Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Review!

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Unboxing and testing out the new Apple Watch Series 5!
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 2 787
humans aren't real
humans aren't real 11 hours ago
I’m getting my watch on Monday and my 11 in 2 months...IM BIG EXCITED OUU😁
Owl Teez
Owl Teez 15 hours ago
I have one similar to yours
Jamey Bachand
Jamey Bachand 19 hours ago
I can’t believe how quickly Apple is coming out with new technology I just have the series 3 Apple Watch but I still love it 😍
Manmeet Singh
I want apple watch but i don't have iphone . Huge sale went and i didn't purchased.
Diandra Porras
Diandra Porras 2 days ago
While I’m watching this video with my android phone
Igho Athletics
Igho Athletics 2 days ago
Sorry to say BUT if you weren’t in shape before spending $480-900 on a watch won’t change that!
Amanda Luke
Amanda Luke 3 days ago
Anybody know where she got that blue sweatshirt at the beginning of the video?
iCandyBunny 3 days ago
Is there a way to turn off the always on display ? Back to the old style ?
Randy Hetrick
Randy Hetrick 4 days ago
FYI Link to Amazon below: Currently best offering. www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XR6GNCK/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=wwdms-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07XR6GNCK&linkId=1b361c513fbc75180fc5efad09d336e8
Jena Duca
Jena Duca 4 days ago
Do you have the 40 or 44?
Alicia Anderson
Alicia Anderson 4 days ago
Can I please have one of your apple watches
habi dsaf
habi dsaf 5 days ago
i have a iphone 11 pro, airpods,apple watch series 5, macbook pro, and more
Sun Disk
Sun Disk 5 days ago
She’s wearing it wrong
Tanzanite 3 days ago
Sun Disk no she isn’t it can be anyway
Sun Disk
Sun Disk 3 days ago
Tanzanite yes she is
Tanzanite 4 days ago
Adediran Ayodeji
Adediran Ayodeji 5 days ago
Waoh, hacker_daves just helped me in unlocking my iwatch series 5
Angham Alsaeg
Angham Alsaeg 5 days ago
With my series 3 Apple Watch ⌚️
hiddenhandmusic 6 days ago
Still wonder why they don’t allow the speaker to be used to play music or that Bluetooth be linked to CarPlay, wireless speakers etc
Jake Waite
Jake Waite 3 days ago
hiddenhandmusic probably due to battery life. It might drain to quickly.
Avnish P
Avnish P 6 days ago
Coming from a series 3 I found it to be a worthwhile upgrade, but if you’re on a series 4... don’t bother.
Jake Waite
Jake Waite 3 days ago
Avnish P will do.
Will Reddish
Will Reddish 6 days ago
You know how the iPhones edges are made of stainless steel, well what if they made an exclusive iPhone made of ceramic edges? Apple 2020: here’s the new iPhone 12 pro max ceramic edition, that will be $1,999
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life 6 days ago
Are you left handed? Since you use it on your right wrist? Seems interesting lol
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life 2 days ago
Jake Waite dude! Same! We have one thing in commmon
Jake Waite
Jake Waite 3 days ago
Tech Is Life I think she is. I’m left handed and have it on my right hand
Emil Bejlik
Emil Bejlik 7 days ago
Shanth's M
Shanth's M 7 days ago
OK let's buy Apple watch,IPhone and get poor
Prashant Anand
Prashant Anand 7 days ago
I love you ijustine
Ana Loaiza
Ana Loaiza 7 days ago
Omg wow!!!! That looks great!!!!!!!! I want one but I don't even have an iphone ;( sad
TQ 7 days ago
I’d rather have a G-Shock. Just came to see what the fuss is about and how much wrist tech has advanced. Still not sold on it.
Jake Waite
Jake Waite 3 days ago
TQ I’ve had my series 4 for a year and could not believe how great of a watch it is trust me, it does so much it is insane.
Tristan Beligan
Tristan Beligan 8 days ago
Alan Lesniewski
Alan Lesniewski 8 days ago
nice video
Khristel Hayes
Khristel Hayes 8 days ago
Justine must be an endorser of Apple for being loyal to them for how many years
Bro and Bro Tech and wild
How much is it
Sultan 9 days ago
Good idea to have the crown on lower left. Seems more natural.
