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The Arabian Mau was only recently recognized as an actual breed.
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May 17, 2012




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Comments 80
SQUISH THAT CAT! 2 days ago
Bruh i thought my cat was a ginger!! And i even named it gingy!
Zara Abraham
Zara Abraham 7 days ago
I used to live in Dubai, and can sadly confirm that there are many many on the streets, I am also a very proud owner of 3 rescue Arabian maus (and have had them before!) They are my favourite breed, such personality, VERY sociable, but also independent and all love playing!, with minimal shedding, aren't they just perfect!?
Ivan Timofeevich
Ivan Timofeevich 15 days ago
Got ginger tubby kitten in London. As he grew, he matched arabian Mau description 100%. Extremely friendly, yet, a brutal hunter. A mouse got into flat, it all happened in an instant, then I see exposed lungs, guts and spreading pool of blood, and my kitten growling with its chest in his mouth and he is only 9 month old.
Khalid Month ago
They are everywhere in Saudi Arabia.
Arabic Persian Cat's
Wail Gh
Wail Gh Month ago
I am from Saudi Arabia and I own a Mao cat that is similar to a cat in 0:14
Vignesh Gv
Vignesh Gv 2 months ago
What about arabian dog breeds
Shannen Canton
Shannen Canton 2 months ago
the name Mau is an onomatopoeia
Eleven Eggos
Eleven Eggos 5 months ago
My arabian mau looks exactly like the ginger cat. He was a feral but i took him in as pet. Super active and playful cat and smart too.
Chiheb Atamna
Chiheb Atamna 6 months ago
Mau dosen't mean cat in Egyptian 😂
Niña Guaño
Niña Guaño 6 months ago
They look like the common cat here in the Philippines.
LagiNaLangAko23 6 months ago
So Maus are basically just cats in Arabia? Is it the only kind of cat there?
Rehan Nazir
Rehan Nazir 6 months ago
What the actual hell this means that all the stray cats which look exactly like this cats in the video in my crib lahore pakistan are purebreed arabian freaking maus better take them in and start Apreaciating them
DeepFriedAsianKid 8 months ago
soooo it's basically a Ginger Tabby?
Fleur Puttock
Fleur Puttock 8 months ago
I'm worried about the panting cat. I hope he got some water.
Eyeconic 8 months ago
I love how “Mau” is the Egyptian word for “cat” because I imagine it went something like this: Egyptian: “What do we call this creature?” Cat: “mau” Egyptian: “Perfect!”
TheLogicJunkie 8 months ago
Actually, the ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) word for cat was "Miw", not "Mau".
Ash The Duke
Ash The Duke 9 months ago
How did they survived in dessert like i know the video said it but still hard to believe
Ash The Duke
Ash The Duke 9 months ago
So my orange tabby is an Arabian mau
Rei Kai Honeybee
Rei Kai Honeybee 9 months ago
nice cat
VIRTILISE 9 months ago
In my Arabian family everyone has an Arabian mai
MaRi 10 months ago
My mau looks like an overgrown rat but I still love him
MaRi 10 months ago
His in my profile pic for reference
Meg Spitzer
Meg Spitzer 10 months ago
That's the most skinniest cat breed I've ever saw, especially at the animal shelter that I volunteer at😲
888,888_ fiery_mercaba
I am fairly certain this approximately 2 year old shorthair ginger my wife found or, rather, as she might say & does say, that found her as she was walking back to her car with our two eldest daughters last Sunday is an Arabian Mau, even though the vet office remain generic in its classification of him & that after those I dealt with pretty much displayed that they had no idea of his breed. (He was not microchipped & therefore there was no medical history on him.) Every video I have seen of Arabian Maus, though, & the descriptions of them strongly indicates to me that this long-legged, tapered-tail pale orange feline of ours is an Arabian Mau. Thankfully he doesn't have leukemia or feline HIV/AIDS, but I don't think he enjoyed the visit to the vet yesterday & I don't know if it was any of the vaccines yesterday that had him to become so suddenly a bit ill-tempered. He felt a bit warm as if having a fever from the shots (as a child usually does after particular vaccines at the pediatrician's office) & hope that his change from being so mild-mannered will be as temporary as the fever. Also, I, at least for now, opted out of having him neutered & hope to somehow naturally prevent this territorial or "in heat" spraying that he supposedly will do if not neutered. Any suggestions? He is, incidentally, going to be an indoor cat.
rhoda donceras
rhoda donceras 11 months ago
C H A I R M A N. M A U
rhoda donceras
shouldve calledit arabian meow
asleif zeph
asleif zeph Year ago
I have one and his perfect pet, u can easily teach them to be polite and patient when feeding them... I love arabian mau ❤️❤️❤️❤️
That Gall
That Gall Year ago
Egyptian: (looking at cat for first time ) Cat: ... Egyptian: what are you? Cat: mau Egyptian: oh ok ur a mau 👍 Egyptian mau x
V B 10 months ago
Yol Akin
Yol Akin Year ago
Here kitty kitty.
