Apple Watch Series 5 Unboxing and Review!

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Unboxing and testing out the new Apple Watch Series 5!
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Jolisa Mclean
Jolisa Mclean 8 hours ago
Is the Apple Watch worth it, I’m thinking of purchasing it for my junior year
Ryan Deery
Ryan Deery 2 days ago
Late to the party. Picked one up today
Virginia VanSickle
I got the black 44mm Apple Watch series 5.
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson 4 days ago
For the 1% who reads this I hope u have a great day ❤️
AllThingsMusic 5 days ago
When she said “So I’ve been using the Apple Watch for 2 days now...” I low key hot Marques Brownlee vibes.
Shital Ughade Patil
Hi justine, I ordered aaple series 5 cellular yesterday, it is coming from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, india so tell me, is it the first copy version or not? Any doubt
I. M. Wyrd
I. M. Wyrd 5 days ago
I want to be able to summon a spectral wizard from the Faerie Realms on very short notice. I wonder when they’ll make a watch that can do that?
Hazel Kim
Hazel Kim 6 days ago
She has every Apple Watch does she sell them?
Stasio 63
Stasio 63 6 days ago
Im getting one month cuz of my good grades 😄 (I have series 1) can’t wait
Zac Mistry
Zac Mistry 6 days ago
Thank you so much for sharing your apple experience!!!
Cyan Jones
Cyan Jones 6 days ago
Looks exactly like my series 1, I won’t be getting a new one either😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Sandro Tabidze
Sandro Tabidze 6 days ago
I'm gonna get the Stone color. Not quite sure should I get the Series 3 or the Series 5.
Yahya T.
Yahya T. 7 days ago
The hard plastic box that came with my series 0 was way classier then the new packaging... imo
Julia Borg
Julia Borg 7 days ago
I think that she has a room filled with apple products omg
cyash 8 days ago
Namaste 🙏
MyLifeAsAMum 9 days ago
@iJustine ... Hey Everyone, I have my heart set on the series 5 bc 1. theres more strap options than the 3, I like the heart rate thingy with the heart ahah were you hold your finger on it for a few seconds, I like that if you fall and don't tell your watch your ok it calls sos, I like that if my heart rate was up although i'm not exercising it would alert me... Im not in my 20's but Im not too old either :-D I absolutely want the series 5 but I have the £200+ for the series 3 right now lol , shiny object syndrome me. I just wondered if Justine you could do a is it REALLY worth having the 5 as apose to the 3... if you get the 5 what are you getting that you wont get on the 3 etc xxx Appreciate it xx
Evy Karlsson
Evy Karlsson 8 days ago
The same band works with all of the series. So it really doesn’t matter if you have series 3 or 5 you can still choose between the same band ☺️ I just had the series 3 (but upgraded to series 4) and honestly the only different is more watchfaces, better heartrate reader (but some test people have done shows that they are pretty much showing the same) and ecg. And if you buy the series 5 you get always on display and compass. That’s the different ☺️
Andrew L incitti
Andrew L incitti 9 days ago
I got the Apple Watch series one and I still use it today and it works well
Graysen Gregory
Graysen Gregory 10 days ago
My sister got a Series 5 yesterday for her birthday for my birthday I’m getting AirPods and for Christmas if they come out with another I’m getting the new one but if not then I’m getting the series 5
M BE 10 days ago
Tiya Basilio
Tiya Basilio 11 days ago
Doesn't say what size that is
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 11 days ago
The only way the Apple Watch will make you lose weight is because you won’t have any money to buy food
Platon Peristeris
Platon Peristeris 11 days ago
Wait a minute the iPhone 11 has invented at 2019 how she can use the Apple Watch 2 years.If you can see she have the same phone 😰
Edward Barla
Edward Barla 14 days ago
zoya _original
zoya _original 15 days ago
AHHH I was Soo excited too but I didn't get one when it first came out I, I got the Titanium Gps+Cellular and the reason I got one was because of quarntine, when I first got one I went on everyday morning walks and it really helped me and I would totally recommend it but if you get the Gps one without the Cellular you don't get a campus my brother got one without Cellular and it didn't have a campus Soo yea
TheMonsterWay 15 days ago
I had the series 4 but it never really helped me to be better at workout or things like that... Om so lazy I guess 😢
Blue Is U
Blue Is U 16 days ago
Don't forget to mail in the warranty! @t
Jorden Espelund
Jorden Espelund 17 days ago
I have the black one
Melly Namuenda
Melly Namuenda 17 days ago
She's totally growing some Apple trees. I wish i got some bucks like hers.
