apples (lil album 🍎)

Louie Zong
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folky jazz for apple heads
0:00 golden delicious
2:09 ambrosia
3:54 jazz
6:06 granny smith
8:08 mcintosh
on spotify soon!

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Dec 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks 6 hours ago
Honeycrisp gang
No Name
No Name 2 days ago
I can taste apples when I listen to this??????? What type of musical magician are you???
tehlime 6 days ago
Really needed this nice musical pick me up today - thanks Louie! ✨🍎
Nicholas Woodward
This album makes me inexplicably happy ^_^
Richard Lucas
Richard Lucas 11 days ago
Back for hear again and sounds like the first time
redeyedcoyote 12 days ago
I've listened to this at least once a week since it dropped. Thank you.
Willow Giannotti-Garlinghouse
So crisp, so sweet
Nancy Jentjens
Nancy Jentjens 29 days ago
this feels like it could be the soundtrack for an animated short
Bit Bit
Bit Bit Month ago
As I'm eating a golden delicious atm with my dog I can confirm it tastes like it sounds
basyira belgia
basyira belgia Month ago
ah, always love and motivated me to try harder in music producing. thanku!
srishti chandwadkar
I am so glad that you exist and that I got to hear your music.
Slimey Piston
Slimey Piston Month ago
I showed this to my orange It's an apple now
Axolotl Month ago
This is the first set of songs that actually made me almost cry. literally, no other music has done that before. The feelings this has is just so fucking intense to me
Shawn Month ago
please release sheet music for all of these, I really wanna play ambrosia but I can't
Reef Month ago
This is beautiful mainly because of the fact that jazz is the best apple and by far the best song
Test Subjection
Test Subjection 2 months ago
Sir Rivet
Sir Rivet 2 months ago
"lil album" its called an ep
Sleepy Peachy
Sleepy Peachy 2 months ago
Why did mcintosh slap so hard oof
Sueda C
Sueda C 2 months ago
I ate an apple today
Nora Meld
Nora Meld 2 months ago
So who's gunna bite the bullet and make a simple farming sim so that this can be it's soundtrack
The Can
The Can 2 months ago
One apple a day, depression away
surphmespicy 2 months ago
could i use any of this audio to animate to? i love your work, youre very good at what you do! it'd be so fun to make a lil video and post it to youtube (with proper credits of course)
Omar Abdelkader
Omar Abdelkader 2 months ago
Y'all mind if I download this?
Idk UwU I guess
Idk UwU I guess 2 months ago
how can a man make an album that genuinely speaks to me about apples like louie you're my biggest inspiration. keep it up!
Lydia Mack
Lydia Mack 3 months ago
My lord when I listen to any one of your EPs/albums I go immediately to the comment section to comment that it's my favorite but then I remember that you have like a bajillion n they're aLL MY FAVORITE,,CRY Also this video has been up for 2 months n it has 14 dislikes this man is doing it RIGHT
_cherryann 3 months ago
love the feeling using my earphones to listen this music, it kinda goes into my whole body
Esmeralda Riverside
Esmeralda Riverside 3 months ago
Video: a little album Category: film and animation
Gingereboli 3 months ago
Love you booboo
Ben Shen
Ben Shen 3 months ago
Why did honeycrisp not make it? For real.
Steiner Grimm
Steiner Grimm 3 months ago
you know what would be amazing? that one day, Louie and Alex might decide to collab and we wouldn’t be ready for it.
brntbreal 3 months ago
TotallyYourFavorite 3 months ago
A background melody in ambrosia started sounding familiar to me but I didn't know why but then I realized it was similar to a minecraft song waw
ZestyMay 3 months ago
I like Envy. They're small but quite juicy and crunchy! And hella expensive too.
Zero Two
Zero Two 3 months ago
Makes me wanna eat apples while listening to this
Toast Likes 2 Draw
Toast Likes 2 Draw 3 months ago
Srcsqwrn 3 months ago
This album is very nice and chill. But that LAST song "mcintosh" is something else! It's so different from everything else on the album, and it's so full of life. I had to buy it immediately after hearing it. Apples is something I thought I would try after the life changing greenhouse album. Thank you Louie, mcintosh has been absolutely inspiring as hell, and has been on loop for me for the past few days.
Azure-Crimson Revival
Mood improved by all the%
Migrating purple sunglasses
This is genuinely so beautiful. I can't even put into words how this makes me feel
literallytrash %
literallytrash % 4 months ago
This is a vibe, no check needed
Luke 4 months ago
This makes me feel, safe. I don't know why but I just can imagine owning an apple orchard with my friends and family and leaving life peacefully in the country only 20 miles from the Ocean. Thank you for this album.
