APPLE WATCH SERIES 5 UNBOXING! What Apple DIDN'T Want You To Notice...

Adrienne Finch
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Is the Apple Watch Series 5 ACTUALLY worth it?! Today, I'm unboxing and reviewing my brand new Apple Watch Series 5 - 44mm in rose gold. I already had the Series 4, so here I compare all the new features of the Series 5 to the Series 3 and Series 4 and determine whether it's worth the purchase.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 214
Ankita Sunadhar
Ankita Sunadhar 4 hours ago
Is it 42mm or 44mm
Pawel Grum
Pawel Grum 3 days ago
I have a series 5 44 mm and at the end of a typical day with workouts and music and notifications, I have 40% left with always on display, on
Sharon Yalch
Sharon Yalch 14 days ago
Do you have the watch with the cellular or just gps?
Hola Girl
Hola Girl 16 days ago
Her shirt😭😭✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
RED LAZALA 18 days ago
your so funny anyway 😉👍 i have Series 5 and i give it to my patner yesterday as a gift(1 yr Annivesary)Nice unboxing and review as well👍😉
Bader Mohammed
Bader Mohammed 20 days ago
Still waiting for your video on your experience with Apple watch series 4 😅
Tina Stallings
Tina Stallings 22 days ago
Very helpful information!
R Doñez
R Doñez 22 days ago
I ordered my Apple Series 5 yesterday grey aluminum black band LTE, my 2nd gen gave up the ghost soooooo I took that as a sign and pulled the trigger for a five. Can’t wait to pair.
Abhinav Gauttam
Abhinav Gauttam 24 days ago
Hii I am from India and a student currently studying in class 10th and really have a dream to wear an apple watch but can't afford it if you can give me one like your old or if you have any extra used one,ghan also it will be really very very thankful and helpful to you mam
Mariam George
Mariam George 25 days ago
yo you literally just said that like if you didn't wanna make it obvious then you should just click it lmao u just wanna say anything to get views.
Eliza •
Eliza • 26 days ago
I have the series 4 and I absolutely love it!!!! 🖤
Kadie Ezell
Kadie Ezell 27 days ago
why did they discontinue the series 4?
abrianna foster
abrianna foster Month ago
lucky enough i was cleaning and rearranging my room and i found my old iphone 10 i forgot about so i sent it back to apple and got a $350 gift card which i used towards an apple watch and now i have one 😎
Harold Dryden
Harold Dryden Month ago
Good review but I didn't hear mention of the native compass or additional internal storage increase that the series 5 offers.
Mandy Murphy
Mandy Murphy Month ago
Why is the crown darker and more shiny ?
R O W D A H Alhosani
I am getting one soon and this wants me to get one SO BADDDDD
Alyssa Herbert
Alyssa Herbert Month ago
We need the video of how your Apple Watch changed your life! I want to get one but I want to make sure I'll really use it!
Miracle Aboagye
Miracle Aboagye Month ago
I have the same exact watch as you and I got mine yesterday I love it
allan knight
allan knight Month ago
You’re a cutie pie. You don’t need to be dishonest to get us to click on your channel.
Neno Month ago
I got distracted by your perfectly polished nails ; awesome video
Kaff231 Month ago
I’ve looked at many Apple Watch series 5 reviews and I love your review because not only did you explain what your getting you displayed it on your wrist. Been thinking about getting the 44mm and you’ve made my decision easier now. Thank you so much!🥰👍 ⌚️🥳
R Month ago
Did you ever make the how it changed your life video?!
Virginia VanSickle
I have the Apple Watch black in 44 mm. I love it.
Abhinav Gauttam
Abhinav Gauttam Month ago
Dear I am from India and a student currently studying in class 10th and really have a dream to wear an apple watch but can't afford it if you can give me one it can be old ,used but I just want one please reply
Brandon Torres
Brandon Torres Month ago
I just bought my first Apple Watch ever ( I bought the series 5 44m ) and it’s so worth it. I wake up everyday ready to wear it! I love it
Isla Lawrence
Isla Lawrence Month ago
Please make more Apple Watch videos
Yacine Amazigh
Yacine Amazigh Month ago
So mouthy for zero useful informations !