WindyWolf101 9 days ago
My parents said I might get this on Christmas I’m so excited and hope I do! stuck with a iPhone SE though. Getting my moms iPhone 8 PLUS in the next 1-4 days I’m so excited! Don’t have an Apple Watch right now.
Michael Brass
Michael Brass 10 days ago
How much was yours? And did you get the cellular one?
Uzair Arshad
Uzair Arshad 10 days ago
Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1
Morelove_ now
Morelove_ now 11 days ago
We can all agree Apple has some sexy packaging
TheBeautyAddict03 11 days ago
What size is this watch? The 40 or 44mm?!
Niki Arteaga
Niki Arteaga 11 days ago
um what size is? did i miss it? Nevermind i just missed it, 40mm.
danyal mustafa soomro
best review Justine ❤️
Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao
Quick question. Here’s a scenario, I’m the owner of the apple watch. It has my data and stuff. But what if my mom wants to try the ECG. It would still read it, right? Does it matter on who is the owner? Like I can share it, right? Thanks a lot for answering! 😄
Shdw Claw
Shdw Claw 12 days ago
Does the new watch come with iPods
Donavan Smith
Donavan Smith 12 days ago
Just went and bought this for my boyfriend today and he LOVES it! Got the rose gold obviously lol. So smooth and sleek
Donavan Smith
Donavan Smith 9 days ago
@pattn I'm a guy😂😂
pattn 10 days ago
Donavan Smith can you be my girlfriend?
J F 12 days ago
Are the protective cases for series 4 compatible with series 5?
Zeluth 13 days ago
I remember unboxing the Apple IIgs and being particular impressed. Even the manual.
K THAKUR 13 days ago
Namaste #Justine
sushmita koganti
sushmita koganti 13 days ago
I like every apple product
Darius Savoy
Darius Savoy 14 days ago
I just bought this watch yesterday!! In the 44 mm I love it!!!!
Juan Barba
Juan Barba 14 days ago
Did you notice Apple claims that case is gold even though in real life it’s quite obviously rose gold.
Harsha Vardhan
Harsha Vardhan 14 days ago
my watch costs 30euros and i can see time in night because watch has radium clock hands and i need not worry about charging ,water ! damn worthy my watch❤️❤️😍
*bleep 14 days ago
justine is always transferring her data to the newest phone
Samantha C
Samantha C 14 days ago
Bonjour, je n’arrive pas bien à comprendre, Justine a la 40mm ou bien la 44mm ?
Samantha C
Samantha C 9 days ago
anne macdonald Super un grand merci !
anne macdonald
anne macdonald 10 days ago
hi im lydia
hi im lydia 14 days ago
i have the 4, compared it to my friends 5. no difference but always on display.
Amjad Ali
Amjad Ali 14 days ago
Justine... u are more beautyfull and intelligent than apple appliance.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 15 days ago
Blue sweatshirt in beginning of video, blue eyes with white background pop’s.... Pink nails and watchband. So coordinated & professional! Very nice! I’m learning so much about production because this is a whole new world or me..,
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 15 days ago
Just got mine...1st Apple Watch, and new phone, and new iPad Pro.. I’m addicted to 🍏
Hussein Nooh
Hussein Nooh 15 days ago
مين عربي
Rain526 15 days ago
Im getting the series 5 when i upgrade my phone to a iphone in december.
Rain526 12 days ago
@Levi Collins nice
Levi Collins
Levi Collins 12 days ago
Leo 04 i’m getting the 11 pro along with the series 5
Leo 04
Leo 04 12 days ago
Which iPhone are you getting?
Levi Collins
Levi Collins 12 days ago
Sieun same here love the products!
Sieun 13 days ago
Rain526 lol I’ve always had an iPhone :)
Raoom 7
Raoom 7 15 days ago
this 44 or 40?
Kian Tamblyn
Kian Tamblyn 15 days ago
I have one but I feel it’s only good for exercise
I QUIT 15 days ago
Also one Question is your Apple Watch water proof ? 💦
I QUIT 15 days ago
You should say ماشالله
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