HAPPYKIWI :3 19 days ago
Guys, should I get iPhone 11 or iPhone XR, I don’t know! Update: IPhone 11 is arriving tomorrow!, I’m so excited!
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Defenitely the 11...
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 19 days ago
iRate News
iRate News 20 days ago
Is it me or am I the only one that thinks she pretty as hell 😍
ANUBHAV SHARMA 20 days ago
Good awesome amazing
ichoose gift
ichoose gift 21 day ago
Apple's new Watch Series 5 products are on incredible sale now .. amzn.to/3dPWx1x
Bimo Monstah
Bimo Monstah 22 days ago
I might have to have surgery so I got an iPhone and an s5 to get into shape for my surgery. I’m so excited to get into shape.
akash Kokitkar
akash Kokitkar 22 days ago
Namaste 🙏
Rajib Sarker
Rajib Sarker 22 days ago
so people cannot hike or climb without an apple watch! 😂
Vijay Rawal
Vijay Rawal 23 days ago
🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 Namste
SKY Shade
SKY Shade 23 days ago
you kinda look lik @brookeab
Owen 23 days ago
Could you do a watchOS 7 review and round up all the new features when the first beta comes on June 22nd?
Me KD 24 days ago
I’m going though RUvid watch Apple Watch videos because I might ask for one for my birthday
Cypher Elite
Cypher Elite 24 days ago
Their packaging is soo thoughtful so is their pricing.
Marta SC Marques
Marta SC Marques 25 days ago
What’s her Apple Watch size?
Marta SC Marques
Marta SC Marques 16 days ago
Ashton Gilbert you too!
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Marta SC Marques your welcome! Stay safe out there!
Marta SC Marques
Marta SC Marques 17 days ago
Ashton Gilbert thank you ❤️
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Marta SC Marques 44mm
Adrian G
Adrian G 25 days ago
i currently have a series 2 watch, I can't decide if I should upgrade to series 5, my series 2 runs fine but it's just a little slow and the battery isn't too great...decisions decisions...
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Adrian G I have a completely cracked series 4 that I’m going to recycle. I am waiting for the series 6 because of all the upgrades that are supposed to come with it...
Anz14286 26 days ago
Can you show the demo of Apple Watch series 5 44 mm?
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Anz14286 thats what this is...
Serendipity Honey
Serendipity Honey 26 days ago
I’m ready for you to make some babies!!
Kelisia Mullings
Kelisia Mullings 26 days ago
I am getting a Apple Watch ⌚️ series 5
Cindy bell
Cindy bell 27 days ago
Omg still with the lollipop charger 🤣🤣🤣 come on apple , and always on display Samsung has been doing that already not hating on you apple lovers but you definitely deserve more for being over charged
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
What’s wrong with the lollipop charger? For me, I find it waaay easier than charging a FitBit. Also, only the two latest Samsung watches have an always on display, so they haven’t been doing it for years. Apple offers way more features on the Apple Watch than Samsung offers on any of their watches, Samsung also copied Apples ECG watch idea. In my opinion, I also think the Apple Watch looks way better than other smart watches...
lina snecca
lina snecca 27 days ago
Hi Justine, i want to write you an email and to show you anything while i think someone had your Video stolen for an advertisement ( for an apple watch clone advertisement) sorry for my english . When you are interested write me
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
You can contact her on any of her social media and tell her. You can also contact RUvid directly (I don’t know how), and tell them that her video was stolen. Or, you can report the ad that had her video in it...