Potato Chilli
Potato Chilli Month ago
mctigger1021 Month ago
I bought the series 5 for my girlfriend and myself for Valentine’s Day. This is our first Apple Watch and we love it. I like watching your videos I found them while looking up Apple Watch videos as research before buying ours. You do such a great job with them.
Morris Cohen
Morris Cohen Month ago
Lol she’s in the bathroom
Sophie Slater
Sophie Slater Month ago
Had the series 1, wore it for 2 months, hated it becuase the battery was TERRIBLE. Tried fitbit on and off for a few years, HATED IT. Just ordered a series 5, thinking this might be the one I really love!
Aanya Goel
Aanya Goel Month ago
I really want the apple watch series 5.
zoya _original
zoya _original Month ago
I was so excited when mine came in the mail today I got the Ceramic Gps and Cellular one {which costed 100$ more but I was stupid enough to pay extra} and it's amazing, I was watching reviews on how to set it up, and cuz of quarntine I go on daily runs in de morning before school and the watch is Soo amazing I would totally recommend
zoya _original
zoya _original Month ago
@Mila McG if you couldn't afford the 5 there is a Fitbit versa 2 and its only 200 dollars and exactly like a apple watch series 5 only it can't take pictures but it has Spotify too my younger sister has it 🖤
Mila McG
Mila McG Month ago
Mine is supposed to come on Thursday 😃 I hope you have fun with yours ( except I’m too broke for the 5 Ahahaha so I got the 3 ) xoxoxo
Nila Bouheni
Nila Bouheni Month ago
Hello! what is the reference of the nail polish please?
Dark Promises
Dark Promises Month ago
one thing she left out was that a series 4 can cost just as much if not more on ebay or amazon
Alexis Jesús Pardo Aliaga
Hello, is a case necesary for this Watch?
Ashley Ringelberg
Ashley Ringelberg 2 months ago
Did you ever make a video about how the Apple Watch changed your life? I can’t find it.
Rachel G
Rachel G 2 months ago
Immediately got the same color combination after saw this!!
Kara Patajo
Kara Patajo 2 months ago
Did you end up making the video about how the Apple Watch changed your life?😊
Ayhan 2 months ago
What gym do you go to? 😩
Aquatic Sun
Aquatic Sun 2 months ago
Sorry but it also has 32G, which is doubled, 50% louder speaker which key to using it for calls, International emergency calling, and the "always on" setting can be turned off giving you a choice for that feature, these differences are very important to mention for comparing
Giuseppe Serpi
Giuseppe Serpi 2 months ago
*_Very nice smart watch - my first one - very responsive 🔵🔵>_**_imgs.love/Apple5Watch?こz _**_ decent amount of very useful apps . Have no complaints other than battery could last longer - but that’s a trade off versus the power of a computer on your wrist._*
Ana Maria Galvez Kolenko
Is this more gold or rose gold in color?
Aminah B
Aminah B 2 months ago
I have the series 4 n love ❤️ it 😀 thinking’s about getting the 5 I want the black one
Mommy Nono
Mommy Nono 2 months ago
You talk very fast! But cool video
Pamelot2000 2 months ago
🍎 My husband thinks the 44m will be too big for me (female) - Are you glad you purchased the 44m?
TheeAkeelaJ. 2 months ago
Sis, what do you use to contour your nose? It looks amazing !
Bria Genelle
Bria Genelle 2 months ago
This is random and does not have anything to do with the watch. Where did you get your clear shower organizer/caddy in the background? lol :D
Dee Omar
Dee Omar 2 months ago
where did you get your ring with the green stone on your index finger
Aiyana Sakic
Aiyana Sakic 3 months ago
Some people say don’t follow your dream follow them girl
Sidekick 3 months ago
How big are your wrist looking at getting a 44mm but my wrist are smaller
Carrot Lover
Carrot Lover Month ago
I bought the 40mm, since I have smaller wrist, it covers the whole top of my wrist, so it might be a better choice if you are smaller boned. My wrist is 5 3/4 inches.
zachary wan
zachary wan 3 months ago
A free watch? Whuttttt
Vanessa Basquez
Vanessa Basquez 3 months ago
why is the 4 discontinued
Marie Massiot
Marie Massiot 3 months ago
Love my 4. No point in getting the 5... and yes when you open the packaging the little pouch looks like a cute macaroon.