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty 4 months ago
Sounds like the type of music that local restaurants play :/
Warded Thorn
Warded Thorn 4 months ago
I'm reminded of "This is just to say" by William Carlos Williams. Taking inspiration and beauty from a simple and wonderful pleasure.
nootle 4 months ago
People were all like animal crossing and I was like really you think that’s anima ohhhhhhh I seee
Lame_ aesthetic
Lame_ aesthetic 4 months ago
Bro saw this album on band camp! Your doing amazing! Keep up the amazing work!^^
Mr Bons
Mr Bons 4 months ago
glad you shared this magical apple
배영환 4 months ago
Good to hear that music when I going to company on morning. 👍
두앵 4 months ago
I like this album 😊🍎 So comfortable 🤗
Fiona 4 months ago
I don't know how, but every song in this album make me feel so happy, like there is a chance for things to be better. Every song is so filled with hope and pure joy. It just make me so happy to listen to these little songs about apples, thanks Louie!
jomsart 4 months ago
Fuji pls
Hemlo Yeno
Hemlo Yeno 4 months ago
I couldnt find this anywhere when I searched Thanks for history ,I love you’re misic
Roward Hiso
Roward Hiso 4 months ago
please put this in itunes!
Blake M
Blake M 4 months ago
came back to listen to this bc i was feelin real stressed and big sads. thank u louie.
vincent28 4 months ago
thank you
Rachel 4 months ago
Okay Mcintosh just makes me want to take an adventure through a bright and happy little forest and make a ton of cute lil animal friends. Anyone else?
Vitamin C 123
Vitamin C 123 4 months ago
Wait... *where* is Fuji?!?
Emily Evans
Emily Evans 4 months ago
This sounds so much like the secret world of arrietty soundtrack
DannoHung 4 months ago
Never had a Jazz apple!
Mia 4 months ago
6:06 is very Arrested Development vibes
Joedieo 5 months ago
Hey Louie, just wanted to say that you were my top listened to artist on Spotify, and that i really appreciate the music that you put out for us✨. You got me through a lot with your music and I wanna thank you for doing so❤️❤️
Qwertyuiop707 5 months ago
Is no one going to talk about the last one, Macintosh? I mean it's not technically an apple but it's a product from Apple. Pure Louie genius.
Qwertyuiop707 4 months ago
@Fafnya Oh shoot I had no idea! Thanks!
Fafnya 4 months ago
MacIntosh is a type of apple, my friend! (It’s why apple named the product that!)
Tigger Is Triggered
Tigger Is Triggered 5 months ago
It seems everyone here is sharing their favorite apples, so here's mine: Pink Lady. The sweet, juicy flesh with a crisp and slightly wax-y skin just makes me feel good inside : ) Though, I think all apples are good for munchin' on like I'm a gentle horse being fed by a farmer's only son.
Worry Wart
Worry Wart 5 months ago
Squid frick
Squid frick 5 months ago
what if you plug your headphones into the apple and this starts playing
Hot Tits Mcgee
Hot Tits Mcgee 5 months ago
I love ur stuff man thank you for this Christmas gift ill cherish it
Tungsten Dioxide
Tungsten Dioxide 5 months ago
This was made a month ago. Their gift is the "Garden" album
Ted Josiah Paragas
Ted Josiah Paragas 5 months ago
Pinkie pie wants to know your location Cuz she is a gypsy related to the apple family (jazz + country) = what you just did whih is awesome
Trailtracker 5 months ago
Pinkie pie is a gypsy?
سماح محمد
سماح محمد 5 months ago
I love very much your job 😐👌😉
Blue 5 months ago
red ladies are the CRAP THO
Brim-sker Douglasson
I was just wondering if you had a plan to grace us with a Christmas song to get the vibes going but hey, Apples are pretty great too!
shenza bean
shenza bean 5 months ago
this is funky and happy. thanks for giving me something to listen to tonight
Geezt Jeez
Geezt Jeez 5 months ago
I mean like *Apples* ! You know what I'm sayin' ?
Caio Augusto
Caio Augusto 5 months ago
Could someone say me wich kind of music is this ?? I'm in love with it
AJ Vendetta
AJ Vendetta 5 months ago
Idk how but this is the most appley music I've ever heard. I was expecting something mediocre having nothing to do with the title and somehow got something so perfectly crisp sweet and relaxing.
LabbyDoo 5 months ago
Louie is great at making music sound like a certain food or object, sounds weird but true aha
hollyken3 5 months ago
Tomto Stadioom
Tomto Stadioom 5 months ago
Please create a how to make Louie Zong song series.
Little One
Little One 5 months ago
Can i use on my channel? giving to you The credits for sure
Benji Solis
Benji Solis 5 months ago
Why am i JJUST finding out about this album, also what a glorious way to start my monday listening to this 😍😍😍
spacadet 5 months ago
i wanna sit under a tree by the creek, right as summer is coming to a close, right as the sun is just beginning to set, with my head in the lap of a boy i love. i wanna feel this kind of joy, again: the kind that you just experience, without thinking about it too much. i wanna be able to close my eyes and rest, feeling safe and complete. I wanna have a good christmas, i want a better year, i want a puppy and i want my innocence back. i feel so lucky, that i get to exist. I feel so happy that i get to experience love and playfulness and joy. thanks again, louie! xoxo, spacadet
Loan N. Bach
Loan N. Bach 5 months ago
This is an odd question but does anyone know the font used for the word Apple?
don’t touch my hair
This was nostalgic bon’t know why. but a good album anyways Thanks!
xpresso 5 months ago
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