absolutely not a metalcore listener but this song and album are really great, thanks Architects !
GarnettGames 2197
GarnettGames 2197 13 days ago
Awesome song.
OstLeon 13 days ago
oh black lung, you aint gonna reach that gun, you lost my sick friend
NEW WAVE OF METAL 15 days ago
His voice clear reminds me Chester Bennington ...what I kinda appreciate
m shah
m shah 15 days ago
This album is hugely different and I can vividly hear the loss of Tom's masterful songwriting and guitar work from the music and that is incredibly sad. That being said, the album is a triumph in its own right which you guys have clearly poured your heart and soul into. Well done.
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 15 days ago
You guys are beating us Americans in metalcore. Bravo! 👏👏
Kerry Anderson
Kerry Anderson 17 days ago
I appreciate that in my facemelting riff and the 🎵 might be able to help get the massage across to the dreamers
Moses Stenblom
Moses Stenblom 17 days ago
Amazing video!
Aerogenic 17 days ago
Deutsche Atticus
Deutsche Atticus 17 days ago
Arthur Morgan bring your gun,them boys are on Micah's side
John Robertson
John Robertson 17 days ago
Smashed it!
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini 18 days ago
becky flatness
becky flatness 18 days ago
Where can I find that shirt
Ghosty Frost
Ghosty Frost 19 days ago
When will we wrestle the world from the fools and their gold And their fucking covenant? We’ll be waiting Will enough be enough when we’re holding on for dear life? That's some good lyrical content right there god damn
Tom Wende
Tom Wende 17 days ago
And delivered with blistering force. Yep. Peels your lips back as you scream along.
Ghosty Frost
Ghosty Frost 19 days ago
These music videos are so sick
Priscilla Hamlet
Priscilla Hamlet 19 days ago
You guys frickin ROCK!! And are super amazing live, I actually crowd surfed for my first time ever to these guys at the 2019 Epicenter music festival in NC. I love this band immensely, every song I hear, I love! 🤙🤘❤ keep giving us these dope ass songs guys, this is what I live for!!
Nathan Burling
Nathan Burling 19 days ago
The intro riff????? My kids and wife know it well!!!! (As do my neighbours)
FlowerPowerRockGirl 3333
Spooky.. But fucking awesome🤘😎✌️😘I love the powerful voice
Kiril Kirilov
Kiril Kirilov 20 days ago
the only advert on RUvid I didn't skip)))🤘🤘🤘
Donald Trumpr
Donald Trumpr 21 day ago
Tim Balint
Tim Balint 21 day ago
Full Metal Jacket..bring it
Jared Luciano
Jared Luciano 22 days ago
Y’all straight the fuck up crushed this album I love you guys so much keep up the phenomenal work!!!!
sombran shadow
sombran shadow 26 days ago
Fans: OH what a deep title and lyric. Me: Fucking Micha Bell calling Arthur like that.
Zeen The Guy with No Profile Picture
When you realize this song is about about how we are destroying our planet and polluting it, you realize that metal can be about any theme and sound fucking amazing. Never knew I would like the lyrics of something with this theme but I stand corrected.
randy ackerman
randy ackerman 27 days ago
first album since pwd ire that i love front to back.
CeeJay Mann
CeeJay Mann 27 days ago
Amazing song, I love it. And the energy that the drummer has is incredible lol. I wish I could play drums like that someday
Byron Sanchez
Byron Sanchez 28 days ago
Dude, I have had this album on repeat since it dropped. Shit slaps so hard!
Carol Ann Porter
Carol Ann Porter 28 days ago
YAY!!! heheh I love finding new fucking amazing music
Wesley Luiz
Wesley Luiz 29 days ago
um salve do Brasil
oliv anan
oliv anan 29 days ago
This is the best song On the album after Discourse is dead.. I repeat them 300 times lol everyday
Alex Clair
Alex Clair Month ago
I’m so proud to be a fan of this band. Absolutely incredible to see how far they’ve come. Truly an inspiration
dadapotok Month ago
put a joke about early Linkin Park here
BlakJjags06 Month ago
This song would fit in bring me the horizons album sempiternal, when I first heard the song on a Spotify ad I thought it was bmth
nx_saosin Month ago
this is so fucking sick !!