Ms. Lei
Ms. Lei 3 months ago
I’ll wait for series 6 lol.
Big Air MTB
Big Air MTB 3 months ago
You can just buy a rose gold case for your watch
cavaliercountry 3 months ago
I want to buy the watch but can’t decide on the size. Of course right now they are closed due to the virus so I can’t try them on or see them. Are you in love with the larger size or do you wish you had the the 40 instead. Thank you.
LYLA MALZAHN 3 months ago
Since we are confined to home I can't go try on one of these watches to see what I like the best, the 40 or the 44...however, I am an old gal and would like the 44 but wanted to ask if you still REALLY LOVE the 44 or is it just a smidge too big...do you ever wish you had gotten the 40 mm...need your thoughts and thank you....
AlexandraGames 2 months ago
I have the 40mm and it's fine. I don't mind the smaller face, its not that much smaller and has all the same features. I feel the smaller face looks nicer, less flashy if that makes sense. I'm keen to grab the pomegranate sport loop! and the rainbow pride one haha
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 3 months ago
Okay what?! I wish my gym had that deal!!!!! 😭🤣
DsnyLuv 3 months ago
The watch also have a green pull tab
illuminati World
illuminati World 3 months ago
She is cute and beautiful
Vortex 3 months ago
ky p
ky p 4 months ago
With the 3, all you have to do it tilt it slightly. You don’t have to hold it up to your face.
6articlord Cppord
6articlord Cppord 4 months ago
She would be my mom.😌😂
Carlos Eduardo Cabrera
Damn, there are internarional members here. Don’t play the Eminem 😂😂
Sheeraz Arif
Sheeraz Arif 4 months ago
I have it on my wrist rn
melissa skow
melissa skow 4 months ago
Hi just wondering if you got the 44mm 😉
AJ Constantine
AJ Constantine 4 months ago
Quite impressed ... with herself. 😖
Breshayla Lovings
Breshayla Lovings 4 months ago
Who's watching this in 2020!!??
Hannah mae
Hannah mae 5 months ago
I got the Apple Watch series 5 40 mm for Valentine’s Day I’m SO THANKFUL for it i wanted the smaller one but now I’m wishing i for the 44 mm but still so thankful i even got one!! And I’m obsessed with it!!
Elle Bee
Elle Bee 2 months ago
I’m curious about the sizing-what makes you want the bigger one? Battery life?
goodguynow 5 months ago
Just got mine the other day!
Nathi Immanuel
Nathi Immanuel 5 months ago
And the clickbait of the year award goes to .......
maman89 5 months ago
Title doesn't make sense. "Here a bunch of new features Apple doesn't want you to know!" 🤷🏻‍♂️
Caren Kaziyev
Caren Kaziyev 5 months ago
Thanks for the review. I'd love to see a vid about how it went with the battery life for you.
Sunset Starlight
Sunset Starlight 5 months ago
I’m buying a 3
Abigail Munoz
Abigail Munoz 5 months ago
Literally just got the 3 series a few days ago I’ve owned iPhones for years and I never knew how much I was missing by not having the Apple Watch! So obsessed
Daedae2224 Edawrds jr
Now I want it now :(
tekia brown
tekia brown 5 months ago
Lorraine Brown
Lorraine Brown 5 months ago
I absolutely love my series 5 Apple Watch when trying things out there are quite some differences to the 3 and 4 I don’t have a problem with battery life and I wear my watch all the time including for bed, I usually give it a charge every other day, thanks for letting me see it with the black band I also have the pink option think I might buy a black band to change, at the moment I have a white for a change, good luck with your series 5 apple watches are the best ever ❤️
I bought Apple watch series 3 but I want series 5.
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