Really Random
Really Random Year ago
so basically a random street cat
Ali Abdel Naeem
Pure Mau is egyption not arabian
الحجري الازدي
I am Arab. But I have American cat.
Mai Daraman
Mai Daraman Year ago
Most of the cat breeds here in the Philippines are Arabian Mau..indeed very friendly and energetic..suited to us Filipinos..😊
Pixie The Pixelated Cat
I'm an Arabian Mau!
Ai Chunhua
Ai Chunhua Year ago
Arabian Mau also looks like cat here in the Philippinea, Puspin
sigid bintoro
sigid bintoro Year ago
Kucing pasar
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ Year ago
Can I hyper this with sand cat
lps icypaws
lps icypaws Year ago
I own one he only eats, sleeps and go outside a lot My mum says he's like a homeless cat He likes to hunt mice My arabian mau colour is light ginger He loves to eat His name is tomzis He hates collars and doesn't wear it If u see cat like this on the streets of London united kingdom, it's probably my cat 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 PSS... He looks like the iPhone cat emoji
kieran thomas
kieran thomas Year ago
Arab man: what are you? Cat: mau Arab man: oh ok.
asleif zeph
asleif zeph Year ago
i have arabian mau 😍😍❤️❤️ they are two gingers
Trains and Music
You mean orange
Hareem NM
Hareem NM Year ago
Ai Chunhua
Ai Chunhua Year ago
Those cats look like cats in the Philippines
SuckerKiss Year ago
Didnt know they were a breed... I just thought they were domestic shorthair lol .. you will never find these in our petshops cause theyre just street cats here :/
reded soldier
reded soldier Year ago
1st guy to see arabian maus : what are you? Cat: *meows* Guy: oh hi mau
stephanie christy
I own queenie the white cat on the car she lives with us in England,she abit like a dog, waits and follows me everywhere. She loves to play chase and hiding seek.
a raccoon
a raccoon Year ago
This cat makes me really happy to look at
Obi-wan kenobi
I have one
Uae Uae2
Uae Uae2 Year ago
God made them live in sands and around the houses they are wild animals u can not force them to be as pets
Al Year ago
I don't understand, I have searched the web, almost no one recognizes this breed? how come this video says different?
Uae Uae2
Uae Uae2 Year ago
They dont get along with any other pet .. those cats ate my parrots , rabbits , chickens . No matter what you do they will still come at night and attack other pets . Am sick of those cats , i know they are cute but there very aggresive at the same time . Couldnt find any solution tell now even though i gave my friends lots of those wild cats to adapt but they still come again . And they never finish
Edgy Pickle
Edgy Pickle Year ago
Like the video said, these cats are a very natural breed, so they have lots of wild and natural hunting instincts with them. You’d be better off with more domesticated breeds. Like maybe a Ragdoll breed
No this is Patrick
I have arabian mau they make a good pet and they always love to play
Gam Ja Tang
Gam Ja Tang Year ago
Interestingly to find that Egyptian pronounce the same as Chinese when calling cat
Teapot Inc
Teapot Inc Year ago
This 101 kinda left a sour taste in my mouth, it's just the ways the 'experts' hummed and ermmed their way through this segment almost like they either had no idea what they were talking about or making it up as they went along (excluding Jackson Galaxy of course who seemed to have most of what he said edited out in the final cut of this segment). I'm especially saddened that just only recently this breed got recognised at all, one of what I call the true breeds of cat (one to adapt into human civilisation from its natural environment with no known human interference for breed designing) and still around today quite possibly far older that common sense tells me is well over 1000 years old (to say perhaps it could be one the first to come into contact with domestication may be stretching it). In essence living history we can see and interact with and yet I believe it's been regarded as a pest mostly in its countries of origin, I hope it changes for the better for this beautiful creature that's a rare glimpse into the humble beginnings of cat domestication.
Hektor Valdes
Hektor Valdes Year ago
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover domestic cat behavior explained try Turbo feline roadmap (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.
Patricia Dutchak
I adopted an Arabian Mau that was rescued as a baby in Oman. She was as big as a hand and not expected to survive the night. Well, she did and now she has been my loyal little companion for more that eight years! She doesn’t like the cold Canadian climate, so I bought a large heating pad for her to sleep on. She talks a lot, waits for me at the door to come home from work, follows me everywhere, likes to crawl on my lap and she demands a lot of attention. I would be with her 24/7 if she had her way! What a precious little creature.