TA Month ago
super amazing!!! love it!!
Andre Brodbeck
Andre Brodbeck Month ago
Is there a phone ringing in this song?
Jazzy Month ago
“Good lord, it’s enough to plague a saint” Don’t know why but that line makes me want to headbang until my head falls off
Grant Sheppard
Grant Sheppard Month ago
Best song on the album by far
wikki11 Month ago
CO² bullshit once again.
Diego GH
Diego GH Month ago
I wish I could like this a million times
emil emil
emil emil Month ago
Ok but this is sort of hot idk
senseless nate
senseless nate Month ago
best song by architects, hands down!
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Month ago
Can anyone recommend some other bands that have a similar sound to Architects?
InsaneGlitch 16 days ago
Check Aviana also.
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Month ago
@Electroflame13 thank you! Already listen to BMTH , Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps... but will check out the others. I know Polaris are highly recommended!
Electroflame13 Month ago
Wage War, Bring Me The Horizon, Northlane, While She Sleeps, Polaris, Bury Tomorrow, Thornhill
Grant Sheppard
Grant Sheppard Month ago
My puppy listened to this now hes a wolf
Bryan Jolly
Bryan Jolly Month ago
This fucking band repeatedly writes the sickest lyrics with the sound to break a saint. Keep fucking doing what your fucking doing
Kody King
Kody King Month ago
Really proud of these guys this year love this album
maksimkat# Month ago
Мои Любимцы♥️ вы прекрасны. Альбом шикарный! И уж я точно не стану говорить лучше или хуже он остальных.
S1l3nc3d Month ago
Literally found you guys in a Spotify ad, decided to check you guys out. Was. Not. Disappointed. At. All. Especially with this song, I love the pre-chorus and the chorus is really catchy in my opinion. You guys have yourselves a new fan! :)
Erin At Eleven
Erin At Eleven Month ago
Nolly making those tasty drums slap even harder 😎
Adrian van der Walt
sounds like Atreyu - Save us
Bryan Month ago
doesnt the chorus "woahh" remind you of BMTH "it might sting a bit". Also just rhe vocals in general. I think they took a lot of BMTH influence for this record
Michiko Moochan
Michiko Moochan Month ago
Adoring this, reminds me of BMTH
Slobodan Masic
Slobodan Masic Month ago
Xlimk Month ago
this song is about climate change? pretty awesome if you ask me
Little Corrupter
I just love you guys! Cannot wait to see you live again
Matt Musicaddict
This song is awesome!
Yunda nanda Eka kharisma
3:33 Fuck keseluruhan !
Treemoney Peso
Treemoney Peso Month ago
0:44 to 0:50 that part demands yo head to bang🙅🏽‍♂️💀😭no exceptions
Simon Berry
Simon Berry Month ago
bro the chorus on this song is amazing
Rudy Ramirez
Rudy Ramirez Month ago
This song is so deep, but I love it!!
Crustie Crabbe
Crustie Crabbe Month ago
Bring me the architects
Uriel Suárez
Uriel Suárez Month ago
Old BMTH vibes?? Voice kinda similar
Ben Moore
Ben Moore Month ago
Listening from Mississippi, USA. Just heard about you guys from a buddy at work. Killin it! 🤘🏻
obi-wan kenobi
obi-wan kenobi Month ago
I better not see micha bell here trolling arthur Morgan lol
Jackson Robbins
Jackson Robbins Month ago
Far too many chord progression chorus's on this album
Martin Kaderli
Martin Kaderli Month ago
One of the best songs I heared in the last time Thank you Architects to follow your own way!
bds_m guy da sic
Architects: the song is called black lungs Smokers: and i took that personal
SneezeLoweze Month ago
This music is fire diggity dawg keep it real pappa G.
Mark Green
Mark Green Month ago
Face masks For the kids When they Try to breath.
Leonardo Month ago
Absolute amazing!!!
Emily Smyth
Emily Smyth Month ago
Tell me 2.53 gave yous goosebumps all UP your spine cos I’m SHIVERING 😩😍
Emily Smyth
Emily Smyth Month ago
Radiated Aviation
This song sure sounds like heaven to me!
Sir Carter
Sir Carter Month ago
Tikash Month ago
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