Chigurl 28 days ago
I have the series 4 44mm Stainless steel Milanese but don’t use all the time don’t want to scratch or dent it. I will get the aluminum in series 5 had no idea the color was not pink I thought the aluminum version was more of a rose gold pink. Thanks for the review.
Dua Malik
Dua Malik 29 days ago
I have that same exact one ijustine.
Dua Malik
Dua Malik 29 days ago
The on with the light pink strap
Shiv Ramchandani
u look better wthout make up. With Make up u look plastic.
Shiv Ramchandani
She should be doing theater as she gets excited without any reason. Over acting is her forte!!
v. marie
v. marie Month ago
Ok I’m here for the watch but that nail color! 😍 Could you please tell me the color?
Mike Bottiaux
Mike Bottiaux Month ago
I only get this excited when opening a new guitar 🎸
Player 2019
Player 2019 Month ago
Allen Smith
Allen Smith Month ago
Justine and Marques should make a video about why wearing your watch on your right wrist is the way to go.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Hi 🦎🦖🦕
Darragh O
Darragh O Month ago
Ijustine ur sexy will u kiss me
Noella Albino
Noella Albino Month ago
the new pomegranate band matches your shirt.. and OH your NAILS! What a coincidence. haha
A CONFORTI Month ago
You want to go out together.
Joobie Joobs
Joobie Joobs Month ago
Your swatch is 44 m ?
Wafas World vlogs
I just realized this was posted on my birthday
Jaden Callender-carter
Little does she know. she has it on backward 😂
MillionDollarBussy 26 days ago
Jaden Callender-carter she isn’t 💀
Star Bee
Star Bee Month ago
I just got a Apple Watch ⌚️
Science with Amna
An apple product a day makes your money run away
Myrka Loya
Myrka Loya Month ago
Love your videos beautiful
ben magill
ben magill Month ago
When I bought my series 5, I automatically became a triathlete...
Aboriginal Ancient
Change your life buy just doing
Pawan Shakti
Pawan Shakti Month ago
Is it 400 mm or 44mm? @iJustin
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
Pawan Shakti 44mm
Sayem AK
Sayem AK Month ago
Anyone else jerks on her?
Mateo White
Mateo White Month ago
I remember when I got my first Apple Watch, it was 1st gen but off someone on eBay, and it got me to start working out. I went through the Insanity work out with it, and did as much as I could to stay active. It counted my steps at work, and I ended up being successful and getting in shape. Thinking of getting another one and maybe it can help me not be lazy
esthetic user34
esthetic user34 Month ago
To anyone reading this, DO NOT order from the apple website. I was very excited to get this watch and couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it because it was supposed to come the next day. I received a box that seemed to be opened and had NOTHING INSIDE but ONE band. Words cannot describe how I feel. I have contacted apple customer assistance and they said the case is being investigated and that they will send me a confirmation code in two business days for a replacement. I just lost the money that I probably will never get back 😤🤧
Ruba Month ago
Why you didn’t get the stainless steel?
A G.v
A G.v Month ago
can someone say with apple product she hasn't had
A G.v
A G.v Month ago
she has the Apple Watch upside down
A G.v
A G.v 2 days ago
Ashton Gilbert ohh it looks wierd
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
A G.v The Apple Watch supports any orientation you want
amharic alphabet
*_Amazing product🔵🔵>_**_imgs.love/Apple5Watch?ぬu_**_ not just on Apple’s part but also on the distributor’s part. Arrived in 2 days (as i do have amazon prime) and came as if brand new._*
All About Wiki
All About Wiki Month ago
Good Job
Science with Amna
1:00 satisfying part
Jenell Moreno
Jenell Moreno Month ago
Which Apple Watch are waterproof
Ashton Gilbert
Ashton Gilbert 17 days ago
In technical terms, the original Apple Watch and Series 1 have a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 60529, and Series 2, 3, 4, and 5 (the latest model) have a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters of depth under ISO standard 22810:2010. (Business Insider...)
Aminah B
Aminah B Month ago
Her nails look so cute
Anna T. _
Anna T. _ Month ago
Would you recommend the 44mm one for women ?
Landon Thomas
Landon Thomas Month ago
I have the series 3 Apple Watch
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