Xxixx ixxi
Xxixx ixxi 2 years ago
*Egyptians* it go mau so we call it mau
E M S 2 years ago
"Egyptian word for cat" No. "Egyptian" is not a language. It is a nationality. In Egypt, the primary language is Arabic.
Haden Poxon
Haden Poxon 2 years ago
mau :3
FREE MAN 2 years ago
Egyptian Mau, not Arabian, Egypt not Arab country!
Al Year ago
the fuck are you trying to say?
Zhiyar Ali
Zhiyar Ali 2 years ago
I have two arabian maus. they make really, really great pets. they are very social and sweet.
Kaneda 2 years ago
1:25 yeah, effects weren't necessary, animal planet.
InfusedSediment 2 years ago
Like dogs and small children, cats who are let outdoors without supervision are vulnerable to the dangers of cars, other animals, cruel people, and diseases. (In addition to a dramatically lowered life expectancy, there is an increased risk of disease.) Feline leukemia, feline AIDS (FIV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), toxoplasmosis, distemper, heartworm, and rabies can be difficult to detect and, in the case of FIP and distemper, impossible to test for. They are also highly contagious and can easily be passed on to other companion animals.
Nya Crea
Nya Crea 2 years ago
I have rescued an Arabian Mau from the streets of Dubai and I discovered with pleasure that this breed is very different from the other cat breeds. They adapt very easily and they are very loving and also very obedient and easy to train for anything that you want to teach them, they will listen to you and learn fast and they are very respectful they will actually recognize you as the leader! All this was really surprising to me knowing that cats are usually very independent and hard to train. The Arabian Mau will perfectly understand your mood and also try to communicate with you chatting and often meowing. If you live in the Middle East and you want to get a cat, don’t buy one... rescue an Arabian Mau, they are awesome no matter if kittens or already adults they will adapt very fast ❤️
K. Erritt Tylor
K. Erritt Tylor 6 months ago
I got one in in the middle east when she was a kitten. She was abandoned by her mom and at the stage in her life when eyesight was just developing. A very active kitten, she would even eat the nibs on her bottles to the point we had to get new nibs constantly. She's about a year and a half old and pretty much full grown. Princess responds well to voice commands and eeriely, it seems as if she kind of understands what we say about her. She has a million nick names and responds to nearly all of them! I wouldn't call her the most loving cat in the world, but I would say she's fierce and independent. This cat loves fish. I'd say she likes chicken about as much as an orthodox jew likes shellfish. She's pretty loyal and a little too smart for her own good. If you train Arabian Maus early, they will be excellent cats and follow the rules.
Mini CocoPanda
I believe my arabian is an arabain. It was a baby when i got him from a shelter. He looks like like one. He is just like the cats in this vid. The shelter only said the breed was orange and white... Idk what they meant by thst but i thibk this is him
Uae Uae2
Uae Uae2 Year ago
While giving water to plants they will drink they can hear water sound from very far places . And people usuallt provide them water and milk
Harry Vanderveer
Harry Vanderveer 2 years ago
I love cats ,have two of them....My question to you or anyone is ..how do these amazing cats survive in the desert without water.? Where do they get water when they are in the desert without any human contact.?
sugarplum isawesome
* picks up lovable street cats * AH YES THE ARABIAN MAU! 1000 DOLLARS EACH :)
Briana Cherry
Briana Cherry 2 years ago
Ok so the difference between the Egyptian and Arabian Mau is........?
Smells like the only Nirvana Song you know
Are these orange tabby Cat’s?
Ragavi Manjunath
Ragavi Manjunath 2 years ago
I own a Arabian may named jag_war
Myrille Shanice Labo
I have that cat, he is already a year old
Montage Masters
Montage Masters 2 years ago
I live in Dubai, and these beauties are all I see. I have one of these little balls of joy and a Somali. They get together a little too well.
Tsum Tsom
Tsum Tsom 2 years ago
It's the Arab cats
Janice Kassner
Janice Kassner 2 years ago
Cute and beautiful-I would love to have one or two even better.
DigiAce 2 years ago
I have one and I live in California
Procrastinator Productions
This looks like a short haired version of my cat (my cat is a rescue I have no clue what she is)
Robin Levy
Robin Levy 2 years ago
Jennifer Steel
Jennifer Steel 2 years ago
I love my Arabian Mau cats. They are fine mouse hunters.
Harold D. Esquire
Harold D. Esquire 2 years ago
had an arabian mau named big kitty :( i miss u big kitty u were my greatest friend
Freedomcat 2 years ago
I think my orange tabby is an Arabian Mau. Her personality and behaviors match up. Plus she has a super long tail like the breed!
بشاير المانع العسيري
Mariam Ahmed
Mariam Ahmed 2 years ago
Here in egypt you see those cats everywer mosly gray and white but they are beautiful the stray cats dont like to be petted every time i try they run away lol.... but still really pretty cats.
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